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The Use of Natural Organic Cosmetics- The Healthy Way


The use of natural organic cosmetics- The healthy way

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The use of natural organic cosmetics should be the main approach of the cosmetic industry. By now, I am very much in natural and healthy products, food, fashion, cosmetics, and actually everything natural organic and sustainable you could think about.

To heal and stay healthy is my mission. I hope to reach many people with the message of treating themselves, others, and the planet in a healthy way. It is so essential for us to change our lifestyle, for ourselves and the Earth. Using organic cosmetics has become natural to me, like breathing.

organic bottle with cosmetic, bath oilThere are so many beautiful products on the market consisting of natural oils or butter, which will not burden you with toxic substances.

These cosmetics are really nourishing your skin, and by combining them with healthy food and exercise, drinking lots of pure water, they will bring the greatest effect to your skin.

I use it for everything; natural organic products, even for my eczema in my ears, take neem oil.

My skin always looks good, even I am now nearly 60 years old. Of course, my lifestyle of consuming lots of raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, and green powders are complimenting my cosmetic regime.

When I started using cosmetics, around 15 years of age, I also experimented with toxic cosmetics because I didn’t know better around that age.

My search for organic cosmetics started in my 40th, so you see, it took me a long time to get there. 🙂

The Use of Natural Organic Face Products

I think if you knew what kind of ingredients are in an industrial-made facial cream or makeup, you wouldn’t use it for sure. No one who knows about the toxic chemicals and their damaging effects would put such products on his/her skin. I can’t imagine!

skin care , a plate with oranges cuts, a white towel and a facial cream Otherwise, some ignorants don’t want to know, as long it gives them a good feeling, or they might be very young thinking it will not harm me.

I tell you what you put onto your skin will penetrate the skin and can harm you, absolutely.

That is already a big reason to switch to organic cosmetics. You can even make them yourself, but if it cost you too much time, there are lots of really great companies who have done everything for you; you need only to purchase a product you like.

But even these companies are quite different, asking you all kinds of prices. So you have affordable and expensive cosmetic products on the market.

My featured brand is CMD,  a German organic cosmetic brand. They make great products and are not that expensive.

I use them already for years on my face, in winter a thick caring cream, but in summer a light moisturizer. You can buy them online; has these products too.

Finding out what brand and products suit you is a lot of fun. By testing them, you will discover how comfortable the consistency of the cream feels.

Many brands send you test items helping you find out what feels perfect to you.

My skin routine starts with my use of first organic oil and then a protecting or moisturizing cream. In summer, I love organic Aloe Vera Gel under my moisturizer, which cools my skin. A perfect feeling! My skin is never dry.

There has been a time I had difficulties keeping my skin moisturized in winter. Being very dry, nearly flaky, was the result of my transition period of eating healthy food. The body was detoxing and repairing, so my skin looked really dry. After the transition period has finished, my skin looked perfect again.

Nature's Brand, Banner
Nature’s Brands

I always end my skincare routine with organic makeup to balance my skin tone. If you buy a product with two to four natural ingredients, you are on the safe side. Nowadays, these products are quite affordable, and you can always go for a trial before buying them.

Why is it Better to Use Natural Organic Products?

a woman, covered her dark hair with a towel, wearing sunglasses, putting a pink lipstick on her lips

I already have given you one reason, your health. The chemicals will stay in your body, in your organs, under your skin;  if you have a leaky gut, and most people have, these toxins will reach your brain, which is a huge reason to avoid these products. What do you think?

Another reason is, we are responsible for what we put on the skin of our children. They are young and vulnerable. I am sure you will not be the one who is making your family sick, contributing to the development of the chronic disease.

A further reason is our environment. The industry is a huge polluter of our planet. Producing cosmetics leave too much toxic waste behind which our planet can’t handle anymore. By poisoning the earth, the rivers, our drink water, plastic compounds are found in the sea, leaving sea life suffering; our planet drowning in waste.

