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Weight Loss- The Healthy Way

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Weight LOss- The Healthy Way

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You know that my site is about healing and the natural approach. Weight loss in a healthy way is the only way in my eyes. If you are looking for a drink that gives you instant results, you will not find it here. We are human beings, and if we eat right, we will not have too much weight. If your gut is healthy, if you eat healthily, you will not have too much weight.

If you look at our house animals, you will see that our pets are very often overweight.  Why is that? Because we feed them the wrong food and too much. Pets are fed with artificial food from the supermarket, food that makes them sick.

How can we say that we love our pets when we mistreat them? You might want to say, I love my dog or my cat so much, I wouldn’t do any harm to it. If you don’t know how to feed yourself, you don’t know how to feed your pet.

What we call food, so-called comfort food, chocolate, cake, pasta, pizza, bread, biscuits, etc., will harm us. This is “food” that the body doesn’t recognize as nutrient-rich food, which will make us overweight and ill!

It destroys our gut, and so our immunity. 

Why are You Not Losing Weight?

There are many answers to that question!.

Maybe you sit too much or drink too much alcohol and eat too many snacks after 19.00 o’clock. Maybe you are in menopause, and your hormones have declined, so losing weight is more difficult. You could have diabetes or thyroid disease? There are many reasons why you don’t lose this big belly.

a man with a big belly, measuring the extentI am going to tell you something now that you might don’t want to hear. Whatever your excuse is, I believe that you eat the wrong food anyway.

Even you might do fitness or walk often; you will not lose weight if you don’t get rid of your leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone that gives the body the signal that it has enough food, you have eaten enough.

But now, here is the clue. If you permanently eat the wrong food, your body will not get enough nutrients and not listen to leptin. Your body’s cells are becoming resistant to this hormone, and you will keep on eating while your body is starving for nutrients. The result is overweight!

If you have bad luck, your body’s cells are becoming resistant to another hormone, insulin. Your blood sugar stays high in your blood, and the body tries desperately to get rid of it, so sugar is stored as fat in your fat cells and organs. That makes you overweight. And ill!

Your gut can’t work properly anymore; the microbiome will change to the bad. Your good bacteria in the gut will decline because they don’t survive in the acidity caused by eating too much sugar. Needing fiber that you don’t consume by choosing the wrong food, you create an environment for the bad guys to finally overtake the gut. You develop candida, a harmful fungal infection that covers the gut and even reaches the whole body via the blood.

You are causing your own problems, so you are the answer to your problems.

Believe me, you will only lose weight and regain your health by healing your gut and reversing your condition’s symptoms. If you can see that the responsibility is yours, and not your doctor’s, you will be able to change your lifestyle, eat healthily, move your body, taking high-quality supplements.

Natural Health Supplements

Best Way of Losing Weight

If you are really sure about taking your responsibility and being determined to do something to feel better,  please read on.

Why did I say “the best way instead of the best ways” of losing weight?

bowls withs different saladsBecause there is only one way, but this way will resolve all problems you experience with your body and brain. It will heal you, balance your hormones, and recover your energy.

Moving your body is vital, and we will get to that in some minutes.

But the first thing you need to do is change your diet and that as long as you live. It is not a diet; it is a lifestyle!

When you change your eating pattern, you will, in the beginning, suffer detox symptoms because the body is trying to get rid of all the rubbish in your cells. This takes quite a bit of time. The stuff that you have consumed for years is not be deleted overnight. You might get headaches, foul odor, flu-like symptoms, bad skin, muscle, and joint pain.

Maybe your liver will hurt, your bowels feel overfull, and you experience difficulties having regular, normal bowel movements. All of this is for just some time; using the right remedies will help you get through the detox. I tell you it is worth the afford. You will be rewarded very much if you are not giving up.

To start with losing weight and regaining your health and beauty, you better avoid all carbohydrates in the form of pasta, bread, pizza, cakes, desserts, but also milk products, unhealthy fat, and sugars. You will drink lots of freshly pressed or blended vegetable juices with healthy fat and fruits to sweeten your juices a little. Healthy fats are coconut oil, olive oil, and butter.

