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Our Health Begins in the Gut – Amazing Gut


our health begins in the gut-Amazing Gut 

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Our health begins in the gut, why is that?

Did you ever have been thinking of your gut as the source of health? Have you ever thought of supporting and healing your gut?

I assume most people haven’t because they don’t know and are not informed about their gut health. I mean, if their doctors are not that interested in gut health and connecting the points to create a better immunity, why should you do that?

I am a nurse and have always been interested in natural health and understanding my body, but I don’t think that all nurses know the connection between gut health and the immune system. Otherwise, they would not blindly follow our “health systems.” Most colleagues are not interested in knowing the reason for the real health issue.

Most diseases start in the gut! Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut!

Can you imagine how the guts of most people look like by getting fed everyday food that we can’t call food? Our body doesn’t recognize this so-called food, so our immune system is getting exhausted by fighting all the intruders and not getting the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Damaged intestines mean damaged health! It is essential, yes, lifesaving, to heal your gut by feeding your intestines the right food daily. If you suffered a chronic bowel disease, you need to stop eating the wrong food directly to reduce the inflammation. Otherwise, you will be getting worse and finally die too early. Every person with chronic inflammation of the bowels will have swollen, spongy tissue in their bowels,  where l no nutrients are coming through helping the body function.

What is our gut?

Our gut, also called the gastrointestinal tract, starts at the mouth and ends at the back passage, anus. Our mouth is the beginning of the gut. We eat food; then, it passes down the esophagus into our stomach to our small intestine, divided into three parts, the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. This is where food is digested and absorbed into our bloodstream.

The first part of the large intestine is called the caecum and follows the ileum. The appendix is attached to this part of the large intestine. The ascending colon is located upwards from the caecum, while the transverse colon crosses the body, finished by the descending colon, which goes downwards.

We also have the sigmoid colon, an s-shaped final part that ends in the rectum. The rectum stores the feces, stool, which are pushed out through the anus finally. Food that is not digested, like fiber, is in the large intestine, which also absorbs water.

Some foods and liquids are absorbed through the stomach’s lining, but the majority is absorbed in the small intestine. Undigested foods and bacterias are passed out as stool. This is mainly how our gut is working.

How do You Define Health?

What do you think health is? Health is not only the absence of illness, disease! It is the complete physical, mental, and social well-being of the person. woman in the kitchen cutting fruits

The World Health Organization defines Health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

You see, without health, you are not able to live a full life. As a nurse, I have to do with chronically ill people who don’t recover, especially not our health system, which is not designed to help them get their health back. If you think that medication is the answer,  living your life just as before without making any adjustments, you are mistaken.

To live a healthy life asks responsibility of you, and when you are feeling responsible for your own life, you will eat the right food, moving your body and distressing your mind.

Believe me, you won’t let a system take care of your health.

Why Does Our Health Begin in the Gut?

This question is easily answered when you think about our intestines. Our whole body functions through the intake of real food, which the body recognizes, and while digesting the food, it absorbs the nutrients into our bloodstream, where they will get to the cells. The cells need the right nutrients to detox, repair, and to build new cells. This is an important process of the body throughout all organs and tissues.

For digesting food, the body needs enzymes, hormones, acid, and other substances. Our glands are providing the body with enzymes, like pancreatic enzymes.

Food turns into a liquid that the lining of the small intestine can absorb, and non-digestible food, especially the fiber clean the lining of the large intestines, and by feeding the microbiome, bacteria will multiply.

Microbiome means the microorganisms or microbiota found in a specific environment. These microorganisms are essential in our body, and so in our intestines; both helpful, and potentially harmful microbes that create diseases.

The microbiome is everywhere, on our skin, vagina, gut. We possess a massive population of these bacterias in our gut, and there are studies showing the correlation between immunity and microbiome.

If we eat real food and the bacteria have enough to strive on, we will have a healthy gut tissue where the bacteria live and keep us healthy while reducing the harmful ones. To balance our microbiome is our goal.

If we eat the wrong food like pizza, pasta, bread, cakes, we will help the harmful microbes creating yeast. It is like a yeast cake that is rising to give us this bloated feeling. Bad bacterias strive for sugar. When we have lots of fiber in our gut, the good bacterias will have the right surrounding to help us stay healthy. Think about this.

The Best Food to Create a Healthy Gut!

The reason people are healthy is that they eat healthily and live healthily. People who live on an unhealthy diet create an inflamed body resulting in different diseases. A healthy immune system means a healthy body and mind.

To stay or become healthy, we need to eat the right food. If you look into different diets, you will see that the most important part of a diet consists of vegetables and fruits. 80% of a healthy diet should be vegetables, and especially raw.

These vegetables keep our microbiome healthy. If you eat mostly vegetables, fruits, seeds, fermented food(but not dairy), nuts, a little bit of protein from organic meat or fish, beans and lentils, healthy fats, sprouted seeds, you will create a healthy gut environment.

Leave all comfort food away, no bread, no grains, no pasta, no cakes, etc. You will definitely be healthy and have more energy. Your weight will drop, your skin will look perfect.

Final Thought

Now we know that our gut is the port to health, we better live another lifestyle. When your energy increases, you will find the strength to do sports or hiking outside. You will have no pain anymore!

Is this not fantastic?

Having your health back will let you live completely different, more positive, more powerful. Your food choices determine your health state. Would you not love to get around again without pain or depression?

For me, there is no choice! That is my lifestyle, and I  hope you will choose this lifestyle too.

Please let me know what you think! Do you have experienced healing because of a healthy life choice?

To Your Health,


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4 thoughts on “Our Health Begins in the Gut – Amazing Gut

  1. I agree with this completely.
    It should be published more widely that gut health has such a massive impact on mental health,

    Most people dismiss the truth of this because they don’t want to or can’t be bothered to change the way they eat.
    Others know it’s true and will try to eat healthily but then drop back into bad eating habits.
    Which is a shame. It should be mandatory to have health and nutrition classes in schools in every country.

    1. Linda, thank you so much for your comment! You are so right; it should be mandatory in school already. Children should learn that they need to eat healthy food. Most people have problems giving up junk food, their comfort food. This has a real impact on their health. I hope to reach out to many people to inform them about the consequences of their wrong lifestyle. In other countries, they don’t have Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and other mental diseases like depression. They are lifestyle-related and therefore easy to change.

      1. I have come across articles lately about the impact of fast/processed food. Apparently poor gut health also affects mental health, scientists have found a correlation between the two.
        Keep up the good work of informing people.

        1. Thank you so much, Linda! Yes, it is essential to healing our gut, the most crucial step in recovering our health. Without gut health, we will not heal our body and mind! You are right about this! Let’s spread this message globally, so people might understand the information and take responsibility for their health.

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