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How to Start Your Fitness Journey- Raise Your Energy!

Regular fitness or movement raises your energy and helps your body heal and your brain function in a smooth way. There are so many ways to include a fitness program into your daily or weekly routine. At the moment, it is difficult due to the virus to visit a sports school, but it is not necessary; our smartphones and smart TVs are worth gold. You can join a sports program, very often for free, and moving your body while watching the sports program on TV or your smartphone. I think it is great because you feel like you are not alone; others in the program join you. I like that!

Fitness- a Word That Many Hate

How to start your fitness journey-raise your energy?

I know many people who hate the word fitness, and I think this is a modern word we don’t need to use. Even daily movements while working, cleaning the house, walking, or cycling to do the groceries, that all is already a sort of fitness. So, don’t worry, you are already doing great, as long you move your body.

I take the stairs, walk quickly some hundred meters to my clients, and do all kinds of movements while working. I never stop, and it helps me to keep moving my body, even I am working.

I have several training and yoga apps I can use for between 30 and 60 minutes at home. I love it because I can practice whenever I have time.

I am not a jogger, but I love to walk fast and hike, which is pretty much good for our body and mind. But I have to admit that I follow a healthy diet the most time of the year and do intermittent fasting the first half of the day, which I break at lunchtime. I drink lots of pure water, sometimes including some drops of hydrogen peroxide, which helps me receive more oxygen into my cells. I also drink water with organic sulfur to detox my body.

Moving my body is something natural for me, has always been. I love nature, the sun, pure air and water, a great environment for Yoga practice and meditation. Fitness is a word that weighs heavy. Don’t overthink your sports regime; go easy, and start walking for half an hour. If you could do this every second day, you will increase your energy and your walking time.

To start is the most difficult for many people when they haven’t done some fitness for a long time. Being outside is also a great weapon against loneliness. While walking, you will see many other people doing the same, and you might wish to join a walking group. 🙂

How to Start Your Fitness Journey?

a woman with a hood and a backpack , walking towards the sea while it is autumn, yellow/brown leaves are on the ground

I already said that starting with walking is something great for your health. But there are so many other possibilities. If you love listening to music, you could start to dance in your house. Already 15 minutes of dancing is destressing you, giving you joy, and increase your heart palpation, making your heart stronger, pumping the blood faster through your body, so your cells will receive more nutrients and oxygen, and your body can detox more toxins faster. Dancing is a great movement where you don’t need a dance club. Of course, it is better to go out dancing for socializing, but for your body to become healthier and stronger, you could dance at home. I love to do that; I jump and move, following my favorite songs. If you feel too overweight to show yourself outdoors, you could easily start in your home. But carrying more weight on your body should never keep you away from socializing.

An excellent possibility to include some fitness is watching gymnastics on television, sometimes it is free, but sometimes you need to subscribe. But you don’t need to because there are many free programs and possibilities to try out without subscribing.

Do you have any experience with a fitness app? I told you about the app! I have a training app for the butt, legs, breasts, arms, and belly. This is quite a hard training, where you will have sore muscles initially, but finally a strong build-up of all muscles. You can do the training for 10 minutes, and you will already see an improvement in your body.

I can recommend such an app very much. Go to the AppStore and search for training, and your telephone comes up with lots of apps and videos. The most I receive are from the United States of America, really great exercise apps. They have a part for cardiac training that leaves you breathless initially, but finally, you will improve your heart muscles, lungs, blood flow, and lymphatic system.

The other app I follow is a yoga class app, where I can train for an hour if I want to. This development is great, especially when we can’t go to a sports school or group. Of course, if you want to do more, you need to upgrade, but you find many free classes in the beginning, also in Pilates. They are free, and in the beginning, you could practice the first months or even a year without upgrading your abonnement.

I tell you this; I don’t get any commission; it is a tip for you to begin your exercise routine.

Fitness and Health

Knights fighting

Health and fitness belong together! We can’t be healthy and unfit! If people are fit, they are healthy, and the other way around. Humans need to move. In any century, people have worked hard and moved their bodies, whereas the rich people were going to fight in a war, preparing their bodies to carry heavy items and train their bodies for war. This has been very normal.

Human beings have always been walking many miles and worked hard the whole day. Nowadays, we buy everything in a supermarket, by the way, wrong food, and stay on our sofa watching television the whole evening and night. During the day, many of us are sitting in front of a computer working their job. We are in a sitting position for nearly the whole day, and actually, if you have a job where you need to move, walk, be happy, it is the best that can happen to you.

