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What is CRISPR Technology?- Connection With Vaccination

Wow, it is unbelievable, but the more I research, the more I get to know. I have never heard before about CRISPR technology, but because I wanted to see the truth about graphene oxide and the razor blades, I came across CRISPR. This technology was already developed years ago. The problem is patents because scientists, stakeholders, superrich elite, and governments become greedy and have no morals anymore. They all want to earn big money on our costs, and they become criminals and forget empathy in the race for more money. Luckily they are not all the same!

This video is from 2015 about CRISPR technology!

What is CRISPR Technology?

I came across a website offering CRISPR technology, PCR, and intranasal vaccines. Does a ring bell in your ear? Mmmmh! CRISPR is about genome editing and DNA change. The technology is based on the observation of bacteria. Originally it was developed to change via an enzyme, the DNA responsible for certain diseases like cancer or autoimmunity what sounds great for suffering people.

Wikipedia says:
CRISPR gene editing (pronounced/ˈkrispər/ “crisper”) is a genetic engineering technique in molecular biology by which the genomes of living organisms may be modified. It is based on a simplified version of the bacterial CRISPR-Cas9 antiviral defense system. By delivering the Cas9 nuclease complexed with a synthetic guide RNA (gRNA) into a cell, the cell’s genome can be cut at the desired location, allowing existing genes to be removed and/or new ones added in vivo (in living organisms).”

There are many advertisements regarding CRISPR technology, and really, I think it is impressive to read and learn about it. It all sounds amazing, and if you are very ill, I believe it is an outcome to cut the genome of the disease and stop the disease from destroying you. But of course, this technology can be used for other purposes than healing a very ill person, which is the problem.

The website Science Direct published an article in 2019 in which BioNTech is mentioned as a party working with intranasal vaccine and CRISPR technology. Let BioNTech also be the company that, together with Pfizer, is an essential supplier of the vaccines. Pfizer and BioNTech are Bill Gates, who owns the most shares.

Bill Gates has already said that we might face the threat of a highly variable virus infection and that we need to be prepared!
An article in science direct says that:

“Intranasal mRNA vaccination provides a flexible and convenient approach. However, the nasal epithelium remains a major biological barrier to deliver antigens to nasal-associated lymphoid tissue (NALT). To address this issue, a potent polymer-based intranasal mRNA vaccination system for HIV-1 treatment was synthesized using cationic cyclodextrin-polyethyleneimine 2k conjugate (CP 2k) complexed with anionic mRNA encoding HIV gp120. The delivery vehicle containing CP 2k and mRNA overcame the epithelial barrier by reversibly opening the tight junctions, enhancing the paracellular delivery of mRNA, and consequently minimizing absorption of toxins in the nasal cavity. Together with the excellent intracellular delivery and prolonged nasal residence time, strong system and mucosal anti-HIV immune responses, as well as cytokine productions, were achieved with a balanced Th1/Th2/Th17 type. Our study provided the first proof that cationic polymers can be used as safe and potent intranasal mRNA vaccine carriers to overcome the nasal epithelial barrier. The safe and versatile polymeric delivery system represents a promising vaccination platform for infectious diseases.”
Mmmmh! What does it say to me?
So if you’re building a coronavirus vaccine in a lab and you want to give people covid-19, then theoretically, that could be done through the nose. That should somewhat dispel the skepticism against that nasal infection.

The Connection of CRISPR and Vaccins!

Does it mean that the vaccines contain this technology to manipulate your DNA, in whatever way, good and evil? For me, it is always wrong because we have God’s DNA, and nobody is allowed to manipulate this DNA. However, this technology might give a remarkable result to sick people who have a genetically transferable disease. The royals have always married among themselves. Many members have several genetic disorders, like being a Haemophiliac as the Tsar’s son in Russia at the beginning of the last century.

CRISPR could solve these problems, cutting out the genome that creates the illness and replacing it with a synthetical one that brings health. Genetical diseases could be controlled and eliminated in this manner.


However, there are popping questions in my mind while reading this. Could it be that millions of people have received a CRISPR enzyme via vaccination and PCR tests to manipulate them via the cloud? Unbelievable if this is true.

There are already so-called self kits of this enzyme available to manipulate your DNA, your disease. Think about that!

If we are getting the CRISPR enzyme via vaccine and PCR tests into our body, they can activate a virus response via 5G, so we will have an infection and suffer from Corona. For two years already, they have collected massive material of DNA from all the people.

Because the enzyme needs to be renewed quickly, they do the 24-hour testing.

If this is correct and the test delivers a CRISPR “switch,” then everyone’s DNA from the (5G) network can be programmed to trigger a ‘virus reaction.’ Maybe the reason that so-called variants infect so many people since vaccination and testing.

In that first article from Science Direct, we not only find all the big names that we now see as the vaccine suppliers, but it also becomes clear that intranasal (through the nose) delivery of matter is no longer a problem and that this can be both mRNA (messenger RNA) (which targets a specific piece of DNA) and CRISPR enzymes: The discovery of RNA-guided DNA endonucleases, such as CRISPR-Cas9, Cpf1 (Cas12a), and Cas12b, provided scientists with a relatively easy-to-use platform to modify genomic information.

What is the Crispr technology

Could Bill Gates do what he did with the MS Blaster virus for his computers in 2003, creating a problem and providing the solution? The CEO of the company that then provided the answer (Symantec) is now at the helm of Microsoft.

