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The Most Effective Way to Stop Viral Infections- Did You Know That?

We all are victims of viral infections; a good example is the common flu. Strengthening our immune system is the most effective way to stop viral infections. We can’t escape viruses; they are among us. If someone has caught the flu, it depends most likely on our immune system if we will catch it as well, developing uncomfortable symptoms, being able to stop the flu, or even suffering from other acute illnesses developed through the same influenza virus and if we can’t heal the acute state it will become finally chronic.

It all depends on many factors if you will suffer mild or heavy symptoms, but the most important factor is your immune system. You also have a genetic code and might have difficulties digesting certain food, like grain and milk, which damage your gut microbiome and your stomach.

The Most effective way to stop viral infectionsWhen we are born, at that moment, we are in touch with many pathogens via our Mother’s vaginal tissue, an essential step towards immunity. During our first year, we build our immune system by getting in contact with our environment, breathing in viruses, or eating sand, and other things, as babies do, a vital step to develop a strong immune system.

In the last decades, babies have received much industrial-made food, which has also weakened their immune systems. Children and young people already learn to eat at an early stage junk food, which weakens their bodies and damage the development of their brain.

Sugar is the number one addiction in children and young adults, and sugar is changing the gut microbiome for the worse, resulting in weak immunity, tiredness, heavyweight, and all kind of illnesses, like diabetes type 2. Many children already develop asthma and other respiratory diseases, which often become chronic. Most of the time, diseases have their origin in childhood, worsening while getting older and eating bad food.

You see this happening in schools, where children are buying sweets and industrial-made foods.

Many campaigns are led trying to educate children in eating real healthy food instead of junk food, which I absolutely welcome.

Maybe in the future, we will be able to improve the health of the world population by changing the lifestyle, consuming healthy food, and moving the body.

The Natural Approach!

The only approach to strengthening the immune system is a natural one, meaning returning to our roots.

Medications should be an addition if there is no other way to improve our health, not treat symptoms while still living unhealthy. There is a need to educate people, especially families, and children, to live a healthy lifestyle.

It will help families who do not have enough money to choose the right way to eat healthily and buy healthy food. Organic vegetables are not that expensive. Buying food in a supermarket is more expensive than buying food at several small shops or the organic market. There are many opportunities to buy meat in larger portions that can be stored in the freezer.

It is our mind that stops us from changing. 

different sorts of vegetablesWhy not growing own vegetables and fruit and storing them, making pickles, or drying them, the way people did at the beginning of the 20th century? There are many possibilities, but of course, you need to do the work. Baking your own bread and cake using organic ingredients and other kinds of flour like almond is delicious.

You don’t need to eat all the flavors and conservatives and other chemicals used to keep so-called food tenable for some months. We don’t need unripe fruits from other countries treated with chemicals. Even our own fruit and vegetables grown in our countries sold in supermarkets are certainly not healthy, treated with pesticides and herbicides, conservatives, and other chemicals to make them durable.

The development in the last 5 decades is a completely wrong one regarding our and the planet’s health. We have lost touch with our environment and ourselves due to our lifestyle; resulting in weaker immune systems, weaker children, a destroyed planet, and the environment with all consequences we have to face now.

A viral infection is completely normal, but our approach is the wrong one. We think we can control everything, and this is how we face problems, but there is a higher instance; for me, it is God who has created a fantastic functioning world where we belong to. We have allowed other people to destroy the planet and us for their greed and our comfort, leaving only one way to escape this situation; stop, rethink, and combine the modern and old world in harmony.

We don’t need all the medication produced by the pharmacy to treat symptoms following one goal: earning big money.

God has given us an abundance of healing plants we can use to strengthen our immune system and, as a result, our health. It is essential getting back in touch with the earth’s energy to ground and heal. It is vital to eat real organic vegetables, fruits, and meat. It is vital to stop chemical pollution released into our rivers, oceans, and the earth to eliminate ill-making pathogens and viral infections. There is no other way than to live sustainably and stop exploiting our Earth and ourselves.

Six Ways to Fight Viral Infections!

