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Stakeholder Capitalism-The New World Order?

This article is based on my research, but also my own opinion! Please, investigate and form your own opinion!

Stakeholder Capitalism- the new world order? You don’t believe me? Do you think I am exaggerating?

Stakeholder capitalism will be the new world order. At this time, you already can see the many inconsequencies coming from our governments due to other powers telling them what to do and not to do. These people are hazardous because they have no interest in our health or well-being. They are interested in their profit and ideas, which these people try to press through. The virus is only the tool to rush their plans through. And these plans have nothing to do with our happiness but with their vision of control and manipulation.

Big Media

Everything has become big because there are huge powers behind the companies. Social media is in the hand of a few, like Mark Zuckerberg and Google. They define what we are allowed to hear and know. Everything that comes against the global elite, the Davos clique, is censored and deleted. The mass people still believe that they get real information from this media, but they are mistaken. We have never received the real information because we have already been brainwashed for decades.

The mainstream media, another powerful tool where billions of people listening to receiving “their” information, are owned by big stakeholders and cooperations, like Bill Gates and the Rockefeller family. Following their plans, they have already determined what we are allowed to hear and know for decades. We have formed our knowledge on these information sources. They are great and powerful propaganda organs.

Stakeholder Capitalism

Nowadays, if you are awake and listening to other news, you will be aware of the lies mainstream media is spreading. But for this to recognize you need to distinguish and being open for the true information; otherwise, you will do what I have done my whole life, sleeping, not politically interested, and following the crowd, believing everything the media has told us. It is time to wake up; otherwise, our future life will be in global prison.

In America, about 90 % of the mainstream media are already controlled by six cooperations, determining what the Americans may know. In all western countries, the mainstream media is controlled already, being the propaganda machine of the governments, and therefore of the billionaires. I have had experiences myself!

The common people are listening and believing what the propaganda machine is saying. I can’t blame them! It is not that they are stupid people; they trust and always did the mainstream media and the politicians. My parents did!

Big Tech


Stakeholder capitalism
Foto door Deepanker Verma via Pexels

Big Tech has become huge and developing the next generation; we are already in the 6th generation of digital development. They didn’t ask the population if they wanted to have this development; they just did. The 4 G was already health-threatening, but 5 G will really destroy the environment and people, creating many diseases like cancer and autoimmune disorders. But they don’t stop! According to the World Economic Forum, they will create transhumans controlled by artificial intelligence. And we will suffer! That we are going to suffer because of the ill-making radiation doesn’t interest these profit-focused sharks. However, radiation is a military weapon!

Digital development is not far. In South Korea are already many electric cars, as well as robots. People suffer very much from all kinds of symptoms due to the radiation they receive daily, 24/7. Can you imagine? I can because I already have suffered from 4 G.

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the world economic forum, has already proclaimed all the digital changes and his vision for the world. Creating a transhuman is his vision. I have already shown the videos on my posts and will do it again to help you to learn about his vision.

Please, let me know what you think! My email is But you can also comment below in the comment section. It will not be published before I have approved it. The big cooperations work together for their own profit, but the new world order of global control and manipulation. We don’t count! We are just there for their profit!

Big Industry

The industry has grown very big and is owned by very rich cooperations. Our consumption behavior has created a huge market. It doesn’t matter what kind of industry, fashion, food, cars, cosmetics, energy.  All of these different parts have earned billions of money. We have been their profit, and our tax systems have prevented these huge cooperations from paying taxes or carrying any responsibility for the pollution they have caused and still do. In the Netherlands, it is still the common people paying the taxes for these huge polluters, and I believe in other countries. Politicians are not holding them accountable for their deeds. However, Shell has lost a court case in the Netherlands and must reduce its emissions by 2030 by 45 % compared to 2019. Shell is responsible for much of the environmental pollution. We need to win more such court cases.

Shell, oil giant
Foto door Life Of Pix via Pexels

But the only solution governments have is decreasing small businesses and putting pressure on the farmers while Big Industry is happily polluting the Earth. There are no plans to decrease the industry. The industry has the lobby and determines the course. Big Industry is the main polluter on Earth and should certainly pay taxes and fines.

We as the world population have suffered for decades of the toxic insults these giants have caused; of course, we have been greedy for their products and have allowed the industry to abuse other countries’ people and the environment, as well as us. It is a necessity to stop, rethink and return from the direction we are heading to. Many people are living very conscious, avoiding much waste and supporting industry. If we built more local communities, it would be better for our health, social life, and the environment. 🙂

If we want to stay in charge of our lives, we need to stand up, and make a fist to the ‘Bigs’ in this world, and support small local businesses and our farmers. I don’t want the industry determining my life, what to eat, what to dress, how to live. The dependency of the industry is our vulnerability. If we don’t stop them, they will overtake everything for their own profit without minding the planet’s health and people.

