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The Effects of Toxic People on Our Health

A healthy body and mind are essential for us. We all know that if we eat unhealthy food, we might finally suffer from sickness or become overweight, creating diseases. But do you know what effects toxic people have on your health? A relationship with a toxic person can wreck your health and cause all kinds of diseases. To understand how frustration, fear, anger, desperation, and sadness affect the body, you need to know what happens if you are chronically anxious and depressed or angry.

A Healthy Life- A Healthy Immune system

Of course, our modern life has many advantages, but also disadvantages, like processed food, the usage of pesticides and herbicides, the air, water, soil, light and noise pollution, isolated people, the danger of wifi and electricity, 5 G, toxic medications and many more. These points are already very health-threatening, and in our society, there is hardly any who is not suffering from some symptoms and sicknesses. In our so-called civilized countries, we have so many mentally ill people and many different forms of cancer, autoimmune diseases, obese people, addicted people, infections, and chronic inflammations. Our immune systems are overloaded with toxins and pathogens that it has difficulties fighting off.

Our lifestyle is a lifestyle of non-movement; we rather sit on the sofa watching television than go for a walk outside the house. We instead buy processed food from the supermarket than organic food from the farmer’s market or shop. We quickly take all kinds of medications against symptoms instead of finding out the cause for our disruption. All of this is not supporting our health. We can’t change certain things, like living in an overcrowded, noisy city, or living with a toxic person, because not all people have the income to move into another place or divorce such a partner if they have children together.

Our gut needs to be strong have a healthy microbiome. However, if we live a healthy lifestyle, our immune system is robust and not easily weakened. It can cope with many pathogens and inflammation. Eating lots of fermented food and fiber will help the good bacteria to grow, but if you eat lots of sugary things, you will change the gut into an acidic environment where the wrong guy will feel comfortable. Bad, unhealthy food is devastating the gut microbiome and the immune system.

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A healthy body, a healthy mind! We live in a toxic world! If you use poisonous cosmetics and toxic household cleaners, you are intoxicating your skin and home. If you eat the food from a supermarket, you will load up with toxins. Your furniture, clothing, everything is toxic, made quickly, cheap, and harmful.

It is essential to renounce these products, consume healthy organic fresh food, and use organic clothing. I can’t even stress the importance of a water filter or an air filter, maybe depending on where you live. The more you do for a healthy lifestyle, healing your body, mind, and energy, you will be able to withstand the vicious attacks we experience from released viruses. Moving your body is essential because we are made for moving our muscles. Keep yourself healthy!

Toxic Relationships

What are toxic relationships, toxic people, and the effect on your immune system? You must know that toxic emotions are like toxic food. They are working acidic and create an environment in your body that favors bad bacteria, like sugar. You know now that if you have too many acids in your body, it needs to get rid of by using your body’s mineral depot, hair, teeth, bones, joints. If you live in a toxic relationship and have to deal chronically with feelings like frustration, anger, depression, and sadness, you allow these emotions to create an acidic environment. Most time, if we feel down, we use addictive foods or substances to numb our feelings. It is a vicious circle!

Many women who drink alcohol eat unhealthy food to numb their feelings of inaccuracy. They suffer from an abusive partner and can’t leave because of their children. It is often an excuse because they feel weak and too low to get out of this relationship. Very often, the abuse has already taken place in their childhood, and they don’t know better than to choose an abusive partner. If these women depend on the money he brings in, they will feel isolated, and having no social network becomes hazardous. The abuse they have experienced over the years makes them age faster and more prone to diseases, especially cancer. They will have chronic inflammation that weakens their immune system. If they don’t leave these toxic people(partners), they will die early and have a miserable life. So, even you feel weak, down, depressed, it is better to have family and friends supporting you to get out of this relationship. I promise you! Your life will be so much better.


You must get out of a toxic relationship if you have children anyway. Don’t be afraid, but know that your life will improve when you decide to leave your partner. Why should you want to suffer for such an abusive person? There are many nasty mental illnesses like psychopaths, sociopaths, or narcissistic disorder, but also a borderline, and many people are suffering in such abusive relationships. My heart bleeds if I hear from these people who experience toxic relationships.

Join a group where other people meet who experience the same! They will support you, and you will make great friends. A network of like-minded people is essential. If you don’t have it, begin to build a network. Do sports, a yoga class, or sports school, meet other mothers or fathers who suffer the same! Visit a therapist! But do something for yourself! Don’t allow your partner and feelings to ruin your health.

Toxic Emotions

Toxic emotions felt chronically are devastating for your health! If you have a poisonous partner or parent, you will feel powerless and angry or depressed. Anger is a powerful emotion and can help you get out of such a relationship. But anger can also turn inside towards yourself. Permanent felt frustration that can’t find a way out would make you sick and finally sicken the atmosphere. If you have children, they will suffer from your anger.

