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World Domination,Vaccines, Patents and Colonization of Our Bodies!

The article will show you the connection between Big Pharma, Nazi Germany, and today’s situation about the Covid vaccines and the elite desiring world domination. The article “The world domination via vaccines, patents, and the colonization of our bodies” is available in Dutch on

The World Domination Via Vaccines, Patents, and the Colonization of Our Bodies

The management of IG Farben was convicted of war crimes and genocide after the Second World War. Seventy-five years later, this clique, rooted in Nazi practices, has significant interests in the corona pandemic. Big Pharma’s influence on the vaccination agenda gives them a new chance for establishing world dominance and the colonization of our bodies.

The pharmaceutical and patent industries have their origins in Germany. The chemical industry had made several important inventions around 1860, such as the development of aspirin, and these inventions were patented. That was also the beginning of the pharmaceutical and patent industry, which thus acquired the molecules of drugs they developed worldwide.

The leaders of this chemical industry felt that their role was so important that they thought they should have the world in their power. They felt the need to create a political climate and build up military power to impose their (patent) laws on other countries. After their defeat in the First World War, they wanted to gain world power through the Nazi party.
In 1925, several chemical companies were merged into one behemoth: IG Farben (Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie AG). This company had, during the Nazi period, almost a monopoly on the chemical industry in Germany. The Board of Directors of IG Farben called itself the ‘Council of Gods’.

Second World War to Enforce German Patent Law

Among other things, IG Farben produced the poison Zyklon B, which the Nazis used to murder Jews and political opponents on a large scale. When the German Wehrmacht( armed force) overpowered France in 1940, the German Patent Act was the first law to be implemented at the request of IG Farben. They also used the Auschwitz concentration camp and built a giant ‘factory of death’, in which they used the camp residents for slave labor. A forced laborer had a life expectancy of 3-4 months and was transferred to the Birkenau extermination camp in case of illness.

After Germany lost World War II, 23 executives were persecuted by the Americans in the IG Farben trial during the Nuremberg Trials. The microfilms and transcripts of this process, which were only released after decades, showed that the head of IG Farben had also played a role in planning the war. During the war, they took over all the companies in the occupied countries. All the bombs with which the Nazis bombed the cities to be taken came from IG Farben. They had a prominent role in the war.

Despite the Nuremberg Tribunal, Once Again Top Positions in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Many high-ranking Nazis escaped the Nuremberg trial and left via Project Paperclip to the United States, South America (including Argentina), and South Africa. Apartheid in South Africa, including the racial segregation laws, was a 1:1 copy of the Nuremberg racial laws, says Dr. Matthias Rath.
Bayer’s head was convicted in Nuremberg of human rights violations, including the genocide committed in Auschwitz. He received only seven years in prison, but a few years later, he was released and became CEO of Bayer again.

“Germany’s prosperity comes from selling products that are patented worldwide, that promote and not eliminate diseases, the plundering of the world’s public and private economies — and thus cause death in genocidal proportions. To this day.”

Dr. Matthias Rath

 world domination, vaccines, patents, and colonization of our bodies

In 1951 it was decided to split IG Farben into the original small and more significant companies that had formed IG Farben. Today, as independent companies, only Agfa, BASF, and Bayer still exist, and Bayer still plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. At present, Germany remains the largest exporter of pharmaceuticals, especially patents.

Big Pharma

World Dominance Through the European Union

In the end, the big boys of the chemical companies remained unaffected, and Germany needed their knowledge to remain a superpower. Especially when the Cold War began, Germany could form an important power bloc in the conflict with the USSR. From then on, the criminal chemical giants were “back in business.”

The former Nazis then played an important role in creating the European Union in Brussels, not so much through military, but this time through political means their world dominance plan. Despite the false pretensions, the EU is not a democratic body, and the European Parliament does not legislate. The European Commission has been appointed (and not democratically elected) and, with the help of 54,000 bureaucrats, implements the policies of the prominent industrialists, including Big Pharma.

“Who paid the billions needed to keep this knowledge out of the history books of today’s schools? The same guys are getting more time now, and they have not given up their plans to conquer the world.”

Dr. Matthias Rath

German Influence on the Advocacy of the Large Industrialists

Many Europeans are now aware that the EU is not democratic at all and that they have little influence on policy. Nevertheless, the power of this bureaucratic behemoth is enormous. Germany’s influence within the EU is disproportionately large, which can also be deduced from the 9 German out of a total of 27 Commissioners.

European Commissions
daily express

The origin of these influential figures has everything to do with the pharmaceutical giants that played an important role in WW II. In addition, the direct connection to the Nazis and World War II may not be so obvious, but the interests and stakeholders are still the same.

“The political landscape is changing, the political camouflage is changing, but the interests remain. That’s why it’s so important that we talk about it and that we bring it out. This quiet way of influencing not only politics but the human mind.”

