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Weight Loss With Natural Supplements- Kick It

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Weight Loss with natural supplements-Kick it



I have already written a post about weight loss consuming a healthy diet. I want to provide you with another way; weight loss with natural supplements. If you have read my blogs, you know that I prefer everything natural and organic because I am sure that all people who adopt a natural lifestyle by consuming healthy organic food will drop weight and have a healthy life!

Some people can’t give up their unhealthy lifestyle, eating unhealthy carbohydrates and proteins. However, it is always better to consume healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle, moving outdoors in Nature.

There are products, natural supplements, or juice powders that help you with weight loss and heal your body. The products are successful, but they have a price. If you can afford to buy them, you can still speed up your metabolism without completely changing your lifestyle. I will tell you in some minutes.

Reasons Why Some People Can’t Lose Weight

I would say the main reason people can’t lose weight is their mindset. Overweight people don’t have the motivation to drop weight. Used to have their comfort food whenever they felt down, depressed, low, sad, anxious, or angry; they could not switch to stop eating.

three obese women walking down the streetThe hormone leptin signals the body’s cells that we have eaten enough. If this is not functioning anymore, our cells are resistant to leptin, encouraging us to eat more.

Wrong food, like cake, donuts, all sugary foods combined with unhealthy fats and grains are reacting like drugs by leaving us addicted to these foods.

We have to go cold turkey by fasting and juicing fresh organic vegetables to break that habit.

Most of the time, it will not work without using the right supplements, like the Vitamin B complex, a natural mineral complex, green powders to support the liver and the gut.

Drinking pure water and green teas is vital when changing our lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the strong will to stop eating junk food. Maybe they would like to stop because they are fed up with their picture in the mirror, but they can’t make it.

For these people, there is a solution. Supplements that support the metabolism and are entirely natural and organic are an excellent help to kickstart your way into a healthy weight loss.

It is always tricky because you have to be aware that many products promise you everything. By using common sense, you will protect yourself. I will tell you in some minutes which are excellent products, and why.

Resetting The Clock

a slim woman measuring her tailleWhat do I mean by that?

If you get something that helps speed up your metabolism, you will lose weight and renew your energy levels.

The energy will help you to regain your joy in life. You will be more lively, stronger, and healthier, which will help you to change your lifestyle and move more.

Maybe you will go out dancing, feeling more attractive by getting back your vitality.

Is this not amazing? 

That is a fact if you drink green powders every day, including a range of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, algae, probiotics, or products that help you fasten your metabolism. There are several excellent natural and organic products on the market.

I love the green powders, which provide me with all nutrients I need. If you take them with an omega-3 supplement, Vitamin D3, K2, and Magnesium, you have already done very much to heal yourself, rejuvenating your cells.

Green Powders

There are several green powders I really can recommend to you, because I use them daily, and have already tried many of them. Green powders include many different ingredients full of natural organic components, like Amla, the highest amount of Vitamin C, Chlorella, Spirulina, Mushroom, vegetables, like kale, potent herbs, roots, probiotics. These green powders are easy to use in water or oat milk, almond milk, and cashew milk.

green powders in three cupsI usually put them in my smoothies to enrich the smoothies with vitamins. Consumed twice or three times a day, you will help your body repair and detox the cells.

Your metabolism will improve by receiving all nutrients needed to function correctly. Your appetite will decrease, but your desire to move will increase.

I can’t think about missing these powders daily. Needing them to give my body what it needs, I wouldn’t like to be without my powders.

Even on days when I have no time to prepare my breakfast, I drink a glass of green powders together with a plant-based protein.

I don’t eat till lunch these days but drink lots of pure water. When I arrive home from a stressful working day, I still feel energized to blog for you. That is amazing because I suffered two massive burnouts in my past and a Hashimoto’s disease where I hardly could walk for quite some years due to decreased energy and a body that didn’t function well.

Organs that are damaged by the body are not able to recover completely. I have been treated too long with the wrong approach, but I am pleased with how I feel now, needing no thyroid medication anymore. Thank God! I am still not the former self, but my life has improved.

enerhealth botanicals

Supplements Boosting Metabolism

These supplements intervene in the body’s function by supporting certain enzymes or protein molecules to improve metabolism. One product I would recommend that speeds up your metabolism by activating an enzyme that stops the production of new fat from developing are CarboFix.a slim woman in sports wear

If you are overweight and suffer from insulin resistance, which makes you obese through the high insulin in your blood and sugar in your cells, a specific enzyme can’t do its job, and your metabolism slows down.

This enzyme is called AMPK and is the new metabolic “magic bullet”  enzyme, a protein kinase that has to be switched on again and activated.

Located in our cells,  it helps convert sugar and fat into energy and supports the body’s function to burn fat.

This product is all-natural. Its main ingredients are Berberine, a bioactive compound in many plants that increases metabolism and improves glucose intolerance in diabetics; Cinnamon bark, Alpha lipoic acid, chromium, bentotiamine, naringin. These ingredients increase insulin sensitivity, decrease inflammation, or act as antioxidants. If you want to learn more about it, you can read it here. 

Final Thoughts

This blog shows you that there are more ways to turn on your metabolism. However, I prefer the natural approach to changing my lifestyle by adjusting my diet and daily exercise routine. Green powders are excellent to include in your diet.

They are harvested and dried, processed very carefully, so they are not damaged by heat or chemistry, kept alive all nutrients. You can put them into your smoothie or a glass of water with an excellent plant-based protein that gives your metabolism a kickstart and helps the body renew or repair its cells.

Another method to lose weight is using natural supplements to intervene in your body’s processes to speed up your metabolism. I already told you about one fantastic product, but I will introduce you to others.

Please tell me what you feel and your experiences, and if you have any questions, please let me know!

To Your Health,






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4 thoughts on “Weight Loss With Natural Supplements- Kick It

  1. Obesity is rising concern in today’s society, I have also been a victim of the same due to poor my eating habits. However in 2020 i.e. last year with the lockdown I got the time to refocus on my health.

    Consumption of Green Tea has helped me enormously and just like you I am a big advocate of natural supplements coupled with daily exercise routine for 20-30 mins. This helped me to shed 15 pounds in 6-7 months.

    1. Hi, Thank you for your comment! Wow, you did a great job in losing weight. It is so important to exercise and to help the body resetting. If the body is getting enough nutrients, everything will work well, so green tea is a perfect drink. You help your body detoxing. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    this is really helpful thank you. After a lengthy lockdown last year, and then another 5 day ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown last week, I’m really needing to lose some kilos. I think I keep looking for a quick fix when really, ongoing diet and exercise are the key.
    I’ll try the green powder and see how that goes.

    1. Hi Marketa, thank you very much for your comment! You are very right; a healthy diet combined with green powders will do the trick. The body needs nutrients; then, you will stop eating too much junk food. An exercise is a must. Please let me know how it is going with the green powders for you!

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