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Natural Immunity vs Vaccines!

This article is based on research and alternative sources. To make up your own mind please investigate the sources! 

You have already learned that I am very much believing in natural healing and immunity. Natural immunity vs. vaccines is an excellent topic because I can show you that our immune system is the only way to protect us. Big Pharma has, of course, made a huge profit from their vaccines; it doesn’t matter what kind of vaccines. But they have made profits for decades from all their chemical products. Now there are many pieces of evidence that these medications have depleted the nutrient level of our bodies. There are many different vitamins and minerals that are lowered over the time of consuming prescription drugs.

Natural immunity vs Vaccines

“All of these things are things that have been proven in clinical studies, but because it’s not a requirement for drug studies to report that you’re depleting these vitamins or minerals, many times it doesn’t show up till years later.”( James Lavalle)

But this is another topic!

However, the mRNA vaccines are the hoax of this time. Big Pharma will earn a huge amount of money by keeping us vaccinated, and they already do in Israel! Booster shots are their insurance for earning big money!

But, God has given us a beautiful defense system, our immune system. 🙂

Natural Immunity – What is That?

We have encountered many pathogens in our lives, and our immune system has helped us survive. Why should it not help us against Covid 19?  Natural immunity is reached when your immune system has created immunity against specific pathogens. So, why should you get vaccinated against Covid when your immune system can defend you against the virus?

Statics have shown that people who didn’t receive the vaccine have better protection. Our God has created us wonderfully, with a defense system that is very effective against most pathogens. I also received all kinds of vaccines as a child and later for my travels into tropical regions and working as a nurse.

I believe that some vaccines are of great support, especially if Tetanus, a deadly disease, has infected us. However, most vaccines are just for earning Big Pharma and the stakeholders huge money, and the patent system has created greediness for money instead of the willingness to help people.

Our immune system is strong enough to protect us if we have a healthy body, meaning a healthy gut. The memory of B- and T-cells is outstanding to recognize intruders the second time after an immune response and help the body eliminate the pathogens.
Immunological memory involves both T and B cells and results in a secondary antibody response that is faster, of higher affinity, and results in the secretion of non-IgM isotypes of Ig. Natural immunity is far superior to the protection you get from the COVID shot because when you recover from the infection, your body makes antibodies against all five proteins of the virus, plus memory T cells that remain even once antibody levels diminish.

Our immune system is very well developed to recognize viruses and other pathogens.

You might want to read this article about the immune system.

Covid Vaccines- Are They Working?

If you look to Israel, the country where Pfizer has admitted that it has a contract made with the Health Authorities of Israel that this country is receiving the experimental status. They have agreed that Pfizer can test on the people without telling the population, which is a crime against humanity.

However, the statistics are showing us that the vaccine has failed when it comes to immunity. The vaccines have been rolled out very early,  already in winter 2020 where the Israeli government has vaccinated more than 90% of the population. In December 2020, Pfizer claimed an effectiveness of 95%, but in July 2021, the effectiveness was around 39%. The people have been forced to receive the vaccine; otherwise, they couldn’t live a social life, including the young people who are threatened now by heart inflammation and blood clots.

With the appearance of the Delta strain, the government started to administer the booster shots in July 2021. But even then, data showed that fully vaccinated people are at higher risk of severe illness when getting infected with SARS-CoV-2 or any of its variants than unvaccinated. It is now obviously showing evidence for COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths in Israel and other high-vaccinated countries that being fully vaccinated means creating the Delta and other variants. Whatever happens in Israel can reliably be expected to happen everywhere else as well; some months later, for me, a sign that we are worldwide to be set up for injections, and the government decides what is getting in our bodies. With its population of 9.3 million, Israel has been declared a big test group, and it will continue with many booster shots to come.

Because Israel has committed to transparency in its data collection, it is an outstanding statistic to follow and conclude. Its data is considered the best in the world!

So, if the vaccines are working, then only a short time, and people are ruining their immune system, setting themselves up for ongoing booster shots, maybe twice a year. But experts say that the vaccines are hazardous and the health damage outweighs the benefits.

You are setting yourself up for the earning model of Big Pharma and governmental control. These shots are trying to manipulate us, creating a pandemic by creating fear in us, trying to control us.


Natural Immunity VS Covid Vaccines

Observing the vaccines’ effects, knowing the reason behind the push of receiving the jabs, I would recommend everyone rejecting the vaccines and trust their immune systems, live a healthy life, meaning consuming real healthy food and moving their bodies.

There is no other way!

Covid vaccines are only a way to control you and building an earning model, nothing more. If you could look behind the scenes, you would understand what is going on. The so-called elite is robbing us of our money, health, and life, destroying our planet, and it is about their profit and eliminating the world’s population. There are so many experts explaining what is going on.