Dr. Matthias Rath

Current politicians and civil servants ensure that the patent law and pharmaceutical interests are safeguarded with European legislation and international treaties. For example, the German Minister of Consumer Protection has submitted a bill to the President of the EU to prohibit vitamins as a preventive or therapeutic agent.

From 1933, IG Farben invested in the Nazis as part of their plans for world domination. In 1933, IG Farben was the largest chemical and pharmaceutical company globally and the largest financier to allow the Nazis to come to power. After the Second World War, Fritz Ter Meer was promoted from convicted war criminal to chairman of the board of Bayer. He was sentenced in Nuremberg to genocide, slavery, and other crimes against humanity. After that, he was the CEO of Bayer for more than a decade.

Fritz ter Meer

Vaccination Patents Come From the Same Parties Who Were Guilty of Genocide

That also explains the current vaccination agenda and the propaganda about the so-called safety and effectiveness of vaccines, which are essentially not vaccines but gene injections. These are not in the interests of public health but only serve the pharmaceutical industry’s interests, which has been guilty of genocide and human rights violations in the past.

Their interest is not only the profit motive; with injections, one also gets access to the human body and perhaps even the mind. That one wants to link biology and technology is something that, for example, someone like Klaus Schwab openly admits.

“Ultimately, the fourth industrial revolution will lead to a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identity.”

Professor Klaus Schwab


They Want to Take Possession of Our Bodies

Dr. Matthias Rath calls it the colonization of the body. He feels that this colonization of our bodies begins or stops deciding whether or not to allow it. “The only answer to vaccination, a form of colonization of our bodies, is knowledge and enlightenment.” This knowledge starts with a better historical awareness of which parties, through the EU and WHO, pushed through the vaccinations and their role in the past.

The question we must ask ourselves is whether politics, patent laws, and organizations act in the interests of humanity or safeguard the interests of Big Pharma?

Matthias Rath: “They see themselves as gods. They see Europe, the world, as an outlet.” They see all the primary aspects of human life as a marketing opportunity: energy, food, water, and health (through the human body) — and are focused on how to make as much money as possible from it. By monopolizing these areas, people worldwide take control of human life.

“The only answer to vaccination, a form of colonization of our bodies, is knowledge and enlightenment.”

Dr. Matthias Rath

Patents as a Means of Sole Domination

Why claim, patents

The key to getting hold of all these industries is the patents, which is why they have also started to patent food. It is, therefore, no coincidence that Monsanto has been acquired by the pharmaceutical giant Bayer, a major founder of patent legislation.

For food, too, patents can only be obtained for molecules that do not occur in nature. However, this modified food has consequences for our health. Just as with medicines, money and power are the driving force behind this, not the pursuit of health or natural diversity.

In any case, however, they will depend on our cooperation to continue their agenda. Dr. Matthias Rath does expect that if the ‘peaceful’ colonization of our body does not work and the population does not cooperate sufficiently, military intervention is inevitable.

“That’s why this time is not just about corona. The corona crisis and how they manage it are only an expression of a transition period. They are actively preparing a global conflict.”

Dr. Matthias Rath

Knowledge is Power!

The only peaceful way to prevent another war is through education. The knowledge about what happened after The Second World War. The realization that the same parties have cunningly remained in power is unknown to a large group but would give people a better understanding of what they are up to.

By gaining a better historical awareness, people understand that the current corona crisis and the role of the pharmaceutical industry has everything to do with the role that the Nazis and Big Pharma played some 75 years ago. Then it also becomes clear that the current vaccination agenda and the desire to take possession of the human body is a fascist policy, which goes against human rights, with history repeating itself.

“Any study published that demonstrates the human health benefits of micronutrients is a nail in the coffin of these guys (Big Pharma and major industrialists). Any car that drives around on solar energy and doesn’t get the fuel from these guys is a nail in their coffin. Every organic garden that is laid out, every school lesson that teaches about natural health, is a nail in the coffin of these interests … and a contribution to world peace.”

Dr.Matthias Rath

Big Pharma: a Global Mafia

Although the Germans played a major role in the pharmaceutical industry’s dominance, this is not just a German or European matter. The Rockefellers and the Rockefeller Foundation have also played a prominent role in developing and promoting diseases, vaccines, and the establishment of the modern pharmaceutical industry.

There is strong evidence that the Sars-Cov2 virus originated from a laboratory. Despite America pointing its accusing finger at the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, the influence of players such as Fauci, Obama, and Bill Gates is still underexposed. Other sources say the modded coronavirus is originally from the U.S. and smuggled to China when U.S. law started to ban experiments with pathogens.
Biological warfare is officially forbidden does not alter the fact that it takes place secretly anyway. One does not have to go far back in time to see that certain groups do not shy away from anything. Not then and not now. It is a global clique, which is already primarily in charge but wants to gain even more power: Big Pharma, I.T. and social media giants, and the financial world.

They have significant influence over governing bodies such as the U.N., WHO, and World Economic Forum, which now largely determine the policy around corona and vaccinations worldwide.

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