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The Patented Human- The Endgame

I already wrote about the Human 2.0 project and the CRISPR technology where you learn about the elite’s goal to create another species of Humans, no, Cyborgs by patent holders. There are many unvaxxed people and vaxxed people who don’t take the booster shots because they feel betrayed and lied to by the governments.

Dr.Ariyana Love and David Avocado Wolfe, among others, say that there is a detox protocol that is deleting the graphene oxide. However, still, you have been turned into a patented Cyborg by gene deletion, and you can’t reverse this damage. It is so crazy what is happening, but the goal of these super-rich guys and the governments, the puppets, is to eliminate about 6 Billion people. They do everything to accomplish their plans.

On Dr. Ariyana Love’s website, you find different protocols they give away for free!

The Goal

If you read the Lockstep scenario from the Rockefeller Foundation from 2010, you will learn that they have planned every step we experience these days. The World Economic Forum, chairman Klaus Schwab, has created a class where the most political, financial, and health leaders, as well as military and police, have been prepared for their leading task to help him. The elite tries to accomplish the Great Reset so we will be Cyborgs connected to artificial intelligence and own nothing but being happy.

Of course, they will hold everything and control the few who will have survived the genocide of humanity but not as humans anymore. You must know that the elite are members of the satanic Illuminati and many different loges. They do not mind killing other people! They already torture, rape, kill small children and create sex slaves using mind control practices.

Families like Rothschild, Rockefellers, Windsors, Bush, and others have already for centuries controlled the world, created wars, false flag oerations to create black sheep. Their minds know how to influence our social behavior, and by implementing fear, they guide the global population into their plans. Don’t be fooled!

They make our history. They have so much money that it is easy for them to control different parties and use a dictator like Hitler to destroy a particular group. Hitler was an offspring of a Rothschild and trained for his role as a dictator. He received the money from these families and the CIA, British intelligence, and the Windsors. They saved him, and he lived in Argentina, where many Nazis have survived. The Bush family is a former Nazi family. You need to know that these families are eugenics like the Nazis have been. They desire the sterilization of the mob and the global depopulation. Only their genes are essential because they think that they are the elite of the world, intelligent, powerful, and maybe handsome. However, they got rich by lying, betraying, stealing, and murdering, nothing more! Is this a smart gene?

Read the books of Robin de Ruiter! 

I don’t receive any commission!

Human 2.0

I wrote an article about the Human 2.0 project, and you better read it. The elite has patents on the Covid 19 project( Rothschild family), where they have already planned to create a synthetical Human. Satanists hate God’s creation and think all people should be like them. So they try to destroy God’s creation, animals, and humans. They try to replace the God genome with a synthetical one and control the patented created creatures. We can’t call them Humans anymore.

Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, talks about merging Humans and computers with artificial intelligence in his videos. Via the cloud, the creatures are easily controlled by the elite. You need only the vaxxines containing the computing systems embedded in nano hydrogels made from graphene oxide and the 5 G technology.

I see that many people are just trying to build their businesses, living their lives, but are entirely unaware of the dangers of nanotechnology and 5 G. If we don’t win this war, our children will be cyborgs, and we are all dead. Do you want this to happen to your children and grandchildren? No, then it is time to face what is happening and protect the young people.

Please watch the video with Dr. Carrie Madej.

And read my article if you want to be informed!

The Endgame of the Elite- The Patented Human

If you have followed my articles, you will know what it is all about. It is the elite’s endgame to complete control, genocide, depopulation of about 6 Billion, and get more power and money. It is not a conspiracy theory but a reality.

If you read the websites and the patents of Pfizer, ModeRna, and others, you will be amazed because they don’t hide it, but people are so superficial not to investigate all these topics. Patents bring huge money, and they have created patents, and with the support of the other elite members, they get richer. The first to be stopped are the patents, so people will not earn insane much money. Bill Gates and Microsoft(his company) have already created the microchips he now tries to force on the global population. It has the satanic symbol 060606; leave away the zeros, and you get the satanic number 666.

Yes, it is true, but people who are not spiritual will not understand how the Satanists think and the symbols and numbers they use. We are in spiritual warfare, for sure. It is the war between Jesus and the fallen, banned, and lost angel Satan( Lucifer), who already is defeated since the Lord Jesus has died at the cross to free every human who believes in Him!

Satan knows, but he will take many souls with him. These Illuminati Satanists have sold their soul to their god Satan to get riches and power.

The Corona variants are gene mutations coming from the vaxxed people who have massive, millions of spike proteins in their bodies which forms a time bomb causing blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and a degrading brain. The nano technique involved in the mRNA injections brings the computing systems into the bodies, where they are now controlled and manipulated through artificial intelligence. The CRISPR technology cuts specific genes from the DNA strang and fuses a synthetic gene taken from insects or other animals or pathogens into the cut. Vaxxed people are now mutations!

According to US law, these humans are no longer humans but patented mutated humans who belong to the patent owner. It is evil!

But I believe that God will never allow His creation to disappear. Humans have God’s DNA. We are His creation, as the whole planet.

