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The False Stories That Keep the World Imprisoned

We hear daily all the stories about the virus, violence, scary stories that leave us threatened, and worrying about the presence and the future. Did you have ever thought that we are fed with false stories that keep the world imprisoned? Did it ever come to your mind that the mainstream media is a product of propaganda? I didn’t know for a long time because I have always thought that politicians and journalists have the best in their minds for their fellow humans. But what I have learned during my research is that we are lied to and betrayed on a broad scale for decades. The powers behind our politicians, mainstream media, and social media are already governing the world for a long time. I found another interesting article.

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9/11, Covid-19 and Other False Stories

September 11, 2021, is twenty years since the attacks in New York and Washington DC. The agreement between 9/11 and the corona crisis is that both have been implemented according to a detailed plan. The blueprint of false narratives like 9/11 and Covid-19 have remarkable similarities.

Ole Dammegard

Ole Dammegard, a specialist in analyzing political assassinations and terrorist attacks, discovered years ago that all attacks follow a fixed pattern and are planned long in advance. They often contain a large number of fixed parts of the so-called ‘blueprint of attacks.’ False narratives such as the coronavirus crisis and false flag attacks are essentially based on the same blueprint. The same components of 9/11 are also reflected in the corona crisis.

The simulation exercise


Often on the day itself or before a false flag attack, there is a simulation exercise (drill). Usually, that is an exercise for precisely the type of attack committed in the same city, at the same location (such as the exact metro stations, city districts, or buildings) where the actual attack will occur. On 9/11, there were numerous (military) exercises, including a potential terrorist attack in which planes would be used. As a result, one could prepare the attacks unnoticed because afterward, it would be unclear what had or had not been part of the exercise or the actual attack.


Also, during the corona pandemic, an exercise took place in advance during Event 201, which took place on October 18, 2019, in New York. Event 201 was a high-level pandemic exercise organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is striking that this simulation exercise of the coronavirus pandemic took place a month and a half before the first outbreak has happened in Wuhan, China. It is one of the reasons why people speak of a plan(demie).

The false stories that keep the world imprisoned

False flag or hoax?

The term ‘false flag’ comes from piracy, in which the pirate ship that committed an attack carried the flag of another. The country or region of that flag was then blamed for the attack when it was actually done by someone else.

In the case of false flag attacks or false stories, as a planned epidemic, it is essentially no different. The group which is falsely accused of the attacks or the release of the virus are not the ones who devised, organized, and financed the plan.

The English term hoax means deception. A hoax is a term used in a false flag attack in which no actual victims fall, but crisis actors are used to playing these victims. But even when there are indeed victims, things are staged, or false stories are told to fool the population.


Straw men and so-called causative agents

Bill Gates and his works
EllaSter, Viruses, and anti-virus ‘solutions’ are profitable products.


Because an attack is planned in advance, the storyline about the alleged perpetrator(s) that the media will report is already on the shelf before the attack is committed. These perpetrators or groups blamed for the attack are selected in advance and part of the plan, the blueprint. Often they are straw men who sometimes are not even the actual perpetrator. At 9/11, the hijackers were simply on the CIA payroll, just like Bin Laden, by the way.


Even in the corona pandemic, there is a false story about the causative agent of the disease. In the official story, there was talk of a virus that had come from bats and has jumped to humans, but in reality, the virus appears to have been made in a laboratory. There are also plausible claims that an experiment with 5G radiation partly caused the death toll in Wuhan. We now know that the virus and the variants are registered in all kinds of patents.

The false proof


False stories and false-flag attacks at first glance show convincing evidence to confirm the narrative devised in advance. In many false flag attacks, this is the ‘magic passport.’ Also, at 9/11, in the rubble of the WTC — where large parts of the concrete and steel had decayed to dust — the undamaged passports of the perpetrators were found. Those passports came from the airplanes, which had likewise gone up in smoke completely.

false schwabs


During the corona crisis, microscopic images of the crown-shaped ‘coronavirus’ are always shown. However, subsequent court cases revealed that the virus had never been isolated. The PCR test, which is supposed to prove that someone is infected with the virus, shows at most a fragment of a sequence that is believed( maybe) to be coming from the virus. Critics claim that in many cases, the test gives a false-positive test result.

  The script is already on the shelf


The script of an attack and the official story that is communicated to the press is already predetermined. Sometimes things are revealed in the published report that is not (could) be known to the authorities at that time or have not even taken place yet. A classic example is the BBC’s news reporting the collapse of WTC7 on television while the building was still standing. It wasn’t until 20 minutes later that the building would collapse completely through controlled demolition.


