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Starting the Healing of Your Gut is Lifesaving

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starting the healing of your gut is lifesaving

How to start the healing of your gut? 

That is really a very good question. In my previous blog, I explained that the gut is the port to health. Immunity and gut health are connected very tightly. If your gut is ill, your health is damaged!

In fact, you can’t be healthy without a healthy gut. To heal and get your health back, you need to heal first your gut. This is not difficult, but you need to be determined to wish to be healthy and take the responsibility to do everything to heal. Otherwise, it is not possible.

Your whole body can’t heal if you are not changing your lifestyle! It is essential to change your diet and eat healthy, nutrient-rich food. But it is also essential to do colon cleanses and fasting. Your body needs a reset to recover. And it is important to include fermented foods into your diet, as well as probiotics.

You will learn how to heal your gut, change your diet, and do walking or other body movements. Your healing is in your hands by the right decisions you make.

Why Does Our Gut Need Healing?

If you eat many carbohydrates like cake, biscuits, pasta, pizza, bread, and you eat many sugary things; you will know all the symptoms coming with that, like developing lots of air, having a swollen big belly, being obstipated, having belly pain.

sweet cake with berries

This is the result of eating too much sugar, combined with fat. By feeding the bad bacteria in your gut, you create an environment where candida and other bad bacteria strive. They begin to multiply and cover the gut lining, which reduces the good microbiome.

If your gut tissue begins to swell and becomes spongy, you have created a leaky gut where bigger molecules from non-digested food, fungi, bacteria, and parasites will be able to get into the bloodstream and everywhere in your body.

Normally there is the gut barrier where such particles and intruders are filtered to stay outside the body. The gut’s tissue inflames. All kinds of bowel and other diseases develop.

If our gut lining is inflamed and damaged, our body doesn’t get the essential nutrients to work properly. So you are malnourished and ill, even you still eat much “food.” And we do in the Western world!

How to Start the Healing of Your Gut?

To heal your gut, you need to stop eating damaging food, and actually all food. Fasting for at least 3 days is an important step to give the body rest.

If you can fast for three days and only drink pure room temperature water, your body’s energy flows into repairing and detoxing instead of digesting food. That is a vital step towards healing.

juiced vegetables, three glasses of juice

The second step is doing colon cleanses with water and coffee. It is important to get all that waste out of your bowels by doing at least three times a day colon cleanses. To remove all the waste in the bowels takes up to weeks because the waste is pasted to the lining, and the bowels need help to get rid of it.

If you can fast for five days, that would be even better. After the fasting, you continue the colon cleanses and start with juicing vegetables and fruits; the best would be a blender from the brand Vitamix. These fruit juices are liquidating everything without leaving bigger particles in the juice.

It is essential that you bypass the intestines by juicing the vegetables and fruits, so the intestines don’t need to digest the food but actually get it offered liquid as it is chewed and digested by the intestines.

The nutrients are still in the juice, and the body can absorb them into the bloodstream. This is a very vital step.

The whole digestion system has a break, and the body can concentrate completely on detoxifying, repairing, and healing itself.

You will feel it; in the first days, you will suffer from headaches, tiredness, foul odor, flu-like symptoms. That is completely normal. Getting all the junk food out of your body that you have eaten for years takes up months. The body is detoxifying.

But the reward will be great. Your skin might look bad for a while, but you could visit the sauna or take a bath in sulfur/magnesium water or sodium.  This will help the body detoxing via the skin. If you don’t have a bath, you could do a foot bath.

Very beneficial is the use of an infrared lamp on your liver, supporting your liver’s metabolism. Keep yourself warm!

When you have done the colon cleanses the days of fasting and then the juicing for at least one to two weeks, you can start carefully with food with a vegetable soup or a bone broth. This gives you minerals and warmth; the bone broth helps the gut with healing.

Get yourself a  green powder, which you could include in your juice. This will speed up your body’s repair mechanism. But keep cleansing your colon at least twice a week.

It is time to include a good probiotic to build up the microbiome of your intestines. You will feel better.

Continue the juicing and the green powders, and start to introduce flaxseed, chia seed into your juice, and some healthy fats, like olive oil, coconut oil. You can juice all together in your juicer.

a juicer with fruit, kiwi

The flax and chia seeds are offering fiber and will balance your hormones. You can also start with fermented food, miso soup. Don’t eat dairy products! But if you like, try a salad with a piece of organic meat or fish.

Vegetables like peppers, onions, garlic, cabbage you could better cook carefully. In a raw condition, they might be too much for your intestines. Later, after some months, you could try them again.

You will certainly feel better, and I would ask someone professional who will accompany your healing journey. Maybe a doctor who is open for that, or a dietist.

Why is a Colon Cleanse Essential?

I don’t know if you ever have heard of Gerson Therapy? This is a therapy founded by Max Gerson, who has healed people from cancer. This therapy has three pilers, detoxification, diet, and supplements.

People must follow an organic plant-based diet with raw juices, use coffee enemas several times daily to detoxify, and take supplements. By removing toxins and increasing immunity, you are going to restore your health. Charlotte Gerson followed her father and established the Gerson Institute. Their concept of healing is excellent.

Coffee as an enema opens the liver and releases toxins, which are pushed out through the bowels. It is the caffeine that affects the bile production of the liver. The detoxification process is a vital step towards healing the gut and, finally, the whole body.

