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Preparing For the Flu and Cold Season- Easily Done!

Summer is now, and the numbers of Covid 19 and the flu have dropped. It is the natural season where you seldom will catch a virus. Why is that? Because the sun is strengthening our immune system, activating the Vitamin D3 production in our skin. Vitamin D3 is a hormone that we need to modulate our immune system. Preparing for the flu and cold season also contains the step of optimizing our Vitamin D 3 levels. Problems arise when people try to hide before the sun, putting high sun protection on the skin and dressing with long sleeves. The sun is essential, like grounding, eating well, consuming minerals and vitamins, and omega 3’s.

Why Are We More Vulnerable to Virus infections in Winter?

This is a good question, and I mentioned it already above in my introduction. The sun activates a lot of positive reactions in our bodies that contribute to our health. In summer, we have the warmth of the sun, and the radiation penetrates our skin where the body is producing Vitamin D3, a crucial hormone for modulating the immune system, of course, among other vital functions. As a result, we are feeling stronger and happier in the summer.

woman blowing snow from her hands
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Viruses are always around us, but in winter, when our immune system is more vulnerable due to the lack of Vitamin D3 and lesser consumption of antioxidants, we are more vulnerable to infections of our respiratory system. Viruses like influenza and Covid 19 can enter the body more easily, leading to respiratory infections like bronchitis or even pneumonia.

Summer is a great time to restore and strengthen immunity, eating lots of organically grown vegetables and fruits that help our bodies resist viruses.

However, if people eat right in winter and move their bodies daily outdoors, the cold temperatures are perfect to create resistance to viruses and make the immune system stronger. Stress contributes to a weakened immune system, and many people experience winter as stressful due to the low temperatures, less social life, and darkness. Depression is creating a door for viruses to enter our bodies. Feeling low is certainly compromising our immune system.

People can’t flee bad news nowadays; they are bombarded with bad news. There is hardly any good news available, and everything has become global what adds to their fears.  People are worried about many things happening globally. The fear and worries create a constantly negative environment in your body and brain. Please don’t underestimate the power of our feelings. They can make you healthy or sick.

Preparing For the Flu and Cold Season

Well, we also strengthen our minds. We can prepare our bodies for the winter, which is the common season for the flu and cold. If we spend the summer joyful and outdoors, eating many fresh-made salads, and moving a lot in nature, walking, cycling, and doing sports, going to the beach,  we can strengthen our bodies very much.

4 men running into the water at the beach
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If we are getting much sunshine outdoors all day long, we will produce much Vitamin D3, which creates a strong immune system, among other factors. Well, the air has to be clean, and you shouldn’t use any sun protection. Otherwise, the sun’s radiation will not be able to penetrate your skin. If you live in a dirty city, you will most likely not get enough sunshine due to the air pollution blocking the sun. That is the sad and dirty inheritance of this time.

Living in a city is a reason to supplement important vitamins and minerals to support your immune system all year. Researchers have found that people suffering from auto-immune diseases are deficient in certain trace minerals, like selenium and zinc, and iodine, including special vitamins, like D3, K2, and B12, essential for a smooth working immune system. That is not surprising to me. Taking Vitamin D3 together with Vitamin K2 is essential for building our immune system and other bodily functions, like decalcifying our tissues and supporting strong bones.

Burst, Pexel

If we optimize our bodies, and especially our immune system, we need to have good levels of Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Selenium, Zinc, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B complex, and magnesium which all were very low in my blood lab while discovering that I have had an autoimmune disorder, proving the researchers are right.

We can do very much to feel good and strong going into the wintertime. Optimizing our minerals and vitamins, consuming lots of antioxidants, keeping our gut microbiome healthy, optimizing our hormones will improve our immune system very much.

This means eating much raw food, organic butter, oils like coconut and olive oil, nuts, seeds, and mainly vegetables and fruits will help us support the whole body’s immune system. I eat organic meat and wild-caught fish with my salad, but only tiny portions. Summer is there to recharge the batteries and to get stronger.

What to Do If You Catch The Flu Or The Cold?

I mean, catching a cold is life and makes our immune system stronger. Most of us will have winters where we are getting infected with the virus. That is not bad because catching a cold makes us resistant for the next cold season. I haven’t had the real flu for ages, but I have had a cold from time to time, with very soft symptoms.

Preparing for the flu and cold season- easily done
Photo by Nguyen Phuong NGUYEN from Pexels

Most winters, I take my supplements, and I drink bone broth which is excellent to keep the gut healthy. Bone broth is made from simmering joints and bones of cows or chickens for hours, which gives a protein-rich liquid we can drink like a bouillon or use in soups and other dishes. Bone broth has to simmer for many hours,  like four to 12 hours, resulting in a healthy liquid full of amino acids, collagen, glycerine, and glutamine which are very beneficial for our gut microbiome. You will experience many health benefits from drinking bone broth regularly, supporting gut, joint, and bone health, and improving your immune system. I am aware that bone broth is nothing for people who are vegan or are vegetarian. But you could simmer vegetables and make a healthy soup.

