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Why People Don’t Heal- What Do You Think?

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What do you think why people don’t heal? I would love to know what do you think.

The answer is actually quite simple, but Pharmacy and the food industry don’t want us to know. They earn huge money, depending on us to be ill, and hooked on unhealthy industrial-made food and medications, creating more symptoms.  Their goal is to keep us ill, having lots of side effects, needing more medications, resulting in their profit growth.

It is up to us to take responsibility and change our lifestyle. It is up to us to recognize that the big companies are not interested in feeding us well and keeping us healthy. Unhealthy people are their business. As long as they can find many patented medications, they will profit by receiving huge subsidies from the governments( our money), developing more medication that doctors have to subscribe to us. That is a grandiose earning- model which they won’t give up.

If we don’t see what is happening, we will never heal! There is no way around it! Humans who are eating industrial-made food will not be healthy! We are God’s creation and made to eat real food that grows in nature and is not processed. You might not like it, but that is the only way to heal by changing your lifestyle, eating healthy, organic, seasonal, fresh, unprocessed food that nourishes your body and mind. 🙂

You Will Not Heal Unless You Do This!

If you suspect to heal consuming medication, eating industrial-processed food containing lots of chemical declarations like conservatives, sugars, salts, etc., you will even be getting sicker. It is your responsibility to take care of your health and not your doctors. Also, not of the pharmacy, who is earning a big amount of money, resulting in producing even more patented medication.

Why People don't heal? What do you think?

Why do you think that others will heal you?

There are so many plants in this world and vitamins that can help you improve your health, but pharmacies can’t patent them, so there is no interest in promoting them to heal you.

It is your task! Wake up! Be an adult! The food industry needs us to buy their stuff to do everything to get you hooked on their products, wanting you to eat more. Chronic diseases are the result of our lifestyles! We are not made to eat artificial food, but real food that we find in nature. Eating vegetables and fruits, wild-caught fish, organic meat from animals that live in their natural environment, eating food they are created for. We are fed with meat from animals who have suffered a cruelly short life, eating food they are not made for, fed antibiotics and hormones.

Wake up, and be alert! You are the person who has your health in your hand, nobody else!

You can’t heal or live healthy if you don’t avoid eating the products processed by the food industry. Your body’s cells are not recognizing this as food. They will never function properly and finally crash, being inflamed, mutating, leading to damaged tissues, and finally stopping working. Your body is missing essential nutrients but gets drowned in industrial waste, like the environment.

The first step towards healing is to stop eating this rubbish, making a dietary plan, detoxing your body while cleansing your colon, liver, and kidneys. Fasting is the best to give the body the rest and time it needs to eliminate the waste from your cells. So, fasting and drinking pure water will help your body reset the cells and functions, giving your organs a break. It is crucial to have a time of detoxing while not eating while being in a stage of healing.

carrots and carrot juice

After some days, you notice already an improvement, the time to start drinking whole freshly pressed or blended vegetable and fruit juices, accompanied by green powders and healthy oils. Later you can eat organic salads, and some meat or fish. Avoid eating any chemical-labeled product in the future, but keep eating organic seasonal grown vegetables and fruits and organic meat.

It is vital to avoid any pasta, bread, cake, biscuits, pizza, transfats, conventionally raised animals, and cultivated fish. Your body will start to heal and change, resulting in needing less food.

Don’t Go To The Supermarket

Buying your food at the supermarket is a bad idea. Most products are altered by processing them for shelf-life, so they are stored for weeks, even months. Vegetables and fruits are picked unripe and treated with pesticides and herbicides, chronically consumed toxins that store in your body cells and damage the physical functions, making you finally ill. Meat is packed in plastic, coming from animals that have lived an abnormal life, cruel, and mistreated, fed with antibiotics and hormones.

Supermarket, freeze area

How is it possible to stay healthy eating such rubbish? I tell you something; it is not possible! Sooner or later, you will develop an illness, beginning with a damaged gut microbiome.

If you tell me that you don’t have the money to do the groceries at an organic market or farmer’s shop, I will tell you that this is an excuse. The sort of food you are addicted to is preventing you from shopping for healthy products, which makes it difficult to eat healthy food.

