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The Benefits of a Ketogenic and Paleo Diet- Yummy and Healthy

The Benefits of a Ketogenic and Paleo diet- yummy and healthy, Salmon and vegetables, peppers on the grillWhat are the benefits of a Ketogenic and Paleo diet?
I got lots of questions about the difference between the Ketogenic( Keto) and the Paleo diet, which I try to explain in this blog.
Both diets are low in carbohydrates, actually low in high-glycemic carbohydrates. The only carbs which are allowed in both diets are vegetables. And they are relatively low in glycemic index.

So this means they don’t have much sugar. And this makes both diets very important for healing an ill body.

The typical modern diet has high glycemic sugar content because of a very high percentage of carbohydrates.

People eat many processed carbohydrates, which contain sugar, salt, and fat, mostly made out of grains and unhealthy oils, like cakes, pasta, pizza, bread, chips (also made from potatoes and oils).

Nearly all processed food has grain compounds combined with harmful oils. People who consume this modern high in processed carbs diet eventually might become ill. We are human beings, and our cells, the whole body, are not made to handle this so-called food.

People are getting weak, and their natural shield, our defense, our immune system breaks down. All kinds of chronic diseases, including cancer, can develop. It is time for people to see where they are coming from, what they are doing wrong, and support their health by buying healthy food, taking responsibility to reheal their body. This process needs a lot of education.

What does the Ketogenic diet mean?

Now, what is the Keto diet? This diet contains no high-glycemic sugar. The body normally thrives on sugar for energy. Sugar is stored in the liver and the muscles as glycogen. The body can always take from these stores to produce energy. It breaks the sugars down into simple sugars. That is glucose, which fuels the cells. Glucose gives energy.

If we eat too much of the carbs described above, the body gets more sugar than it needs. There is too much sugar in the blood, and the pancreas now produces the hormone insulin to reduce blood sugar.

Too much sugar is life-threatening. It is responsible for inflammation in the body. The cells are becoming resistant to insulin. The pancreas becomes exhausted, producing only a little or no insulin at all. Diabetes may start. People might get overweight.

When you start with the Keto diet, the body does not get any sugar for energy. This diet focuses on eating healthy fats like coconut oil and olive oil. The goal is to enter a ketosis state, where the body begins to burn fat for weight loss. Ketosis is the state of the body using fat instead of sugar. It is a metabolic process.

olive oil in a bowl and green olives beside the bowl

This results in the building up of acids called ketones within the body, which commonly occurs in people with diabetes because they do not have enough insulin or are not using insulin correctly.

Diabetic ketoacidosis is more likely to develop in people with type 2 diabetes. This is why people with diabetes have another form of diet plan. They need to be observed very tight, following the plan of their dietist.

These people already have a damaged pancreas and need to adjust their lifestyle and better control their diabetes. If the pancreas still works, people with diabetes from type 2 can recover their chronic disease by changing their lifestyle.

In the Keto diet, the body is not getting enough glucose to provide energy. It will adopt an alternative strategy by breaking down fat.
Because of the breaking down fat stores in the body, people love this diet to lose weight. The diet is high in fat. About 70 -80 % is fat, 10 -15 % is protein, and 5-10 % are low carbs.

Researchers and doctors claim that this diet could reduce the risk of developing several health conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. It may also improve cholesterol and other hormones. Many dietitians recommend this diet for people with type 2 diabetes. The body then still produces some insulin.

What kind of food is allowed to consume in the Keto diet?

The most important part of the ketogenic diet is healthy fats. These are coconut oils, olive oils, and grass-fed butter. Everything in this diet should be organic, which means farmers using healthy soil and no pesticides and herbicides.

The proteins should come from organically raised animals who live a life that belongs to their sort. Cows should eat grass in the field; the chicken should also be outside, eating worms and beetles.

Fish should be wild-caught. The best fish is fatty fish as salmon, sardines, anchovies. Heavy metals, especially mercury, very often contaminate bigger fish—the need to be avoided. Aso, an excellent fat supply is nuts and seeds. All organic.

In the Keto diet, people are allowed to eat milk products, desirably raw. I think it is better not to eat any milk products if the gut and body are still ill and not working properly. They should disappear completely out of the list of foods you are allowed to consume.

grilled fish and tomatoes

The only carbohydrates which are allowed are non – starchy leafy vegetables, like broccoli. They have a low glycemic index. Also, berries are allowed, and citrus fruits, melons, peaches, and nectarines.

Avocado is an excellent fruit that has a very high-fat content. If all the foods are organic, you get a good amount of nutrition.

You cannot consume any high-glycemic carbs anymore in this diet, like bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta, chips, pizzas, potatoes, and all grains that help to inflame your body’s tissues.

What is Paleo diet – what to eat?

The Paleo diet is also a diet that thrives on low carbohydrate intake. Both diets are similar to each other, but there are some differences. Paleo means consuming food in its very natural condition, not processed or cultivated, as our ancestors have collected and hunted their food. It has to be a very high standard, meaning all organic food.

This is the best way to provide high nutrition. Carbohydrates are coming from all sorts of vegetables, also roots, as long they are not processed but in their natural form.

In this diet, you can eat all fruits and sugar like raw honey or organic maple syrup, but no artificial sugars; they don’t belong in this diet. 80% of this diet are vegetables and fruits. 20-25 % is protein from natural grass-fed animals, wild animals, deer, buffalo, and wild-caught fish. 5-10 % are healthy fats like olive oil, nuts oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, seeds and nuts., and avocados.

