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Review of 4 Grounding Products – Feel Well


In my last blog, I have already said what grounding/ earthing is all about.

I will give you a review of four different grounding products.

The sun gives us warmth and vitamin D; the Earth gives us food and water, a surface to walk, sit, stand, play, and build on, and something you maybe haven’t thought about – an eternal, natural, gentle energy.
Disconnected from the Earth, we feel fatigued. Being isolated from the Earth by non-conductive materials, such as wood, tile, and carpeted floorings in our homes and rubber and plastic in our shoes, leaves us feeling unhealthy.

Connecting with the Earth restores balance. When we make direct contact with the surface of the Earth, with our bare feet or hands, our bodies receive a charge of energy that makes us feel better.
Because we live mostly indoors, we are never really connected to the Earth. So we need to ground ourselves indoors. There are many grounding products out there, and I will describe some of them here in the review.

Maybe it makes it easier to pick the right one and feel better again.

Earthing products are meant to replace direct contact with the Earth. The original brand of these products is ‘ Earthing.’ They made it their passion to provide grounding products. But of course, there are different sellers.

The products are designed to be used via a grounded wall outlet. Test a wall outlet for proper ground, plug your product in, and rest all or a part of your body on the product. They are made out of non-toxic, high-quality materials.

Grounding mats

I have purchased a Universal Grounding Mat, and it is great. These mats can be used on the floor, under the desk, as a mouse pad. They can be used anywhere as long as they come in contact with your bare skin.

My experience is that even I wear socks, I am getting grounded.

The grounding mat is made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. The thin black conductive layer on the top of the mat is made of vinyl-free polyurethane resin infused with a carbon pigment. This carbon pigment is naturally flame resistant for additional safety. The bottom layer of the mat is non-conductive.

The universal mat has the size 12.5 “x 29”. 1 Coil Cord(15′), 1 U.S. Safety Adapter, 1 Outlet Checker, and 1 User’s Guide come with the mat. If you live outside of the U.S., you may need to order outlet adapters. Mostly you can buy a kit where other grounding products are attached.

Very often is a free copy of the Earthing book included. Reconnect with the earth and restore your health! You can take the mat with you when you travel. I do that and will not be without it anymore. To purchase the mat, click here or on the image!

There is also a mat for the bed ( 54″x71″). Different brands are selling them. The price is from $98.00 – $ 109.00. It is also called a grounding bed mattress, and I think this is an excellent alternative to the bedsheets.  It is made of 100% conductive carbon leatherette, breathable, and gives comfort. Elastic straps are fitting for different- thickness mattresses.

Grounding sheets

There are many grounding sheets; they differ in size and color. Grounding sheets are mostly for the bed to improve sleep. So you are grounded the most time of the night, and of course, during the day if you are going to take a nap.
The sheets are made of organic cotton and mostly Silver fiber for EMF protection. They come with a grounding cord. You get them in different sizes, 76″ x 80″ King Size, or half-size 27″x 52″, but also 118″x 51″. It is up to you what feels comfortable for you. It is not important to fill the whole bed. As long you are in contact with a part of your body, you are grounded.

The sheets are all washable.

Studies suggest that staying connected with the earth’s grounding power helps improve sleep, reduce inflammation, accelerate wound healing, detoxify the body, reduce stress, increase energy improve circulation, and reduce muscle tensions. Some people will notice benefits immediately, others after some time. But some people may not notice even though their body is experiencing the benefits. I, myself, felt the energy directly.

To purchase the sheet, click on the image!

Grounding pillowcases

Grounding pillowcases are working the same way as sheets. There are made of the same material, organic cotton and silver threads blended in the optimum proportion. The silver reduces the harmful EMF body voltage.

I  recommend them because your head is lying on the pillow, which helps with headaches and improves sleep. But of course, it doesn’t matter which part is in contact with the earthing products as long you are connected and grounded. The pillowcases are very affordable.

To purchase the pillowcases, click on the image!

Grounding patches and bands

There are different grounding bands available on the market. Mostly to wear around the wrist or the ankle. If you sit in front of the computer or on your sofa, watching TV, for example, you can use a wrist band. But it would help if you don’t forget that you are connected so that you are not falling over the cords when you get up to change room. Instead of buying a sheet or mat, you could use a wristband, also for bed.

If I see the reviews, I have to mention that most people are very pleased with the grounding products. Their sleep has improved, inflammation is gone. They feel better in every way.

Even their pets love the mats and sheets. You see, it works.

Earthing has also produced patches that can be placed on your bare skin. They are made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. They are similar to ECG/EKG electrode patches commonly used by doctors for testing. It is up to you what you like.

To purchase the bands, click on the image!


Earthing has made many grounding products. They are original. Now you can find many different brands that sell earthing products. My experience says that all people in the modern world should have grounding products in their houses. By reducing chronic diseases, they will feel better.

Children and pets will sleep better and are more protected from the positively charged electrons. I have included the earthing movie on this blog, so you can watch and learn about all benefits of earthing.

Please let us know your experience with the grounding products. I would love to hear from you!

To your health,



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8 thoughts on “Review of 4 Grounding Products – Feel Well

  1. Martinz says:

    Hi, I want to start by saying thank you for this information and been an amazing article and it has also thought me that earthing are usually added to beds and pillow cases. Before this I could argue if some brought up this topic but right now I’m more aware of the importance of earthing. Thanks

  2. Teboho Lekhanya says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    Thanks so much for this enlightening article! I have never heard of this grounding concept before today.

    Yah, the life we live in modern times is so detached from Nature, no matter how hard we try.

    I have seen Health conscious people, including my medical school Professors, make an effort to walk around barefooted. For me it would be difficult to achieve that. The environments I have lived in post medical school, have too many hazards to walk barefooted. So, grounding while indoors or outdoors in the paved yard would be a great idea!

    Are there any dangers in using the grounding equipment when there is lightning?


    1. Thank you very much, Teboho! Yes, it is not always possible to walk barefoot. Of course, our feet are not used to it. The grounding equipment is not connected to electricity. It is connected to the earth, so lightning is not dangerous. Excellent question!

  3. I was gripped by the content of your website. I had no idea there was such a thing as grounding mats, grounding sheets, grounding pillowcases etc, let alone being able to buy them. Its a very information and unique website that should create a loyal following of fans. You have a clean and clear looking website and it was a pleasure to read.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment, Dameon! I am very pleased that you have learned about grounding and grounding equipment. Maybe you would like to try them out. 

  4. Riaz Shah says:

    The grounding sheet for the bed is really attractive, I have problems sleeping and as I get older, I noticed that I’m not as energized as to how I felt way back whenever I wake up in the morning and I think it may be due to the fact that I haven’t been in touch with the earth, grounding so to speak. Does it need to be plugged in before we use the sheet?

    1. Hi Riaz. Thank you for your comment! You could really try a grounding mat or sheet for sleeping. Maybe you will sleep better. The sheet is not connected to the electrical outlet. It is connected to the earth. 

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