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How to Fight Covid 19 Naturally?-The Gut Connection!


There is so much confusion about Covid 19 that people have entirely lost common sense. We know by now that Covid 19 is a project patented by the Rothschilds. Gene deletion makes the vaxxed sick, while shredding makes the unvaxxed sick. We need to detox regularly, the only way to keep the damage low. However, consuming a healthy diet is a must! Skip all junk food if you want to support your body’s health.

Fighting Covid 19 naturally will bring you to the topic of gut and immunity. I already said in other posts that it is all about gut health! Having inflamed gut tissue due to your food decisions will create a weak immune system! There is no way around that!

The immune system and immunity are strongly connected with a healthy gut!

How to heal your gut and keep it healthy depends on your food choice. I already wrote two posts about gut health and the immune system to understand better. If people were in balance with their body, mind, and spirit, they would know what is good for them and not blindly follow the advice of taking an untested experimental vaccination. They wouldn’t trust their doctors but still have their instincts.

Pathogens are trying to enter the body while the nature of our immune system is fighting them, trying to prevent them from entering the body. There is a military in our body to protect us by signaling and turning off the danger. The immune system can react in different ways. Please read my post!

The Hype about Covid!

How to fight covid naturally?

I am pretty impressed that so many virologists out there seem to have studied differently. You can’t deny that there are so many different voices and bad decisions made that don’t help but lead to much confusion. Even these professionals can’t get together, explaining different characteristics about the nature of the ‘virus.’

How will an ordinary person be able to understand?

They are now saying that there is no virus, but because of the gene deletion and the CRISPR Cas method, the scientists are capable of deleting genes and patching synthetically made genes into the DNA strands. The different Corona variants are mutations made in the body of the vaxxed people. There is no virus! Scientists have used bacteria and parasites, a reason why Ivermectin is working very well if people are getting sick.

glasses, tissues and cup of tea with a spoon on a table

Like influenza, Sars Cov2 can be deadly for people already suffering chronic diseases, having a weak immune system that cannot defend the body. Receiving chemical treatment or antibiotics will knock out our immune system leaving you back like a castle with wide-open gates inviting the enemy to come in. If we would all live a healthy lifestyle in a healthy environment, we wouldn’t suffer from inflammation resulting in all kinds of diseases.

Regarding Covid 19, they now know that the vaccines contain computing systems that communicate with 5G and the cloud. People dropped dead in Wuhan, Italy, and New York because they have already injected the CRISPR Cas method using nanotechnology in 2019 with the flu shots. These cities already use a widespread 5G network for the internet. The many deaths were manipulated. This is what La Quinta Columna has revealed. 


However, prevention is better than treatment regarding the development of lifestyle diseases! Our medical system is based on healing the symptoms, trying to heal with expensive medications. The toxins coming from the medicine will permanently wreck your immune system. If you survive treatments like the standard cancer treatment or other medical approaches, your body and mind are strong, but finally, you might lose the battle.

Fear-mongering information plays the opportunity of earning big money directly into the hands of the pharmacy, acquiring people to wake up and take responsibility for their life making the right choices. Our food supply, medical system, and farming systems feed big companies’ interest in making huge profits.

Keep yourself healthy by following a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy organic food, exercising, and methods of distressing your mind are the best approach you can take. Don’t watch the mainstream media! The many lies are used to create an environment of fear and receive specific reactions from the population.

We will get sick when contracting pathogens slightly or seriously, depending on our immune system, whereas a robust immune system has the best chances to overcome diseases. Contacting pathogens is building the defense of our immune system!

However, the Covid vaccines are not controlled enough! People getting vaccinated don’t yet know the results in the future, making it an insecure approach to gain immunity. Experts say they will not survive, especially after receiving the many boosters. The immune system is destroyed through mRNA vaccination. Education is essential! You need to be a mature citizen, investigating everything before blindly following the Pharmacy and government.

