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The Young Global Leaders- World Economic Forum

I am very sure that most people globally don’t know anything about the Young Global Leaders Forum belonging to World Economic Forum. I am even convinced that most people have no idea about the existence of the World Economic Forum and are not aware of the threats of this organization. You might have heard about the name Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset. No, then read my article.

The World Economic Forum

What is the World Economic Forum?

It seems to be an excellent organization for innovation, sustainability, stakeholder capitalism, artificial intelligence, social and technical developments in the name of democratic values.

The WEF is the international organization for public-private cooperations.

With their own words on their website:

“The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural, and other society leaders to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.

It was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is independent, impartial, and not tied to any special interests. The Forum strives in all its efforts to demonstrate entrepreneurship in the global public interest while upholding the highest standards of governance. Moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.

Our activities are shaped by a unique institutional culture founded on the stakeholder theory, which asserts that an organization is accountable to all parts of society. The institution carefully blends and balances the best of many kinds of organizations, from both the public and private sectors, international organizations, and academic institutions.

We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.”

Professor Klaus Schwab
WEF, Professor Klaus Schwab

The person behind WEF, Professor Klaus Schwab, the chairman of WEF, was born in Ravensburg, Germany, in 1938. He is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

He founded the Forum in 1971, the same year he published “Moderne Unternehmensführung im Maschinenbau” (Modern Enterprise Management in Mechanical Engineering). In that book, he argued that the management of a modern enterprise must serve shareholders and all stakeholders, to achieve long-term growth and prosperity. Schwab has championed the multistakeholder concept since the Forum’s inception, and it has become the world’s foremost platform for public and private cooperation. Under his leadership, the Forum has been a driver for reconciliation efforts in different parts of the world, acting as a catalyst for numerous collaborations and international initiatives. (WEF)

He is married to Hilde Schwab( Stoll), born in Switzerland. Wikipedia has not all information collected about Klaus Schwab and his wife. There are many theories about his original family on the internet. Some people say that he is an offspring of the Rothschilds! Others say that his father was a Prime-Nazi with many privileges. Wikipedia doesn’t confirm these theories.

If you like to read about his biography, you can read the article on the WEF website. I am not going to write about his origin or his titles. The video where he shares his reflections are really very open and beautiful because he wants all to be involved, and harvest the fruits, not only stakeholders but also employees. It sounds very social and democratic.

In 2004 Klaus Schwab had established a new Foundation, called the Forum for Young Global Leaders, for leaders under 40. But Angela Merkel was already present in his class in 1992. How is this possible?

In 2011 he set up the Global Shapers Community for young leaders between 20 and 30.
The purpose of the two foundations is to integrate young people as a strong voice for the future into global decision-making processes and to encourage their engagement in concrete projects that address social problems.

The Forum employs over 700 people, with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and additional offices in New York, San Francisco, Beijing, and Tokyo.
Klaus Schwab is an economist. He has received numerous international and national honors. In 1972 he became one of the youngest professors on the faculty of the University of Geneva.

Well-known books are “Covid 19- The Great Reset” and “The Fourth Revolution.” I have read them both and think they are a must-read for everyone.

Here is the audiobook of The Great Reset.

It is interesting that Klaus Schwab pleads for stakeholder capitalism as the dominant form of capitalism but has released a manifesto stating that companies should pay their fair share of taxes and show zero tolerance for corruption. And uphold human rights. I find many of his statements controversial regarding the vision of WEF.

The Manifesto of 1973, read here.
The new Davos Manifesto, read here.

If you read the articles on their website, it all sounds fair, social, and democratic, but you will get red signals if you follow Klaus Schwab’s videos and read his books. Stakeholder capitalism doesn’t sound fair, but like a global leadership where you only find the rich people. The vision about Transhumanism, like combining a human with a computer, is not something that I desire. Planting a nano-size microchip under the skin of a human to be able to connect to artificial intelligence is not my cup of tea. Certainly not! But this is the vision of the World Economic Forum, and to reach their goal, they have implemented their young global leaders among the governmental cabinets. Checkmate!