I had a friend who experienced so much anger that she continually barked at her sons. Of course, these children will be imbalanced in life and bark at others or passively damage their partner and children. My friend carried so much anger in her that this emotion drove her and gave her energy to survive, but a horrific situation for her sons and friends. Anger can give you wings! It is an energy to help you survive and get out of an abusive situation, but anger can damage you and weaken your immune system. And your relationships.

Anger can turn into a depression where the body is turning against itself. It is an inner bomb waiting to explode or implode! Continued frustration will make you finally very ill; maybe you will become an alcoholic or use drugs to numb down your feelings.

I have a mother who always suppresses me with her lies. She is always right, has never done anything, and knows perfectly to bring me into the position that I am the bad daughter. Now I still love her, but she has damaged me and my life. As a nurse, I suffered two serious burnouts; the first one left me with an autoimmune disorder. The frustration and depression I felt all my life had destroyed my immune system.

I suffer from a Hashimoto autoimmune disease because I felt my whole life that someone is strangulating me, my voice, my being, my life. She never allows me to own my pain. Even now, these days, she is fighting for herself! Do you have experienced the same? I tell you, you need to grow up quickly and not let such parents ruin your life. It is your life, and you count! Your life counts! I had beautiful friends who supported me, not my parents. Emotionally they couldn’t, only material they were able to give! I am my mother’s mother! But I have forgiven her, and now I don’t play her game anymore. And I understand her disaster, as a child of world war II! There has been no place for her needs and emotions; she has suffered severe shortcomings! I understand, but I am not responsible for this! And you are not responsible for your parents. They are adults! And I own my pain!!!!!

If you can find a solution for yourself, you will heal! But you need to follow a healthy lifestyle, socialize with the right people, eat organic food, stop addictive behavior, and move your body! You will have a breakthrough! At that moment, when you choose to live, you will heal!!!! In body and mind! Believe me!

The Healing- A Healthy Body and Mind

When you decide to leave a toxic relationship, you are walking towards the light, towards healing, towards possibilities, towards creating a joyful, loving, respectful life where you are the director. Your body will rest and relax; your breathing will be deeper, not superficial. You might start a healthy diet, do sports and walk a lot. Your openness will bring you to a great employer or start a business. You are free, and your mind will attract positive things. Laughing will make you attractive, and your children will love you! Your immune system will become strong again and defend you against intruders. Outside and inside will compliment each other, will be in balance! Life will be beautiful because you have made an essential decision. You have chosen YOUR LIFE!

Believe this will have such an impact on your health and personality, your plans, and your life! You only need to take the step in complete faith! Nobody will ever abuse you again, not physical, emotional, or spiritual! You are a free person, and you will decide what is good for you and your children! Your body, your mind, and your immune system will get stronger!

It is amazing what happens when you wake up and realize your potential! You will be a beautiful balanced person, and never allow someone else to abuse, misuse, or step on you! Be a loving, respectful person, and your life will flow, as well as your health. Positive emotions alkalize your body heal your body and your mind. People say that they have a higher frequency which heals the body and strengthens the immune system. If you can feel Nature and sense the beauty, if you can escape this evil, abusive relationship and enter the higher level of love and gratitude, respect, and praise, you will undoubtedly heal! Try it! Listen to music that has a higher healing frequency! God is love!

Final Thought

Toxic people will make you sick. Free yourself, and begin to heal! If you are in an unhealthy relationship, get out there, even you think you can’t do it, get organized, visit therapy groups where you find like-minded people, and free yourself. Your health will be renewed, bodily and mentally. You will win, not lose! If your partner begins to threaten and stalk you, you will be strong and without fear, resisting and fighting back. Fear is a damaging, paralyzing emotion, like chronic anger, depression, and frustration.

Please, let me know what you think! I know a great woman who can help you if you need coaching! Let me know and contact me on my email If you need help with healing your body and lifestyle, please, let me know!

I don’t receive any commission!

To Your Health,


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2 thoughts on “The Effects of Toxic People on Our Health

  1. David Nelly says:

    I know what it’s like to live with a toxic person. I had to do that once when I moved out of my hometown for the first time. I never went to college, just straight into the job market, and I was ready to live life to the fullest out of high school.

    But you know, I was money conscious, and I knew that it would be financial suicide to live in a one-bedroom apartment off of my first job’s income, so I settled for a craigslist roommate, and man, it was rough, that person, he was not good.

    I did everything to make more money and get out, and I did, I felt so much better ever since. Point is, thoughts and company really do affect you not just mentally, but physically. Have you ever heard that term about how certain people can make you sick, it’s definitely true!

    Thank you for this splendid article!

    1. I know what you mean, David, because I lived my whole life with a toxic parent, and I say my whole life because you never be able to leave such a person if it is in your family. But I have learned to cope with this person in a better way. We found a way to connect to each other, even she never did something and still does while I am always the bady, the scapegoat. Now I am used to this role and I don’t mind. My friends and husband don’t see me that way. You are lucky that you could finally leave this person.

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