Suppose everyone is trying to educate themselves about the function of the immune system. In that case, they might not develop so much fear bringing them to the point of allowing others to decide for them in such essential matters. An investigation is critical, especially if huge profits are involved!

Covid and Immunity!

Many people crossing a street in the city center

To manipulate the population into receiving the vaccines as the only solution, the media used the photos of the many coffins in Italy to create fear and panic. People worldwide accepted the lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and vaccines as the only solution. We must be aware that we deal with a thoroughly corrupt system, governments, and globalists.

Having an immune system, we build up immunity by contacting a parasite or another kind of pathogen. I believe that most people in the world have already built up immunity against the Covid variants; some haven’t noticed any symptoms, others have experienced severe symptoms or have died. But most people who have been killed have died from the vaccine. This is now a fact, observing and studying statistics in countries with a 70-90% vaccination rate.

someone vaccinates another person in his/her arm

If the body has built up immunity, it will recognize the pathogens in the future and stay healthy.

Healthy people don’t need to be worried about pathogens and bacteria. Vaccinating young people with something we don’t even know what to expect of physical reactions in the following years is a crime.

Doctors in the States found out that these vaccines will start the blood coagulation process in the body, leading to strokes, paralysis, blindness in two to five years. If you are a young person, you will indeed feel betrayed by your government, and surely by your doctor!

These vaccines change the DNA without us being able to reverse the damage. But there is a protocol people could use to lower the deterioration of the spike proteins., Dr. Ariyana Love. She offers free consultations.

Dr. Zelenko also offers his protocol.

Covid and Vitamin D3- Sunshine Vitamin!

Yes, there it is again, vitamin D3. When do most people get infected by the influenza virus? Right, in winter!

Do you think that Covid 19 is reacting the same way? Stay with me, I will explain it to you! Infections increase in the wintertime due to a lack of light and warmth. We need the sun to fight off infections.

a father and his little son on the beach walking through the sea

Exposing our skin to sunlight is the best we can do to strengthen our immune system. The sun’s radiation triggers a process in which our cells make Vitamin D3, a hormone, not a vitamin.

This hormone is responsible for many bodily functions, like bringing calcium to the bones or helping the immune system function correctly.

If you spend your holidays on the beach, the sun, the salt in the seawater and the sand make you feel relaxed and strong. Grounding and sun are vital for the body. If you read my article about Vitamin D3 and grounding, you will understand how essential the sun and earth are for us; beaches, forests, mountains, nature is vital. We belong to nature; we are nature!

Science has found that immunity increases about 65 % by consuming high amounts of  Vitamin D3 or being in the sun. Nowadays, people try to avoid the sun because of all the false information about skin cancer developed by the sun.

But it is not the sun that damages our cells; it is the toxic skincare products produced by industry. Not being grounded but isolated from the earth’s neutralizing energy is leaving people inflamed and chronically ill. The lack of Vitamin D3 shows in all people suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Consuming a high amount of vitamin D3 plus vitamin K2, a good mineral complex, vitamin B complex, zinc, selenium, and omega -3, following a healthy diet will do more for your immune system and keep it strong. Drinking vegetable juices and green powders will help to improve your immune system by 100 %.

Our Gut is Sick!

Most people, actually all people who eat traditional industrial-made food from the supermarket, have a damaged gut.

How can I say that? Well, if you consume a lot of industrially made products, your body is undoubtedly sick. They are chemically altered. If you don’t consume lots of fresh seasonal organic vegetables and fruits in their raw natural condition, you will not consume enough fiber to help the microbiome to flourish. 

a basket with different colored vegetables

Our immune system is about 80 % in our gut! How can you be healthy if you eat regular products with lots of salt, sugar, conservatives, and no fiber? I give you the answer, you can’t, no way!

If you are still a young person, you might get away for some time, but you will finally become chronically ill by continuing to eat an unhealthy diet and living an unhealthy lifestyle. It will reduce your life span.

