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The Pandemic of the Vaccinated- What to Do?

You might have read it already, but experts call the new wave of infections “the pandemic of the vaccinated.” Why is this happening, and why are governments and health authorities pushing people to receive the vaccines, even though there are so many proofs that the vaccinated are getting sick from the new variants of Covid and not the unvaccinated?

There are many questions, and people stand in front of closed doors to get detailed information or try to rapport their feelings on the topic.

But mainstream media are finally coming down, and some newspapers offer critics on the governments and an honest investigation. Let’s get together the newest facts!

My investigation is coming from different alternative and real expert sources and is based on this information. Please form your own opinion as I do!

Why are the Vaccinated People Getting Sick?

Because they have transformed into a spike-protein building factory that will blow their immune system, according to Professor Dolores Cahill, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Wlademir Zelenko, Mike Yeadon, Dr. Robert Malone, and many other real experts, vaccinated people are now producing the variants. By getting in contact with the wild form of Covid, they experience a cytokine storm and get really ill or die.


I know this cytokine storm from my own autoimmune disorder, but I could control Hashimoto disease when treated with thyroid hormones. Later, when I started to change my food, avoiding gluten, egg, and dairy triggers, I could finally stop taking the hormones and controlling the disease.

The problem with the vaccines is that they have brought a foreign protein into the body via mRNA vaccines. These spike proteins are highly toxic. When you eat gluten and industrial-made food, the immune system becomes a leaky immune system with lots of wholes, like the gut. The leaky gut is reversible because avoiding the consumption of these triggers, industrial-made food,  will heal our gut.

However, the vaccines have brought the spike protein into the body, submerging with the cells and producing an ongoing, not reversible process.  The vaccinated people will have many inflamed areas in their bodies, causing all kinds of destruction, like blood clots, kidney inflammation, renal failure, heart inflammation, lung problems. The cytokine storm can cause a complete failure of all organs. Many experts prophesy that.

Please, watch the video!

What You Need to Know!

First of all, according to the media, in countries with a high percentage of vaccinated people, for example, Israel, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Singapore, and  Iceland, the vaccinated people are getting sick instead of the unvaccinated. Natural immunity seems to be the better one and the strongest. The vaccines seem to worsen the infections and the effects on the body.

Experts are confirming these observations. In the Netherlands, several nursing homes have now experienced Covid infections among the vaccinated elderly and nursing staff. Some elderly became very seriously ill and died. These nursing homes state that they haven’t had any infection in the last year. This is a bitter pill! All of the elderly and most of the nursing staff have been vaccinated this year, and instead of being protected, they have become infected.

About 90 % in Israel are vaccinated, while only about 8% in Palestine are vaccinated. In Palestine, people have built up immunity against Covid, as they did in Sweden.

So, my question is:” What is going on?” 

The French professor Christian Perronne, virologist, said that the vaccinated need to be protected and quarantine because they get infected with the variants and are very sick and even die. According to the professor, the unvaccinated have built up immunity, as seen in Sweden and Palestine.

French Professor Christian Perronne

The vaccines have made people vulnerable to all variants. He said that in Israel, being in contact with many doctors, they have enormous problems with seriously ill people in hospitals due to the variants. All people who are admitted to hospitals are vaccinated, people. This is serious. The same is happening in Great Britain, according to the professor. The vaccinated are a problem for the unvaccinated because of shredding, and not the other way around.

Governments and health authorities try to hide the fact that you are not protected when you are vaccinated. People who warn the world population are censored, experiencing blocked bank accounts, and more threats. Why are people not informed of the side effects and being pushed to take the vaccine when much evidence shows vaccines threaten health?

What is going on?

Why does the government not care about their population, and especially the children? It is like empathy isn’t existing among these institutions towards the common people. It reminds me of the Nazis in Germany who loved their own family members and children but had no empathy for the millions of Jews and their children.

How is it possible that world leaders are submitting to a system that harms their people?

I don’t know!

Because I can’t think that way! It is not in my heart! I don’t have children, but I love all children and want them to have a beautiful life.

