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The Danger of Transhumanism- Changing Our DNA

According to alternative sources, the danger of transhumanism is changing our DNA to gain complete control over humankind.

Please, don’t just believe information, not my information, but do your research and form your opinion. 

You certainly think, why is she coming up with transhumanism, and what is this about? If you have followed the Cabal series and know who is behind agenda 21 and agenda 2030, Covid 19 is about a project and not about a virus. Vaccination is the New World Order tool, complete control of humanity, massive depopulation, and changing our DNA from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0.

Nanotechnologies Will Change Us Into Hybrids

Dr. Carrie Madej explains how Big Tech and Big Pharma introduce new technology into the new vaccines that will alter our DNA and turn us into hybrids( David Sorenson). The elite plans to inject nanotechnologies into our bodies to transform us into Human 2.0, a transhuman connected to the cloud and artificial intelligence. Corrupt governments and tech giants will be able to control us without us recognizing it. The human being God has created will disappear, according to her research.

Dr. Carrie Madej directed two large medical clinics in the state of Georgia, USA. Since her twenties, she has been fascinated by vaccines and has studied them ever since. Her in-depth research led her to discover what the proposed technologies are for the new Covid 19 vaccines. What she is revealing is alarming.

Watch the video made by David Sorensen!

World Economic Forum doesn’t hide their vision to make us transhuman, connecting us to Big Tech. How they will do so is by now for every person an open book. The vaccines contain many different substances; among parasites, there are mostly graphite oxide and many other metals in nanosize. The vaccines are made to connect us to the 5G, the reason they have enrolled the 5 G technologies while people have sat in lockdowns all over the world.

Please, watch this video where Klaus Schwab talks about transhumanism openly.

Global Doctor Alliance Warn to Take the Vaccines

There is so much going on. Suppose you stop listening to the manipulating mainstream media and listen to the alternative news media. In that case, you will be aware that many people have formed alliances, lawyers, doctors worldwide, and new systems besides this old system to save humanity from the global danger.

I have already written many articles about doctors trying to inform the population worldwide of the risks of vaccines. They are censored, threatened, their reputations are destroyed, and very often murdered. You might better remember their names and follow them in their battle about humanity. According to them, people need to wake up and stop taking any vaccine anymore. Suppose you have watched the video about chemtrails. In that case, you know that they are using the chemtrails to shower the earth and us with nanoparticles that will enter our bodies and help them together with the 5G technology to control and manipulate us. I always thought it was about influencing the weather.

Please watch the video! 

Doctors and scientists have confirmed that vaccines contain substances that don’t belong in vaccines. The videos are going viral, although Facebook and Google try to prevent them. There are so many people globally who want to know the truth. A great awakening is happening globally, and they will not be able to stop it anymore! Everything evil that they try to hide is being opposed! Many whistleblowers who are not afraid of losing their lives and many more are following speak out against organizations and governments.

Even mainstream media are reporting more truth than usual. They are trained to betray and lie to the population, to manipulate countries into war, and people into fear. They are guilty of millions of deaths worldwide because they have been the media for the elite to control and manipulate the world’s population, countries destroyed, families destroyed, and impoverished. According to many sources, the mainstream media is as criminal as their owners. Journalists have to be truthful to their fellow human beings, but they knowingly did betray them.

Please, watch the video of a German journalist who admits the works of the mainstream media and how he learned to betray the population. There are other fascinating disclosures! The journalist died after revealing what he had done.

Elections Worldwide are Manipulated Since Decades

If you think that people have voted for their governments, you will learn that this is not true. For decades people have been put in positions to govern the countries. Klaus Schwab has for about fifty years held his “classes” to bring out gifted leaders who have been positioned in government, industry, digital world, health organizations, and other organizations, as well media and banking systems. They have placed their people for elections, and either way, people have voted, the “right” person has always been elected. According to the sources, the governments of this world are the puppets of the elite.

They did not plan President Trump, and when President Trump has started to sabotage their plans, they had to do something to get him out of the way, murdering him or electing someone else. When the murder didn’t succeed, the democrats manipulated the votes.

Mike Lindell has investigated the deception of the 2020 American elections where Biden has become president because of a big fraud. According to him, what he has found is shocking and deeply disturbing.

Please, watch the video. It is a documentary about the evidence about the massively switching votes from Trump to Biden.


However, worldwide the elections are manipulated in the same manner. You could watch it happen in Germany and the Netherlands, where the winning party would have been ” Forum Van Democratie,” but two lost parties have been presented as winners because of election fraud, Mark Rutte’s VVD and Siegrid Kaag’s D66. The Dutch people didn’t want Mark Rutte, a liar in the eyes of most Dutch people, responsible for the people’s financial sorrows.

There are now many pieces of evidence that show the truth! 

You can see that everything fits together and how this elite is following their plan, threatening, buying, and blackmailing everyone who is helpful or in their way. There are so many witnesses nowadays who come forward, telling their experiences, survivors of satanic rituals, survivors of pedophilia, top managers of the bank system, police and military, mainstream media journalists, Big Pharma ex-employees, Big Tech ex-employees, doctors and scientists, and others. It is incredible, like a verbal army.

However, if you want to know the truth, you need to research and not believe all the information. I think that most time, about half of the articles on the internet contain accurate and honest information. Never believe just one source, but investigate.

Final Thought

Please, I remind you to investigate and form your own opinion! As usual, I would love to hear your voice! Let me know what you think and have experienced! Let us connect for our freedom!

To Your Health,



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2 thoughts on “The Danger of Transhumanism- Changing Our DNA

  1. Hi Sylvia, Yes Bill gates and Klaus Schwab are a nasty piece of work. One is a Rockefeller (gates) apparently and Schwabb is a Rothschild on his mother’s side. It is no coincidence that they are so involved with this all. Although, this whole transforming humanity is very out there. I do wonder if this is a non-human agenda. Like terraforming the planet. If you know you know. Take say Mars or the Moon for example if you wanted to make them habitable to human life you would have to create the right kind of atmospheric conditions, and in theory, you could by growing trees etc. by artificial means and slowly letting nature take over. I think there could definitely be something like this happening. Like it might be that they are not hell-bent on killing us all off but whoever dies is collateral damage. Maybe the main goal is to transform us for a new purpose. Something that can be inhabited by whatever non-human force this is. People think I am crazy for saying this but really what do these vaccines do? I myself was vaccine damaged as a baby. I apparently was completely transformed I could no longer catch a ball for instance. So there is that and the thing that bugs me the most about this all right now is how desperate they are to get this into people. In the USA and other countries, they are threatening redundancy for peoples jobs, in Australia, they are freezing peoples bank accounts. Like you would think if there really was such a dangerous virus people would not be so hesitant to take a so-called cure and what of these drugs like Ivermectin that can supposedly help people – why are they not being given to people?

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Alex! Yes, I know they belong to these families, which is why they are wealthy and powerful. Elon Musk has talked about populating other planets, and I believe it is possible. However, I love to be with God’s creation, and His nature is beautiful. I heard that our genes are a mix of many aliens, but I believe in Jesus and have the DNA of Jesus inside me. They don’t accept Ivermectin because they don’t earn from this, and they can’t inject materials inside us that change our DNA and help them control us. It sounds really like science fiction or a horror movie.

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