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The Danger of Transmission- The Pandemic of the Vaxxed

You will now know that this is the pandemic of the vaxxed people. The danger of transmission will show you that the unvaxxed are under threat, but of course also the vaxxed people who are really in danger. I am not speaking up for the unvaxxed and against the vaxxed; that is ridiculous.

For me, there is a human being in danger; it doesn’t matter if he is vaccinated or not. Unfortunately, the vaxxed people have destroyed their immune system, and it is not reversible, but still, if you live a healthy life, you can detox the ingredients in your body. But you need to stop the jabs, never receive a booster shot. I will show you what is in the vaxxination, and what you can do about it. But the DNA change is not reversible! I am very sorry!

Vaxxed People Make Variants.

Did you hear that Covid 19 is a project? It is a patent owned by Rothschild. Can you imagine that we are all betrayed by these elite families because they plan their agendas, every step, every false flag, every war, every leader? No? It is time to wake up!

Covid 19 is a patented project, and Corona is just a family of respiratory viruses like the flu. When the virus escaped the Wuhan lab, it was not a serious threat to most people, but for the many unhealthy and older people in the world who already suffer from several disorders. They couldn’t survive! Worldwide die yearly millions of people from the influenza virus without somebody mentioning it.

The elite needed a plan, a situation, a virus to roll out their vaccination agenda. It was already planned years ago before they got the chance. If you read the lockstep scenario of the Rockefellers, you will be aware of all the steps they have already taken and understand why this virus had to be a threat globally. They have placed already for decades their puppets in the governments as president, prime minister, chancellor, and ministers. Klaus Schwab has trained them to succeed and follow his orders for all the years. We now experience their agenda following into place with the help of the mainstream media, which they fund, like most organizations, WHO, NAVO, UN, FDA, etc. They are founded for their goals. And they are working together to create the New World Order, a communistic social system as they already have in China. It is a great puppet show, a theatre with us, participating and spectators.

The vaxxination is an extermination plan and changes the rest of us into patented humans owned by them.

Why do you think has the infection rate jumped up in all high vaxxinated countries since the out roll of mass vaxxination?

Because the virus is in the vials, as a protein part of different viruses and bacterias, they have put together all kinds of harmful ingredients, like pesticides, heavy metals, HIV, Sars, mRNA encased by graphene oxide made hydrogels, hydras, e’coli bacteria, etc. Vaxxinated people are the reason for the so-called variants, but actually, their deceased immune system can’t cope with a regular flu virus anymore. They get sick with mild or strong symptoms. The most infected people in the ICU are the vaxxinated people.  This is a fact that also some ministers and health organizations, as well as mainstream media, have confirmed. Many statistics are showing the increase of infections since the start of vaxxination.

The variants are also only projects to stir up fear in the population and to have a reason to support further vaxxination. The PCR test is absolute nonsense; even the American government and FDA have said that. It can’t figure out what kind of virus the infector is. The test wasn’t made for this and is a great fake, a reason that the lawyer Reiner Fuellmich has filed a court case against Professor Drosten from Berlin, who is the founder of this test and had already tried to use it in the “swine flu pandemic”.  All positive tests are worth nothing; they are not saying anything about the virus. It is a big lie to motivate the global population to receive their jabs, and to take their DNA.

Some are saying that the variants are vaxxination damages. It doesn’t matter, but the fact is that they are made up to stir fear among the population, and to be able to restrict the people in their freedom.

There is a list where you can see all the variants already written down before 2020, confirming that the variants are made up. We are living in a big hoax!

The Danger of Transmission

From the very beginning, experts like Dr. Robert Malone, Geert Vanden Bossche, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, and others have warned us about a phenomenon called ‘shredding.’ Shredding means the transmission of something from one to the other, like infection with viruses that can’t jump from one person to the other. We all try to keep on the distance from someone who is coughing and sneezing so we don’t get infected, as we do with the common cold or flu virus does.

It is the same with the coronavirus, but it is even more worth it. I will tell you why in a minute. Our immune system is strong enough to build immunity against the virus, and unvaxxed people don’t get sick when they have built up immunity. You know this from the common flu. A virus mutates, and if our immune system recognizes the virus, even it has mutated, it can fight off the infection, a reason more to think that we all don’t need vaccination. It is not necessary because our God-given immune system is strong enough.

Vaxxinated people have ruined their immune system forever; it can’t be repaired, something that Big Pharma is making happy because they have created a vaccination abonnement where the vaxxed people have to receive the shots every six months.

There is a massive amount of money coming their way yearly. The ingredients in the vials and the deceased immune system leave the people prone to all kinds of diseases, including cancer and autoimmune diseases. It is tragic because vaxxed people have trusted their governments, but they are betrayed.

