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What is a Cytokine Storm?

What is a Cytokine storm?

This article is based on an investigation of alternative news! If you want to form your own opinion, please do your research! I am not a doctor, and if you have any symptoms, you should always visit your doctor for a check-up! I only repeat what experts are saying!

These days we hear a lot about autoimmune reactions and cytokine storms due to the Covid vaccination. Experts say that vaccinated people are more likely to have a cytokine storm as a reaction to their vaccination because these vaccinations are not creating immunity but rather trigger an inflammatory process in their bodies. The immune system is lowered through these vaccinations, and every viral infect now triggers a cytokine response. The spike protein is very toxic to the cells.

What is a Cytokine Storm?

A cytokine storm also called hypercytokinemia, and the cytokine release syndrome, are life-threatening systemic inflammatory syndromes involving elevated levels of circulating cytokines and immune-cell hyperactivation triggered by various therapies, pathogens, cancers, autoimmune conditions, and monogenic disorders. An uncontrolled and excessive release of pro-inflammatory signaling molecules called cytokinesis is caused by the innate immune system.
Normally, cytokines are part of the body’s immune response to infection, but their sudden release in large quantities can cause multisystem organ failure and death.

If you know that cytokine storms are often caused by viral respiratory infections, like the flu, Sars-Cov 1 and 2, Ebola, and even  Epstein-Bar virus, you would understand how much in danger the vaccinated people are. Catching a virus is very easy!

The viruses can invade lung epithelial cells and alveolar macrophages to produce viral nucleic acid, which stimulates the infected cells to release cytokines and chemokines, activating macrophages, dendritic cells, and others. ( Wikipedia)

Cytokine storms are the physical reaction to these viruses, but also bacterias like streptococcus. It can overheat your immune system in such a way that you can suffer multiple organ failures.

Blood clotting is only one sign, but a very severe one! The spike protein is activating the blood clotting, and because your cells are making billions of spike proteins after vaccination, you will be a blood clot-building factory. Organs like the heart, brain and lungs are not able to regenerate. There will be much damage in your body. Professor Bhakdi says injecting children is a crime because their bodies can’t cope with the vaccinations.

I say to inject these vaccinations knowing about the results is a crime!

Watch the video with Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi.

Experts say that the mRNA vaccinated people are like spike protein-building factories. Their immune system is lowered, and they are carrying the variants in their bodies, a horrific thought. It is a reason that the vaccinated people are the ones who are getting infected in a high amount. If you observe Israel, a country where about 90 % of the population has received Pfizer, you will notice many vaccinated people are hospitalized due to severe reactions. A nurse who has anonymously spoken to Stew Peters has said the Delta variant is vaccination damage.

Cytokine storms are very well-known in people suffering from an autoimmune disorder, but most time, if they are treated right, and adapt to a healthy lifestyle, the oil on the fire is quenched, and the body is recovering.

However, in mRNA-vaccinated people, this doesn’t happen anymore. They have received a cell mutating vaccine that will never stop! The spike protein is multiplying and intoxicating the body.

How to Avoid Inflammatory Processes?

Normally, you need to find the triggers, most time, it is food, but it can be heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and pathogens. In my case, the triggers gluten, casein(dairy), and eggs have made me very ill for years. The doctors couldn’t help me because they had been trained to cure symptoms, but not the cause. So I investigated everything by myself, following the advice of many great experts on the internet like Dr. Mercola, Dr. Axe, Chris Cresser, Dr. Osborne, Marcus Rothkranz, and Avocado David Wolfe as many others. If you find the cause, you are on your way to healing as I did.

Thank God for these people!!!!!!!

Otherwise, I would still ruin my body, and be very ill, maybe not walk anymore. I am so eternally grateful!

When I started my healthy diet, I HEALED, avoiding the triggers and consuming high-quality green and protein powders. The only trigger left is stress for immune-compromised people. I know this from my many chronically ill patients.

You see, avoiding an inflammatory process is easy if your immune system is strong. However, if you get vaccinated with these mRNA vaccines, you will no longer have a strong immune system. You have set yourself up to an ongoing immune response. If the winter is coming and you catch a common cold, you can die.

Your task is now to be aware of your body’s signals and directly take high amounts of zinc and selenium, Vitamin C, D3, K2, omega 3 fatty acids, N-acetyl cysteine, but above all, Ivermectine or hydroxychloroquine. According to Dr. Zelenkos’s protocol, there is hope for you. Just be quick, and consume Ivermectine and zinc preventive. Most doctors are receiving a high fine for writing receipts. I don’t understand the evil behavior of our governments. It is like they want us to die.  I will leave you the link to Dr. Zelenkos’s protocol. And I will find out possibilities for you to order Ivermectin.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko MD

If you need help, please let me know!