In the Netherlands, supermarkets are not cheap. If we all changed our thinking, we would pick healthy food and relearn how to prepare healthy food for storage, so we don’t need to buy the rubbish. Learning how to ferment or store food in a healthy way is a process everyone can get used to. It is not difficult to make your own butter or cheese or yogurt. Nowadays, we can find everything on the internet.

Baking real healthy bread is something you can learn, as well as making jam from organic fruits. It is about getting used to, the same as your morning routine. If you are used to it, these preparations are easily included in your day.

a freshly baked bread

You need to do the switch in your mind, and that is the real problem due to the addiction to comfort that most humans have. If you think about what alcohol and cigarettes cost, stopping this unhealthy habit will give you the money to invest in healthy food.

Maybe you have a garden and can grow some vegetables, herbs, and fruits. I know enough people who keep chicken for eggs and meat. You will figure out what is best for your situation but go for ongoing health.

Eat Organic Fresh Vegetables

If you could buy seasonal, fresh vegetables on the farmer’s market or in an organic shop, your body will finally recover. It needs real nutrients that are only found in real healthily grown food that our body recognizes and can use for detoxing waste and renewing its cells. Drinking many organic blended vegetables and fruits will heal your body because you don’t need to eat three times a day if you consume healthy food.

We don’t need to think about calories but about nutrients. Every person who eats healthy will have a healthy weight and posture. Obese, unhealthy people are eating the wrong food. The hormone leptin that signals the body that we have eaten enough is not working anymore in obese people. Their cells are resistant to leptin and not receiving the signal to stop eating. Most of the time, these people are already suffering from insulin resistance and exhaustion of the insulin-producing cells in the Langerhans’ islands in the pancreas. Due to this situation, created inflammation destroys more tissues and cells throughout the body, a vicious cycle that they can break by choosing the right food.

Consuming fresh, prepared, organically grown vegetables will give the body a reset, starting the healing.

However, to heal completely, you need to avoid consuming industrial-made food. It goes hand in hand!

Avoid Labels

Products in the supermarkets are mostly produced and processed in the food industry, stripping real food of fiber and nutrients, making them storable for a long time; otherwise, they would rot. Nowadays, they even use the animal waste from butchering and glue them together until they have a steak or other sort of meat, selling you a cheap waste product for still a high price.

Often there is only a tiny amount of meat in this product, while the most content is animal waste. It seems to be tolerated or ignored while testing these products. Unbelievable!

an industrial made asian food in a package, and the same food on a plate

If you go to a restaurant, ordering food, you will not know if you will eat this kind of meat.  The customer is paying the price. We don’t eat very often in restaurants or following an invitation for dinner. I am cautious and don’t trust their knowledge about healthy food. If I know they are also consuming healthy, organically grown food; I follow the invitation. My mother knows what I can eat, I feel secure while eating her meals.

I don’t trust restaurants! I must admit that we have had our dinners and lunches in restaurants too in the past, actually quite often, and it is nice to have the feeling to eat something special but believe me if you want to eat something special, you need to pay far more for your meal visiting a restaurant. The prices most families can pay for lunch or dinner indicate that this food is not healthy. Restaurants wouldn’t earn any money if they would buy expensive healthy food and give it away for nearly no cost. They wouldn’t be able to exist! Our behavior towards cheap consumption has originally started this development. As consumers, we have to stop, rethink and return, healing our Earth and ourselves.

Without eating healthy real food, we will stay chronically ill and suffer all kinds of chronic diseases due to our daily choices. Taking responsibility for our own health in every area of our life will make it necessary to make real changes towards healing.

Final Thought

Why people don’t heal is very obvious, and no one needs to be a genius to figure out that our wrong lifestyles are the reason for illness and premature aging, and death. Eating food that cannot be called food and not moving our bodies is destroying our health. If we want to heal and recover our lives, we need to make huge changes in our daily choices. Eating organically grown vegetables will give our bodies a reset and heal the cells. Tissues that are not damaged too badly will still be able to recover, as your hormones will be rebalanced.

