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How to Prevent Your Face From Sagging? – The Japanese Secret

Every person will face the sagging contours of their face and body in the process of aging. This is natural. However, there are many people experiencing a premature sagging of their skin.  How to prevent your face from sagging depends on your lifestyle, but mostly your choice of food and exercise.

Caucasian people actually don’t age well because they eat very unhealthy food, while especially Asian people age very well eating different kinds of foods. If people from other continents adapt to the unhealthy western standard diet, they also age very fast, developing diseases as we do.  With the introduction of Mac Donald and Burger King foods worldwide and other cultures eating junk food, we have been facing chronic diseases globally.

If you avoid unhealthy food and change your lifestyle, you can do a lot to improve the premature sagging of your face and body. Sports are an essential contributor to preventing sagging by strengthening and activating your muscles and strengthening your bones. However, there is a special vitamin that most people don’t really know about, but that benefits the bone structure very much.

What Keeps Your Facial Skin in Place?

How to prevent your face from sagging?- the japanese secret?
Photo by murat esibatir from Pexels

Why do many people who are aging look one day young and the next day old? It is because suddenly, the facial contours are dropping down. It doesn’t happen overnight, but slowly over months or years. People don’t always feel the same, and when we get older, we will see the results of an evening having had some drinks or a bad night’s sleep faster than in our younger years. It has, of course, a lot to do with the decreasing hormones, like human growth hormone, DHEA,  testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone that are responsible for our body getting older. We can do a lot to optimize our hormones. First of all, eating a healthy diet and moving your body while growing your muscles is the most important factor for aging slowly, keeping our energy levels high.

Because I have always worked in a stressful profession, I developed an autoimmune disorder that helped my energy level drop very much. If I have peace and a good routine to eat well, move, meditate, sleep well and keep my stress level low, it is easy for me to improve my energy. However, if I experience too much stress, I feel low, and my symptoms return, showing me that the autoimmunity is reactivated, destroying healthy tissue. For me, facing enormous stress is resulting in the wrong choices I make, wrong quick food instead of taking the time to prepare a healthy salad, forgetting about exercise, meditation, and taking proper care of myself. I believe that you will resonate with this, confirming every word I am saying. Most people who experience strenuous stress end up making the wrong choices because their energy level is too low to take good care of themselves.

Stress is a worse factor for aging. Very fast, we will notice it first in our face because stress imbalances our hormones and neurotransmitters, something we need to prevent.

a sad middle-age caucasian woman
Photo by Teona Swift from Pexels

When we get older, our bone mass and muscles decline, which keeps the skin in place. You see many older people lose stability; they shrink, aging changes their posture, the gel-like cushions called disks between the vertebrae are losing fluid gradually and become thinner. People lose bone density when they age, the mineral content decreases, like calcium and magnesium, especially with women in menopause.

Our skeleton provides support and structure to the body. The decrease of the bones’ mass makes our skeleton weaker; deformation changes the posture, giving us much pain.
Vertebrae also lose some of their mineral content, making each bone thinner. The spinal column becomes curved and compressed (packed together). Bone spurs caused by aging and overall use of the spine may also form on the vertebrae.

Our joints are less elastic; our muscles are getting weaker, affecting coordination in the brain and leading to slower movement. These bone and muscle changes also affect the face. Older people have very often difficulties keeping their dentures in place due to the loss of jawbones density. Combined with the weaker muscles and the loss of collagen, we experience the sagging of our facial contours and skin.

What Are the Damaging Factors to a Sagging Face?

We already discussed aging as the main factor in a sagging face that is normal in every person’s life. Well, some people are aging faster than others and also earlier in life. This has to do with our lifestyle, the stress we experience, and the food we eat and move our bodies. Do we drink much alcohol, and do we smoke a lot? This all can be very damaging to our skin and our bones, muscles, and joints.

junk food, burger and frites
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The whole body can only function by receiving the right nutrients. If we drink too much alcohol and lemonade or coffee, we will lose essential minerals in our bones that the body needs to neutralize the damaging effects of the unhealthy beverages. If we eat junk food, the body draws minerals from the bones, teeth, and hair to detox the toxins. Our bones lose density, not only due to the loss of hormones but also due to our choice of food, which affects our hormones.

blond woman smoking and drinking red wine
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Suppose we don’t move enough; our bones and muscles volume will decrease, which causes the skin to sag. A strong muscle and strong bones keep the facial contours in place and stretch the skin, preventing sagging. Several factors are coming together when pre-mature sagging starts to happen. If we experience too much stress, if we eat wrong, drink many coffees, sugary drinks, and/or alcohol, and move not enough, we will lose structure. Maybe we don’t experience a healthy night’s sleep; all factors lead to imbalanced hormones, which will certainly cause our bones, muscles, and skin to age prematurely.

However, luckily, you can prevent the premature sagging of your facial contours and skin and stabilize your whole body.

How to Prevent Your Face From Sagging

In our culture, people often receive calcium when they lose their bone mass because the common thinking is that calcium will prevent osteoporosis due to calcium loss. The idea is not wrong, but the way they prescribe calcium is very wrong. If you get too much calcium and Vitamin D3, you will help your body calcify, meaning the calcium will be stored in your blood vessels and tissues instead of the bones. To get calcium into the bones, you need to optimize Vitamin D3, magnesium, and Vitamin K2. The last-named vitamin is helping the body to store the calcium in the bones instead of the blood vessels and tissues. This is a severe step you should never avoid.

