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Smart Cities- What Does it Mean?

I have nearly finished two other posts about fascinating topics. Still, because I am confronted with the Smart City Project in my city, I decided to research and write an article about the Smart Cities.

Smart Cities- What does it mean?

We were confronted with the city council designing a broad wifi network throughout our city, starting with our houses. I knew that we would be among the first cities in the Netherlands chosen for this project. But now I learned we are the first city set up for this project. You need to know that in the Netherlands, we now have an office located in Den Haag belonging to the World Economic Forum that works closely with our government, of course, without our consent. We people who live in such cities have not been asked to support such a project. We are not asked to be guinea pigs for the 5G plans, and honestly, I don’t trust it.

Smart Cities- what does it mean?

Smart Cities-what does it mean?

The Vaxxed People and Nanotechnology

By now, reading my articles, you know that these vaxxines are no vaxxines at all, but very clever designed nanotechnology. Using graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide to bring the computer systems in nano seize into the body, Big Tech can connect us to artificial intelligence with the help of 5 G.

By misusing a harmless virus, they could hijack about 80 % of the world’s population. A Spanish research team has confirmed that the vials contain computing technology. La Quinta Columna and Dr. Pablo Compra have investigated the ingredients of the vials using special microscopes.

In a video, Ricardo Delgado from La Quinta Columna has explained their findings and has sent a warning to Humanity. They are very concerned about this nanotechnology and found out that the vaxxed people are quickly followed by using a specific app and Bluetooth. Please, watch the video if you haven’t already seen it.

Another doctor, a doctor of chemistry, Andreas Noack, has discovered that there is graphene hydroxide in the vials, which can only be seen using a special microscope called Micro Raman Spectroscopy. He said that this graphene hydroxide is very hard and sharp, like a nano razor in the people’s blood, and might be why so many people die from blood clots and heart attacks. He said that these nano razors cut the blood vessels and tissues open. Dr. Andreas Noack died shortly after releasing the video. If you want to watch it, please do.

Many other whistleblowers, like Karen Kingston, have confirmed the graphene oxide in the vials because she has studied the companies’ patents.

I don’t want to write again about it in this article because my goal is to explain the Smart Cities, but you need to know about the Nanotechnology in the vials and the blood of the vaxxed people. It is a project and belongs together.

Nanotechnology and 5G Network

The agenda is set up simultaneously, which means different projects are rolled out, so people are not aware of their plans. While we have been in lockdown due to a non-existing virus, the 5G project is rolled out in many western countries without people noticing what is happening in their neighborhood. Of course, there are always enough people who have witnessed the development but are called crazy conspiracy theorists, like me.

I even have experienced it in my own home. They were working on a new network connecting us to a fiberglass wifi network, allegedly for faster communication and faster internet. They sent a letter to decide if we wanted this network, and I initially didn’t have an interest in fiberglass because I already knew they needed it for the 5 G network.

But because it is free now, and we don’t know if we will stay in our house, we decided to get it for the next tenant.

After the setup, I didn’t connect the fiberglass to the modem. The internet provider called us several times to ask us to connect the fiberglass to the modem. I ignored them, and finally, they sent a technician to connect us. It is ridiculous because I didn’t consent to this. Now I know why they were so determined. It is not just for faster internet communication; fiberglass is used with 5G, which they need for the Smart City project. They are all deceptive and liars.

While we have been in lockdown, our government allowed the out roll of the 5G network. Of course, they did because they are close friends with the World Economic Forum, the organization behind this. Do you remember? We all have to become transhumans and be connected to artificial intelligence. No, not only that! We have to become like computers.

I will show you a video where it is very well explained, but I don’t believe everything in this video because I am a Christian. But decide for yourself! The nanotechnology in our bodies connects via a 5G network to artificial intelligence, a complete control system. It is easy now to influence us.

The Great Reset

The Great Reset is just happening, as Klaus Schwab said, like a Tsunami. Most people are living their lives, not even noticing the danger. However, many people know what is happening in the world right now. I have spoken with many people who have said that they don’t trust the government anymore. We have no voice anymore, are not heard. Democracy is in danger.

Klaus Schwab has already spoken over the Great Reset, and most governmental puppets have confirmed the Great Reset, even as their form of propaganda for their political agenda. Build Back Better is a politically dangerous slogan all governments use.

In the Netherlands, you can now see posters hanging everywhere showing Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Rutte, and Sigrid Kaag. I don’t know where they are coming from, are they used to prepare the population for the Great Reset? This is how politicians and mainstream media always try to influence their people through their propaganda to prepare the people for their plans. It is a psychological operation, preparing the mind for their agenda.

The globalists want fewer people globally and more control and power, especially financial power. Klaus Schwab thinks that a reset is necessary, economic, social, economical, and ecological, and it must come fast. Now, I believe that a new system must come because this exploiting old system has destroyed our environments, health, wealth, social life, and democracy. So, a reset is wanted, but not how the globalists wish.

Their Great Reset is about setting up a global New World Order whereby the globalists want a credit system as we see in China. We have to give up our possessions, become patented transhumans, receiving a microchip under our skin with all our details. They will use one bank system, of course, their bank as a world bank. We will live in so-called Smart Cities, completely controlled, without the possibility of traveling and going where we love to go. The globalists will want us to forget our parents and connect to artificial intelligence. They can block or reward us if we follow their orders and rules. We will be utterly dependent on the super-rich few families and living like animals in the zoo.

I have read Klaus Schwab’s books, and I must say that they sound innovative but also very creepy. Everything that is going on right now is already planned for a very long time.

I go back in history a bit. In1922, Rockefeller founded Lucifers Trust, which later changed into Lucis Trust because people felt disturbed by the name Lucifer. He wanted to penetrate the western world with satanism. This Trust contained a roadmap on how to change society by infiltrating education, media, and families.