You better wake up and heal yourself by changing your lifestyle, educating yourself, and taking responsibility for your own body. Including lots of fermented food will improve your gut’s microbiome and strengthen your immune system, which is the key to healing your body. Also, consuming vitamin D3 regularly will help your defense system very much.

Vaccines have saved lives, like Tetanus or Diphtheria, and they do properly. I don’t want to miss them! I am not principally against vaccines, but I am against using vaccines that are not even tested long enough to know if they do more harm than good to people. And I am against injections loaded with toxic stuff that kill and injure many people.

Final Thought

Our defense system is our military base. We have an immune system that we should strengthen and not weaken by consuming the wrong food to fight pathogens. Eating a healthy diet living a healthy lifestyle will be our protection. 

Please watch the video!

Please leave your comments below! I would love to hear what you think about Immunity and Covid!

To Your Health,


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12 thoughts on “How to Fight Covid 19 Naturally?-The Gut Connection!

  1. For the most part, I agree with your article. I agree we need to make healthy lifestyle choices and that by doing so we strengthen our immune systems.
    I also agree that obesity is a much bigger health risk than COVID ever was.
    I believe vaccination is a personal decision that each of us will make based on our own circumstances.
    I will choose to be vaccinated because I have family members that are at higher risk for complications and I want to be able to spend time with them.
    Thanks for your interesting and informative article.

    1. Hi Deb! I understand very much! Having vulnerable family members at home will make a different decision. However, I think you should know that even you are vaccinated, you still might infect them. They are not safe at the moment, and you still need to be careful.
      I wouldn’t do it because it is worrying not to know what the results will be. But I respect anyone’s decision.

  2. Unfortunately, the whole discussion about being vaccinated or not is driving people apart. In my view a much bigger problem than the actual vaccine.

    At the moment, I don’t want to be vaccinated. And I already got into fights with friends about it, being accused of not being social and caring. Where in my view, I am a very social and caring person.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the content of your article. Tom and I keep wondering: why were there 100+ companies last year who dove straight at developing a vaccine, where there was not one company who tried to find a medicine.

    Especially in Italy, but also here in Spain, people were dying in the most inhumane circumstances and were left alone while being sick.

    Now a lot of healthy people are going to be vaccinated. So they all can go back to the old normal of polluting the air with planes and buying the promotions at the supermarket. While telling organic food is too expensive and not willing to give up any bad habit to better their health.

    LOL, I feel like I am rambling now. 🙂
    And I could continue, but you know my point of view and also for me it’s more important to concentrate on the great and positive things. Like the lovely sun that is shining at the moment!

    1. You are very right, Hannie! It happened to me too! My friends accused me of not being a caring person, but I am very loving and social! Sadly, people fight others for their decisions. It is all about patents and big money that drives pharmacy companies to develop a vaccine, and I feel that people have lost common sense.
      I can’t concentrate on the sun; we have a terrible stormy, rainy day. I would love the sunshine, which gives us the boost! Hannie, enjoy the sun! 🙂

  3. Hello, while you seem to have very good intentions on helping people to be healthy, it is a dangerous statement to flatly accuse our medical system of being wrong. Prevention is certainly better than treatment (as you mention), but it’s been challenging to get people to follow the common-sense advice to wear masks and reduce personal gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID, so we end up having to treat the disease. Sweden famously did not require masks during COVID, and it backfired. 

    1. Hi Aly, Thank you very much for your comment! I appreciate it very much. You know I am a nurse for decades, and I have seen and experienced very much, I know what I am saying, but I am completely aware that my opinion might be quite offensive for people. Every person is obliged to have his/her own experiences and opinion; I respect this very much! This is why I appreciate your comment very much, and I hope that more people will join the discussion. If you know how the immune system and a virus works, you will understand what I mean. 

      Nevertheless, I respect your opinion! 🙂

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    Your article makes for interesting reading – and so are the comments! Really good for dialogue. I fully support you that a healthy lifestyle plays an important role in waging a war against this virus.