Many doctors have no clue and prescribing calcium and vitamin D3, luckily most times a small amount. They never prescribe Vitamin D3 together with K2 and magnesium. Vitamin K2 supports the bones and prevents the loss of bone density in the face and the body.

japanese woman
Photo by Matheus Cenali from Pexels

If you see Japanese people who often have beautiful faces, also while they age, you might want to know their secret. A real Japanese person eats much Natto, a national meal consisting of fermented soya beans. They eat it like we eat cereals for breakfast. Natto contains a huge amount of Vitamin K2, about 1100 mcg. This vitamin K2 is the reason that the bones are not losing density. This culture doesn’t know osteoporosis. Their face is not dropping due to strong bone density. Combined with consuming much vitamin D3 due to eating much fatty fish, they have strong bones.

Supplementing with Vitamin D3 and K2 is not enough in our culture because most doctors prescribe about 400 units of Vitamin D3 per day while they don’t prescribe K2. If you supplement with 10000 units of D3, you have to take also 100 mcg Vitamin K2. Compared with the diet of the Japanese people, it is a drop on a hot stone. These people consume a lot of Natto and other fermented food daily and fish that provide a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids, which fight inflammation in the body.

Also, soybeans have a high amount of phytoestrogens which helps women to balance the xeno-estrogens from plastic. It prevents premature wrinkling.

If you would like to prevent your face from sagging, you might better change your diet and eat lots of Natto and other fermented food.  However, most people in our culture don’t like the smell of Natto because we are not used to this meal. So you might rather take supplemental Vitamin K2 or consuming lots of other fermented food and milk products, which might be problematic for people with a dairy allergy. Fermented food is also the food for a healthy gut microbiome which is very beneficial for the whole body strengthening our immune system.

What Else Could You Do For Your Face?

Facial gymnastics, also called facial yoga,  is a fantastic tool to prevent facial sagging. It strengthens the muscles and prevents the skin from wrinkling. If you do these gymnastics regularly, you will benefit very much. Already, 10 minutes per day are supporting your muscles very much. It is the same as gymnastics for the body, the muscles become stronger, and the skin will receive a lift.

Also, doing sports like aerobic and weight-bearing exercise regularly will boost your hormones, especially human growth hormone and testosterone which will help you to increase muscle volume resulting in a younger appearance. A person who is going to sports school is supporting his body very much, stopping premature aging.

I can only recommend changing your lifestyle, from unhealthy to healthy, and you will feel more energy, feeling younger and looking younger. In the beginning, it is a difficult task, but when you break through the cravings for unhealthy food, you will be so blessed. Your body weight will drop, your skin will look gorgeous, and your energy will increase very much. However, you need to avoid extreme continuous stress because this will imbalance your hormones very much, leading to all kinds of symptoms.

Consuming many freshly pressed or blended vegetable and fruit juices will clear your skin, giving it a lift. Eating much-fermented food, like Natto, or taking Vitamin K2 supplements will keep your bones, also in your face strong.

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If you are not familiar with facial yoga, you could search the internet or download an app. Performing a daily routine of facial yoga will strengthen your facial muscles, preventing your face from dropping.

A good method is the use of micro-needling, every six weeks, I do needling my facial skin with 5 mm long needles, but every evening I use 2,5 mm needles, which help renew the collagen.

Also, the Chinese method of Gua Sha helps very much to massage and vitalize your skin. You already buy these items for little money online, such as Ali Baba, a Chinese online site, and in the common drugstore where you also buy your cosmetics.

I order most articles online, so I can’t tell you where to buy in the States of America, but in the Netherlands and Germany. Amazon is an excellent place to order these things, and they donate some percent to the organization of your choice, like “Save the Children.” I love the idea that I support these organizations with my purchase.

Final Thought

To prevent premature sagging of your facial contours, it is better to choose a healthy lifestyle avoiding harming substances coming into your body. Our western lifestyle decalcifies our bones which leads to the sagging effect of our skin. Certain facial expressions are contributing to the face drop due to the non-use of other muscles.

If we look at the Japanese people who often, even at high age, have well-formed faces that don’t sag, we can now confirm that the high Vitamin K2 intake from Natto, a fermented food, prevents the bones from losing calcium. Optimizing Vitamin D3, K2, calcium, and magnesium is helping to keep a strong bone structure in the body and face, preventing the face from sagging.

People with osteoporosis need these four factors to keep their skeleton strong, something conventional medicine is not advising. The prescription of calcium and D3 without vitamin K2 and magnesium is hazardous, increasing bone loss and calcifying the tissues and blood vessels which you need to prevent to happen.

Keeping your bones strong is vital; consuming high amounts of Vitamin K and exercising is the key to increasing muscle and bone mass. The face is no exception.

Do you have any experience with facial gymnastics and the intake of Vitamin K2? I would love to hear from you! Please comment below in the comment section, and subscribe to our email if you would like to receive more tips on natural health!

To Your Health,


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