In the morning, start with a glass of pure water with half lemon juice and a tip of a teaspoon of organic sulfur. This helps you to detox and is very good for your kidneys. You can also buy Himalayan or Celtic sea salt, and by putting a half teaspoonful of the salt into a glass of pure water, you will speed up your metabolism and remineralize your body. It is rejuvenating your adrenal glands which are essential for the balance of your hormones.

a glass of water with lemons and mint

With both procedures, you need to drink lots of pure water throughout the day, helping the body detox the toxins. Keep on drinking vegetable juices. It could be that you will have diarrhea, but that is all normal due to the cleansing process of your body.

If you are not ill, you could directly start eating steamed vegetables with some meat or wild-caught fish. Eating a fruit salad with some seeds in the morning, like chia, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, will give you a good start. Nuts could still be too much. I always had only a vegetable juice in the morning, nothing more. And after 2 weeks, I started with a protein shake on a plant base and a green juice powder. They have lots of nutrients, and that is what you want to give your body.

Don’t count calories! Using the nutrients, your body can detox and renew cells and function properly.

Start including fermented food for recovering your gut microbiome. You could also buy a good probiotic. Essential is fiber, so by eating salad and fruits, and flaxseed or other seeds, you will have enough fiber for your bowels to function properly and get rid of all rubbish by having several bowel movements throughout the day. The good gut bacteria need the fiber to multiply, and that is your goal, a healthy gut microbiome.

You still are allowed to drink some cup of coffee, but leave the milk. Try out plant-based milk, like oat, almonds, coconut, which is a good alternative. Don’t use soya, which is very unhealthy for the body.

Flaxseeds are giving you the omega 3’s your body needs and rebalance your hormones. Please read my blog about flaxseed.

As you are going to adjust your diet, you will notice a severe drop in weight. The body releases all the junk it has saved in its cells to the bowels. Supporting your bowel movement by drinking lots of pure water, you will feel fantastic very soon.

Which Fitness Program is the Best?

When you start to change your diet and drop weight, it is important to do some exercise. Your fat cells shrink, and your skin will not tighten so quickly. It depends on how much weight you have gained and are now losing. It is vital to build up muscles and tighten the skin in this manner, so you will not want to be left behind with wings under your arms.

a woman with long black hair is doing yoga

Moving your body is vital, especially if you lose weight. Speeding up your metabolism, building muscles, helping your lymphatic system to detox the waste, speeding up the blood flow to bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and helping the body repair them.

It gets easier when you lose weight; actually, you will have the urge to move by regaining energy. Everything is falling in place, and your body jumps happily, like a little child. Your mind is clearer, focussing on tasks will be easier. Depression will disappear.  You will feel lively again and vibrant. That is the goal!

To move, you can do all kinds of fitness. I prefer yoga and Pilates, which help you stretch the body and regain muscles. But cardio exercises are really great too, like walking, jogging, hiking, cycling. It is good for your heart and circulation. Everything works together!

That is not a complicated fitness plan, but our normal purpose as human beings. We are made to move, not to sit. Our muscles need to be used. Start simple by walking outside for 30 minutes every day. Later you can join a Yoga or Pilates class, or a sports school.

The Importance of Your Mindset

To be willing to take responsibility for your own well-being is an absolute must. Nobody will do it for you! When we are children, our parents take care of us. But growing up your parents are not responsible for you anymore. So please don’t blame them for the mistakes they have made in your childhood. I am sure they have tried their best, and finally, they are also human beings, have experienced their own difficulties in life. You are responsible for a healthy, joyful life by making the right decisions.

a woman with black hair is doing freeclimbing in a wall of a mountainIf you are not grown up in your mindset, you will always blame others for your failures. Why not start with your body and help it recover from the threat of years of indulging in wrong foods.

I could do it, so I believe you can do it!