Former Vice president of Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, is sure that the whole pandemic is genocide. I repeat, he is the former vice president of Pfizer, so he knows for sure what is going on.


Does it sound unbelievable or too harsh for you? You better wake up! Globalists are psychopaths trying to exploit and control the world!

We are manipulated, and we don’t matter at all. If they would care for us, they only need to test our blood serum for antibodies, and they would see that about 99% of the world’s population has built up immunity, natural immunity. However, have taken the jabs has set you up to needing constant jabs because your immune system is lowered by the injections, even worse, producing your destruction, like bombs inside your body. Sorry!

These viruses are bioweapons, and the vaccines are control tools. It is a fact that for decades the elite has released several bioweapons on Africa, especially HIV and Ebola, to find ways of decimating the world’s population.  However, they have already tried for a long time to reduce the population, starting in Africa and India. Rockefeller and Bill Gates have experimented with an anti-fertility vaccine in Africa.

Covid 19 is a common flu virus, according to experts, but the elite has used it for controlling and pushing the world into a totalitarian, global system. If we are not aware of the development and their moves, we will lose, and indeed, YOUR children will lose their future in freedom and democracy. Will you allow this to happen?

Rockefeller is very fond of Chinese communism and Mao, who has killed about 65 million people in his country. So, you know what to think about Rockefeller. Would you ever trust such a man? Maybe if you feel the same way.

Most people nowadays suffer from cognitive dissonance, turning their faces, don’t want to see reality. They are certainly lost if they are not waking up! However, in Nazi Germany, people acted the same way. But later they said ” Wir haben es nicht gewusst!” Bullshit!!!!

Now is the time of connecting and resisting! Solidarnosz! We have to join in solidarity!

Don’t Get The Jabs!

Don’t get the jabs, and if you have got them and now regret the fact, you certainly will not take the booster shots. According to Pfizer, 50 % have received the placebo! Feel well, be happy and thankful, and don’t push others to obtain a deadly shot if you have received the placebo. Now is the time to resist any further injections because if you get the booster shots, you might have received the deadly one and still might die.

People who have already had received the real jabs might be very ill by now, damaged, handicapped, or dead. Governments not listening to the many alarm signals of organizations, testimonies, and experts, are a clear warning, a clear red alert. They are ignoring the fact that so many people get injured and die! But why are they still pushing the jabs on people, even children? They are lying to their people! Why?

Do you not ask yourself why they are behaving like psychopaths? What is their agenda? What is their boss? Who is manipulating or threatening them? I ask myself this question and investigate the reasons.

There is no rectification of pushing people to receive an experimental, deadly injection if there is no hidden agenda. The point is there is no pandemic, and it is all about propaganda! The elite is very transparent in their goals of reaching the world’s population reduction. They want a New World Order, where everything is global and governed by a global totalitarian government, the elite of about 9000 people.

Of course, that is dangerous!

These people belong to the Illuminati, freemasonry, psychopaths following their desires, performing satanic rituals, even hunting and killing children. Do you want these people to succeed?

The top elite consists of royals, managers, stakeholders, bankers, lawyers, politicians, doctors, scientists, churches, and judges. These people should never be in charge of a world’s population because they will never have our well-being and that of the Earth on their minds.

Don’t be stupid! Don’t fool yourself! They are unempathetic, perverse psychopaths, a criminal network where you can’t even persecute them because they are protected by other important people of this network, the judges! They have an untouchable status! 

Do you trust them?

They operate in darkness, threatening their victims by telling them they will be killed if they are witnessing to the public.

That is Satan, lying and dark! The father of lies!

Do you think I am exaggerating? Please, search for the victims of such satanic rituals on the internet! They are not believed, blocked, belittled, and called crazy. But they have experienced these horrible situations as a child. A life in hell on earth!

If you want to come to light, you need to withstand and being disobedient to your government. Be transparent! Now is the time to oppose the darkness! It is a huge network of murders, pedophiles, robbers, human trafficking, the real Mafia!

Their strength is their gas-lighting behavior, working in complete darkness, lying and betraying, manipulating and controlling!

Unity of the population is a huge weapon against them!

Final Thought

Our immune system should be strong enough to overcome Covid, a virus compared to the flu. We need no vaccine, at least not an mRNA vaccine. It is deadly, full of toxic substances that are bringing more harm than any good. If you see the situation in Israel, you will see the total damage the people are experiencing from the Pfizer vaccine. Devastating!

The numbers tell very much about the course this vaccine takes.

Please, let me know what you think! What is your experience? I would love to know!

To Your Health,



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