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The Warning Voices- Please Listen!

The situation has become very bad in the world. Some countries are already acting forcefully regarding infections with that virus, trying to lock their population into quarantine camps. It is not about infections because these viruses are made up to bring panic and fear, but the agenda they follow!

There are enough warning voices of many whistleblowers that people try to ridicule till it is too late. They did the same in Nazi Germany when most German people suffered from cognitive dissonance; they didn’t want to see the truth till it was too late. The same is happening right now! People trust their government and don’t want to know that they are not trustworthy at all. Military and police forces are following the orders of the government blindly, even if they are brutal, forceful, or ridiculous.

Most people don’t think! If someone is still thinking and watching what is happening, they would undoubtedly be surprised that people are forcefully injected with deadly bioweapons. Police would not shoot peaceful demonstrators into their backs, giving evidence that they behave like brainless, emotionless robots, following orders blindly, even if they are brutal and ridiculous. I watched a video from a demonstration in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. What disgusted me the most was that the police shot a demonstrator who stood alone and of distance to the rest, making some videos and photos, in his belly. He had not done anything wrong!

Luckily, some policemen and military still can think and feel human, knowing in their hearts that these actions are completely wrong and against human rights. Our human rights are still active! I still believe that human sense will gain victory over evil.

However, you need to do your research and not rely on any information, not even mine. I learned that there is much so-called controlled opposition in the alternative media who are receiving money from the governments or even the globalists to keep us calm by telling some truth and nonsense. It is essential that you do research, investigate the sources and share them with others.

Warning Voices

There have been many warning voices from the very beginning. Some have foretold these happenings already years ago, reading many articles and doing their research already for decades. Most people have still lived their routines, listening to the deceptive mainstream media, and trusted their governments, as I did.

Our situation in health care, shortage of nurses and doctors, has been a fact for ages, as long as I am working as a nurse, at least in Germany. The moment they allowed private cooperations to take over the hospitals, it was all about making huge money and reducing the staff. I experienced two full-blown burnouts and now have been nearly suffering another one. The staff has been abused, low wages, and a killing routine. I have experienced the same in the Netherlands, always working over my limit. Still, the wages are better.

Talking bullshit, like the health ministers and prime ministers do, putting the guilt on the unvaccinated, is dangerous and deceptive. The unvaccinated have never burdened the system; the shortage of IC beds and staff has threatened the situation. The politicians try to blame innocent people for a failure they haven’t done and believe me, I am from the caring front. Last year, there was no flu; every case had to be Covid. Many people have died yearly from the flu, and suddenly there is a year without any case of flu?

The governments have just followed the globalists’ agenda and a plan that exists already for decades.

So, I am not surprised that Doctors, scientists, nurses, and many other professions have been threatened or bought to be silenced for telling the truth.

Many experts had spoken up and warned humanity from the very beginning. They have been rejected, belittled, and threatened, lost their jobs and reputations. However, they stood up to the threat and founded an alliance because, together and united, they were strong.

However, these experts were all right, and now we see it happen. But many people don’t think; they believe their governments, don’t observe what is going on. The governments’ goal is to vaccinate everybody on Earth, giving them digital passports where all details, health, banking, identity are connected. Bill Gates had planned this already decades before, receiving a patent on these cards so that he could earn a lot of money.

It is about transhumanism and control, The New World Order!

Here are some warning voices.

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany:

Former Pfizer vice- manager Mike Yeadon:

Former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston:


Dr. Robert Malone:

Archbishop Vigano:

Controlled Opposition

It is a pity, but I also learned about controlled opposition, people, and organization, many in the so-called alternative media, but also political opposition are bought. They receive big money to deceive us and keep us quiet, so we wait on their actions, believing they will go ahead and save us. That is what most people do in the western world. They instead wait on others than do something themselves. The globalists and the governments know this and abuse this psychological fact. Do you watch anything happening except preparing court cases, demonstrations, court files, and loud statements in the parliaments?  They are on social media, collecting followers or comments on their websites. Still, if you try to contact them because you think they are freedom fighters like you, you will be rejected, very often not receiving any answer, or not even being allowed to comment. It shows their real intentions. Don’t be fooled! It is such chaos that it is challenging to build a real alliance with real worrying people who try to stop them.

I followed some of them, thinking they were fighting for our human rights, but I am not sure anymore. However, I encourage you to do your research in this jungle of information! We all hope for the tribunal promised by an alliance of lawyers, and I really hope that Dr. Reiner Fuellmich will start bringing these people to court, but I also hear many voices that say that he is also a controlled opposition. But I believe that he is fighting for our human rights!


We need to know that the globalists are creating much chaos by intention, and we need to make up our minds who to trust. I trust my Lord Jesus, and praying is for me the only answer. However, every person has their way of finding out what the truth is.

One example I came across is the former banker Ronals Bernard who seemed to have stopped the contact and his work while confronted with satanic rituals where small children have been abused, tortured, and killed. He was so much in shock that he stopped working for the elite. He has founded the alliance “United People” and tried to change the laws to have more democracy and peace. Because I respected him very much, I registered for the newsletter. Confirming my email, I entered the site and was shocked by the cover picture. It shows in joy jumping young people performing satanic symbolism. I directly unsubscribed and stopped my membership. How can we trust the opposition? First of all, the Illuminati is fulfilling their symbolism always, something to be aware of. The satanic symbolism and numbers are always present in their projects. Be aware!