Strengthening your immune system and being able to fight viral infections is depending on certain factors. First of all, you need to eat healthy seasonal vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, organic meat, or if you don’t eat meat, maybe wild-caught fish, or peas and beans for consumption of the right amount of protein. To eat healthily is essential, receiving all nutrients your body needs to detox and build up cells and your immune system.

1) Vitamin D3

This is an essential vitamin that is actually made in your body from the sun radiation on your skin. The sunshine vitamin is a hormone, which among other functions, helps to modulate the immune system. If you have enough, a high amount of Vitamin D3 in your body, which is only to reach by being in the sun for many hours without sun blockers, and clothing, or as a supplement taken in a high amount, like 5000 or 10000 units daily, you are already increasing your protection against viral infections by about 65%.  Vitamin D3 needs to be accompanied by Vitamin K2. Please read here my article about Vitamin D3. Since I consume 10000 units of Vitamin D3 five days a week, I don’t suffer from any infection, not even from the common flu; also my husband hasn’t got any infection since taking Vitamin D3.

2) Vitamin C

Vitamin C is necessary for the immune system to function properly. There are alternatively working doctors injecting Vitamin C as a treatment against cancer with a high success rate. To receive enough Vitamin C, you need to consume many sun-riped vegetables and fruits. All supermarket vegetables and fruits are stripped of Vitamins due to the process of storage and harvested unripe. There are also dried high-quality powders from fruits and vegetables containing a high amount of Vitamin C.

3) Minerals

Minerals are essential for all physical processes of the body. They are antioxidants and vital for the immune system to defeat pathogens. Due to the monoculture of our farming, the mineral amount in our soil has been depleted, and vegetables grown in such soil will not give enough minerals leaving us unprotected against intruders and the immune system weak.

4) Antioxidants

Antioxidants are vital for fighting radicals coming from the oxidation process in our body.  Oxidation is a normal process releasing radicals, a waste product from normal physical processes like breathing and eating. The body’s defense system needs antioxidants to eliminate radicals and fight pathogens. Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients from plants, omega 3’s. Together with enzymes, they build a strong immune system where viruses and bacteria will not be able to penetrate tissue and overcome the body easily.

5) Hydrogen Peroxide

This is actually an old method of healing. We have been using hydrogen in wounds to kill bacterias with much success at the beginning of my working time as a nurse in the early 90ths.  But it changed when patenting started to happen, making a lot of money, pharmacies developed lots of wound dressings and medication to earn big money.

The better way is to use hydrogen peroxide, taken as a 3% solution. Some drops in your glass of water daily will increase the amount of oxygen in your blood and tissues, helping to fight cancer cells that can’t survive in oxygen, same for viruses and bacterias. If vaporing hydrogen in a 0.9% salt solution, you will kill even Covid 19 already in your nose tissue, helping you to prevent getting sick.

6) Pure Water

Most people are completely dehydrated. Your body needs healthy pure water for all bodily functions, especially hydrating the cells and detoxing, eliminating the waste. The blood needs to have a certain consistency to bring nutrients and oxygen around while deleting carbon. Drinking saves your life!

Gut Health and Viral Infections

The port to death is the gut!

If we don’t eat healthy, even consuming some mud and sand, we will not build up a healthy microbiome, where about 80% of our immune system is located.

Most people eat a lot of junk food which contains too much salt and sugar, forming our gut into a deadly environment damaging our health-bringing microbiome, weaken the immune system, leaving us as prone to every sort of disease and infections, inflammation.

Sugar is fuel for cancer cells and bad microbiome, helping fungal and yeast develop, making us vulnerable. Our gut needs to be healthy if we want our body to function properly. Consuming about 80 % organic vegetables, bone- broth, self-made, and fermented food helps our gut develop a strong immune system that is not easily overcome by pathogens.

If we still consume industrial-made and unripe food, we will not have the defense system to fight intruders and cancer cells. Your choice is being healthy, vital, energetic, or ill, inflamed, tired, lifeless.

Food That Weakens the Immune System

I already mentioned the factors that weaken our immune system, but of course, there is a whole lot more food that is not healthy for us.

Gluten is a protein of the grains that damages our gut tissue very much and should be avoided, like bread, pasta, pizza, cakes, biscuits, etc. Most people can’t digest these products, and there are even countries, like Ireland, where a whole nation has a genetic intolerance against grains.