The Young Global Leaders

What are the Young Global Leaders?
We already know that Klaus Schwab founded the Young Global Leaders Forum in 2004 for leaders under 40. Well, he already has invited political leaders for decades. I know that the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was already a guest at the meetings.

We can read on their website that the Young Global Leaders Community is an accelerator for a dynamic community of exceptional people with the vision, courage, and influence to drive positive change in the world. ( A very positive description of this group.)

We can further read:

“Our growing membership of more than 1,400 members and alumni of 120 nationalities includes civic and business innovators, entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, educators, activists, artists, journalists, and more.

Aligned with the World Economic Forum’s mission, we seek to drive public-private cooperation in the global public interest. We are united by the belief that today’s pressing problems present an opportunity to build a better future across sectors and boundaries.”

You can search for members on their website, but you will not find everybody.

“Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum created the Forum of Young Global Leaders in 2004 to help the world meet increasingly complex and interdependent problems. His vision was to create a proactive multistakeholder community of the world’s next-generation leaders to inform and influence decision-making and mobilize transformation.

Through the Forum of Young Global Leaders, Klaus Schwab envisioned facilitating earnest dialogue and friendships across cultures to bridge divides, fostering fresh thinking and dynamic new ways of collaboration to shape a more positive, peaceful and prosperous society.” (WEF)

The Forum of Young Global Leaders accelerates the impact of a diverse community of responsible leaders across borders and sectors to shape a more inclusive and sustainable future. ( WEF)

Now, facts are coming to the surface that many of our prime ministers, chancellors, presidents have been members of the Young Global Leaders and formed for their future role leading a government and a country. We know now that political leaders like Justin Trudeau, Macron, Angela Merkel, Mark Rutte, Putin belonged to the Young Global Leaders. They are trained to follow the WEF and Klaus Schwab vision, a reason why in this global plandemic all countries are forcing the vaccination to their population. They follow an agenda, agenda 2030.

If you read Klaus Schwab’s books and watch his videos, you will learn that Klaus Schwab welcomed the virus and this pandemic to set the further steps to his Great Reset and the creation of a Transhuman. The political leaders align with WEF visons and have talked about “Build Back Better” and “The Great Reset.” on television.  It is obvious who is now the leader of our governments, behind the law changes, and the violence of our human rights.

In my other articles, you could read that the Illuminati, the loges, Freemasonry, and other satanic cults where the superrich families and elites are all members of, have one thing in their mind, the establishment of the New World Order, a Luciferian World Order.

The website of WEF sounds very innovative and optimistic about what they want to accomplish, but the reality is that this is only for the top, not for us ordinary people. Their vision is hidden under the blanket of democracy while working to establish a dictatorship. The puppets they have placed in governmental administrative positions, the banking system, and health organizations like WHO and the national watchdogs, like FDA, will help them reach their goal.

Ernst Wolff, a financial expert and journalist revealed these details in a meeting with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer from the Corona Sitzung. The latter have collected evidence against these leaders for genocide violating human rights, and the Nuremberg Code.

The video is only available in English, so I will not place it here. I am sorry!

This organization WEF is elitist, and only children of people in higher positions join the classes or real talents they can use.

In 2017 Klaus Schwab held a reading in the Havard Kennedy school. He told the moderator David Gergen that they are very proud that they have penetrated the global cabinets of the countries with their Young Global Leaders. They have infiltrated the governments of the world, in my eyes, a danger. These are his own words, and show the intention of the training classes in Davos.

Governments are Owned!

We think that we have elected our governmental leaders, but the truth is that the global elite selects them to be obedient to their order and wishes. Our presidents and prime ministers don’t represent the people of the country, but the stakeholders and shareholders, like Rothschilds, Windsors, Gates, Bloomberg, Rockefellers, and other families. It is why our governments plunder the money of their population and why many people have been living in poverty in the last decades. Our leaders help these families to own more land and businesses. They steal our money! Our governments are on their pay list.

