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The End of the Covid Vaccination?- News Facts

the end of covid vaccination? - Groundbreaking news!

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All the information in this article is the work of researching different sources. Please, form your own opinion!

Is the end of the Covid vaccination near?

It is amazing! One Canadian court has admitted that there is no covid pandemic. If this spreads around, many leaders and authorities will be punished for violating human rights, disseminating false information, and pushing people in restrictions to stop the so-called pandemic, pushing laws that violate our human rights. The most critical violation is approving a vaccination that has killed and injured so many people without being tested enough or even approved, according to the factsheets of Pfizer and Moderna.

Now, countries like Germany want to forbid unvaccinated people from entering shops and other public buildings. The fraudulent activity and propaganda will be punished, for sure. Of course, they try to suppress accurate information to keep following their evil plan to force people to take a vaccine that is no vaccine at all.

I am not against vaccines; I have received many vaccines in my life, but this one is undoubtedly no vaccine, and listening to the warning voices of the real experts, and observing how they are treated by Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the governments, tells my common sense there is something very wrong. The way censorship is deleting every worried voice, silencing the experiences of badly injured people shows that the governments can not be trusted.

But now, there is the first victory!

Alberta Court Admits- Freedom Fighter Wins Court Case

In the Canadian state, Alberta, Patrick King brought the government of Alberta to court because he had to pay a fine of $1200 for not keeping the Corona restrictions in December 2020. Patrick King asked the authorities to bring any evidence that the virus is real and, therefore, a reason for the pandemic.

He sued the head of Alberta’s health department, Deena Hinshaw. They did the same with him. Patrick King knew that they had planned something, and right, they tried everything to prevent the court case, but he stayed persistent and did not let them boycott his case.

Finally, they met in the courtroom. The lawyers of Deena Hinshaw said that Patrick has asked for proof that this virus exists, and they told the judge that they don’t have any proof. It was such a surprise!

This is a real victory! There is no evidence for the existence of Sars-CoV-2( Corona) at all.

Alberta was forced to give the inhabitants of the state their freedom back! All restrictions have been stopped!

Everywhere in the World is Resistance

There are already many court cases worldwide that are hopefully ending this farce. A commitment of several hundred lawyers and thousands of doctors worldwide are internationally working together to stop these lies and the vaccination programs.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a lawyer for American and German rights, is the central figure in this organization. He speaks of violating human rights, genocides, and medical trials like the doctor Joseph Mengele and thousands of other doctors had performed in the Nazi Reich, a reason that they call their legal prosecution “Nuremberg 2”. Authorities who have intentionally lied and brought millions of people in the danger of losing their lives, as well as ruining the health of the world population with nonsense restrictions are being accused of these deeds by these lawyers.

The governments allow the use of vaccinations that are not even approved by the health authorities. It is an experimental trial, but regardless of this, they also try to seduce children with ice cream and donuts in receiving the vaccination without the parents’ knowledge.

Here is an update on the court cases explained by Reiner Fuellmich! 

In the Netherlands, an organization called “Wij de Ouders,” thousands of parents connecting to protect their children from this bad situation here, are threatening the headmasters of the schools if they allow a bus to stand in front of the school where health staff is trying to seduce children in getting vaccinated, they will sue them.

Minister Hugo de Jonge from the Dutch parliament, the responsible minister of the health department, is going around, being on kid’s television, trying to seduce children into receiving the vaccination. The lawyer of an organization called BPOC2020 that works for the injured people and the families who have lost their beloved ones because of the covid vaccination is summoning the minister to stop the vaccination program directly due to the many injured vaccinated people and death as the result of the vaccinations.

It is undoubtedly a significant development, and I am very thankful that parents are protecting their children. Children have natural immunity and don’t need to get vaccinated at all. They can become very ill and disabled if they receive these “vaccinations.”

Please watch this video about the American number of injured children!

The World is Standing Up Against Their Authorities

Enough is enough?

How far can you go pushing toxic substances on people who wake up worldwide to authorities’ lies? Very far!

In France, President Macron has released a law that states that all unvaccinated people can’t enter public places, like cafes, restaurants, shops. Hundred-thousands are on the streets demonstrating in all big cities in France, shouting that Macron shall resign. He will force health staff to get the jabs. People don’t want to get forced to take experimental, hazardous substances that can kill or injure them and their beloved ones seriously.

