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The Blood of the Vaccinated People-Turning the Face is Wrong!

The blood of the vaccinated people; don’t turn your face, even it is hard to digest. You can still save your family member’s life, your children, and yourself, as well other people.

Last year, I warned family, friends, colleagues, and other people not to take any experimental vaccine. They didn’t want to believe me.  But I was right! Now, I am not proud that I am right, but instead, I am sad observing what is happening. Luckily there is hope according to Dr. Zelenko’s protocol, and I believe him. ( Below you can open the link to the protocol, and even get in contact with Dr. Zelenko!)

Scientists and Doctors Have Warned the Global Population

Unfortunately, they have been threatened, rebuked, fired, lost their scientific reputation and positions because these people have tried to reach out to the population and warn them. Like Professor Dolores Cahill from Dublin, Ireland, some of them had to take their families and hide, worrying for their lives.

These doctors and scientists have set up alliances to discuss and make their warnings public, available for every person who wants to know. However, the censorship on social media platforms tries to stop them, delete their videos, and even bring down the websites. Dr. Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy jr are among those very much persecuted for the honest articles they place and the research they do.

Dr. Robert Mallone, the founder of the mRNA vaccines, is threatened, but he still gives interviews and talks in videos to Stew Peters and others.

The vice president of Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, has warned us from the beginning that these vaccines are genocide. All the experts admit that these vaccines shouldn’t certainly be given to children, but in many countries, they start even to vaccinate very young children. Children have a great immune system, and will not get sick from Covid or infect others.

Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, has substantial sheets she made public because of the ingredients Pfizer is using, like graphene oxide, metals, and parasites. She told her discoveries in the Stew Peters Show and is one of the witnesses who support the American lawyer Thomas Renz. Luckily many lawyers are working international together, like Reiner Fuellmich, Bart Maes, and others. They will bring evidence about the toxic, very dangerous jabs, and are preparing many lawsuits against these crimes.

Professor Succharit Bhakdi, among others, tries to warn the population not to receive the shots. Still, many people worldwide don’t get to see the videos, maybe because they are not interested. I don’t know!

Anyway, there are so many beautiful whistleblowers who have even lost their jobs because they told the media the truth. God bless them all for their bravery and protect them all together with their families!

Whistleblowers Globally Confirm the Danger of the Vaccines

All whistleblowers have in common that they all confirm the crimes of Big Pharma, the governments, the “health organizations,” and the danger of the vaccines to the people. It is a reason to stop taking it, whatever the pressure is. According to the Nuremberg Code, the government can’t press you to take an experimental material if you don’t want to. Everything they do is illegal and shows me that we can’t trust the government for anything. They should inform themselves very well and protect their population, but they don’t; even worse, they damage their population fully conscious.

Why is that? Maybe, because other unelected powers are giving them orders. There are only very few minister presidents who have a conscience, standing protective in front of their people, which is a shame.

What is going on that the top of the governments is deceiving their population and even contribute to damaging and killing children?

The ingredients in the vials are now very publicly discussed, and from everywhere, there are popping videos showing us what is really in the vaccines. Experts globally are examining the vaccines and the blood and bodies of vaccinated people.

Doctors and scientists are checking the vials and found horrible facts, from nano-sized metal pieces, graphene oxide, parasites, and even an organism that none of these experts recognize. The spike protein is toxic to the body and the vaccinated people are a threat to the unvaccinated being able to shed the vaccination damage, called variants by the government, to the unvaccinated.

This explains the symptoms people have suffered when close to vaccinated clients, family members, or colleagues. When the vaccination started in January in the Netherlands, I experienced swollen lymph nodes, very painful, in my neck. Still, because nobody had a clue about the effects of the vaccines, they didn’t believe me. Now, I know it better.

Today I saw another video about an American Soldier who has been forced to get the jab. After he and his wife had been sick due to Covid, he started a detox program and experienced strange things like feeling needles coming through his skin. The couple filmed that there have been coming metal threads through his skin, trying to enter the body of his wife, who removed the metal from her husband’s body with a tweezer. Nobody has seen this before, and even their doctor couldn’t explain it.

A conference hold in Reutlingen, Germany, where doctors and scientists came together to discuss the blood and pathology of people who have died from the vaccines has revealed worrying facts. The outcome of their examination is incredible, and it is a long video that has been deleted from social media. What a shame! But Dr. Jane Ruby has followed them and contacted the German scientists and doctors about their discoveries.

Dr. Jane Ruby discusses the results in the Stew Peters Show. I will enclose the video!