People who have this intolerance, but still consume the products made from grains, will finally suffer from inflammation of their bowel, called IBS. There are more forms of diseases regarding the gut, and they are all contributed to the consumption of grains containing the protein gluten. Most auto-immune diseases develop from the body’s inability to digest gluten and distinguish it from its cells resulting in the immune system being out of order attacking the own healthy cells.

The second so-called food to be avoided is the milk products, like cheese, puddings, and pure milk, because we don’t have the enzyme anymore as adults to digest lactose. Still, many people are allergic to casein, the milk protein, which also damages the gut, leading to bowel disorders. The milk is mostly pasteurized, and chemical deformed so that it is a threat to our body.

Some native people drink milk from goats, sheep, and cows in Africa and  Asia, drinking whole untreated milk, and they don’t have any problems.

Joghurt is a fermented food, and there are doctors and health organizations that recommend eating a lot of fermented yogurts if you suffer from inflamed bowel syndrome.  I think we shouldn’t consume any milk products.

The third group is alcohol, which we should only consume in a minimal amount. Alcohol damage the gut and the liver. If you like to drink a glass of wine or beer, that is fine, as long you don’t consume more, and not regular. Alcohol is a cell toxin; the liver is not able to process alcohol very well.

Final Thought

There is only a natural approach to fighting viral infections, namely eating healthy, nutrient-rich food to help the immune system be strong and fight off pathogens. If we don’t stop damaging our gut by eating the wrong food, we will finally develop diseases and die early.

Infections are a normal process showing that the immune system is busy getting rid of viruses and other pathogens, which is vital to developing a strong immune system that can recognize the pathogens in the future. This is our survival system. Getting in contact with intruders will leave a signal for the future when this virus tries to penetrate the body, helping the immune system identify and disable the enemy. Our task is to live the way of life to help our body function properly and be strong!

What do you think about the immune system? I would love to hear your opinion! Please feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section!

To Your Health,


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6 thoughts on “The Most Effective Way to Stop Viral Infections- Did You Know That?

  1. An article to my heart. Too much medication is weakening humankind – that is my conviction. And the way companies are treated surprises me time and again.

    Like the pesticides that were abandoned in France (for like 3 months or so) and are now tolerated again. And on what: sugarbeets. So that a double stupid decision, both the pesticides and the sugar are undermining our health.

    I know you can read Dutch, or else G-Chrome makes it easy to translate: this article from De Correspondent will be to your liking:

    Keep up the good works, Sylvia, let us all work on our own health, instead of leaving it to others. 🙂

    1. Hi Hannie, Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment! You are so right; I confirm every word you say! We have our health in our hands if we are healthy and not having an autoimmune disorder like Diabetes Type 1. I am so sure that most people with all kinds of illnesses have done this to themselves, and pharmacy earns big money from the consumption of the medication. People need to wake up and take responsibility for their own health. I will read your article you have sent here. Thank you very much! 🙂

  2. Henk van Dijkhuizen says:

    Wow, Sylvie! Thank you for this great article! I didn’t know about all these facts you explained, but I can understand them very well! Our health is our most valued treasure, and we need to sustain it. Eating healthy is one way, moving our body another way. Both is important! I am jogging quite a lot, and it helps me to destress my body! Keep the good work up!
    Cheers, Henk

    1. It is good that you do jogging to destress. Stress is not healthy, and we need to be aware that stress is destroying our immune system. Living a healthy, sustainable life is not difficult! 🙂

  3. Hi Sylvia, Yes some good points here. Western society is not really healthy at all. When you compare it to the Japanese it’s quite shocking how much crap we consume on a daily basis. Especially, as you mentioned Children seem to get the worst of it. I think we really just have to do our best – growing our own food I think is a good place to start. I am terrible for using supermarkets – people should support smaller businesses like Greengrocers etc. I think and market stalls but then it’s quite hard for them to compete against these bigger businesses. You do wonder if things have gone too far already but I guess if enough people really took the time then who knows.

    1. Hi Alex, it is so true what you say. The Asian countries still eat far better than we consume. I support wholly the idea of buying in small shops and supporting them. It is essential for our health, businesses, and our environment! It needs education! Thank you very much for your comment!

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