There are so many great books that will help you.

Here is a beautiful website where you will find much help as well!

You can always go to therapy if you need some mental and emotional support.

But it is your journey to the freedom of your mind.

Final Thought

I hope you could find some help to get going and change your lifestyle by reading the blog. You have learned that you don’t need all these diets to lose weight; adjusting your choice towards a healthy lifestyle is the best you can do. You will be amazed at how much energy you will regain. Please do yourself a favor and start your healing journey today.

Please let me know how it is going! I would love to hear from you!

To Your Health,









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8 thoughts on “Weight Loss- The Healthy Way

  1. Dear Sylvia,
    first of all, thank you for such an inspiring and useful text. I am thrilled that you see the problem deeper and that you are optimistic. The word is a powerful weapon and helps people solve their problems if it is a healing word. This post can help anyone who has this problem and there are really many of them! Obesity is a disease of today. Fast lifestyle, unhealthy diet and stress are the main culprits.
    But you are right when you say that there is no instant solutions and that an unhealthy diet is the biggest culprit after all. I do not have a problem with weight, but I often have a bloated stomach because I don’t watch what I eat and I’m not physically active (your post reminded me that I have to change that).
    Especially nowadays we eat everything and in most cases we don’t even know what we are putting into ourselves! I like that you have noticed that people with weight problems somehow always blame someone, whether parents or doctors, but rarely themselves. That is the key, to blame yourself and to overcome yourself with perseverance and self-discipline! Also, our physical condition is closely related to our mental. Obese people are in most cases tormented by depression or some quiet worry that bothers them. Eating as if they are punishing themselves. Then when the mind is raised, the body is also raised, it is my opinion. Keep writing such wonderful lyrics and helping people.
    Greetings, Danijela

    1. Hi Danijela! Are you dutch? Your name is typical written with “lange j”. Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. You are very right! It is always our mindset, but if someone suffers from depression, it is not easy to change this. But they can change it, sometimes with help. Working on your body and eating the right food changes a lot, certainly your brain. This is why people who started to lose weight and exercise got rid of the depression very fast. Brain and microbiome belong together.
      Blessings, Sylvia

  2. Hi!

    Very insightful article about how to lose weight. In fact I have actually some extra pounds that I have accumulated during Christmas and New Year, which I am still paining to eliminate! I learned a new stuff as I did not know about leptin and how it affects our appetite:)

    As you said we are the only solution, I will have to be more disciplined and start having some healthy meal and do some fitness.


    1. Thank you for your comment! I am pleased that my blog could help you!
      You will get there!:)

  3. Hi Sylvia, I really loved your article. It was so in-depth. I also totally agree with you that only a change in lifestyle and exercise can help you really lose weight. Diets just don’t work!

    I was pleasantly surprised to read about all the manifestations that could occur when you change your eating pattern – occurrence of headaches, foul mouth odor (I think) , flu-like symptoms, bad skin, muscle, and joint pain. Even though you state that these would only be temporary, I can understand why it might be easy for many people to want to give up at this point.

    I have bookmarked this article and I will be referring to it as I do plan to take advantage of the excellent tips you have provided.


    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Ceci! You are right; when you detox, your body develops a foul mouth odor, but your whole body can smell very bad. The body presses the toxins out through the skin, mouth, lungs, bowels. But if you keep on detoxing the body, it will stop after a short time. Drink lots of water; it will help very much. You know fasting can do this as well, I do fast regularly, and the body keeps cleaning its cells. Please, I would be more than happy when you refer to my posts. Thank you very much!:)

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    Losing weight is really not hard for me; it’s the maintenance that I find overwhelming. I think what you say about the lifestyle change is the key. For myself (and many others I think), it’s that we lose weight by going on a ‘diet’ instead of by changing our way of eating and exercising.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Lifestyle change is vital if you will stay lean and healthy. Most people have difficulties keeping their weight when they get older, so a lifestyle change will prevent us from getting slabby and ill by caring too much weight.

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