In all countries, worldwide people stand up to their governments, not allowing them to force medical tyranny onto them by law. People are shouting Freedom, Liberty, Freiheit, and fight for their human rights and democracy. How can authorities think they are allowed to force people into their disaster? What do they think? What can be the reason?

In Sweden, the infections have dropped to zero due to not forcing any restrictions on their population. According to experts, the Swedish people have reached immunity. However, the mainstream media tries to hide this fact and proclaims that many Swedish people have died because they are not vaccinated. Whoever still listens or reads the propaganda of mainstream media will certainly not hear the truth. These media are owned by Bill Gates and other superrich people who don’t want you to know the truth because they censor all alternative true information and threaten the people who spread real and true information.

Some governments are going very far, as in Germany and the Netherlands, where police have received the order to be brutal against peaceful demonstrators, hurting them badly. In the Netherland, some policemen and women who couldn’t cope with the brutality against peaceful demonstrators have already confirmed as witnesses that they had received orders from Minister Mark Rutte to hit the people’s heads because the bloody head might stop other people from demonstrating.

Here is a video showing police violence to a woman who was trying to pass the police.

It is a criminal act against the population and violating human rights and democracy. How does it come that the government is forcing their population to receive something that might kill them and is not tested enough to know the future damage, toxins circulating in the cells, blood, and tissues?

I believe people will NEVER EVER trust their government anymore!

In Pakistan, the willingness to receive these vaccinations is very low among the population. Many Pakistan people have heard that they might die or be injured seriously. So the government threatened them that they would be deactivating the Sim card of their phones. Many Pakistan people have lined up to get vaccinated after this threat despite their fear. This is really evil! These people have no social system that will help them when they become seriously injured by the vaccination.

How far are governments going to follow their hidden agenda? According to many threatened experts, it is all about genocide, control, and manipulation. The governments and Big Tech, Google, and Facebook, Military Intelligence help the visionaries behind this idea, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, to bring into life the idea of the Great Reset and the 4th Revolution.

Follow the money!

All over the world, people are demonstrating, and on September 18th, there will be demonstrations worldwide to stop the madness. Please, mark the day red into your schedule, come and fight for freedom, democracy, and human rights! If we all keep together, we will stop this farce! The many dead people and seriously injured and disabled people deserve a voice and an acknowledgment of their situations and suffering!

The False American Election

Donald Trump said it already, and he has asked an excellent man from the American Military Intelligence,  Seth Keshel, to investigate and prove that the elections have been stolen. Biden has received more than 8 million false votes that made him President of the USA. It is a mega criminal scandal and needs to be addressed.

The real elected president of the States is, in truth, Donald Trump!

It is such a fraud that it needs to be taken to court!

Please watch the videos!


Is the End of Covid 19 Vaccination Near?

If you think it sounds all good and the world’s population is waking up to the threats of governments, health authorities, and the globalists, you are mistaken. There are far too many people sleeping as they did when Nazi Germany took over in 1933.

There is evidence that they are building camps in the USA. It is written on the CDC site because they have published a so-called “Green Zone” Concentration Camp Protocol which shows they are preparing for “mass imprisonment,” the same as Nazi Germany did. They intend to isolate people from their family and friends and their lives, saying it is a shielding project for the safety of the people. Who is still believing such a government? I have all the red lights on!

In Great Britain, the government is preparing for an event of a mass deaths situation by searching for facilities for mass body storage, crematoriums. It looks like they are expecting a massive death of people, maybe from the vaccination, starvation. or chemical weapons. It is alarming, and the reactions of the vaccinated people who believe the governmental propaganda reminds me of the propaganda of the Nazis labeling the Jew population as evil. Eighty years ago, the majority of the people had created the entrance for the Nazis to kill millions of people because they have slept and ignored the dangers.

The Great Reset is the vision of the founder of the world economic forum Professor Klaus Schwab, an economist. It is about a socialistic communistic system to resolve the problems we face today, like the financial system, climate change, over population. According to Klaus Schwab, we will own nothing and be happy. You can observe this system in Communistic China where people are registered digitally, and follow the rules of their leaders. Klaus Schwab will a global leadership for the world.

Why should they do that?

Because the financial system is bankrupt? I always believe that it is about money.

Watch this alarming video, and let me know what you think!


Klaus Schwab has spread his ideology among the politicians and elite people of the world. It is not a secret what he and Gates have in mind. They talk openly and publicly about their ideas.


