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Is Air pollution a Reason to Worry?

Do you ever think about the quality of the air you breathe? I bet you don’t think about the air you are breathing into your lungs. We do it automatically, and we only suffer a lack of oxygen when we have difficulties breathing. Do you know that the purer the air, the deeper you take a breath? Yes, if you are walking along the coastline, the beach, or in the forest or mountain, you will breathe deeper in your lungs. That is why you get tired and more relaxed while being on holiday in the countryside or at the beach. It is so healthy spending much time in nature, eating healthy food, your body is rewarding you with deep sleep, something you might not have experienced since years living in a city where the traffic jam is an ongoing fact. Noise-, light, electrical, water, and air pollution make people sick, showing us that living in a city is not the desired situation for human beings.

Air pollution in the Cities

Big cities! Yes, they have grown so fast in decades. Why is that? Work is abundant, and we all need to pay our monthly bills; it doesn’t matter if we have family or are alone. Most factories are in the cities; in cities located at sea, you find the container harbor where people work or the airport where we have many job possibilities. University is mostly located in big cities, forcing young students to live in air smog. There are cities worldwide with millions of people; the air is so polluted that people suffer from respiratory diseases.

Is air pollution a reason to worry?
ANTHR_Photobay, Pixabay

Asthma is a disease where children already suffer from the lungs’ damaged tissue and blood vessels, creating a dependence on aerosols and other medications. Combined with stress ( and you can’t avoid stress living in such huge cities), pollution reduces their life very much, dying prematurely.

Catching viral infections treated with antibiotics is only the beginning of a long-suffering. The gut is destroyed due to the antibiotics and the many medications they receive; the aerosols destroy the lungs, they don’t eat right because doctors don’t tell them. Their gut microbiome is not recovering; fungal is spreading over all the tissues, giving signals to the person to eat sugary stuff and many carbohydrates, so the fungal can thrive on the sugar, finally reaching via the bloodstream every cell in the body and brain.

Industry and houses
Saurabh Singh, Unsplash

People feel very ill, visiting their doctors regularly, receiving more medications, killing the last good bacteria in the gut. Their doctor can’t help them, and slowly they become weaker and weaker. The immune system is overwhelmed.

If you want to recover, you might stop living in a city, changing your lifestyle, taking responsibility for your own life. However, I am sure you will find a way to balance your life in the city and spending much time in nature. Walking daily in nature for hours is a luxury most people can’t afford regarding the time consent they face working a job, leading a household, and caring for a family. However, we all need to make choices to improve our lives.

Living in a city is making you ill! 

Many components coming together shaking people’s health, like 5 G, wifi anyway, electrical smog, air pollution from cars and industry, water pollution, light pollution, and noise pollution. If you can’t sleep anymore, your circadian rhythm is disrupted. Maybe it is better to live in the countryside, commuting daily to the city, something that every person needs to investigate for themselves, finding a solution for better life quality.

What do you think? Is your health worth the effort?  Please think about possibilities, not difficulties! It is your health, your life!

How Does Inside Air Pollution Affect Your Health?

You might think that the air pollution coming from cars and industry, or planes are the only problem.

I have to tell you the truth! 

Your house could also be a  reason if you suffer from respiratory disorders! You can’t stay in your garden all the time avoiding your home. Just kidding! But it is a serious situation.

a living room with sofa, lamp, modern
Pexels, Pixabay

The furniture, the carpets, laminate, paints are making us ill. There is so much Chemie involved that our poor lungs have a difficult time, inside and outside. It is a vital reason to spend much time in nature to recover your health. If you want to avoid all that toxins, you better buy secondhand furniture or buy furniture that stays with you for decades while using wood for the floor and organic paint for the walls. Saving money and buying sustainably made furniture might be a good solution.

