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The Big Game- Who Are the Players?


This article, “The big game- who are the players? ” is based on the research of a Dutchman, Karel van Wolferen, the prominent director of the newspaper “Gezond Verstand”( translated Common Sense).

According to Karel van Wolferen, we have to do with a “psyop,” psychological operation. The leading figure who holds the strings in his hand is the Rockefeller family, which controls the world for more than a century by giving money through their philanthropic organizations. The Rockefeller Foundation is the central base. Other affluent families and persons, as well as organizations, are the servants of this super-rich family. If we think that our government is controlled by people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, we will undoubtedly be surprised to learn that, in turn, the Rockefeller family controls these people. Our bank system is in the hands of this family too, which makes it very dangerous for the world’s population. We could have nothing suddenly anymore if this family decides to shut down all digital accounts. And they will because they are afraid of their first financial position in this world. It is just a question of time.

But it is also a chance! Staying away from social media, living sustainably in your community and country, keeping your government at a distance, and creating a new currency.

Here is the video about Karel van Wolferen! It is in Dutch!

The Big Game-Who Are The Players?

John D. Rockefeller was involved at the beginning of the development of Big Pharma, a giant cartel of multinational pharmaceutical companies that created the health system that is more interested in a permanent money generating treatment system of symptoms than in healing.

Bill Gates, who is closely connected to the Rockefellers, took care that the head of the WHO, world health organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has received his position as a director-general, making Ghebreyesus vulnerable to Gates’ control and manipulation, something you can observe from the very beginning of the “Covid pandemic.”

Rockefeller was a follower of the doctrine of racial purity that is called eugenics. Also, the overpopulation of the planet is something he wanted to change. Therefore the family developed the antifertility vaccine, which Bill Gates used in his experiments in Africa and India.

Therefore, Bill Gates is one of the most important figures for pushing through the plans of total control of the world population in different levels bringing into reality Rockefeller’s dreams. Gates can give orders to all health ministers from the UN member states via the head of the WHO. In this manner, they can bring to reality their “Lock Step-Plan from 2010”. The Rockefeller Foundation has published a document in 2010 called Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.

The paper was deleted from the Rockefeller Foundation website, but it is still available on the internet! Read here! 

It is no longer available! Rockefeller Foundation has taken it from their website!

The first scenario, titled “Lock Step,” describes a world of total government control and authoritarian leadership. It envisions a future where a pandemic would allow national leaders to flex their authority and impose airtight rules and restrictions that would remain after the pandemic faded. The first half of this scenario has already unfolded. Will it continue as predicted? The information on Lock Step begins at about two-thirds point of the article. The Rockefeller report in its entirety can be downloaded here. [The importance of this document cannot be overstated.] -G. Edward Griffins.

“By the end of 1945, the dominant force in America was the five Rockefeller brothers. Their mandate was to control the entire globe and eliminate any rivals on its quest for global dominance. They did a great job!

The Rockefeller family funded even Adolf Hitler’s extermination policies against Jews and other minorities. Starting in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the first fruits of their research yielded the AIDS virus, which devastated many Third World nations. This was followed by more exotic viruses such as SARS, MERS 2000, Ebola, the Avian flu, etc.”( Grace van Berkum)

When you learn that the Rockefellers have created the UN, you will understand the connections with the WHO that was very quick in spring 2020 to announce the virus as dangerous and determine the steps we have to follow to prevent a pandemic; even this virus has never been isolated. Also, these organizations are connected to the Codex Alimentarius and the Food and Drug Administration, all controlled by the elite. The WHO is receiving huge fundings from Bill Gates, who has been pushing the vaccines, especially Pfizer, which also earns him massive profit. He is one of the best stakeholders!

Can you imagine that these families have funded Nazi Germany and also have created the United Nations? Many Nazis haven’t been persecuted but supported by the American government, receiving monthly payments. The Nazis have had the same ideology, Eugenics, as Rockefeller has had.

Klaus Schwab, who also comes from a Nazi family, is another figure in this huge plan. He has invited the former leaders and the present and the future governmental leaders of the world to join his classes every year. They are all trained by Klaus Schwab in Davos.

The elite has stolen our money for decades and has made huge profits, hasn’t paid any taxes, and has pushed us in the direction they have planned for us using mainstream media who have a huge influence on the common people. These super-rich families control even universities. Doctors have been told to follow the profit-making rules of Big Pharma, keeping us sick and depending on medication for decades; otherwise, they would lose their doctor’s license to practice.

The World Economic Forum

Professor Klaus Schwab is the founder of this organization, called the world economic forum. He is publishing videos on how he sees our future, the future of the world population. Supported by the wealthiest families in the world, he is just their tool. Klaus Schwab has organized for 50 years his meetings in Davos, where they have discussed essential topics. All political leaders have been set up for their control.

The German Economist and Journalist Ernst Wolff has researched the connections and found out that the political leaders have been made in Davos, joining Klaus Schwab’s classes. Fascinating! The so-called elite, Rockefellers, Rothschild, Windsors have created their tools to keep everything in this world under control.

The world economic forum’s visions are nothing else than the visions of these families trying to keep control over the world. There are many famous people who have been in the classes of Klaus Schwab, like Chancelier Helmut Kohl, Angela Merkel, Spahn, Mark Rutte, Sigrid Kaarg, Hugo de Jonge, Hoekstra, Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Konig Willem Alexander and Maxima, Beatrix, Prince Charles, and many more.

I wouldn’t trust anyone of them since I know about these practices.

Even Greta Thunberg is part of the lies!

Wow! Wow! Wow! The climate problems are just lies?