They have found all kinds of chemicals in our bodies and the environment. Some chemicals can never disappear because our bodies do not detect them. That is worrying! Do yourself and others and the planet a favor by buying disposable products.

Chemicals like xenoestrogens are changing the hormone balance by occupying the estrogen receptors. You found them in plastics of the bottles and tubes, and now in the environment harming reptiles and other animals, and us. We are defiling our own world.

Natural Organic Hair Products

woman with long brown hair

I don’t know if you know there are also organic shampoo and hair styling products on the market, which are quite good. I used to wash my hair with organic shampoo but changed back to commercial products due to the deficiency of organic hair products. Decades ago, there haven’t been so many organic brands in shops; trying to find products wasn’t easy. The Internet had just started.

But nowadays, there are so many natural organic companies who produce non-toxic shampoos and conditioners, as well as styling products, so there is no excuse anymore not to buy natural stuff. When you have finally found your brand, you will love the products. Maybe you will stay with them.

A reason to be dismissive of nonorganic products is that toxins penetrate the body via the scalp. Don’t underestimate the effects.

Organic shampoos have many different fragrances, which are really lovely. I love fruity shampoos, like lemon, apple, mango, smelling awesome and making your hair look shiny. Normally I could color my hair using organic products, but   I don’t have the courage to do it myself. My former experiences weren’t so successful, the reason I prefer visiting my hairdresser once in a while.

But there are enough organic products you can buy and use on your hair without damaging it. Maybe you have more courage than me.:)

Natural Organic Baby Products

a baby with pampers and wrapped in a bath cloth, smiling

I have no children, but I am an originally trained pediatric nurse, so I know what I say. If I would have a baby or older children, I would certainly not buy toxic products for them.

Using natural oils is efficient enough to bathe a baby, needing no cream to protect the baby’s skin. It is all nonsense concocted by great industrial advertisers who want you to buy their products.

Babies are not getting dirty, and their skin is still intact and natural, needing no soap. Forget about all these so-called baby brands that are not necessary! Even in summer, don’t suncream on your baby’s skin, but a hat and a T-Shirt are good protection from the harmful sun rays. Better never leave your baby in the sun but under a tree or an umbrella.

Suncreams are mostly toxic, and the immune system of the little one is not used to all these chemicals, which the body can’t get rid of anyway. A good organic cream is a better option, especially for the wintertime. I don’t know an organic baby product line, but I am convinced many are on the market. However, don’t cream too much on your baby’s skin; it is not necessary. Our body is made perfect by God.

Final Thoughts

Luckily many companies are producing sustainable organic cosmetics that are non-toxic for us and the environment. The choice has become broad, and there is surely something for everyone among the products, for skin and hair.

It should become our lifestyle to use natural organic cosmetics to complement our skin, preventing our body’s damage. When we leave this planet, we should leave it in good shape for our children and grandchildren. Something to think about!

Please leave a comment below, what you think about this topic. Do you already purchase organic cosmetics, or are you still using products that are full of toxic ingredients. I would love to hear from you!

All the Best,


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2 thoughts on “The Use of Natural Organic Cosmetics- The Healthy Way

  1. Hey Sylvia. It’s difficult once we start to question the way products are made. Because it’s not only what’s in the products, but also how they are packaged and sent.

    I keep being amazed that so many organic products are packaged in plastic pots and bottles. And I dislike Amazon Spain for their way of sending everything separately and with lots of plastic involved. I heard Amazon UK deals with that differently. How is Amazon NL in that regard?

    I started making cleaning products myself. Not a lot yet, because I want to have a lot of knowledge first, but it’s a very interesting trial. 🙂

    1. You are very right, Hannie!
      That is why I am always looking for products in disposable bottles and the best in a glass. Also, Amazon Germany sends them in a cardboard parcel, so there is no plastic involved. Amazon Nederland has just begun, till now you could only order books.
      I made my own creams, and I use oil out of a glass flacon. I give you a link; you can check it out.

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