The Microchip

The microchip is already planned for decades, and we could hear many voices saying it will be transplanted under the skin. With this chip, we can be connected to a system that combines our health, banking, behavior, emotions, etc. You find this system already in communistic China, called the social credit system. We are easily being controlled and praised or punished for obedience or disobedience to the government. There will be no freedom anymore and privacy, but we will belong to the elite.

In Sweden, there are many people getting this microchip under their skin. Please, watch this video!

WEF has talked about this patented chip already decades ago, ID2020. Schwab is determined to pass his agenda so that in 2030 about 6 Billion of the population has died, and the rest are enslaved to artificial intelligence.

I already said that Bill Gates has also created a digital passport with the patent number 060606. You have to know that they all belong to Illuminati and different loges performing satanic rituals. They believe in Satan, and the satanic symbolism is essential for these people. The number of the beast is 666, which is Satan’s number.

However, the elite doesn’t need to inject the chip under the skin. They vaxxinate the population! The batches are different filled with different ingredients because they try to figure out to kill people and enslave people. If we would die altogether,  the mass would notice that there is something wrong. People have to die within the following years so that most people think that it is because of a virus. We will experience many false flag infections to stir up fear in people bringing them to the point of receiving more vaxxines, and they will discriminate against the unvaxxed people to have a reason to imprison them in camps. Creating chaos is a goal to come up with a solution, digital currencies, basic income, no possessions, becoming a computer, consuming artificial meat, and other goodies.

Please, look up event 201, agenda 2030, lockstep scenarios, read Schwab’s books and information on their websites, study the patents, including Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson, Astra Zeneca, and others. You will find out that I speak the truth. The elite is not hiding their plans, but most people are not interested in the information. My own family and friends are all vaxxed and don’t believe me, but they don’t read and investigate.

Final Thought

The countdown has already begun. We are now in the phase where the opposition is discriminated against, and false flag events are launched against true speakers and whistleblowers. On social media, real experts are banned with millions of followers. The patented human is the endgame, the war about Humankind.

However, the tribunal has started!

Many vaxxed people regret the injections and certainly don’t take any further booster shots. But I believe that the light and awakening have happened; the dark deeds are pulled into the light. The streets are filled with peaceful demonstrators. Honest lawyers and judges are risking their lives for filing court cases against evil governments. These are not our elected governments but selected by the elite. We have been betrayed and lied to while trusting a puppet government working for the elite.

Please, let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you, your opinion, and your experience.

To Your Health,


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6 thoughts on “The Patented Human- The Endgame

  1. Hi Sylvia, It’s all very strange. You can see how desperate that our Governments are to get these vaccines inside people. It should be clear to people en masse that there is something off about it all. I don’t endorse any vaccines but this has never happened before in known human history. This alone must show people that these jabs aren’t for what they say. Really I kind of doesn’t want to think too much about this whole A.I and nanobot thing but its being proven that graphene are in these jabs. People are being found to give off bluetooth signals and mac addresses. It is really weird and most worrying – I can’t see it being a human agenda I really can’t. It feels to me like an Alien invasion but trouble is you say that to people and they think your crazy. Hopefully enough people can act in time but we live in very troubling times and really who knows where this will all end up.

    1. Hi Alex, Thank you very much for your comment! You are correct that vaxxed people give off Bluetooth signals and mac addresses. It is so weird! The patent owners, Rothschild, and the World Economic Forum will create Transhumans instead of Humans. It is worrying! We need to stop them!

  2. Very well written article. I agree with all you are saying and know it all and I have been refusing to get the jab. The issue is that I now live in a communist country which make it hard for me to not get the jab with 97% population already fully vaxxed.
    I am refusing and trusting God will protect me because I believe things do happen for a reason.
    One of the reason for what is happening now is that this whole thing has made many people wake up around the world.

    1. Thank you very much, Thabo, for your comment! Yes, I know what you feel, because we are going there too here in Europe. But like you, I trust the Lord Jesus for coming in time to get us out or destroy the wickedness! It could be that in the coming months, there will be no job for me anymore as a nurse, but Jesus will come in time, and my affiliate business will flourish! It is His time, and it will be the right time! God will protect you, for sure! 🙂

  3. Interesting take! I got the vax, the second dose, and the booster shot. I feel like damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It’s hard to know who to believe. In the past, I would have called you a “crazy” conspiracy theorist. But reading your article, I don’t say I buy into everything you post, but at least I’m getting a different take. So almost everyone in my office got the vax. But they are all still getting COVID. So I’m wondering now, did the government plan this the whole time? Did they start the pandemic in order to shift focus on something they didn’t want us to see? Oy Vey.

    1. Hi Shalisha, Thank you very much for your comment! I hope it will be well with you! The vaxxed and bolstered people are carrying the mutants. They are getting sick. If you are vaxxed, you now have a computing system inside you. With an app and Bluetooth, you are easy to follow. Please don’t get any booster anymore because they need to keep the graphene oxide at a certain level to connect you to artificial intelligence.

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