We pay taxes, and they spend a minimum or nothing on the taxes, a reason they are becoming wealthier and making huge profits from all crises while the average ordinary person is losing their money and end up in poverty. In Europe, since the establishment of the European Union, our lives have become financially tight, and poverty has increased in countries like Germany and the Netherlands. The puppets in the EU, like Ursula von der Leyen, also a former Young Global Leader, have ruined the economy. One example is the farmers who don’t know how to survive since being in the EU. The many restrictions and laws have destroyed many farmers.
Germany was a very innovative country, especially in the sustainable environmental sector. Joining the EU has devastated our environment, decreased the bee population, and poisoned the fields’ soil. Nature has been destroyed. Our culture has been destroyed. The living costs are so high that many families can’t afford them. Poor people have no money to consume healthy food. Our health system is standing at the point to implode because, for decades, the government has already allowed the closure of hospitals and the reduction of care staff. The hourly pay for a nurse is still meager compared to the work a nurse has to do.

Energy prices have gone through the roof, for many people unaffordable. The middle class is disappearing slowly. All this is the result of a government not representing its people. The elite who pulls the strings have no empathy with the population or ordinary people.

The stakeholders have worked towards a New World Order and their depopulation agenda using a vaccine. It is no conspiracy theory!

I will invite you to investigate and do your research!

The Financial and Economical Breakdown

Something is going on! While the restrictions and lockdowns in this plandemic have destroyed many small businesses, and the governments have pumped newly printed money into the economy of the countries, we can observe that most money went to the already rich companies like the supermarkets’ chains, the online mega-platforms, like Amazon and who are owned by always the same stakeholders who finally have made more profits than ever. While many ordinary people have been damaged or killed by these experimental vaxxines, Big Pharma has made huge profits. They have worked each other into their pockets. It is a Big Mafia, criminals who have stolen and pressed down the population.

We now face an enormous increase in unemployment because people who don’t like to receive the vaxxinations are fired on a broad scale in many countries. Many financial experts have already said that many Western European countries and the US have increased their debts and face inflation. They say this is man-made and will create chaos, poverty, and starvation.

Watch Ernst Wolff on this topic!

86. Meeting, Corona Ausschuss with Ernst Wolff

WEF and the elite are working towards the complete breakdown of the systems, democracy, financial, social, and working system. Everything we know has to disappear to establish their new system, which makes them richer and gives them enormous control over us. Their goal is to dispossess the middle class and force us into a system where we are observed 24/7 via a digital microchip connected to artificial intelligence. We have to live in so-called smart cities( WEF), borrow everything, own nothing, and be happy. Can you imagine what this means? Here in the Netherlands, Apeldoorn is the first smart city project.

Sounds good? Great project? Mmmh!

The criminal wealthy families and organizations will own everything. They already do! The banking system belongs to the Rothschilds. Implementing one digital banking system with one currency( Cryptocurrency) might be their goal! People will receive a basic income and be praised or punished if they obey or disobey. Communistic China owns such a society where people live in complete control according to a social credit system! If we do not receive our regular vaxxinations, we will be shut off the system. Do you want this?

The European Union has already released a law for regulating chips. Do you see the danger, the wolf in sheep clothing?

In 2016 Klaus Schwab already talked about the microchip that connects humans to computers!

Please, watch this video about who owns the world!

Final Thought

The Young Global Leaders Forum is trained by Klaus Schwab to implement their Great Reset. Many of these members are positioned in important positions, like government, military, police, administration, banking, and health organizations. WEF has infiltrated our democratic systems with people who support stakeholder capitalism and their agenda.

Everything we are going through is already worked out in their plans. The next may be the closure of the food supply, a cyberattack, a war with Russia, new bioweapons, or a civil war. While we stay in the ban of the virus, millions of refugees are crossing our borders, burdening the weak financial system. Mass immigration is also planned to infiltrate our culture. We, as the people, can stop these happenings. Join resistance groups, self-sufficient communities, join the demonstrations, and as a Christian, a church doing spiritual warfare. Please, don’t just believe me, but do your research!

I would like to know your opinion! Please, let me know what you think!

To Your Health,


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