I loved to be a nurse; this was always my bodybuilding studio. You might not be able to imagine what we run and carry as a nurse while working? In Germany and the Netherlands, nurses are still moving their bodies very much. I have experienced in Ireland that nurses are quite lazy, at least where I have been working. If you don’t walk and move a lot during your day, you better exercise and walk daily.

a woman lying on the sofa

Sitting is very bad for all your muscles and your condition. I sit more now due to my blogging work and need to be careful that I move my daily part; otherwise, I will have trouble with the autoimmune disorders that I have under control for years.

A healthy person is someone who walks and has lots of energy. Since I blog, I have more weight, but summer is coming, and all the fresh juices I love. I will automatically lose weight, just following my 80% rule of eating raw vegetables, seeds, and healthy oils.

If you skip carbohydrates like pasta, cake, biscuits, pizza, bread, you will lose weight and be more energized. Try it, and find your daily routine moving your body.:)

What Kind of Fitness Routine is Good For Me?

I tell you what, everything is good for you! If you like to dance or Yoga and Pilates classes, you are doing great! If you like to cycle, walk, jog, swim, carate, you are doing great!

a woman does body building

But if you like to build up muscles by lifting heavy weights, you need to include some cardio exercise to strengthen your heart and improve your organs and blood flow, lymphatic system, and brain. Bodybuilding is fantastic for activating your growth hormone and testosterone. You will build up your muscles and sculpt your body, which is really beautiful. But don’t cross the border! I don’t like women with huge muscles and actually think they can better do yoga or Pilates to build their muscles.

Still, looking feminine is really desired! If women start to look like a man, I think they have gone too far. But doing some bodybuilding is great for the whole body; increasing growth hormone lets them look years, yes, decades younger. But you can reach The anti-aging effect also by practicing yoga or Pilates for years. You will have a lean body and look younger and beautiful, and most importantly, healthy! Find something you love and stick to it!

Final Thought

Without fitness, you can’t be healthy, but there are many ways to do fitness. If you don’t like to go to a sports school, you can walk, practice a dance, yoga, or a bit, but intensive training at home. The effect is the same! Moving your body can be done everywhere, also while working. It is up to you to find something that works for you. But keep in mind that you can’t be healthy without moving your body and eating the right food.

Please tell me what you do for your fitness! I would love to hear from you! How do you feel, and what is important for you?

To Your Health,


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6 thoughts on “How to Start Your Fitness Journey- Raise Your Energy!

  1. Henk van Dijkhuizen says:

    Hi Sylvie, Thank you for your articles. I had no idea that I could use a training app. But of course, I am not grown up with all the devices, and use them only for internet searching and socializing a bit. But this is a good idea. I am a business man and don’t have much time for sport. Great idea, to be able to do Pilates at home.
    With regards,

    1. Hi Henk, Thank you for your comment! Yes, you could try an app and include more practice into your daily routine. I believe you sit a lot in front of your computer. Try it out, and let us know!:)

  2. Hi Sylvie,
    We all know that being fit will make us healthy but where we struggle is getting up to consistently workout or even do exercises that count.

    I really liked your approach of raising one’s energy so that fitness training does not necessarily have to be too strenous especially when you start.

    The pandemic has not helped many people because they now spend many more hours a day sitting at their home worstations Sitting as you noted is not good for our muscles. I like the concept of the app and will certainly look into this .


    1. Hi Ceci, Thank you very much for your comment! You should really find out about the apps; they help very much to keep us going, in our own time, whenever we wish. Sitting is the new smoking! It is never good to sit around, helping the muscles to decline! Moving helps to improve our brain health as well! 🙂

  3. I think we are very privileged to have a body! It is such a remarkable thing to use our bodies to experience the untold beauty that the world has to offer.
    To get the most out of our life experience, it’s important that we maintain our bodies and keep them fit and healthy. And this requires that we move them…..
    I’m currently in a location where there are many unhealthy, overweight, and unhappy people around. I see them everyday living uncomfortable and unhappy lives, and I wonder to myself why they are doing this to themselves?
    Instead of sitting around complaining, overeating, and drinking too much, they could choose better ways to spend their time.

    Exercising our bodies and our minds is a choice that we can all make. It doesn’t take much to start moving our bodies and getting them feeling better…. and the immediate spinoff is that we will mentally and emotionally feel better as a result.

    As you say, there are many free apps and youtube videos available to help us, to name a few. So expense is not a viable excuse for not moving our bodies. It just comes down to personal willingness to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing.
    A wise choice is to always look after our vehicle for experience (our bodies and minds) in the best way possible.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Andrew, I love your comment; confirm every word you are saying. I see the same happening here around my location, people who are overweight and unhappy. We are created to move and not to sit around. People need to be aware that they are responsible for their own health. However, it is still widespread that they are rather complaining instead of getting up and moving their bodies, improving their brain health. As a nurse, I have to do nearly daily with people who result from their bad and wrong decisions. Sadly to see this. Thank you very much for the beautiful and thoughtful comment!:)

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