What is in the Vials of Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson, and Astra Seneca?

It is horrific when you learn what is in these vaccinations. They try to inject our children with a toxin, but you make your children orphans if you take this. There is hope! If you have ever had the jabs, don’t take any more to prevent further damage. Please, think about your children! They need you!

I show you two videos so you can watch yourself what is going on.

The vials are polluted with heavy metals, oxides, and parasites. What really disturbs me is the fact that these people do not carry any responsibility. You can hardly sue them, their contracts are made to protect them, but you don’t get any support if you can’t work anymore due to a developed handicap. That is crazy!

You might think I am exaggerating or, like some friends of mine, they would rather love to turn their face in the other direction. You can do so as well! I don’t mind! It is your choice! But you could also do your investigations and then choose. It is up to you!


Dr. Zelenko’s protocol!

Dr. Zelenko has already helped many people who got infected with Covid 19 with his protocol. He really is convinced that genocide is going on. In Stew Peters’ show, he talks about this quite frankly. But, he also provides everyone with his protocol. If you experience any health problem, you could contact his details and find out about doctors in the USA that are still, even they are threatened with a huge fine,  will provide you with a receipt, as well pharmacies that don’t ask.

In the Netherlands and throughout Western Europe, you encounter the same problem. Doctors receive a fine if they are prescribing Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. But many doctors are not bought by the Pharmacy and follow the oath they have sworn while finishing their exams as doctors. And these doctors count! 🙂

You can purchase Ivermectine on the internet. It is quite expensive because people try to make money from your situation. I hate this because I want you to heal and have a blessed life! If you can find a doctor prescribing a receipt to you, it is better. I will investigate the internet for you.

But you can already order zinc, selenium, Vitamin D3, K2, C, and B 12, as well as omega 3 fatty acids and Nac( N-acetyl cysteine). The last one is tough to purchase in the USA because the FDA has banned it. However, it is an important antioxidant, the precursor of Glutathione. You can still order it on and If you need any help, please, let me know! We will find a way!

Final Thought

Now you know what a cytokine storm is and how to prevent it. You can save your family, your friends, your neighbors, and yourself. The experts have said that this will happen to the vaccinated because you have invited this horrible situation into your life by getting vaccinated. Still, according to Dr. Zelenko, in the USA, you have hope. Follow his website, and don’t even hesitate, but ask for help. I will provide you with the videos and the addresses to survive this attack on your immune system. He and many Americans, but also local doctors, can help you!

Please, I would love to hear from you! Tell me about your experiences! Tell me your worries!

To Your Health,


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2 thoughts on “What is a Cytokine Storm?

  1. So, are they trying to kill us, resolve overpopulation in this way? I am glad I didn’t get the vaccine, I can’t because of extreme allergies to vaccine components that I’ve had since I was a baby, and I am grateful for this allergy. I am allergic to all the bad stuff, vaccine components, herbicides, pesticides, my body has got its defenses right, I would say.
    It is scary to read this kind of information, and I know that many won’t believe this or won’t want to know.
    A dear friend of mine had covid and his lungs were affected. Later he got the covid vaccine after he was better. Now he has pneumonia, he says that it’s a result of covid. I am worried sick about him …

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Christine! I had some difficulties replying, but now it worked! Sorry for that!
      Yes, they might have this in their mind, eliminating the world’s population. According to experts like Mike Yeadon, Dr. Zelenko, Professor Bhakdi, and Professor Dolores Cahill, they are trying to kill us.
      You are very blessed that you can’t receive the vaccines due to your allergy, but they try to ignore this.
      If your friend has overcome the covid infection and has recovered very well, he has built up immunity, and receiving the jabs ignoring the immunity and recovery is very dangerous. It might be that he has suffered pneumonia due to the vaccines, but not the covid infection. The best he can do, not to receive any booster shots and optimizing his Vitamin D3 level, taking lots of Vitamin C.
      But also with every viral infection that starts using zinc, selenium, and omega 3 fatty acids directly, N-acetyl cysteine, as well as Ivermectine to avoid the cytokine storm. Vitamin D 3 must be taken together with Vitamin K2. He must very closely observe his body, especially in winter. According to Dr. Zelenko, there is hope. He has worked out a protocol that you can find on his website.
      Stay safe!

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