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Natural Ways to Get Energy in the Morning

Natural ways to get energy in the morning

We all know how it feels when we have difficulties getting up in the morning. I show you natural ways to get energy in the morning, not using coffee. I know most of us to need coffee, and I do too. I am so used to drink coffee in the morning that my body is programmed needing its cup of coffee, which I also favor.

If I drink green tea in the morning and don’t eat, I get sick. The tannin is too strong for my stomach. I drink mostly one cup of coffee, a tiny one. But to kickstart my metabolism, I do other tricks,  and there are different possibilities to do so.

My favorite is pure water, a big glass with pure filtered and vitalized water. Incredible how this tastes. Every morning, I jumpstart my metabolism with pure water, sometimes, I put a little bit of Celtic sea salt in the water, and within few minutes, I have to go to the toilet, emptying my bowels. After that, I am feeling refreshed, vitalized through the water, and the day can come.

Why is Coffee Not a Good Solution?

I will tell you in a minute.

blond woman drinking coffee

Many people drink coffee throughout the day and need coffee in the morning. Me too!

But coffee is not the best solution to boost your energy. First of all, coffee is an acidic drink that burdens the body, and instead of helping it to get rid of toxins in the morning, you will add more toxins.

Coffee exhausts the adrenal glands, which are responsible for giving you energy by producing cortisol. Coffee pushes the adrenal glands.

If we drink one or two cups of coffee per day, it doesn’t matter when we otherwise eat and live healthily. The more we drink, the more we will create a problem for the body pushing our already tired bodies over their limit only to get more energy.

The body is normally well equipped to tell us that it is tired and wants to sleep. Using caffeine all day long will imbalance our circadian rhythm, which is not good for the hormones and the awake and sleep cycle.

Also, coffee has some antioxidants; it also has lots of pesticides and other toxins created by processing the beans into coffee powder. I prefer organic coffee, which is processed differently.

Coffee stimulates us to go very often to the toilet, leaving us dehydrated. When we drink coffee, it is better to drink lots of pure water with a cup of coffee. That is why in Italy and France people drink a glass of water with their cup of coffee. It is a great habit to get the fluids back into your body. Your body can detox, and your brain stays well hydrated. Thinking is clearer; we are more concentrated, more focussed.

The Best Natural Ways to Boost Energy in The Morning

There are several great pieces of advice to kickstart your morning and help the body with a detox. You will instantly feel better, and your energy will increase very much!


a carafe of water with lemons
Using the juice of half a lemon in a glass of pure water will help your kidneys flush out the toxins very quickly. Lemons are acidic but react alkaline, which helps the body detox the acids.

Also, you get some Vitamin C which is a great antioxidant to stimulate your immune system. Drinking regular lemon juice diluted in water will help you to empty your bowels in the morning. Your mind will become more clear; you will have more focus and concentration.


Ginger is another great detoxifier in the morning. It also reacts alkaline and helps the body to get rid of toxins. Ginger has many great benefits you can read about in this article. To receive full benefits, it is better to crush the ginger before filling the glass with water.

Pure Water

That is my favorite. Drinking a big glass of pure, vitalized, filtered water will give your metabolism a full boost. I drink most time two glasses of water in the morning directly after I left my bed. The blood, the lymphatic system is stimulated by the water, and the body can do its work. If you felt tired and unfocused, after drinking water, you will feel refreshed and re-energized. Water is the best drink you can consume throughout the day, keeping you hydrated and your body cleaning its cells.

Seasalt or Himalayan Salt

If you drink this remineralizing drink, you will help your kidneys and adrenal glands keep up their work. These sorts of real salt are having a full spectrum of minerals that help the body perform its work better, remineralize your cells, produce hormones, and keep up your electrolyte balance.

Green Tea

a cup of green tea

Green tea is very much refreshing and alkalizing the body. The antioxidants in green tea are helping the immune system and the cells. You can read here my blog about green tea. It is a better option to drink green tea than coffee because green tea has anti-inflammatory components that help the body fight cancer cells and chronic diseases.

Green Juices

Drinking freshly made vegetable and fruit juice is like a liquid breakfast. Combined with flaxseeds, other seeds, and a green powder, you consume a powerhouse of great ingredients that gives you much energy without needing to eat. Having a quality juicer or blender is necessary to keep the nutrients intact. Read my blogpost about juicing here!

Why is Pure Water the Best Drink?

What do you think?

a glass of water with the globe in itYes, pure water is needed to help your body flush out toxins, hydrate the cells, and keep the blood on the right consistency, so oxygen and nutrients will get to all cells, whereby carbon dioxide and toxins will be brought out the body.  Our brain needs to keep hydrated very well;  receiving oxygen and nutrients helps us stay focused and concentrated.

Our body needs water to perform all physical functions well. If we get dry, dehydrated,  chemical and physical performance will suffer very much.

Our body consists of 45-75 % of water, whereby little children’s bodies contain more than older adults. Water is an essential element; being  3 days without water is already a serious life-threatening situation where all bodily functions will finally stop.

When People die, they stop eating and drinking, and within some days or hours, they will pass away. It depends on how your bodily condition is; some people die quicker without water than others. Drinking pure, filtered, and vitalized water is essential.

However, our drinking water is mostly polluted by medications, pesticides, heavy metals, pathogens, worms,  sand, and rust. These condition of our water makes it necessary to buy an excellent water filter, at least for drinking water, but if you can afford it, for the whole house.

I have written a blog about pure water. Water is life! We live in a world where the industry is dumping their waste in rivers, farmers polluting the ground using pesticides and herbicides. The pharma industry is leaving back tons of dangerous waste that is poisoning our drinking water. Also, the industry is using high-quality water for their production of cars and other goods. It is a shame that the governments are allowing this to happen.

If you have a high-quality water filter system, the whole family should drink only filtered water to renew or sustain health. There are already thermos bottles where you can vitalize your filtered water in the bottle. The molecules are organized in the same way as pure mineral water from a fountain. Nature creates the best water, but we human beings are very great at sawing the bridge we are sitting on.

What About Fitness?

a woman performing yoga

We could also perform some great exercises in the morning to kickstart our metabolism, helping to increase our energy. Yoga is an outstanding practice for the whole body and mind. Even you perform some exercise for 10 minutes every day, you competently start your morning.

I know friends who do jogging in the morning, before getting ready for work. That is an amazing habit, and while I am not a jogger, I love walking, which is also very recommendable for a morning start.

Most people have not the time to do some exercise in the early morning, but I know doctors who run the way to the hospital where they work, strong-minded people.

I have a yoga app on my smartphone, and I love to do yoga, but I am not in the mood to exercise early in the morning. Drinking pure water is a perfect solution to boost metabolism. However, I have friends who cycle to their work, which is also beneficial for their whole bodily systems.

Taking a shower with changing temperatures is a great boost as well. I know people who are doing this, and they have so much energy. I don’t like to shower cold in winter mornings, but rather using the sauna. Every person is different.

What you choose doesn’t matter, as long you help your body with a good start. 🙂

Final Thought

There are many possibilities of starting your morning boosting your energy and metabolism. I have listed some of them for you. Whatever you like, it is up to you because you know yourself the best, and you know what fits into your daily morning routine. We are all different, and that is so great!

I love to hear from you! Please tell me how you are doing in the mornings. Do you need coffee? Are you feeling exhausted?

Let us know what you feel!

To Your Health,


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