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The Human 2.0 Project- Agenda 2030

Many people sleep and don’t know anything about the people who worship Lucifer as their God.  Everything that reminds them of God has to disappear in their eyes, and they have worked for centuries to reach their goals. At the moment, you can see the agenda of transgender fused into the school system and even into the Christian bible. In the Netherlands, the king has introduced a bible that prevents the polarization of males and females with transgender meaning.

It is no fantasy story you can watch in the cinema. It is the very situation we are experiencing right now, and you are one of the statistics, as I am. These people, the elite, try to force Christianity out of our lives and countries. They try to establish the kingdom of Lucifer, and the unreligious part of the western population is not even aware of it.

If you have read my articles, you know what I am referring to. Satanists love the symbolic world, the elite uses their symbols for their patents and projects, so it is easy to understand with whom we are dealing. If you don’t know yet, Covid 19 is a patent owned by the Rothschild family. It is not a virus! Everything we experience now is already planned decades or years ago. It fits the agenda 2030 they have planned, and they are pretty much on their way to establishing their kingdom and changing us from a Human to a Cyborg. This is the reality!

The Human 2.0 Project

Dr. Carrie Madeij knows about this and has repeatedly warned not to receive any of this so-called vaccination. I will tell you again the reason. This doctor is not the only one who has warned humankind.

Dr. Ariyana Love has checked the patents and discovered the horrible reality we all face. There is so much proof that you can’t deny the facts anymore. Of course, it is your choice if you don’t want to know! The vaccination destroys the immune system and cuts out genomes, the God genome that makes us human via the CRISPR enzyme technology. I know we are in the middle of a spiritual battle, but I also know we have won the battle already because of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate in the Christian world at Christmas. He already has overcome Lucifer! But the many sleeping souls who do not know anything about the spiritual world are lost.

The project makes us transhuman connecting humanity to the machines for better control. Patented Humans are Humans who are owned by Rothschild! Elon Musk has said in one video that it is too late; we can’t escape anymore. He is a strict follower of artificial intelligence science.

Please watch the movie Human 2.0 project!

I am amazed that I have never seen the signs before. It could be because I wasn’t interested in watching a science fiction movie or digital technology. I used 3 G for a long time, but then I had to go with the development because I couldn’t use my phone anymore. I know that I was pretty sad because I didn’t want to support this movement.

Also, I am a member of an affiliate marketing platform, and I read the articles of a young South Korean member who wrote about her four-year-old child who learned in school already to program and code robots. Oh, boy, I thought we in Europe were Neandertalers in the development of digital technology. They don’t learn it here in school, but pupils use legos to build robots in Asia and already code them.

Bill Gates is interested in the extinction of humanity, and he is already very far. The Rockefellers, Rothschild, and the other elites want to eliminate most of humankind and enslave the surviving rest, making them Cyborgs. Implanting the patented chip under the skin is not necessary anymore. The vaxxines contain the computing system that connects us to the cloud. You can follow the vaxxed people via Bluetooth and smartphones.

However, Bill Gates ‘ company Microsoft has developed a card as a chip placed under our skin. All our details are connected to this chip, like health, banking, credits. They already use a social credit system in communistic China and India in two states. Bill Gates’s patent number is 060606, leave the zero away, and you have the satanic number 666, showing how important the symbolic is for the Satanists. If you do what the government asks of you, you receive points, but if you do something wrong in the eyes of your government, you will lose points, and it could be that you are denied for your banking account or health care. Do you want this to happen? You will never again live in freedom anymore.

Please, watch Dr. Carrie Madej! It is such an essential video about Transhumanism!

Changing Humanity- Removing the God Code

CRISPR technology cuts out specific genomes and replaces them with synthetical ones. To bring them into our bodies, they use graphene oxide to form hydrogels in nanosize to overcome the brain barrier because of graphene oxide affinities the neurons. Once in our body, the technology cuts the desired genomes of our DNA and fuses the synthetical codes.

Satan thinks that he is God! He is narcissistic, like his followers and worshippers. There is no empathy! Satan hates God and the God code in our DNA. Humanity is God’s creation! We have God’s DNA! Satan wants to change Humans to make them like him. Sounds like horror or fantasy? Mmmmh! Watch how these elite live. And do you know that your beloved Royals belong to them? Mmmmh!

Nanotechnology is helping them barcode or brand Humans with their synthetical codes to connect Humans to AI( artificial intelligence). Branded or barcoded Humans are no longer free Humans but owned according to the patent laws of America.

CRISPR technology can cut off any genome! It is called genome deletion! If this technology is used to help people suffering from rare genetic diseases, it is a blessing. Still, if the bad guys are using it to extinct humanity by creating new deadly diseases, or a completely new Human, a Cyber Human who has nothing to do with God’s DNA, it is devasting. You will not be a Human anymore because you are missing the human genomes and might receive insects genomes that fuse with your DNA instead.

Do You hear me??? Do you want this to happen?

Please watch Dr. Ariyana Love’s video!