The Blood of the Vaccinated People

Several doctors examined the blood of their vaccinated patients and found also the metal and parasites in the blood. It seems to be the main ingredient in all the vials of the different vaccines. But for what reason? The spike protein is multiplied by the body and causes enormous cell and tissue damage and a cytokine storm in the body. After the second shot, people have a low count of Killer cells, but receiving the booster shots, like in fully vaccinated countries as Israel is leaving them without an adaptive immune system. Vaccinated people have no immune system anymore, are now depending on regular shots, as we know it from the insulin injections. Big Pharma has created a huge income possibility. They are criminals!

The red blood cells seem to coagulate, carrying little oxygen. People are complaining about breathlessness and other terrible conditions. There is a rise in heart inflammation, myocarditis, and pericarditis, especially among young and former healthy, fit males. People suffer from blood clots, huge blood clots. Doctors have never before seen such things.

An American doctor felt complied to make a video, as he is very shocked about what the vaccine has done to his patient. The patient was forced to receive the jab due to not becoming unemployed, so the doctor asked him if he was OK to protocol his blood check before and after the vaccinations. With the patient’s permission, he took the lab before the vaccinations, showing the results in the video. Before vaccination, the blood check was completely healthy and fine. However, the blood cell count changed after the first shot, indicating a high amount of killer cells, as there is a huge infection in the body. After the patient received the second dose, the cell count completely changed, showing a low number of immune cells. The doctor explains that the immune system is entirely disabled, leaving the patient prone to infections without having his military working for him.

Please, watch the video! It is already banned but still available in the war room.


Doctors Shocked At Blood Test Results From Vaccinated Individuals (banned. video)

Countries With a high Percentage of Vaccination

If you look to countries with a high number of vaccinations, you can see a drama developing. Many vaccinated people are being hospitalized, with so-called breakthrough infections, because the destruction of their immune system has made them vulnerable to all kinds of infections. You can observe this in Israel, where people now receive their constant booster shots. God knows what is in the vials. Their government has agreed with Pfizer that this country is the guinea pig for the vaccine.

As a Christian, I am disturbed that they have again hurt the Jewish people, eliminating the Jewish population. If you read my series about the Illuminati, Vatican, The Bilderberg Group, you know what I am talking about. It is no coincidence that they again are trying to kill the Jewish people as the Nazis did in Germany. The pope who wants to be the leader of the world elite hates the Jewish people. Read the three parts of the article!

The video is deleted, as usual, when it shows the naked truth that people are not allowed to know. However, everywhere where the population is vaccinated, more than 80 %, we can witness that the infection rate is very high. Even Pfizer scientists are admitting in an undercover video that natural immunity is the better one.


Anyway, don’t get the booster shots!

Try to do a detox, follow Dr. Zelenkos’s protocol. Live healthily; now is the time to avoid toxic food from the supermarkets. Drink plenty of fresh-made juices and high-quality juice powders. Eat plenty of fresh organic vegetables and fruits, sprouts, seeds, nuts, organic meat, wild-caught fish, and healthy oils. Take Vitamin D3, K2, B complex, Zinc, Selenium, Omega-3 fatty acids, N-Acetyl cysteine, and Vitamin C. Also, an excellent mineral complex would help your body to function and detox. I would eat plenty of fermented food to help your immune system to restore as far as it is possible.

Taking a Vitamin K complex will naturally thin your blood, as well Natto does. You better prevent that your blood is clotting. Store Ivermectin at home that you can use when you feel that you have caught an infection. The best now is to live healthily. Throw your wifi 4G and 5G away; use the standard phone connection, not your smartphone. Try not to have a wireless connection because your body is very vulnerable to radiation and wifi, maybe even worsen your condition. Go back in time, start to buy local products, grow your vegetables and fruits, go to the local organic farmers, and do your groceries there or at the organic farmer markets. And detox, detox, detox! Iodine is very good but only use it with an alternative working doctor.

It is the time for a healthy change! 

Final Thought

If vaccinated or not, now is the time to turn your face from this destructive system and live a healthy, sustainable life, eating plenty of healthy food, supporting local shops, and moving your body. We have too long lived a self-destructive life, depending on Big Pharma and the government. We have too long accepted that Big Industry has destroyed our health, the environment, and the planet. The government is elected to protect us and to support our needs. They have become untouchable, and by ordaining their judges, they are in a position where we as the population can’t stop their self-appointed actions, serving an elite that we haven’t chosen.

It is time to stand up and join together against the enemy who tries to destroy our lives, and especially the lives of our children. We can’t allow them to destroy us and the planet for the profit of some people who already have so much money that they can easily save other humans from poverty. But it is not in their mind!

Ettore Gotti Teschedi, former president of the bank of Vatican, admits that this pandemic is meant to push through the “Great Reset.”

Please, tell me what you think and what you have experienced. I would love to know! Wherever you live, whatever religion you have, I would like to see how you feel and experience this time.

To Your Health,


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