If you know me by now and know that I am very much for sustainability and saving the planet( I have another website about sustainability), I can tell you that scientists have already admitted that they have been used by the Big Money to spread lies about our climate. Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore from British Columbia has been dropped from Greenpeace for telling his truth.

However, I believe less is more, and our consumption behavior is very bad and needs to be addressed. Listening to honest scientists is giving me a surprise. Patrick Moore has already said that there is nothing at hand with the climate, just man-made fear. The earth has always been changing, the climate has always been changing, and for centuries, people have always suffered floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters. It made me thinking!

Watch his video from 2019!  I have supported Greenpeace very much in my youth, but now, I am unsure if I should do it again!

The Main Players in This Game!

Who are the main players? If you read the papers of the four scenarios, you can learn that they have already started playing the games and bring them into reality. We are the statistics, nothing more. But we are also the people who will suffer and die. These rich people are playing a game, thinking they are God! I will show you the screenshots of these scenarios from the Rockefeller paper.

Please, check it yourself! I am only investigating the information and providing you with true details, but please, form your own opinion!

The Big Game- who are the players?
Grace van Berkum
eliet of this world
Grace van Berkum

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Paper From 2010!

I have some screenshots from the content in this paper! But you can read it yourself, and form your opinion!

Below are the four scenarios! According to experts, we are right now in Lock Step!

Four scenarios

Simulated scenarios.

pandemic scenario

climate disaster

lockstep headlines

You can see that solar power was already planned!

clever together


Alex seems to be Bill Gates, who is experimenting with meat!

meat demand

Man-made future wars and disasters are all planned!

hack attacks

Again, many scenarios are planned!

new threats

You see that they have now already started the scenarios, trying to make a huge profit from them. We don’t count! We are just the figures in their game. This is a playground for the rich people, simulating and creating disasters, where they will profit from.

Bill Gates is already very strongly involved in the meat demand of this world. He desires the world population to eat synthetical meat. In my eyes, it is about rich people trying to win against each other to keep their positions and increase their riches. They don’t want competition!

You can see that health is the first area to simulate the scenario, using a false virus to make huge money proclaiming the pandemic and making huge profits through vaccination. It is not about our health, only about their profit!

Be warned! Climate, Technology, Food, and Health are just areas to make a huge profit for these people spreading their lies! We will get the next lock-down! Climate will follow!

The Psychological Operation!

According to Karel van Wolferen, it is a psychological operation. For me, it sounds like a military setting. According to many people, it is warfare. We are in biological warfare where they are using biological weapons, eliminating many people worldwide. If you have read the passage in the paper about immigration, you can see that this simulated scenario had already begun decades ago. They are working towards their plans.

The multi-billionaires have a dream that they want to bring to pass. I have a dream as well, but not that insane as they have. 🙂

Covid has given them the possibility to follow up on their plans sooner than later. It was actually planned for 2050. You can read the steps in the paper written by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. If you follow up the world economic forum what Klaus Schwab is saying publicly in his videos, you can see that we are already very far in development.

The vaccination of the world’s population is giving them a chance to experiment with different materials so that, in the end, we are connected and controlled by artificial intelligence. Some so many real experts have already mentioned that there is graphene oxide in the vaccines. This metal reacts magnetic, and some people have said that their bodies react to metal like a magnet. Spoons are glued to the body.

Of course, these reports have been censored directly and deleted from social media and the scientists’ reports who have found out about the presence of graphene oxide in the vaccines.

These mega-rich people are working together on their plans that are actually Rockefeller’s plans. FDA, WHO, the governments, universities, doctors, pharmaceutical workers, certain scientists, social media, and many more organizations, like the mainstream media, fact-checkers are working together because they belong to Rockefeller and Gates, so the common person has no possibility to be heard. The numbers of Covid death and seriously injured people have been manipulated and controlled worldwide. It is a big lie!

How evil can someone be?

WHO, the servant of Bill Gates and Rockefeller, has published the guideline for introducing the digital vaccine certificates sponsored by Rockefeller, Gates, the government of Estland, and the state of Kuwait. You see the digital control tool created by their power.

But luckily, the opposition and freedom fighters are not sleeping, contrary to most people in this world that don’t have a clue what is going on and follow the advice of their governments—the very same people who have opened the way for the Nazis to eliminate about 6 million jews. The dangerous people are the common folks that don’t think and are very quick to persecute a  minority like they treat the unvaccinated these days. Nazi Germany has persecuted the Jews and everyone who was against the regime.

A doctor, microscopist expert Dr. Robert Young has checked all vaccines for the ingredients, and what he has found out is shocking.

Please, watch the video!

Final Thought

History has shown the danger of a government consisting of a dictator, like Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin, and many others. Millions of people have been killed in such a political system. Nowadays, there are still socialistic communistic countries where the population has no rights and is controlled and manipulated by a tyrannic leadership, as you can see in China and North Korea.

The goal of the multi-billionaires is to control the world, eliminate as many people as they can to keep the world population manageable, connect us to artificial intelligence, and determine how we live, what we eat, and how much money we have. They will make huge profits using us and steal our possessions.

The papers that have been written in 2010 by the Rockefeller Foundation show their real plans that confirm what I am saying. Observing what is going on these days will certainly relate to what experts have already known. It is not too late! We can still get up and stop this madness! If you want a better future for your children and grandchildren, you better stand up and fight back!

I would love to hear what you think! Did you already know about the developments and the plans of the so-called elite? Or is this completely new for you? Please, let me hear what you think!

To Your Health,


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  1. As far as my knowledge goes, the Rockefellers have been one of the most influential industrial, political, and banking families we’ve seen. Their wealth is unmanageable, and as you said, it’s a classic military setting that the average folk can not comprehend nor explain.

    Great article, btw. I learned a ton of new stuff! Hopefully, you come up with something similar soon.


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