Big Tech has fused with Big Industry and Big Pharma, controlled by only a few families and cooperations. If they stop the food, energy, and medication supply, we will have real trouble. And Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum has already announced that something even worse will come than the virus. They have the world in their hands! We mustn’t allow that. These people control our financial system, and their vision is to dispossess the population.

There will be a moment where the accounts of all people will be closed down, and we will not be able to buy anything. If they take the farmland from our farmers, we will not grow food, and mass starvation might begin. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab have already said that there are too many people on the planet, and the world’s population needs to decrease in their eyes. Of course, they don’t mean their own families; other people are allowed to die.

It is time to get up and not to turn the head in the other direction. It will not help you, and absolutely not your children and grandchildren. Do you really want them to live in a worldwide prison, the same as the Chinese and North Korean people do? I don’t think so!

If Big Tech shuts down its internet, we are not even able to communicate with each other. The grade of dependency has already crossed the line.

Big Pharma

Caused by the patent system, we have allowed a big industry to make us sick, keep us sick, and make huge profits by consuming their offered solution to our health problems, namely medications and vaccination. Medication can really help if you suffer from certain diseases, like Diabetes Type 1, where children’s pancreases can’t produce insulin. They do have much profit from the Pharma Industry.

someone takes blue-colored tablets out a brown bottle in her hands
Foto door Michelle Leman via Pexels

Also, antibiotics have been a real blessing to the world, but the enormous abuse has made us resistant. The food industry has worked in darkness for decades; together with the pesticides and herbicides producing industry, they have polluted the environment, soil, water, and air and killed about 70% of the insects. Monsanto, who is mainly responsible for bringing his toxic products for farming on the international market, will not stop but bring more toxic products into the world. It is a lucrative area.

What the western world doesn’t want and has forbidden on their soils finds its way to other countries like many African and Asian, and South American countries.

Bill Gates has supported big Pharma and Big Industry with money from his foundation and as a stakeholder. He is interested in approving the Pfizer vaccines, while Google and others are interested in Astra Seneca.

They all are working towards the ‘Great Reset”, proclaimed by Klaus Schwab. The cooperations owning industry, food, pharmaceutical supply, and technology are all partners of the so-called Davos clique, a self-elected elite that tries to determine the central, global dictatorship, being in control of our daily needs.

In other words, the companies that could ultimately restructure society and control the supply chain provide everyday necessities.

In the fall of 2021, the UN will bring together the Food Systems Summit to achieve sustainable development goals by 2030. Yet, Sofia Monsalve of FIAN International, a human rights organization focused on food and nutrition, told Ivan Wecke, a journalist:

“’ Abandoning pesticides is not on the table. How come?’ asks Sofia Monsalve of FIAN International, a human rights organization focused on food and nutrition.

There is no discussion on land concentration or holding companies accountable for their environmental and labor abuses.’ This fits into a bigger picture Monsalve sees of large corporations, which dominate the food sector, reluctant to fix the production system. ‘They just want to come up with new investment opportunities.’” ( Dr. Mercola)

Ivan Wecke, a journalist from Open Democracy, did a deep dive into some of what lies behind the WEF’s Great Reset plan and found what he called something “almost as sinister hiding in plain sight. In fact, more sinister because it’s real and it’s happening now. And it involves things as fundamental as our food, our data, and our vaccines.”( Dr. Mercola)

If you see the connections between these parties, you will understand why they are named:

The Big Mafia- Stakeholder Capitalism!

chart, types of capitalism

It sounds nice and like a great solution, but when you see that only a few corporations and people already control everything, you will see the danger of stakeholder capitalism governing the world.

It is about power, money, and control! 

I experience problems sharing my content because, according to fact-checkers, it is false. The sources where I take my researches from are true sources from real experts. Fact-checkers is owned by Bill Gates, who will mute every tongue that tells the truth. Bill Gates has been very much involved in the vaccination for decades in India and Africa because Rockefeller and Gates are trying to decrease the world’s population. Vaccination means a huge profit for them!

The Nazi mind has never been defeated! Many real experts are trying to tell the truth but are muted, censored, threatened, killed because they warn the population.

What happens right now is genocide of the western world. Why does this happen? Because we as democratic people are a thorn in their eyes. We are grown up with the right to say what we want, the human rights of freedom, fraternity, and equality. We have our own will, and that does disturb them in their greediness for profit.