The Rockefeller Foundation set up the UN to establish the New World Order, creating a global government with one leader, the Antichrist. In 1945 Rockefeller formed the agenda “World Goodwill” that supported the coming of the Antichrist, Satan. They call him the cosmic Christ.

In 1994, Agenda 21 was signed as the law of our parliaments. It is the agenda of the Freemasonry and Illuminati. In 2015 the World Economic Forum developed Agenda 2030.

I already wrote about the Covid 19 project in other articles because it was patented in 2015 by the Rothschilds. Covid means “Certificate of vaccination ID.” The certificates have already been planned and patented to create a vaccination ID that leads to Bill Gates ID2020 of digital passports and the patent 060606. Klaus Schwab has already spoken about the importance of the Great Reset that must lead to a social credit system, and the virus was a very welcoming opportunity to start the certificate of vaccination ID. They already had tried in 2019, with the swine flu, but couldn’t succeed.

If you read the lockstep scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation of 2010, you will find the steps taken so far.

However, the Great Reset is disguised as sustainability plans, sustainable development of businesses, climate protection, health protection, etc. They say that the goal is to create a sustainable system! Sounds good, and most people believe them.

Klaus Schwab’s 4th Industrial Revolution is worth reading, and learning about their agendas is a must. In the Netherlands, the Covid Emergency Law opened the way to the administration of the vaxxines. This law was active within three months, but a whistleblower has admitted that it was already written in 2019.

Smart Cities- What Does it Mean?

This article is about the Smart Cities Klaus Schwab was talking about.

Techopedia says:

“Like any smart system, a Smart City is one in which sensor-driven data collection and powerful analytics are used to automate and orchestrate a wide range of services in the interests of better performance, lower costs, and lessened environmental impact.”

The data collection is used to improve certain areas as traffic, healthcare, water, power, social services and governance, housing, police, ambulance, and fire service connecting the collected data to AI( artificial intelligence).
In general, a smart city is a city that uses technology to provide services and solve city problems. A smart city improves transportation and accessibility, improves social services, promotes sustainability, and gives citizens a voice.
It is not new. Ancient Roman cities used elements of the concept, such as using technology to make their citizens’ lives easier. Aqueducts and water drainage systems are just two ways they did that. You still will find many of them in Germany where the Romains have lived, for example, along the river Moselle.

Smart is the term to describe the improvement of the well-being of the citizens. The main goals of a smart city are to improve policy efficiency, reduce waste and inconvenience, improve social and economic quality, and maximize social inclusion. A vital element of a smart city is valuing citizen participation.

But I doubt this one knowing the agendas of the globalists and our governments. Data will be collected, and I am afraid that people living in these cities will experience the misuse of their privacy. I mean, we have learned by now how deceptive they have manipulated the world’s population into taking the vaxxines that contain nanotechnology and deadly spike proteins. Do we trust them with other projects like a smart city? No, I do not trust them. Smart City can be a beautified expression for a future jail!

I know that Klaus Schwab will keep a certain amount of people in a Smart City; others will be moved to another city. They can easily control people in these cities that have a 5G network 24/7, the whole year. You will never be able to escape and do what you desire, only if you do what they want you to do. Then you will be gratified; otherwise, you will lose your credits. Millions of people have lost their credits in China and can’t travel. Do you want such a system? Paying taxes for your carbon footprint is ridiculous, but the beginning of the downfall. The elite is traveling with private jets and is unwilling to pay any taxes.

However, the radiation coming from the microwave radiation of 5G is creating many health disasters, like cancer, strokes, inflammation.

I already have difficulties sleeping during the night using 4G. I have helped myself by placing earthing sheets and mats in my bed and in front of my computer to improve my sleep, and it helped me very much. But being surrounded by 5 G permanently is making me and others worried. I might have to leave the city.

South Korea is already very far in using electricity and 5G, but many Korean have serious health issues. You will not hear any information from the mainstream media.

This winter, in the Netherlands, we have problems with the energy supply because our government was not buying enough gas and oil, so the prices are sky-high, and many families cannot warm up their houses. Can you imagine, they want smart cities entirely depending on electricity and 5G network, but can’t even support their population with energy in the winter? They are liars and deceivers! In China, they close off cities from the energy supply for weeks. I don’t want to be depending on such a government.

EMF is a powerful weapon; combined with the computing system in your body, it can easily influence and kill us.

Watch this video! But it is disturbing!

Final Thought

I have watched the video about the government having killed many people using EMF, and I am pretty disturbed. These frequencies they are using for the Smart Cities project, and People will die, especially in combination with these vaxxines. Why do we allow these very few evil people to hurt us and destroy us? We have not given any consent, but still, they behave like they own us and the world, but they do not own us! Take your birthright back!

Please, let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you!

To Your Health,


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2 thoughts on “Smart Cities- What Does it Mean?

  1. Hi Slvia. I can’t say I agree on your stance about vaccines not really being vaccines, but rather clever nanotechnology and bringing computer systems in our bodies. But I do agree with you on your discontent that your government (ours too in the U.S.A.) doesn’t ask our permission when they want to do something. It really is troubling.

    1. Hi Shalisha, it is very common that people don’t want to know the truth because it is frightening. I am sorry, but this is the truth. However, these vaccines are no vaccines, but nanotechnology that will delete DNA and reset it with synthetical DNA parts genes with the CRISPR technique. The computer systems are already confirmed. World Economic Forum will create transhumans that are connected to the cloud. Watch their videos, read the books, and listen to real experts, and you will find out! The governments are not our elected governments anymore, but the elite puppets who have their plans with us, and these are certainly not good!

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