The ‘Lock Step’ plan is a scenario in which a flu virus would be the trigger to put societies worldwide in lockdown, elaborated by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. Quote from the report that worked out Lock Step: “In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally struck.” The virus would come from wild geese and infect millions of people in six months in the Lock Step scenario. The report also describes the success of a mandatory quarantine that “ensured a faster recovery after the pandemic.” Anyone who reads the Lock Step scenario has to admit that it looks eerily similar to the corona crisis that we are in the midst of ten years later.

The scapegoats


In false-flag attacks and false stories, a scapegoat, often a group, is blamed for the problem created. In many of the false flag attacks of recent years, these were the Muslims. For 150 years the Illuminati already have planned a cultural clash between the Western Christian civilization and the Islamic civilization. They respond to the psyche of man, who is more likely to distrust everything that is strange or deviant. This is part of a divide and rule strategy in which populations are played off against each other.

statistics about death daily worldwide
EllaSter, statistics about worldwide daily deaths


In the corona crisis, the unvaccinated are the future scapegoats. Mass vaccination of the world’s population has always been the underlying plan and part of the Covid-19 blueprint. This is also evident from the report “A World at Risk”. Where critical doctors and virologists warn that it is precisely the jab that could cause a large-scale health crisis, the unvaccinated group will be blamed for an increase in sick and deaths.
For example, authorities report a death shortly after one vaccination (possibly the result of vaccination damage) of someone with a positive test, as a corona case of an unvaccinated person.* The playing out of vaccinated and unvaccinated leads to polarization in society and is the result of a deliberate divide and rule strategy.

*) A person who ends up in a hospital or dies after one vaccination or within two weeks of the second vaccination will be reported as unvaccinated. It creates a misleading picture, in which possible vaccination damage is also underexposed.


Crisis actors and reused media images


Even though there are victims in many false flag attacks, crisis actors are beneficial for media propaganda. Often in multiple attacks, we see the same actors return,  under a different name and in a different role. At 9/11, eyewitnesses were mainly used to recite the narrative to ink print the desired storyline in people’s heads. For example, “eyewitnesses” (in reality, actors) told the public that they had seen planes, which they described in detail. Later, videos surfaced showing that the planes were missing and were most likely later added via CGI (Computer Generated Imaging).


In the corona pandemic, images of a crowded ICU space from Italy with the location designation New York were found to have been reused. During a vaccination campaign, actresses played the role of elderly or nurses, who miraculously shared their ‘prick moment’ with the press at other locations simultaneously.


Occult data and number sequences


For the Cabal, in the Netherlands often used for the Illuminati, numerology is vital. Between the attacks on 9/11 and those in Madrid, there were exactly 911 days. 911 is also the emergency number in the United States. 911 is also a prime number, which is divisible only by one and by itself. Numerologically, 9+1+1 also yields 11, a prime number and a master number with an occult meaning. The Cabal is trying to confirm their plans with occult things like numerology. They often use the number combination 911, 311, 11, 33, and 666.

Numerology in Illuminti


Corona consists of 6 letters, and the numerical values of the letters are added together to form 66. That’s numerologically 666. Conversely, you can translate the number ’19’ into the letters AI (artificial intelligence), where ‘Covid’ refers to Certificate of Identification ID, a part of ID2020, for which the technology is laid down in a patent with the numbers 060606 and it is in the name of Microsoft. Because in numerology, the zero falls away, resulting again in the number 666.

Stricter laws for our safety


Problem-reaction-solution: one creates a problem for a solution that one has already devised and prepared in advance. Because every attack provokes a violent emotional reaction — fear, insecurity, and uncertainty — the population accepts the restrictions presented as a solution without protest. Whereas under normal circumstances, these restrictions would never have been accepted.
A ‘good’ example is the Patriot Act that was already on the shelf before 9/11, with all kinds of security regulations such as stricter legislation, more police control, more cameras, loss of privacy and freedoms for the population, et cetera — which have also been introduced elsewhere in the world. This ‘solution’ is not in the interest of the people but in the interest of the New World Order and their totalitarian control state that they want to create worldwide.

