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How to Heal Autoimmune Disease Naturally?

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How to heal autoimmune disease naturally?

How to heal autoimmune diseases naturally is an important topic these days.

You know that I am a trained nurse, and it is really frightening how many people are suffering from an autoimmune disease.

The amount of people having more than one chronic disease has increased enormously. I have been ill for years with Hashimoto disease, and I still sometimes feel a decrease in energy and cold inside my body.

For years I have been treated the wrong way, as the physicians have studied. They don’t know that there is something that burdens the immune system and that the only treatment is to stop pouring oil on the fire leading finally to the recovery of the whole body.

Why are so many people chronically ill?

The Curse of These Days – Autoimmune diseases

An autoimmune disease means the body attacks and damages its own tissues due to the immune system’s overactivity. An unknown trigger triggers an immune system response and begins producing antibodies, which attack the own tissue. Naturally fights our defense system against pathogens, preventing the development of illnesses by triggering infection or local inflammation.

But we also have people suffering from an immune deficiency disease where our immune system is too weak to fight invaders. These people can develop all kinds of infections that become chronic.

a man having abdominal painMost autoimmune disease sufferers are treated by reducing immune system activity. Doctors are not trained and used to find the reason that triggers the immune system’s self-damaging response.

So people get medications to suppress immunity instead of helping to strengthen our defense system.

In my blogs about gut health, you have learned that gut health and immunity work very closely. There are many forms of autoimmune diseases nowadays, which you indeed can imagine.

The produced antibodies attack all tissue, whereby there are particular antibodies for all different autoimmune disorders.

You have surely heard of Rheumatoid arthritis, where people get deformed fingers and hands due to inflamed joints. But we have others like systemic lupus, whereas antibodies are attached to the body’s tissues damaging several parts of the body, like joints, lungs, nerves, kidneys, but also blood cells—inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease with abdominal pain, diarrhea with rectal bleeding.

Very common is diabetes mellitus and multiple sclerosis, skin disorders like Psoriasis, Graves disease, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, where the thyroid is attacked and destroyed. Vasculitis is the immune system attacking blood vessels.

These are only a few chronic diseases; there are much more.

Why does the so-called civilized part of the world know these diseases, whereas those disorders are unknown in areas where people live a natural life? This is the same for Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Why are these illnesses common in countries where we eat a standard diet with many grains, milk products, industrial sugar, and unhealthy fats? And if our health system can’t heal these people but make them worse, why do we not change the approach of curing these diseases?

I believe there is only one answer, big money!

Our medical system is really outstanding for acute situations, like fractures, accidental injuries, infections treated with antibiotics. But this system fails in treating chronic diseases like autoimmune disorders.

My standard quote is, “The patient who has survived hospital and its treatment has a strong immune system”! Of course, I am kidding, but can you see some truth?

How is the Natural approach to Autoimmune Disorders?

What do you think?

Well, back to Nature is my Motto! The only approach is to stop eating inflammatory food and begin a natural healthy diet, with lots of fiber, healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in vegetables and fruits.

There is no other way of healing the gut, finally the body and the mind. All cells need to be freed of the damaging components coming from unhealthy food and pollution.

vegtables and fruitsStress is also very damaging to our bodies and mind. The modern man sits too much on the sofa or chair, staring at the television or computer, eating unhealthy food, drinking harmful liquids, breathing unhealthy air from polluted furniture, carpets, paints, and cars.

And is using pain, sleep, or anti-depressive medications, which are chronically misused, burdens the body.  Covid 19 is actually the chance to live more simply without restaurants and cafes, being obliged to walk more in nature.

By eating a healthy diet, we get all nutrients needed to work efficiently for a strong immune system.

If we fast more often, like intermittent fasting, the body will detox more often, regain energy and strength, recover faster from infections, and overcome inflammation.

Our body’s cells get free of toxins by visiting a sauna, helping our skin perform its tasks. Showering hot and cold in change would strengthen our body’s temperature regulation.

Think about this approach! It is natural and doesn’t cost so much money as medication treatment would cost us.

Big Pharma will earn more big money!

Healing the Natural Way

I am always amazed about how mature adults give away every responsibility of healing their disease and become little children sitting in the medical center obeying their doctors buying medication that might help for a while.

There are so many herbs you could take, Nature’s answer to nearly everything. But I believe many modern human beings have no physical feeling anymore, no sense of nature, and no sense of their bodies natural healing power.

What a shame?

Nowadays we have so much food and buying nearly everything we would like, let us make wrong choices for our health. I love freshly harvested vegetables according to the season bought from farmer markets.farmer market

Do you actually know how tasty these veggies and fruits are? No! Next time you visit a farmers market or a farmer’s shop and buy real vegetables, go home and make a fresh salad. Yummy! My body is craving the salad right now only by thinking about it.

