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Social Healing- The Natural Approach

Health is God-given as God says He has blessed us already and given us everything to stay healthy. The natural approach to social healing is the normal approach! If we live healthily, we wouldn’t have all these diseases in the so-called civic world.

But because many people want to earn money from us, producing products, we can’t call food, or prescribing medicine that we don’t need if we would eat normally, but we live in a social system that makes us ill.

Antibiotics are a blessing used the right way. Still, antibiotics are used in farming or before operations to prevent infection instead of giving them to heal actual infections, initially using these life-saving medications.

Animals, like cows, are fed food that their stomachs can’t digest, and trying to prevent infections, they are receiving antibiotics. Well, the overuse of antibiotics has made us resistant to the degree of people dying.

Soacial Healing- the natural approach

We have to stop such exploiting behavior, following earning big money ruining nature and our health. I am glad that many farmers are changing their minds, understanding the urgency of the matter. To get infected while staying in a hospital due to treatment is nowadays nearly normal. People receive standard antibiotics at the beginning of their operations to release them home within one or two days. Suppose our gut is depleted of its healthy microbiome due to having received antibiotics. In that case, we will not have the necessary robust immune system to fight pathogens and become more prone to infections. There is an entirely different approach to keep yourself healthy. Please read my blog about nine steps to balance your world.

What is Health?

According to the World Health Organization

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

The bibliographic citation for this definition is :

The preamble to the Constitution of WHO as adopted by the International Health Conference, New York,19 June- 22 July 2946; signed on 22 July 1946 by the representatives of 61 States( Official Records of WHO, no.2,p.100) and entered into force on 7 April 1948. The definition has not been amended since 1948.

Wow, what a statement?

But what has happened is that the modern world is entirely contradictory. Due to their lifestyle choices and the results, most people don’t know what it feels like to be healthy, physical, mental, and social. Don’t underestimate poverty that shouldn’t exist in a ‘ so-called rich social and economic’ society where every person has the same rights and chances.

But I don’t want to make political statements; I want to show a way to help yourself heal and sustain your health, the natural approach of whole health.

Social Healing- The Natural Approach

In my blog about nine steps to balance your world, you can read what belongs to a healthy way of life, meaning physical and mental health. Most people are nowadays affected by at least one imbalance that has a substantial impact on their health. It is a vicious cycle.

a person sleeping outside, poverty

Suppose a government is strangling you with their high taxes, allowing public organizations and insurance companies to increase their prices yearly without having a healthy adjustment to inflation, leading to the fact that the gap between your earned salary and the living costs is rising, leaving you with enormous existential worries, increasing ill-making stress. In that case, it is nearly impossible to flee such a living. It is not even that you can’t afford to buy healthy food or make healthy choices; you are captured in a system that instead adds to your stress rather than reducing it.

Viewing this condition from a social point, as a result of modern society spending money on nearly all kinds of social activities, will leave you lonely and socially isolated if you can’t afford the standard to belong to a group. This feeling of having failed socially and economically brings you down; you might develop disturbances mentally or physically.

In developed countries like Germany and the Netherlands, there is an increasing tendency of people, families, pensioners, and young people living in poverty, visiting public and church organizations trying to feed these people. It is a stigma for a civilized, ‘rich’ country getting involved in all kinds of external political questions donating money to other countries. Still, it cannot take care of their population reconsider their internal problems.

In my eyes, you can’t afford to support other people and other countries if you haven’t created a state of prosperity for your own country in all aspects, education, health, economic and social. Suppose keeping the country’s vegetation healthy, free of pesticides and herbicides by developing a form of healthy farming and industry, living a healthy social life, will result in a healthy nation. Do you not think so?

For this to happen, politicians need to have a passion for their people, a motivation to represent the nation’s interests to create a livable quality environment, socially and economically. But this is a romantic view of a government that doesn’t exist.

As a result, everyone needs to wake up, create a healthy lifestyle, take responsibility, and develop a comfortable life for their family. Quality, not quantity!