    The body’s immunity which is our natural defense against attack on it’s cells does need some help in the form of a boost when the body is invaded by the aggressive and quickly replicating Covid 19 virus. Vitamin D (from sunlight). Vitamin C and some claim Zinc is helpful (I don’t take it) are helpful. Naturals that are “preventative” include ginger, garlic, and turmeric cloves and a few others.

    While I do not wish to wade into the discussion about vaccinations, I will say this – it is a personal choice. As a scientist, I know that viruses rarely , if ever, are susceptible to the small doses of medicine we might be allowed to ingest to combat them, which is why there are no medicines for them. Usually, for a viral infection, we are told to allow it to run its course with no medicines provided. Their hard outer capsule is itself a fortress for the virus. The gut and our natural immunity typically sends i the troops to fight the virus which is why “reinforcements” are required against this aggressive and morphing virus which we continue to lean more and more about with each day 🙂

    1. Great comment, Ceci, and much appreciated! Yes, absolutely correct, and the reason for my opinion that we need to improve our immune system by a healthy lifestyle, and I mean really healthy, fresh vegetables with all nutrients contained, not stored for ages, or picked unripe. It is the only approach to strengthening our defense system. Overcoming autoimmunity, actually several, I have experienced that we need to live a natural lifestyle. I don’t eat all the industrial-made food anymore, only fresh vegetables and fruits, all season. I can say that combined with seeds, healthy fats, proteins, green powders, and freshly blended smoothies, I have found the key to keeping auto-immune diseases under control.

  5. A healthy lifestyle really goes a long way. I agree with you that we have to have more emphasis on what goes in our body.

    The Covid’19 is an entirely new virus that we are all living and being tested on with the rollout of the vaccines. This goes down as a monumental moment in history, I feel.

    There are some side effects that come from vaccination, which varies for different people. As you said, “Vaccinating young people with something that we don’t even know what to expect of physical reactions in the near future, is a crime.” I agree with this, to a certain extent.

    For what it is, as individuals, it’s best to control what we can and that is to care for our internals properly. Your tips are useful!

    Stay safe and thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed my read thoroughly.


    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Sam! Yes, I feel that they are vaccinating too many people and the healthy ones. That is not necessary! They vaccinate mostly older and chronically ill people with influenza, which I also think is enough for Covid 19. Healthy people have a good immune system; they don’t need to get vaccinated. I believe anyway that most people are already have built up immunity. A test is enough! Living a healthy lifestyle is the best you can do.:)

  6. I have been in the health and wellness field for as long as I can remember. If my gut isn’t happy, I feel lethargic and am more prone to getting sick easily. This is why I agree with many of the things you have stated here, although I am sure there will be a whole bunch of people who will not agree. That’s okay because everyone is entitled to have their own opinion.

    My physiotherapist is scheduled to get his first vaccination as he is a front line health provider and he was telling me how he isn’t entirely comfortable at all having himself injected with something he doesn’t trust the efficacy of and or know how long it will last. This is actually so true but we, as people, don’t also want to be at risk of catching the virus so the only option left is to go ahead and get the vaccination. Have you received it, since you are a nurse? Do you get to choose not to have it?

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Sasha! Yes, you are so right that many people disagree with me, but we are still living in a democracy, and I hope this will not change observing the signs in the world. It is madness how they approach the virus by threatening people to lose their jobs if they don’t get vaccinated. Suppose this would be Ebola that is a completely different situation because about 50 % of Ebola infections are deadly. But Covid 19 is a normal Coronavirus we need not fear. People should better come back to normality, stopping to make the wrong lifestyle choices. Obesity is a greater danger for the people, making them a victim to all kinds of diseases.
      Here in my country, we still have the freedom to choose not to get vaccinated, but I fear that we will get under social pressure. My friends are already against my decision. I am not vaccinated, and I am waiting for vaccination following the proven form of preparation, not done with high biotech.

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