The virologist Geert Vanden Bossche is warning unvaxxed people to stay unvaxxed because they have built up a natural immune system. He also warns the vaxxed people not to receive the booster shot that further wrecks their immune system.

Please, watch the video!

However, unvaxxed people are now in danger of transmission when they are close to people who are vaxxed or had booster shots. They can get infected what is not that serious if it is a virus that the body recognized. Still, I told you there is a real danger: the transmission of the nanosensors in the hydrogel, which makes us new humans with a synthetic code, a patented code of the Rothschild.

The Bioweapon Covid 19 Patented by the Rothschild

If you have read my article about the nanorobots in the blood of the vaxxed people, you know that they are injecting graphene oxide or even graphene hydroxide. Graphene oxide is used to bring the very unstable mRNA into our bodies. Professor Pablo Compra was the first to discover that there is about 99% of the toxic graphene oxide in the vials. The University of Madrid and the mainstream media quickly denounced the discovery as false. The false fact-checkers of Bill Gates were all over the place to declare his work as false.

But then the whistleblower, the former Pfizer Analytic Karen Kingston, confirmed the presence of graphene oxide in the Stew Peters Show. She also explained that this brings computing systems into our bodies to connect us to 5G.

The German chemist Dr. Andreas Noack who has worked and is specialized in carbon, has discovered that they use graphene hydroxide like a nano razor that cuts people’s tissues from inside open. He explains that this might be why many people die directly when the injection has hit a vein. He also thought that this might be why so many sporters die while being active on the field. Dr. Andreas Noack might have been murdered due to the discovery and video.A Holistic doctor from Finland, Dr. Ariyana Love, has studied the patents and has found out that these are worse bioweapons to eliminate the global population. She explains how they cut the human DNA and connect it to the synthetical DNA made from the Hydra. It was patented by the Rothschild family, who tried to create a new species of human beings. She explains that the God code is cut out, and a synthetical code is connected. The vaxxed people are no longer the humans we know but a patented new creature. Because nanoparticles can be transmitted via aerosol and skin contact from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed, it is dangerous for unvaxxed to be around freshly injected people.

Detox, Detox, Detox! Like I do because of vaxxed colleagues and clients, you can better drink pine tea daily after the contact and take Vitamin D, zink, and N-acetylcysteine. You need to detox and shower when you come home and change your clothing because the nano hydrogel is sticking to your hair, clothes, skin. Dr. Ariyana Love has a website where you can read more about it.

She explains the risks and the truth in these two videos. Please, watch! You might fall over from your chair.


Changing the God-code in Our DNA to a Patented Synthetical Human

They are real criminals, doing all kinds of evil to their fellow humans.  I can’t even say how evil I think they are. A real Satanist, Illuminati, hates God, and especially Jesus because their God is Satan. They have sold their souls for riches and power. A patented,  synthetic code to bring it in human DNA and animals is messing up with God’s creation.

Everyone believes differently, but we are all human and don’t want others to change us without asking. Maybe this is why I think about 99% of the world’s population would not allow this to happen. If you know what they are doing, would you allow your child and spouse, or any family member and friends to be injected with such vaxxination? I believe, if you love your siblings and your friends, you would never allow this!

They exist, the Illuminati, the loges, Freemasonry, Satanists! We are in the midst of a spiritual battle, and many Christians have no idea.

Many voices do warn us, but do you listen? Do you care about your children? Do you want others to imprison them? Do you wish that their future is a future of terror? Mmmh! If you do not want this to happen, maybe you better stand up, unite with the other people, and fight for your and your children’s freedom.

They are already changing the code! The many people who have received the injection are lost, and I hate to say it, but they are changed already. In my family, all are already injected or tested every 24 hours. They have never believed in Jesus, and they have not seen the danger! I couldn’t reach them, and honestly, my family and friends think I am crazy. If we don’t stand up the Illuminati will win and enslave us, kill about six Billion people, and encode the rest of the world. It is the future if you don’t fight back! And I am certainly not a conspiracy theorist, never have been. But we all are able to win, because we are about 99 % of the global population.

Wake up!

Final Thought

It is happening right now, the transmission of the nanosensors and the coding of the synthetical DNA, connecting with our human DNA. The vaxxed people are no longer free humans but belong to Rothschild’s patent holders. But God is stronger! Don’t get the booster shot! But live a healthy life, consume healthy food, move your body, grow your vegetables, and stay away from 5G. They need to renew the graphene, so booster shots are required. Graphene is a good conductor for electricity and wifi. You need to change your lifestyle, but what? It is better to survive and live than to be the property of evil people.

Please, let me know what you think! And don’t tell me that I am crazy and a conspiracy theorist, but take responsibility and protect yourself and your children.

To Your Health,



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