If you drink green and herbal teas, you help your body to detoxify its cells by neutralizing the enormous amount of acids you have consumed for years, making you ill. Balance the ph level in your body’s cells is vital.

Every system in your body flourishes on a different ph level, as the stomach has a very sour ph due to its function of digesting the foods.

If you eat a lot of sugary snacks or drink a lot of wine, the ph level of your mouth will change, and your gums are deteriorating due to the flood of acids. Maybe the results are that you might lose your teeth or get tooth decay, which is not desirable. You see, your choice of food will make you healthy or weak.

Healthy Food Will Quench the Fire

Autoimmune disease is the result of an inflammatory process in the body. This inflammation will destroy cells and finally tissue in the body if we don’t change direction. Most likely is the wrong diet the trigger.

peaceful misty environmentStill, it can be heavy metals, pollution of the environment, viruses, and pathogens, combined with an extra amount of damaging, harmful stress. Chronic stress will weaken you, leaving you back completely exhausted. The unnatural high amount of the hormone cortisol will finally damage your cells.

Our reptilian brain is used to choose between 3 situations by the body’s natural reaction to danger. It means if a dangerous situation hits us, we can react automatically, fight, flee, or freeze. This is a natural reflex.

Nowadays, we have a high-stress level, high cortisol we cannot decrease in our lives. Many people are not moving but eating lots of comfort food, which increases their body’s insulin. To get rid of the sugar and the cortisol in your blood, you need to move; running, walking fast for 30 minutes will help already. If you always have high blood sugar and elevated cortisol, you have an inflamed body.

This chronic stress is damaging your organs. Cortisol is naturally low at night and high in the morning. If you are always on high cortisol production, your adrenal glands producing the cortisol will get exhausted and finally crash; the burnout syndrome has arrived.

Many people these days are having burnout syndrome. The same can happen to your pancreas, which produces insulin to decrease blood sugar, helping the sugar into the cells to our mitochondrion, which are our cells’ powerhouses.

If we eat too much sugar, the pancreas will finally stop producing insulin, becoming exhausted. Our cells will become resistant to insulin due to the flood of sugar in our body, starting to inflame different organs and tissues in the body.

You don’t want to have a chronic disease.

I suffered years from Hashimoto disease, where the body destroys the thyroid. The medical approach has been taking hormones. I have been to regular checks of my thyroid.

Ones in the Netherlands, I went to see an endocrinologist, and he let me know that my thyroid will be gone one day. Can you imagine this doctor is called a specialist?

When I started my research journey to find better possibilities and understand my disease, the first thing I have learned is that I had to stop eating gluten, a protein in grains where the body is mistaken by thinking the thyroid cells are the invader instead of gluten, and slowly destroys its own organ.

I told my doctor, who did a food testing to determine if I am allergic to gluten, with no results. Starting to investigate and find out that all people who suffer from autoimmune diseases can not eat gluten and milk products, I stopped eating these triggers and eggs because chickens are fed grains.

Within weeks I improved so much, and including probiotics, selenium, Vitamin D and B 12, K, Magnesium, and omega 3, I regained my energy. By consuming lots of self-made bone broth and changing my diet completely, first to a  Ketogenic and then a Paleo diet, I did speed up my healing.

The Ketogenic diet helped me initially because some vegetables like cabbage have been too much for my intestines. Allowing my body to detox by doing lots of coffee enemas, I recovered very fast.

And today, I have nearly no antibodies against my thyroid in my blood, and I don’t need to take thyroid hormones anymore. I am healed!

Final Thoughts

If you are ill, chronically ill, please don’t believe your doctor, but use him for getting blood results or other things you need a recipe for. Start investigating and stop eating all this inflammatory food.  Do your body a favor and visit saunas to help the immune system getting more robust. Heal your body by changing your diet, moving, and destressing your body. You will be healthier, and I would be so delighted to see you healed. It is your responsibility!

Would you please let me know how your experiences are? Do you have an autoimmune disease? Would you mind letting us know how it is going in your life?

To Your Health,


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2 thoughts on “How to Heal Autoimmune Disease Naturally?

  1. Hi Sylvia,
    I think that there is definitely merit in seeking different opinions for any illness. I do think that people need to follow their doctor’s advice but also keep an eye out for new studies and natural remedies.

    1. Thank you very much, Marketa! I believe if people had lived a healthy lifestyle, they wouldn’t be so ill. Chronic diseases are the result of a wrong diet and lifestyle. Living healthy would prevent visiting the doctor for autoimmune disorders. Some children are ill because of the mother’s lifestyle when she was pregnant, but also genetic reasons, like coeliac disease and diabetes type 1, where these children have to get medical help. Deleting grains heals a coeliac disorder.

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