Jesus says whoever harms these little ones is lost forever! And whoever gives these little ones a cup of water will be blessed. Vaccinating them with an experimental vaccine that has not even undergo enough testing and seducing them into this vaccination program without their parents knowing what is happening to their children will never be forgiven.

This is happening in the States of America, Australia, and the Netherlands.

In Australia, 24000 children have been enticed in a stadium in Sydney to get vaccinated, leaving the distressed parents outside. Please, tell me, because I don’t understand, why are they doing this?

This is absolutely against every human right and the law! 

Experts Prophycing Worse Effects on Vaccinated!

Listening to real experts, I hear that the vaccinated are in big danger. They will experience cytokine storms very soon. According to Dolores Cahill, Professor in Dublin, Ireland, 90 % of the vaccinated will die within two years.

According to Dr. Robert Malone, 75 % of the vaccinated will die within three years. A horrible thought to me because the only one taking and giving life is God!

Humans are humans, and NOT God!

To hear that half of the world’s population will suffer and die due to the vaccination breaks my heart! My own family and friends are all vaccinated and might die very soon, according to the experts’ explanation. I can’t imagine being without them. I can’t imagine them suffering!

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi has said that many vaccinated will produce blood clots due to the vaccination. I am sad that so many people are still trusting these governments and health authorities because they can’t imagine that these people will harm them.

Please watch the videos, and read Dr. Mercola’s post!

Is Natural Immunity More Effective Than the COVID Shot? (

What Can You Do? – Listen to Dr. Zelenko!

If you are vaccinated and regret it very much, don’t be distressed because Dr. Vlademir Zelenko says there is hope. You can face the cytokine storm by taking Ivermectine or Hydrochloroquine preventively together with zink. You need to stop the autoimmune reactions of your body very early. It means that you need to have these medications in your house. I wanted to order Ivermectine, and I saw it is getting costly and rare due to people ordering it online. Please, be quick and order it early enough to stop autoimmunity. Even you don’t need it; there are people in your neighborhood who need this medication. Take care of them!!

Listen to Dr. Vlademir Zelenko to know what you can do. Watch the video!

I know you will not stop the process in your body, but there is enough to support the immune system. Eating healthy food, moving your body, meditating, and raising your glutathione levels will help you. Taking Ivermectine preventive, or Hydrochloroquine, also raising your Vitamin D3 and C levels, and Zinc and Selenium, omega 3 fatty acids, will help you for sure. I take 5 days 10000 units of Vitamin D3 and 100 mcg Vitamin K2, but also Omega 3 fatty acids, Selenium, Vitamin B complex, N-acetyl-cysteine( You still can buy it on or, it raises your glutathione). Please, try to live a healthy lifestyle, and I am sure you will beat the infection.

If you look to India, many states have used Ivermectin successfully, so I believe that is the right medication to prevent you from dying prematurely. But, be quick because the medication will become very expensive due to the many vaccinated who try to survive.

I am not receiving any money for advising you to use these medications. I am a nurse, and I want you to live a beautiful, healthy life the way God has intended you to live, but I am not a doctor! I am just recommending the advice of Dr. Zelenko.


 Final Thought

I know you are in great danger! But what I really believe is that this is a trial, an experimental trial. Some people will feel fine because they have received NaCl 0.9 %, a placebo, while others have received graphite oxide and are damaged or have died. According to Karen Kingston, a former Pizer employee, they are trying to find out how much the human body can have before dying.  Others have received the spike protein, which is toxic and will multiply in the cells. We are in a big trial!

That is my own opinion! And I hope that I am wrong!

Please, don’t get any shots anymore, but try to strengthen your immune system! If you have already received two jabs, don’t get any more. And protect your family! You are not alone! There are many people worldwide who are supporting you.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, with many international working lawyers, is working very hard to sue the responsible people.

Watch this video!

I love all of you, and I want you to stay strong! Be blessed!! You deserve a blessed and beautiful life!

To Your Health,




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