Be careful with your mattress in your bed, which is also made from toxic materials that are evaporating during the night. If you want to live healthily, you need to go sustainable and organic, but it is quite expensive. However, you could buy secondhand stuff that has already lost many toxins. I’m not particularly eager to buy mattresses in a second-hand shop, so saving money and buy excellent organic made ones is a must. Buying secondhand cars is much healthier than a new car. However, the best would be to use the bicycle and the train for commuting 🙂

I visit a site on the internet where people are selling secondhand stuff regularly, and while avoiding purchasing new things that evaporate lots of toxins, I improve my health. However, I am doing very much to improve my health; eating healthy is normal for me. Stress is the only difficulty to avoid due to working a demanding job I love, but that costs me quite a lot of energy and affects my health.

Knowing that the organic stuff can be quite expensive, I try to find ways around it. There is always a lot of investigation and searching the internet to find affordable, sustainable products.

But be aware that the pollution coming from your house can contribute to your health issues.  95% of all products coming from China on our market, and they are cheap but toxic. Chinese people who are working in the industry are becoming ill due to the chemical flood. Their environment is intoxicated. Do you want this to happen? I don’t want people to suffer for my luxury, and I don’t want to suffer for an industry producing cheap products and earning much money! We are global and have responsibility for each other.

So, it is us and our choices to change this situation. 

interior, kitchen and living room
Kara Eads, Unsplash

The paint you use in your house, the flooring is most likely very toxic, and you and your family are inhaling these chemicals when you are at home. Working in an office increases the toxins in your body. There are enough organic materials that are not treated with toxic chemicals, but there are not cheap. I prefer to buy secondhand stuff that already has lost quite a lot of the vaporating toxins. If you have a new car, you might smell all the chemicals. While the sun warms the interior of your car, you inhale a flood of these toxins coming from the desk board and seats. In a city, you can’t even open the window due to the traffic smog you inhale.

We have created an unhealthy environment that contributes to sickness, especially hormones and neurotransmitter imbalances. To escape that, you could better live in a healthy environment like the countryside,  be completely self-supporting growing your own food. But of course, not all people can live in the countryside. However, living in the city is shorten our lives. Statistics are showing the compromising health facts living in a dirty city. There are many possibilities to improve a city, making it greener and more livable, by banning cars.

How to Minimize Air pollution in Your Surrounding?

I believe there is much that we can do, but it might not be affordable for anyone. I still need to adjust my own home to have less pollution, but this is not always about air pollution. We also suffer noise pollution at night and day. Keeping polluted air outside our home is not so difficult if we keep it inside natural and organic. A good solution is an air filter fixed outside your house that filters your air, and you will inhale pure clean air. I have no idea what this filter cost. It might be good to get advice from a company that sells air filters.

antique furniture in a countrystyle house or castle
455992, Pixabay

Try not to purchase cheap furniture from India or China. Better go for Antique, not for modern interior. They are still made a natural way and very often are already several centuries old. A real problem is a good organic-made mattress and a sofa or chairs. People do change their furniture too often, which is unnecessary if they have bought a high-quality sofa or chairs that can still look beautiful for years and be maintained in a healthy, sustainable way. Ask your Granny; she still might know what to do.:)

Be careful with flooring and paint. The best option is wood planks instead of laminate. We also have laminate, but that is not a good choice. There are enough natural materials available that also help us be grounded while staying in our house. Grounding is something that people don’t even know in this artificial world. Still, it is crucial to be grounded and connected to the Earth’s electrons to neutralize the positive electrons from electrical devices. We are living in a completely polluted world, outside and inside, disrupting our natural balance.

The best to inhale healthy air is to walk in nature daily; going to a forest or walking along a beach will clean your respiratory system and spend you with enough oxygen that you need for all the bodily processes. The problem nowadays is that we live more inside than walking or cycling in nature. There are areas where people can’t even escape the toxic air anymore; the smog is covering the cities. Luckily, most big cities have several huge green parks, and they are quite good to recover your lungs and body cells and your senses. We need the trees, which are our lifeblood.

old huge tree
Regal Shave, Pixabay

If you need a car, the best is to purchase an old car, but they are also quite a burden for the environment using petrol. I try not to use the car too often because many ways I can go walking or cycling. Of course, walking and cycling in a polluted city is not a healthy action.