Grains and dairy products don’t belong here, as well as legumes.

I think this is really a very healthy diet. The anti-inflammatory effect is in both diets, the Keto diet and the Paleo diet. You will not gain weight, and your immune system will be stronger. Many diseases will disappear. But I think that the Paleo diet is the most natural.

Of course, some people advocate the consumption of grains like millet or buckwheat. I myself sometimes eat rice. When the gut and body are healed, maybe try to introduce some food again and see what is happening.

The Importance of Organic Food

I believe that we shouldn’t use pesticides and herbicides anymore. We destroy our planet. So many insects and animals did already disappear. bumblebee on a flowerWe use them in our gardens and kill the bees and humble-bees and other insects.

But these insects are so essential for us, for the plants, for the birds. So much can be done in our environment, in our garden, surrounding. It starts there in farming and our garden. The soil needs, after years of massive abuse, to recover again.

There are enough farmers who grow vegetables and fruits organically, who keep their animals as God has it intended to be. We profit a lot by eating organically. Our bodies will thank us; we can think clearer. Most forms of diseases will disappear.


We could start to support farmers where we live. And begin to live more healthily. As we get in balance again, our world is becoming more balanced also. Nothing stands on its own. We all belong together. In this world, we connect so easily using social media; let’s stand up together and start to be healthy again. It is our responsibility to live healthily and to heal ourselves and the environment.

Please let me know what you think about the article. I would love to hear your opinion.

To your health,


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10 thoughts on “The Benefits of a Ketogenic and Paleo Diet- Yummy and Healthy

  1. DarmiMaddie says:

    Well! Thank you for bringing this explicit information here about ketogenic and paleo diets. Well,personally, I have been a keto diet follower though I bend the rules as often as I can too but I must say that it has been great for me so far. Though it all depends on individuals and what we think works best for us. But I can vouch for keto diet to be effective

    1. Hi Darmi,

      Thank you for your message. Yes, you are right. You know, when we are healthy, it doesn’t matter if we are not so perfect with our diet, but if someone is ill, then it is better to stick with a healing plan and try to recover first. I did this when I have been ill for many years. Now I am healthy again, and I also eat sometimes something I shouldn’t eat. We are all the same. A healthy body can easier forgive. 😉

      Many blessings,

  2. It’s very good that you considered sharing this informative article here, reading about things that’ll help your body development is a very good thing, it helps you stay healthy and safe at all times. Ketogenic diet and paleo diet are really great and this is actually the first time I’m reading extensively about them, thanks for sharing these amazing benefits.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! There are so many diets out there. We need to be very careful because there are diets which can make us ill. And of course, people are not the same. What works for one person doesn’t need to work for another person. But the Keto diet is perfect if someone is ill and needs to be careful what to eat because of multiple allergies and a damaged gut. I prefer the Paleo when you are already feeling better and can eat more different vegetables because I tend always to have 80% of vegetables in my diet. Greens are essential. Thank you again!

      Many blessings,

  3. Adyns68 says:

    I like both diets and I have seen many people’s health improve using them. And what I like the most is that they take us back to the basics. To the simply cultivated food with less to no pesticides. Cutting everything that is unhealthy to free our body for better health.

    I am a vegetarian myself and working toward becoming a full vegan, and we have the same goal of being healthy.


    1. Thank you very much for your comment. It is a confirmation. Yes, I have also seen many people recovering using these diets. I tried to be vegan as well, and I think it is a great diet and lifestyle. But my experience is that if you are ill, it is better to start with the Keto diet. There is less food possible, which is good for people who have multiple allergies and need to detox their bodies first. This takes quite some months. I would always recommend using juicing and supplements to heal. When the gut is healed, they can introduce more food in their diet again. Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. I hope so much that more people will look at this.

      Many blessings.

  4. ReeceMichael says:

    The keto diet is one of the few diets that I have been looking at for a while now and I have to admit that after seeing this article I am impressed with the benefits and I have been interested in it for a long time now. However, I am concerned about how my body will react to a change of diet and I am hoping for the best. Is there some better keto diet for starters?

    1. Hi Reece,

      Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, of course, we always need to be careful because the body needs to adjust to the changes. If you are actually healthy, I would recommend the Paleo diet. First, you get only healthy and fresh organic food to eat. Second, you eat lots of vegetables and fruits, which is really healthy. If you try to use lots of different vegetables, you get many antioxidants in your body. I would always accompany the diet with lots of juice. Juicing is also great for ill people because It is already chewed food. The body can better take all that it needs to get healthy again. Both diets are excellent. If you use organic foods and some supplements and juice, you will not have problems. Only the detox could give some symptoms like headaches, joint aches, tiredness. But you get lots of nutrition, so it will not be bad.

      Many blessings,

  5. What a pleasant site to visit with lots of great information laid here. It was a real pleasure to have peruse through this nice article about the safety and benefits of Ketogenic and Paleo diet. the layout is very appealing and it basically covers every aspect for those who don’t really understand what it is the diet is all about. If there is one thing I so much appreciate about you and this article, it’s the assurance of a dependable information and recommendation. You always impact the masses with genuine information. Thank you again for the enlightenment.

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