Covid on A list


After the Covid-19 virus outbreak, there was a lot of fear and uncertainty. Very quickly, all kinds of extreme restrictions were implemented worldwide, setting aside fundamental rights and human rights. Actions such as forced quarantine, one and a half meters distance, the curfew, closure of shops and restaurants, and forced facial masks turned out to be mainly aimed at control and behavioral change and hardly or not effective for eliminating the virus. The pandemic has been used as an opportunity to introduce more freedom-restricting regulations, in which the corona emergency law also appeared to be prepared well in advance. Ultimately, the pre-conceived ‘solution’ to the corona pandemic is the mass vaccination of the world’s population, followed by the introduction of digital identity through a corona passport, and finally, the integration into the body.

Signals in advance

The Simpsons and 9/11


In the case of false flag attacks, predictive programming is used, in which images appear in the media, films, and TV series in a subtle way, which are an announcement of the impending disaster. For example, the 9/11 attack was announced in The Simpsons, various films, and a card game. When we see these images, we store them mainly in our subconscious mind because we often do not consciously perceive such details at that moment. When a large group of people stores images in the subconscious mind, they subconsciously contribute to creating the planned attack. In this way, the collective consciousness is manipulated and thus cunningly uses the creative and manifestation power.


The corona pandemic has also been cunningly announced and instilled in the subconscious of the human being. For example, numerous films have appeared that deal with a global pandemic of a highly contagious virus that threatens the world’s population. The Cabal also confirms their plans by holding rituals. One of those public rituals was the opening of the London Olympics in 2012 with a hospital scene. Viewed from above, it seems like forming a giant corona symbol.

Olympic games in London, opening

Diversionary maneuvers


False flag attacks often have to divert attention from something else so that the attack drowns out all other events in the media. The 9/11 attack was supposed to distract attention, among other things, from the budget deficit reported by Rumsfeld the day before 9/11, when he declared that $2.3 trillion had “disappeared” that was in the Pentagon’s books. The Federal Reserve was also obliged to return 200,000 tons of gold to China on 12 September 2001 (the day after 9/11). The gold was officially stored in the vault of the WTC and has disappeared without a trace since the attacks.


The pandemic was supposed to divert attention from the impending financial crash and the disappearance of pension funds. Because the lockdown has affected many businesses, people think that the economic downturn is only due to that. The corona crisis has also been used to implement a much more comprehensive plan, the Great Reset, as part of Agenda 21. The constant fear sown by the media about the ‘great danger’ of the virus, the numbers of infections, and shortages in the ICUs, supported the diversionary tactic to introduce these previously unacceptable restrictions.

From destruction to financial gain


The fact that certain parties had prior knowledge of the then imminent attack was also evident from the fact that in the days just before the attacks, more than ten times as many put options were traded on American Airlines (AA), United Airlines (UAL) and Boeing, than usual.
The attacks led to the war in the Middle East, Iraq, and Afghanistan, also planned already long in advance. In the end, the same forces behind the scenes benefited from both the arms trade and the reconstruction in the destroyed countries during that war.


The pharmaceutical industry is making billions in sales through the vaccination agenda being implemented globally. It is the same industry that’s behind the patents of the lab-made virus. The parties have played a role in registering the virus, while the PCR tests have achieved enormous financial gain. For example, persons from the OMT had financial interests in the test policy pursued. The profit-seeking of the pharmaceuticals probably also explains why it is forbidden to prescribe cheap drugs such as Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.



Final Thought

It is impressive what Ella has researched, and according to my research, I can confirm what she is saying. There are already so many whistleblowers that tell us the truth, even they are afraid and under the enormous threat of losing their lives or the family members ‘lives. God bless them and protect them!

Please, tell me what you think about this article. Can you imagine that this is a true story and facts? I would love to know what you think!

To Your Health,


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2 thoughts on “The False Stories That Keep the World Imprisoned

  1. Very believable. Big pharma want bigger profits. |Two companies own everything and manipulate events to control populations.
    Except the covid thing has brought people closer together, that’s a failure. With no proper access to doctors more of those who are awake listen to healers and realise we can heal ourselves.
    More people are helping others to wake up and understand their power.
    All those machinatiins are wasted because they sought control but caused an awakening that takes thier power away,
    We WIN!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! You are so right! We already have won the war! People need to see what is happening and wake up. I believe they are already so many waking up. At the moment, we can see the fruits of corruption throughout the governments. They have been all on the payroll of Big Pharma and the elite. That is the problem, and we need to stop it! Thank you very much for your comment, Linda! I hope I will hear more people commenting and telling what moves them.

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