If you know their plans, you would certainly worry about your children!
Wecke discounts the plans of the Great Reset to abolish private property, use the virus to solve overpopulation, and enslave the remainder of humanity as “nebulous and hard to pin down,” he goes on to illustrate in detail how the fundamental structure of the world that controls food and data, and ultimately humanity, is being upended and restructured so that private corporations have more control and influence than governments. ( Dr. Mercola)

It comes down to “stakeholder capitalism,” which are the magic words that Klaus Schwab, WEF chairman, has been promoting for decades and is a central theme in the organization’s Great Reset plan. As Wecke describes it, the concept transforms global capitalism, so corporations create value for stakeholders. (Dr. Mercola)

Cooperations are receiving more power, and democratically elected governments are giving up their influence.

The initial plan was drafted after the 2008 economic crisis and included the vision that governments worldwide would be only one influencer in a multi-stakeholder model. The plans were made in Davos, where the elite was coming together. If you want to check on this, you might look up Ernst Wolff, a German journalist, and economist. It is in German!

If you understood that this is already going on for decades, you would understand what is happening now!

What’s really happening here, though, is the move toward placing unelected stakeholders in positions of power that will not deepen democracy but puts decision-making in the hands of financially focused corporations which have only their own profit as a vision.

“Finally, Wecke addresses the issue of global vaccine distribution. Instead of the World Health Organization, “the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system, being responsible for vaccine access, another initiative was created called COVAX. According to the WHO, COVAX is co-led by the WHO, UNICEF, CEPI and GAVI( the vaccine alliance) “( Dr. Mercola)

Haha! This all is so obvious! These organizations have strong ties with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The people who are facing unemployment in the States because they are unvaccinated are hunted by these organizations. In some countries in Europe, people already face the same threat; luckily, in countries like France, people react in solidarity with the unvaccinated.

The National File published a tweet the WEF made in May 2021, saying, Get your COVID-19 jab — or you could face the consequences from your employer #COVID19 #JobsReset21.”

It has never been about a virus that hasn’t been isolated, but about control!
The evil force we encounter is trying everything to overtake this world and keep its first position, a power game.

Final Thought

What is happening right now is all about an elite and cooperations trying to take over the world. They are all connected, owned, or stakeholders of the cooperations. It is stakeholder capitalism, nothing more. The dangers are obvious, and if we don’t get up, our children will lose their freedom. Would you like that happening to your children?

Please, let me know what you think and where you stand! I would love to know! It doesn’t matter what you believe, but from human to human, I would love to know your thoughts!:)

To Your Health,


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2 thoughts on “Stakeholder Capitalism-The New World Order?

  1. Hello Sylvia,

    I was especially struck by the Big Pharma thing, imagine how many natural cancer and diabetes cures were swatted like flies just to protect their chemo and patented medicine industry because they cannot patent naturally occurring cures and changing lifestyles. How the Big Pharmas, governments, and Big Tobacco companies continuously degrade the vaping industry (small businesses) as a healthy substitute to tobacco smoking by not approving (FDA), classifying as tobacco products, spreading fake and manipulated news/experiments in Big Media, etc. so a lot of people still dies from lung cancer. And the big oil companies….the usual lobbying, racing, etc.

    But how can we stand up from these evils, how can we band together to defeat those Illuminatis? I don’t know, I guess the only thing left is our government, but then they are also lobbied by these Big companies.

    And no, this pandemic is not God’s will, it’s the grand plan of a few to control the population of the world just for themselves.

    1. Hi Lemuel, Thank you very much for your comment! These happenings are already going on for decades. Still, it has become worse because the businesses are overtaken by the few cooperations that now try to control the world together with these people who meet in Davos, the so-called Davos clique. They are very precisely enunciating declaring what their plans are. Covid 19 is a tool to bring into reality these plans, and you can watch that all the western countries are being forced to make these plans alive. In Europe and Australia, as well as the States of America, governments are stepping on human rights and crossing the lines, muting the right of freedom of opinion if a true expert is warning the population of the dangers coming from the vaccination and tries to contact the government and the health organizations to let them know. Here in Europe, we have now to do with aggression through the governments. People who don’t want to get vaccinated are tried to be forced, threatening them with unemployment and restrictions.
      It isn’t easy to understand the government’s decisions. Still, when you know that they are controlled by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the cooperations, and above all, the Rockefeller family, you know that the only step must be disobedience, peacefully, but determined. Otherwise, we will end up living in socialism with no freedom. You might want to read the following post.:)

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