Yes, I believe so!

To keep CRISPR functionality active, you probably need to be given a new dose regularly (because the body is likely to break down an enzyme over time, what I said already). So test as much as possible and preferably also get a vaccine syringe as often as possible, because then you get a nice large amount injected, and of course, you always want the latest “protection against” the next “coronavirus mutation.” ( Martin Vrijland)

This is Nanotechnology! By now, we know what is in the vials, and that has nothing to do with a common vaccine! The vaccines contain all kinds of substances; 99% is graphene oxide used for the hydrogel to bring the computing systems into your cells.

The Use of 5 G and CRISPR Technology

If the test delivers a CRISPR “switch,” then everyone’s DNA from the (5G) network can be programmed to trigger a ‘virus reaction.’ To manipulate people’s DNA via CRISPR, you need a forest of 5G towers to contact the biosensors inside their bodies. They have to be on the distance to each other, the one and half meter rule, otherwise you can’t control them.

The remote control functionality works with targeted pulses from the network. You do need a decent density (many transmitters) for that, but the 5G masts must also be at a high density. It might be that the 5G is needed for the CRISPR read and write functionality that allows you to edit DNA from the cloud. It might be why they use graphene oxide to prevent corrosion inside alkaline fluids, which I already explained in this article. I encourage you to do your research and dive deeper into this topic.

It is crystal clear that they used the lockdowns to install the 5 G system in many countries, especially now I have learned about CRISPR and its use.

The question is how to insert the remote-controlled CRISPR enzyme that you need for remote control from the 5G network (with which you can let the body itself trigger an exosome reaction – that which is a virus).

We are changed into patented human beings! ( Dr. Ariyana Love) We are transformed into programmable Androids, and Klaus Schwab doesn’t even make a secret of it. I placed his videos in all my articles to know about his ideas.

Vaccins and PCR Tests

All whistleblowers and real experts have confirmed the ingredients of the vaccines. There are several opinions on it, and some say it is a bioweapon to eliminate most of the world’s population. Some say that spike proteins are toxic and cause all kinds of deadly symptoms. But others confirm that we are changed into transhumans connecting us to the 5G to control us. And I believe now that this is the goal of the elite and the governments. They try to create a world and transhumans according to their vision, eliminating most of us, and controlling and enslaving the others by pushing us into the digital passport without we can’t live and exist anymore, once enforced into the world and on us.

Covid 19 is a patent owned by the Illuminati and Satanists family Rothschild. Together with all the other elite families, they have caused all wars in the last centuries. So why should we believe that they are good people and want us to be healthy using genome editing? Rothschild owns you when you get vaccinated and tested because now you are not human anymore. Horrible, isn’t it? The booster vaccines and the PCR testing are necessary to refresh the enzyme and the graphene oxide, nothing more! We are now getting booster shots every three months, and in some countries like Germany, people are getting tested every 24 hours.

The PCR tests cannot tell you if you are infected and the variants, but they can bring into your body a CRISPR enzyme that is necessary to follow you and change your genomes.

“I also found a patent for a “Combo kit PCR” that mentions gene deletion! So the PCR is not a test at all but implants the mRNA technology without Informed Consent, into your brain.”( Dr. Ariyana Love)

“The Moderna patent mentions folding protein and mutations (thus variants) that result in rapid aging and genetic diseases. The patent literally says this is a “Loss-of-Function” and thus, a gene deleting Bioweapon.” ( Dr. Ariyana Love)

Don’t get any test or booster shots anymore. The graphene oxide and the enzyme are becoming inactive, according to experts. You don’t want to become an Android. Watch Elon Musks’ videos. He is obsessed with artificial intelligence, and he tells you very much. If you watch the videos, you will learn that the elite changes humanity according to their ideal. It is a plan, nothing more! And it is time to be disobedient to your government, which is also evil because they support the elite!

Final Thought

By now, I believe it is all about CRISPR technology and manipulating human DNA. It is a crime that they have not told the people but just went ahead. But I believe nobody would have let this happen when they had a choice. The elite are real criminals, even worse than any murderer because they think they have the right to interfere with God’s creation and eliminate the world’s population. They believe they have the right to control and manipulate people while bringing themselves to safety. God will never allow that!!! Their weapons will hit themselves! Please, visit also Dr. Ariyana Love”s website!

God will always be for His creation, and we are His creation, His DNA, and His immune system! So, don’t worry, but stop taking any booster shots and testing! God takes care of them and us!

To Your Health,


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2 thoughts on “What is CRISPR Technology?- Connection With Vaccination

  1. Hi. Thanks for your post. I’m just wondering, where do you get your information? With all of the misinformation, lies we’re told in the media, where do you find your information, and how do you know that what you’re reading is true? I’m just asking because for a long time I used to get my news sources from a certain station. I was 1000% sure they were trustworthy. Then, the truth came out. They have a stake in slanting the truth. So, I’m curious, where do you get your information? But it is an interesting article.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I get my information from Big Pharma, World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, whistleblowers, and scientific sites. The first third is quite open about their plans, but people don’t like to read the information. People are not interested but follow their governments without investigation. Follow the money, and you know why people are trying to push agendas through. The American government is a fellow owner of Moderna and shareholders in Big Pharma.

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