I often make bone broth in winter, drinking two to three or more cups per day, including some Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt for the mineral content. I always include Ginger, Tumeric, and Garlic with the bones and carrots, celery, parsley, and onions that I remove when the broth is finished.

Ginger root
Photo by Joris Neyt from Pexels

When my husband had to take an antibiotic cure for erysipelas on his leg, he directly started to drink bone broth and kefir, so he wasn’t experiencing all the symptoms coming with antibiotics, like diarrhea, sickness, and gastrointestinal problems. He had no problems at all. Drinking kefir is excellent to help the gut recover and eat fermented food, like kombucha tea, sauerkraut, and other pickles, because they are full of healthy bacterias which benefit the gut health.

In winter, I eat lots of vegetable soups made from bone broth, and the soups are warming me up when I feel my inner temperatures dropping. I feel very often cold because of the Hashimoto autoimmune disease, and bone broth is excellent for recovering my temperature. If you have caught a cold, you can easily use a footbath with bitter salt, warming your feet and detox your body via the feet while the body is absorbing the magnesium from the salt. It supports the body in its detox, an excellent way to recover your health.

When we are vulnerable to viruses, our gut has become sluggish, and our immune system is compromised. Helping your body detox daily is the best step towards recovering health. Supporting the detox, you can drink plenty of freshly pressed or blended juices, especially vegetable juices.

How Do We Prevent a Covid 19 Infection?

Well, it is the same way as you prepare for the flu infection. Covid 19 is a normal virus that infects the respiratory system, creating symptoms of running nose, pain in the neck, coughing, difficulties with breathing, and many more we know from the common cold and flu. However, because our immune system wasn’t prepared for Covid 19, many of us suffered strong symptoms or died due to a compromised immune system. In addition, older or chronically ill people have a weak immune system and can easily fall victim to such a virus.

When you observe the numbers of death resulting from the flu infecting millions of people worldwide in 2018, you can see that the people who have died due to Covid 19 are relatively few. The numbers around Covid 19 have been manipulated very extreme, according to many people, doctors, nurses, and administrative employees who now admit what has happened in 2020. They were told to declare every person who died as a Covid death, which has happened worldwide, but certainly, in so-called civilized countries. Can you imagine? I couldn’t! But now I can!

The many flu deaths in all the last decades were not even mentioned, making me ask for the reason. Anyway, since Covid 19 has infected about 80 % of the global population, we can assume that this 80% has built up immunity and doesn’t need to get “vaccinated.” So maybe the elderly and the chronically ill people are the only ones who need to be protected, but certainly not children and young people who still have a well-functioning immune system.

Covid 19 will arise, like the flu and common cold in the wintertime when it is getting cold. People have compromised immune systems due to the factors I mentioned above and their own underlying illnesses. Winter is the time to prepare for prevention, but actually the whole year, and while we prepare against flu and cold, we will automatically prepare against Covid 19.

Strengthening your immune system is the best you can do if you are not “vaccinated.” However, if you are vaccinated, you have lost your immunity, which makes you vulnerable to future SARS COV-2 variants, according to Huib Rutten, a general practitioner from the Netherlands, and also other experts.

According to Professor Sucharit Bhakti, a German Virologist, you are becoming a thrombus building factory that is not stoppable anymore.

This is worrying news because most of us are “vaccinated” and have family members and friends being “vaccinated.” Maybe we will experience the consequences of this “vaccination program” globally this coming winter when the viruses are more active again. I don’t know! We will see!


Final Thought

Preparing for the flu and the common cold means strengthening your immune system. Taking vitamins like D3, K2, and C and minerals like selenium, zinc, magnesium, and omega 3 fatty acids will help improve your immune systems, while consuming bone broth will be a blessing to your gut microbiome, as well as consuming fermented food. Eating a healthy diet and moving your body outdoors will strengthen your immune system, helping to fight off viruses even when it is raining. The same applies to Covid 19. If you are a healthy person, you don’t need to worry because your immune system is strong enough to attack and defend the body against viruses.

Please, let me know what you think! I love to hear from you! I would love to know your experiences and what you do in winter to prevent the flu and the cold.

To Your Health,


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4 thoughts on “Preparing For the Flu and Cold Season- Easily Done!

  1. Hi Sylvia
    I totally agree with bone broth. When we have winter in Australia, I often make chicken soup from the chicken carcase, adding root vegetables to my soups.

    It’s so morish and healthy.,

    I haven’t had the flu for a long time, touch wood, hahaha.

    All the best.

  2. Wonderful article Sylvia, these are very important and effective ways to try when you have cold or flu.

    I usually mix ginger, honey, lime and warm water. its a very nice and soothing combination which actually does help.
    I don’t like to add tumeric because it tends to color my mouth and i dont like it.

    Its very important to boost our immune systems in times like this to avoid getting sick often because its not a nice feeling at all.

    Keep up the good work Sylvia

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Femi! You are very right! The best we can do is boosting our immune system, and what you take, the ginger, lime, honey, and warm water, is excellent. I know what you mean about Turmeric coloring your teeth. I use Turmeric and ginger in warm almond milk, together with cinnamon. It tastes very well, and it is great for boosting our health. 🙂

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