The Real Plan

La Quinta Columna, many scientists have found out that the real agenda is to eliminate most of the global population and make Cyborgs of the rest of humanity. It is incredible how far these little groups of superrich elites are going. They are not even afraid of the population to find out about their plans. They are just following their plan of destruction, getting richer daily and being so confident that they have won already. But of course, God will never allow this to happen!

La Quinta Columna is revealing their plan! Do you know Agenda 2030? Please watch the video!

Video screenshot La Quinta Columna

Transhumanism is the new word that the scientists and the elite are using permanently. We have been prepared for this New World Order by Hollywood. Many movies are made around that topic, like ” the Matrix,” which is already there for decades. I have never liked such movies! I am God’s child and love Nature, godly emotions like love, joy, respect, the higher feelings. To feel close to God and His creation is essential for me!

Connecting Humans to artificial intelligence is insane for me, and I have to admit that I didn’t follow the development over the last decades. Elon Musk always talks about it because he is obsessed with AI. Klaus Schwab, chairman of WEF( World Economic Forum), has spoken of Transhumanism in his video “The Fourth Revolution.” In Musk’s video “It is too late,” you can follow his ideas; he has warned humanity very often. Maybe you have some time to watch it!

These vaccines are no vaccines at all, but computer systems, nanosensors that are brought into our bodies with the help of nanotechnology. CRISPR technology is deleting specific genomes and fusing synthetical genomes in our DNA. We are now programmable, codable, and changeable from the cloud while merged to AI. The elite will use this technology to control and change us. To keep the system up, we have to be saturated with graphene oxide for nanotechnology and 5G, so we are called to get twice the year the vaccination, the spray on our food, we buy food in the supermarket that has graphene oxide hydrogels, and the cosmetics are full of it.

Bill Gates and DARPA have always been into “Gene Drive technology” or ” Gene Extinction technology.” The whole vaccination program is about keeping up the level of graphene oxide hydrogels, the reason why the global population needs to get vaxxed at least twice the year.

The elite are followers of the thesis “Eugenics,” a thesis of population control and genetic improvement, like the Nazis in Germany tried to do. Many of them are offspring of the Nazis! Now they have control over us and are able from the cloud to eliminate the global population and keep them at the desired level.

“Eugenics is the practice or advocacy of improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits. It aims to reduce human suffering by “breeding out” disease, disabilities and so-called undesirable characteristics from the human population.”

Would you trust such people with the vaccination? They play God, thinking they can decide who may live and who has to die. Their father and god is the father of lies and betrayal, manipulation and control. The prince of darkness, the fallen angel Lucifer, steals, kills, lies, betrays, and loves perversion. They are followers of Satan.

God’s Plan with Humanity

We are created in God’s image! We have His DNA in us! Do you ever believe that He will leave us nor forsake us? He will not! If we believe we will be saved because God has loved this world so much that He has sent His only begotten son into this world to be our Savior. At that moment, Jesus died at the cross; He has set us free, and whoever believes is SET FREE!

Guys, that is a PROMISE!!!!! We are saved! If you are a firm believer, you know God’s voice, His promises, and that Satan is already cursed and lost forever! He knows his destiny, and all his followers will go with him! This is the reason they are so desperate and rushing.

God loves His people! He loves Humanity because He has created us! Why should He now leave us? He will not!!!

Trust God, put on the armor of salvation, and join in the spiritual battle for the truth! Fast, pray, worship, and fight for your family, your friends, your colleagues, your clients, Israel and the Jewish people, all children( they deserve a good life), all persecuted and tortured people, all whistleblowers, and God’s creation, but also for our enemies!

I cover, no I shower us in the blood of Jesus, surround us with the angel of God, big warrior angels, and a ring of FIRE! Join the spiritual battle, besides your brothers and sisters of GOD! We have already won the battle! Because of Jesus Christ, who will return soon!

Elisha prayed in 2 Kings 6:16-17: Lord, please open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw:

and behold, the mountain was FULL of Horses and Chariots of Fire around Elisha.” Amen!!!!

Do you see the army of God?

Final Thought

There is a real spiritual battle going on! The battle about Humanity! The elite desire to transform us from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0. The patents are all given out to these families. If you are vaxxed with this material, you are changed into a branded human! You receive a code, a number, you are no longer human but a product owned by the patent holder.

Scary? Yes, it is creepy, and you shouldn’t participate in the vaccination, but stand on your human rights and the Nuremberg Code. They push people illegally into receiving the jabs! If you have already received the first two jabs, please go to Dr. Zelenko’s and Dr. Ariyana Love’s detox protocols. Please get in contact with them, and save your life. You better stop using 4 and 5 G and your smartphones because they will manipulate you via the cloud.

Live a healthy lifestyle, shop local, fresh food, and never revisit a supermarket. The supermarket is full of genetically modified products and products full of graphene oxide.

Please, let me know what you think about the vaccination and the Human 2.0 project! Have you ever heard about these expressions, Transhumanism and Human 2.0? I would love to hear from you!

To Your Health,


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