I believe if we heal inside, we will also make choices resulting in healing our environment. Consuming industrially made products will eradicate our health, showing an urgent need to stop, rethink and return to our roots. If you have already suffered enough from your chronic disease, you might want to try another way, healing your body by consuming healthy food.

Please let me know what you think! Do you suffer a chronic illness and are fed up with feeling ill most time in your life? Maybe you would like to change this condition. I would love to hear from you what your situation is and what you do for your health.

To Your Health,


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10 thoughts on “Why People Don’t Heal- What Do You Think?

  1. Muslimah says:

    Thank you, Sylvia, for this awesome post. I have always been passionate about organic food, as they contain beneficial nutrients. It might seem not easy to achieve, but with determination, we can.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Muslimah! Yes, and it is the only lifestyle to keep us healthy. There is no other way than organic, natural food. 🙂

  2. I always try to eat as healthy as possible, but buying organic food is expensive here, where I’m from.

    I’m pretty aware of what supermarkets are doing with their meat and all of that, but I don’t necessarily have a choice, do I?

    Great article, btw. I like the way you’re thinking.


    1. Thank you very much, Gorjan! Yes, I hear it very often that people think buying organic food is expensive. Still, I have found a way to live organically without a problem, just by collecting wild-grown fruits, having herbs in my garden, growing tomatoes, pepper, and some leafy vegetables in my garden among the flowers. Also, I make my own compost, which is very healthy for the soil. I planted clover between my plants that are great for the bees, bumblebees, and butterflies. Later in autumn, we spit them under the soil, and they improve the soil by making compost, binding nitrogen.
      Buying organic food at the farmer’s market is not that expensive, and you could always leave the exotic vegetables coming from far, instead, buying seasonal vegetables grown in your own country. They are mostly cheaper. I could tell you many ways of living a healthier life that is affordable.;)

  3. Hi Sylvia,

    I agree that if we keep eating processed food like sausages, ham, or anything like this will only hurt our bodies, and many scientific types of research also show this truth. It’s pitiful that human beings are still eating them without considering another healthy life instead.

    Those tips you shared in this article are easy to implement in our lives, although people are just lazy and find excuses not to do them.

    I personally like to make yogurt by myself, and I got a little yogurt maker at my place. My parents like to grow vegetables after their retirement, so I get many free fruits and vegetables from them, which are really healthy without any pesticides. I believe I am going on the right route.


    1. Hi Matt, Thank you very much! It sounds great, and I believe you are already doing very well choosing the right ways of living healthier. I know that the problem is to move people into living a healthy lifestyle that would also improve our environment due to people’s laziness. But it becomes a habit like brushing your teeth when we start making the right choices. Home-made yogurt is delicious; my husband loves it as well. I don’t eat any milk products, but I heard many doctors and researchers saying that fermented milk, yogurt, is very healthy for our gut. Keep it up, Matt, and stay safe!

  4. A great article Sylvia! I absolutely agree wit hyou that chronic diseases are a result of ur lifestyle! Processed froods might be easier and cheaper, but it really is not a friend of your body! Neither is a steady diet of medications.

    Detox by fasting and flushing out with lots of water is extremely help. Eating healthy helps your body strengthen the defences of your immune system. Eating healthy requires concerted effort unlike the microwave dinners on the market!
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much, Ceci, for your confirmation! It is so vital to eat healthily and to detox the body regularly. Medication should always the last approach, but not the first. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating lots of fresh organic vegetables is a must. Our immune system can’t be strong without healthy food. 🙂

  5. Eating fresh and healthy is one of the fastest ways to heal, because you happen to get the vitamins and nutrients your body needs straight from the source and its unprocessed.

    Drinking lots of water also helps your body get rid of a lot of unwanted stuff in our bodies. if we want to live long and have healthy bodies, we need to reconsider what we consume and we will be happy with the results.

    Great article. keep up the good work

    1. Thank you very much, Femi! Yes, we need to consume real healthy food; otherwise, we will nourish illness and death instead of health, something that already happens mostly. This is not a good development! Thank you for your comment, Femi! 🙂

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