What to do when you are healed?

Obviously, the best would be to stick to your healthy lifestyle. Actually, it shouldn’t be difficult to keep it up, because your body doesn’t grave any junk food when you give it the healthiest food ever, all nutrients included.

What actually happens when you eat unhealthy food is that your body is starving for nutrients, so it needs to eat more food and is not giving you the signal to stop eating. Leptin is the hormone that signals “stop” to the cells when the body has enough.

The cells get resistant to Leptin, so they don’t get the signal to stop and, you grave more food. Also, the bad bacteria in your gut needs more sugar to live and multiply. It is a vicious circle.

But when you are on a healthy diet, your signal functions and your good bacterias are multiplying, and your body is healthy. I can’t say it enough, stay with your healthy diet. Even you drink coffee or a glass of wine sometimes; it doesn’t matter anymore, as long as you don’t overuse alcohol.

Eat your veggies and fruits, seeds, nuts, or juice, eat some protein, plant-based or some organic meat, fish, as long you eat a little, but most time by eating vegetables you are on the safe side. Do incorporate mainly raw veggies and fruits, so you benefit the most.

Stop with junk food completely. Move your body, do colon cleanses, and include green powders and real supplements. You will stay healthy, have lots of energy, and have healthy ageless skin, bones, and muscles. Try it! You will be amazed!


You know now what to do to heal your gut and reclaim your health. I would love to see you healthy and full of energy! The gut is the port to death or life. Did you know that? If we don’t foster our microbiome, we will certainly get ill and finally die far too early.

Please do everything to recover and repair your body by starting to regain your health. It is not difficult if you are determined to heal!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and ask me! I would love to see you healed!

Please let me know what do you think and what your experiences are.

To Your Health,


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6 thoughts on “Starting the Healing of Your Gut is Lifesaving

  1. Hi Sylvia. I didn’t know you can detox with coffee. I have done a colon cleansing in the past, a pretty thorough one with cleaning the intestines by means of water enemas.

    A friend of mine did the same and we compared our experiences. My conclusion was that (since I hardly eat any meat from my mid-20s on), that one time was sufficient. 🙂

    Then later I got a flaxseed treatment from a homeopath. I hated it. Even though I have long decided to try it again, I still can’t bring myself to it. But I am convinced it is healthy. Just not in the amounts, I was prescribed.

    I think my present lifestyle is pretty healthy. And I am lucky of course, living in a country with lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables available.

    Do you think it would still be wise to do a detox in my case?

    1. Hi Hannie, Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment!
      It is great you eat healthy, Hannie, and you are healthy. I think every person should do a colon cleanse at least 2 a year, together with fasting, to give the body a break. Intermittent fasting is excellent advice too, and you can build in once a month or every week like I do. It helps the body detox. As described in my article, colon cleanses are really something for ill people who need to change their lifestyle. It helps to clean the bowel and the whole body. Actually, a transition until you are set up for healthy food. When you detox, you get all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms, like headaches. Colon cleanses help the bowel movement, so the liver doesn’t get stuck and keeps working properly. But I am sure that we all need to cleanse our bodies from time to time. There is so much pollution in our environment. Chlorella is excellent to help detoxifying heavy metals and pesticides. I leave you the link.

  2. Richard says:

    It is interesting to learn that the first step to heal our gut is to go through fasting for 3 days and drink water at room temperature. May I know how many hours should we fast and what food would you recommend? To have a healthy diet is quite a tough one for me because I usually got lost in understanding what is considered one serving of a particular group of foods. 

    1. Hi Richard, thank you for your comment! 

      Actually, it is already good if you could fast for three days, better is longer. But if you are chronically ill, it is always good to be careful and fast with a coach or doctor. While you fast, the body is detoxing and will clean up. That can be really uncomfortable for you to deal with the symptoms. It is essential to drink lots of water, but warm water. Coldwater is too harsh for your intestines. After three days, you can slowly eat a vegetable soup, bone broth, and drink fresh-pressed vegetable juice. You must build your food slowly up, but don’t start with junk food. This is a process of healing, taking much time to cleanse the body’s cells. 

      Try to find someone who will accompany your healing journey, someone professional.

      I wish you the very best!

  3. Maureen says:

    Hello Sylvie, Thank you very much for this great article! I have lots of problems with my gut and inflammation and have to take medications, but I am so fed up with taking all that stuff, so I came along to your website. This is very informative, and I think I will try to get to know more. Maybe I can finally stop taking the medications and will be without the pain. There is no doctor around who would accompany my alternative journey, so I need to think about how to do it and start. Do you have any idea what I can do already?

    1. Hi Maureen, I really can imagine how it is with pain all the time. My experience was the same. But I can tell you, you better take your medications and look for a coach, a dietist or fitness trainer who has a training done in diet specialized in intestines. But I can tell you that you better leave all grain and milk products out of your diet. No sugar, no alcohol. Try to eat a vegetable soup, and only vegetable juice mixed with fruit. Green powders are too much for you as well at the moment because they contain chlorella or spirulina, and they can become too much for your damaged gut. Juicing vegetables and fruits are delicious, and try to take probiotics after 2 weeks. Bone broth is very healing for your gut tissue. No salad at the moment; raw food can harm a damaged gut. But try to find a professional who will support you. 

      I wish you the very best!

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