Sustainability and Health

Society has developed from a family system that has been socially close and supporting to a system where individuals are socially isolated. In former times a family lived together and supported each other, emotionally and financially. You can still see these systems in ‘ so-called underdeveloped’ countries where mental disorders are seldom. People who belong to a group are of value to the group.

a group of young people running

Nowadays, people live alone and are very often isolated, which results in developing all kinds of mental or physical disorders. Humans shouldn’t live isolated from others. To heal and live a joyful, healthy life, we need to rethink and reorder society. Sustainability is a new word, and the future, resulting in stopping our speed, standing still, reviewing values, and recreating an old, contemporary society as a form of living.

Many organizations, especially private persons, are already creating a new form of sustainable social living, self-supporting in every way. In contrast, other people joining these ideas bring their talents into developing this sustainable lifestyle. I think it is brilliant! People of every age, families with children, single people, and pensioners are joining these ideas, bringing to life a healthy future.

Why not buying a farm or several houses together? Why not have a sustainable vegetable garden, animals, fruit trees, and stating to support ourselves? Why not combining the society of now with the institution of the future?

People who belong to others, having a social life and a value in a group, are automatically healthier. Every person has their place in such a family, helping and supporting each other. Some are still going to their work outside; some are working in the vegetable garden or maintaining the houses, cooking, minding the children, sewing clothes. I think this could be the future. Of course, we are not living in paradise, having the same confrontations as in every family or society, which need to be resolved by house rules and speaking about problems. Transparency is essential.

Maybe I am a dreamer, but I know there are already such communities that function well.

The quote:” A Sorrow shared is a Sorrow halved!” also covers financial sorrows.

People these days are worried because they can not afford the living costs that are increasing every year; by sharing the costs, they will all be more relaxed and joyful. Eating your meals in a group is better than being alone.

people eating together

The natural health approach covers social indignity, emotional health being accepted for the person you are with all your flares and strong sides, healthy food choices and movement like working and walking, playing games. The loneliness of older people and these days also of young people is a sad development. I can remember the beautiful family meetings with aunts and uncles, sitting together, singing and laughing, and chatting away, leaving this beautiful, satisfied feeling in me.

How to Keep Your Immune System Strong?

In my blog about healing through balance, I pointed out the essential facts to heal your body and mind, listing healthy food, juicing, restorative sleep, moving your body, grounding, meditating, listening to music, setting healthy boundaries, having time for yourself which are all critical, well, also if you are living in a family. These points keep our immune system strong.

However, healthy social life will increase your health enormously. When I have lived in Ireland, I have joined a church, belonging to a bible group has given me friendship and a loving family, even I have lived in my flat.  I have also lived with friends, having my own room, eating together, and always having the possibility of chatting with someone.

To join a sustainable community is the same; you are an individual with your desires, which is good. Having your rooms is necessary; the gifts you can bring into the community will enrich the lives of the others while you will profit from their talents, creating a beautiful form of social living. It will keep your immune system strong!

Social isolation and poverty harm people very much; the pressure of a political system and an unfair society weakens their immune systems. Many people live a depressing life, feeling unrecognized by others, not belonging to the system. They are mentally depressed and disturbed as a result of feeling excluded from others. If they shared their burdens with others in a community, they would be feeling freed and supported in a healthy way, which improves their immune system and health.

Final Thought

Observing our society is far from perfect; people should help themselves by creating sustainable forms of coexistence that help them live a healthy social life where they can interact with others daily, increasing their health. Founding self-supporting communities that prevent the isolation of individuals, leading to a robust support system of an organization by growing vegetables and fruit, having animals for their food supplies, helping young and old create a more socially appealing form of existence.

What do you think? Could you imagine living in such a community? How is your life going at the moment? Do you feel empty and socially isolated? I would love to hear your thoughts! Please share the posts if you like!

To Your Health,


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10 thoughts on “Social Healing- The Natural Approach

  1. LineCowley says:

    I fully support sustainable and eco friendly living, so it is great to find this post. We only have one planet, and we need to look after it, which means that we have to implement sustainable farming methods, and also sustainable manufacturing processes. Growing your own vegetables is one way of becoming sustainable, but sadly most people do not have the space or inclination to do it. 