The other point is that they keep us calm by giving us hope while the robe is pulled even more. Much so-called opposition is filing cases against the governments while using corrupt courts and judges, a project that is already doomed to fail. They call us to demonstrate instead of telling us to stop participating in daily life. The government is sending their special people to brutally interrupt the peaceful demonstrations, only to show the stupid sleeping mass hypnotized population with the help of mainstream media that the demonstrators are not peaceful but criminal, destroying police cars, ambulances, and hurting police officers and military. It can be that people are so fed up that they start fighting, but when you observe the videos, you can see that they are a special unit introduced by the police itself. It is the way of corruption and deceit. Antifa is a strategy introduced by George Soros to show the population that the demonstrations are not peaceful.

The Effect of Mass Formation Psychosis

It is a threatening happening in humanity where people are hypnotized and surround themselves with fascistic regimes. You could observe it in Nazi Germany, where the population didn’t take a stand against the fascistic powers but instead let it happen that a complete group of people has been murdered for no reason other than that they were Jews. After the war, people said they didn’t know, absolutely bullshit! But they had turned the faces, didn’t want to know.

Luckily, many people have been clear awake, recognizing the signs and saving as many Jews they could; even their lives were in danger.

Nowadays, most people repeat what they did 80 years ago, turning the face, not asking questions, following blindly stupid restrictions that don’t help, still listening to the corrupted mainstream media, and blaming a group of people, even science shows there is no evidence. People repeat and will again say, “I didn’t know!” or ” Ich have es nicht gewusst!”.

Please, watch this video! Dr. Robert Malone is explaining this phenomenon.

The Great Awakening

It happens! There are enough people who are waking up to the threat of a global dictatorship. They recognize the signs and do research. Many high-ranking military and police officers are on our side. They will also prevent the global imprisonment of their children and grandchildren. At the moment, they are working underground. There are millions of Christians worldwide coming together and praying, being in a spiritual battle that is already won at the cross. Doctors, scientists, lawyers, and judges who are not corrupt are already preparing for a huge global case.

God showed me while praying that the darkness is pulled into the light! It is happening right now! You can see how desperate the corrupt governments are acting and the pressure they put on their population to receive these vaccines and bring them under control. Don’t get the vaccination! Don’t get the booster shots! It is better to join alliances of people who are also fighting for our human rights! There is an excellent website, But there are Facebook groups you can join. Don’t stay alone! Being isolated is not a good situation because all the happenings can make people sick, fearful, and depressed.

Final Thought

The warning voices have been there all the time from the beginning to the present, today! We need to open up our ears to hear them and understand what they are saying. It is now essential for us to stand up together and stop governments from killing democracy before it is too late. I just read that Switzerland has voted against their democracy and human rights. However, because of corruption, this could be false information but also a fraudulent election. If you knew that we people are betrayed and lied to by corrupted globalists and their puppets, you would be very careful to believe everything online. I have experienced how deceptive the mainstream media works, sitting in my car while working my job and listening to the news.

Please, let me know what you think! I would love to hear what your opinion is!

To Your Health,


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4 thoughts on “The Warning Voices- Please Listen!

  1. Hi there! Thanks for your post. I totally respect your right to think differently about vaccinations, etc. That’s what makes America free, right? I also agree with you in terms of not believing everything the government tells you – especially our government. As a black person, I trust only some of what our officials tell me. #funnybutnotfunny So yes, I agree with this post. However, I do see that the death toll from COVID19 wasn’t faked. How do you account for that? Still, I agree with you to an extent. We have to keep an open mind and use our common sense. Great post!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Shalisha! They faked the death toll because every death cause was registered as a Covid death Doctors, hospitals, and nurses got extra payment. They bought many people. Hospitals have murdered patients for the money. This is a fact; many nurses and doctors came forward to confirm their actions.
      The real deaths increased after vaccination. It is an agenda they follow.

  2. Hi Sylvia, Once again great job on sharing this very important information. I like to believe that people will have an open mind about what is really happening. It is definitely very wrong and I think it’s really quite obvious that there is more than what meets the eye here. A video I see the other day made me think so there is 8 Billion people worldwide they apparently have a vaccine for every person plus another and another etc. Its been 2 years since the outbreak according to the official story – how the hell have they suddenly got all these vaccines to give people? It is ludicrous no way could they develop this many in such a short time – it said in the video it would take like 30 years with one vaccine vial being made every 1 second or something like that. Obviously, they had these vaccines already there waiting before the outbreak probably in the DUMBs underground in cold storage. Also, this Omicron variant apparently it take 2 primers instead of 3 on the PCR test to detect it… and people wonder why the cases are going up. I wonder how many would there be if they used 3 primers like before. I am getting sick of it – some people wearing masks driving cars on their own 😂 god help us

    1. Thank you very much, Alex! I heard today that WHO already talks about a Marburg virus case, and they already have the vaccines available. And the variants are mutations of the elimination of specific genomes by the CRISPR technique they use. This is what Fauci and WHO have confirmed. Can you imagine?
      I am also sick of the lies and that people still believe them!

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