Final Thought

Covid 19 is used to create fear and panic among the world population to manipulate and control people. According to Reiner Fuellmich, the governments tell us it is all done in the name of public health, but it never is about our health, but power and control. According to Klaus Schwab, we have to become transhumans for better control and influence.

But luckily, there are many demonstrations worldwide, people who will not go any further this way!

18th of September is a worldwide demonstration against the vaccination. If you can come, please go and demonstrate in your country, so we will let our voice be heard worldwide! Freedom! Freiheit! Liberty! Our human rights, our democracy is in danger!

Please, tell me your thoughts! I would love to know what you think!

To Your Health,



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4 thoughts on “The End of the Covid Vaccination?- News Facts

  1. Hi Sylvia,

    Thanks for sharing reality with people who search online for the truth about the coronavirus & the vaccines. I believe people should have the right to choose to get vaccinated or not get vaccinated since it’s all about human rights instead of public health reasons…

    It’s evil for the riches that wanted to eliminate 6 billion people and let only 1 billion stay on this planet. I think it’s the greatest slaughter in history and feel sad about it. 🙁


    1. Yes, you are so right, Matt! I also feel sad about it. Why do these evil people think they are the elite and we are stupid lambs. Killing 6 billion people is something that I would have thought can only happen in Nazi Germany or Stalin Russia. But their evil agenda is born in a Nazi mind. I am sure that Klaus Schwab is trying to end what his father, Hitler, and the other Nazis have begun. They are inhuman, without any empathy, only for their own little world. We need to get up as the world’s population, defending our human rights and our lives.
      Be safe, Matt!

  2. What amazes me in all of this is the sheer number of people who are willingly involved in this mass deception.
    I’m talking about the politicians, the healthcare workers (doctors included) the Mainstream media, and the enforcers including all of the police and armed service personnel. All these people are willing to terrorize their own families, friends, and the public in general, when clearly they can see with their own eyes that there is no pandemic!
    They need to turn their robotic brains off and reconnect to their heart centers. After all, they are still human beings, aren’t they? (I have to wonder at times!)

    For some reason, Australia seems to have been chosen to be the test country for the most draconian measures yet. There is now military personal in the streets, helicopters shouting down orders through megaphones, and neighbors dobbing in neighbors in huge numbers.
    And we can be sure that if the tyranny succeeds there, all other countries will follow suit.
    The march in September to voice our alternative stance is a great idea. However, it is a long way off, and I fear that it may be too little too late.

    It seems there are some videos missing from your recent articles. I guess Mr google or youtube has deemed them unsuitable for our viewing and so has removed even more information from their platforms….. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

    The time we are now entering seems to be the prelude to the time of The Commandments inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones (erected in 1979 in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States.)

    It seems they are written by the same hands that are currently involved in the great reset…. (not capitalized on purpose.) But I will capitalize THE GREAT REJECT.
    The first commandment is:

    “1) Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”
    The rest are equally disturbing….. no one has ever asked me what my vision of the future is….. and what makes these people more important than any of us that they think they can enforce their desires over the majority of the population of the world? I say to them things that I cannot put in writing here because I know they will be censored.

    But basically, humanity needs to get off its knees, and say NO!

    Thank you for sharing another informative article.
    Your contribution is much needed at this time.

    1. Thank you so much, Andrew! You are so right! It might even be the same people in power globally, giving orders to our parliaments and health organizations, like WHO that are not to be trusted in any way, and I understand Trump that he didn’t want to support them. As a president, he knew what they are doing, for sure. He has also sat in Davos.
      If you listen to the German economist Ernst Wolff, Klaus Schwab has hold classes for politics, economists, and journalists for more than 50 years, and these leaders are now the leading politicians in the countries. It doesn’t surprise me that these leaders are now lying to the population, trying to devalue the people’s possessions, creating a socialistic dictatorial system to control and manipulate us. They have sat together in the glasses, belonging to each other social network.
      I have seen a video where statistics have checked the numbers of deaths in Germany between 2019 and 2020 to check the different causes of death to see how many Corona deaths are really an issue in 2020. It is devastating! They have subtracted a certain percentage from all other causes, like heart attack, suicide, etc. In the end, you can see that these subtracted cases are counted to the Corona deaths showing the result of zero Covid deaths in 2020. It shows how corrupt the government is and what its plan is. I hope that people will get up their knees.

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