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I understand you because I live in a country where little space is left, and most people have small, tiny gardens. But still, then, you can grow your own vegetables. We have a flat roof and are thinking about growing vegetables on our roof. Of course, the roof needs to be able to carry the weight of the vegetables and soil. Some experts measure the weight and the capacity of the roof. There is always a way!:)

  2. Parameter says:

    You are very correct. The more we depend on antibiotics and other on-shelf drugs, the more we kill our system. My sister is a victim, she developed obesity as a result of different types of antibiotics. But a healthy social life is what we need. A balanced social life is what we need. A community where we contribute to the co-existence of each other. we will need less drugs and less health issues will arise 

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your sister. Even then, she can detox her body and heal. I did that years ago following a natural health approach plan. Building up the gut is the most essential she can do, and she will drop weight and be healthy again. The body can forgive a lot! 🙂 Please read through my blogs, and you will find answers for your sister. 

  3. Monique Richie says:

    Hello Sylvia, thank you so much for this interesting article. We are living on the most beautiful planet the universe has to give. Life is a miracle. When we take one minute to think over what life is about, we are probably speechless by the beauty of life. Unfortunately, most people take this for granted. They think status, wealth, and power is the most important thing on earth. That is why we have changed this beautiful planet into a battlefield.
    We are treating other animals as if they are just a product. Western countries speak about humanity but leaving people living on the street, even when it is freezing. But there is hope there is a change going on. When we both our little farm in 1997, we were one of the few who planted organic food. In those days the farmer came 3x a year spraying Monsanto on the fields. Those days are over. Now we have an organic farmer., He bought all the land and let his cows and horses on this land. Young people come to the county side more and more. I think this is a very good sign. And we have you Sylvia, who made her passion into a website like this, to inform other people and motivate them to change their lifestyle. I thank you for this work.

    1. Thank you very much, Monique, for your beautiful comment! I am so glad to hear that people have changed their minds in the area you live. I think it will be the future; more people will learn about stopping exploiting the planet and treat nature with respect. It is an excellent sign, and we need to make people aware of it. I am trying to do my best to reach as many people as I can. You are lovely, Monique! 

  4. Sylvia, you write beautifully and I agree with so many points you have made in this post! I absolutely love sustainability and am trying my best to promote a similar lifestyle. It is the smallest and simplest things that count: like building a garden together, raising animals, planting trees, supporting others in their journeys. So much reward in that!

    I also agree with what you said about people living in isolation and how harmful it is to mental, physical, overall health. I noticed when I lived with family, as annoying as it was, i was internally happy and felt supported, always having someone to talk to. This reminds me of the age old saying: you grow more when you live together.

    Anayways, loved reading through your post- thank you for all putting all this info out there! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Sasha! Yes, so many small things count, and I hope that people in the Netherlands will learn to have natural gardens with plants for the bees and birds, not these stony terraces. We can accomplish so much if everyone is doing something.
      I think we should be reminded that the old form of living together has a lot of beauty to give. If I see more aged and also young people being lonely, feeling isolated, my heart bleeds. They need a caring and loving family. There is so much more joy in being with other people. 🙂

  5. You have spoken so much truth in this article. Thanks for sharing this information.

    Unfortunately, it is us who have allowed this ‘sick’ world to continue and to become ‘sicker.’ And it is us who must recognize this and then set about creating a better world from the ashes that are still to come.

    It amuses me when people consider our societies civilized and intelligent. Because it doesn’t take a genius to realize that we are becoming physically, emotionally, and mentally, sicker every year, even as our comprehension of the connectivity of all life increases.

    So when people want to raise money for the ‘war on cancer’ to treat those already suffering from cancer with more toxic cancer-causing chemicals, I walk away in despair of how ignorant the general population actually is. By ignorant, I mean that people do not know how to take care of their own health and that of the environment in which they live.

    We have given our power away to others in the belief that they know what is best for us and that they have our best interests in mind. We elect governments, go to doctors, and watch the news on TV, all the time believing that we can trust these ‘fine upstanding citizens’ to take care of us and the societies and economies that we exist within.

    However, reality has shown us time and time again that the governments often disregard the wishes of the people that voted them into power, that doctors prescribe unnecessary and expensive treatments that hide the symptoms of disease and do nothing to remedy it, and that the newsreaders are just reading the scripts that their masters have given to them because they no longer have any ability or desire to think critically for themselves.

    When enough of us stand up and say ‘ok, I’ve had enough and it’s now time for change,’ only then will we reclaim our individual power by becoming responsible for our own lives and the environment around us. Then we will create a better world, a world where people care for each other and for the environment……

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