We need greener cities and fewer cars. Creating rooftop gardens will help clean the air of a city; plants are filtering the air, releasing oxygen into the environment. There are cities in Europe where cars are not allowed in the city center, like Copenhagen and Stockholm, for me a brilliant idea. City councils provide bicycles throughout the city, and you pick one and leave it at the final destination. Awesome idea! The air is surely cleaner in these cities.

Air pollution and Covid 19

You know that Covid 19 infection can damage your respiratory system, like the influenza virus. When the viral infection went around in the world, Italy was hit the worst. This happened due to the air pollution in these areas where a lot of industry is located. Especially older people who already have a compromised immune system due to air pollution have died. We all can’t forget the pictures of the many coffins. Now it is India that is suffering the most, and also, India is a country with huge polluted cities, poor people, and a bad medical system.

India, crowded city
Joakant, Pixabay

Healthy people and children don’t need to worry about Covid 19, and it is absolutely unnecessary to vaccinate healthy people and children. The yearly influenza injection is also only for older and chronically sick people, and every year many people die of influenza. Nobody is talking about this fact!

What happens now, vaccinating people with something that is not even a vaccine, is not understandable. Real trustworthy experts warn the government and the population not to get injected due to not knowing what will happen in the coming months of being vaccinated.  These so-called vaccinations are not tested enough. Everyone needs to ask himself why the government is not listening to the experts, instead, receiving the advice of dubious people who get paid by the pharmacy? We can’t trust the government’s advice at the moment. There are other powers involved, and we don’t really know which game are they playing.

If you are a healthy individual, don’t get vaccinated until we know more. It is like playing Russian Roulette; you don’t know if you will survive the vaccination or die. And the government is pushing you to play that game. If you are a healthy person, your immune system is strong enough to defend your body. Experts advise waiting until we have real vaccines like the influenza vaccine.

I checked the internet to find contrary voices to Covid. You can’t find any contrary website on the first seven pages on Google, but the first seven pages are all pro voices of the governments worldwide and the WHO. I think this fact has something to be worried about. Authorities are censuring the contrary expert’s voices and websites. But why? We can only form our own opinion by reading different information, but why are they trying to hide information against the vaccination?

I would like to know!

Final Thought

Most of us suffer from air pollution, among other threats. It is devastating for our health; we receive too little oxygen, which the cells need desperately, resulting in superficial breathing and a serious deficiency of oxygen in the cells, suffocating and dying prematurely, leading to chronic diseases like cancer. The respiratory system is getting damaged, resulting in dysfunction of the lungs and bronchial tract. People are vulnerable to viral and bacterial, but also fungal infections. This is surely why respiratory disorders are on the rise, especially in many industrial areas and cities with enormous traffic jams. We need to take responsibility for our own health and the health of our environment, leaving the polluted area, or try to adjust our home with air filters and sustainable materials which are not toxic. Making our cities greener and leaving cars out of the center would help improve our air, and help our health.

Please let me know what you think! I would love to hear your opinion and what you have done so far to improve your health.

To Your Health,


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2 thoughts on “Is Air pollution a Reason to Worry?

  1. We used to live in a much-polluted area in between the industrialized harbors of Antwerp and Rotterdam. I can really sense the difference now that we are living on the outskirts of a Spanish village at the foot of a nature park. I just got back from our 1-hour-walk up the mountain and back. 🙂

    It’s a pity the Spanish don’t take better care of their land. I read yesterday that without drastic interventions, southern Spain will become a desert by 2100. Newspaper articles about a thing like that always stay abstract. “It’s due to climate change”. Instead of “We should all stop polluting and poisoning the soil and air”.

    I am so glad the group of caring people is growing. We are members of a network in our province that gives information at schools and works in community gardens to involve as many people as possible.

    1. What a pity, Hannie, That the Spanish are not taking care of their country, but I heard that the Benelux countries are the worst in Europe. Belgian and Luxemburg have received a refine for their ignorance of not doing enough for the environment. The Netherlands is very bad as well. I am also so glad that more people come together and build a network to save our planet by avoiding pollution. I feel the difference very much. Here in the Netherlands, I feel sick from the radiation and electricity, but also air pollution. I would love to move house and country.:)

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