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How The Bioweapon is Sold as a Vaccine?- Depopulation?

How the Bioweapon is sold as a vaccine?

You are maybe thinking about what kind of bioweapons is she talking about. Yes, I mean the Covid Vaccines!

But with any of my articles, I want you to know that I have researched different sources. However, I want that you form your own opinion and not just believe me, or others. There is so much information out there, that we don’t know the real truth. 

If you have only followed the mainstream media, and most of the world’s population does, you will have taken the vaccines and now are getting the booster shots. You might face horrific damages or death. According to alternative sources, there is a depopulation going on, and the powers behind this agenda have been open about it for decades. They have planned the whole Covid plandemic to depopulate the world, about 6 Billion people have to die because about 500 Mill. is more manageable.

Their ultimate goal is World control, our basic needs, bodies, money and possessions, and working power( as slaves). We will never be free again, like the Chinese, North Korean, and maybe Australian people nowadays. ( It is not too late). We are 99 % of the world’s population, and they are only a few, but evil, psychopaths, highly deceptive, and don’t know how to write the word empathy. I believe they don’t have this word in their dictionary.

According to the sources, Covid 19 is about a project, not a virus, and certainly not a threat! The threat is our governments, the cooperations, and mainly the globalists!

Karin Kingston’s Brave Warnings

Karin Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, has tried to warn humanity nearly from the beginning of the announced plandemic. She has papers that confirm the real reason for the happening for almost two years and has already been in the Stew Peters Show many times to warn the people. The secret, the betrayal, the receipt, the pushed law changes, pushed contracts are all signals that it is pushed hastily, leading to making many mistakes, but it doesn’t go unseen.

Many experts and other people observe the acts of governments and Big Pharma and health organizations worldwide, and it is already pulled into the light. These people try to get all tricks out to step on our human rights, changing laws illegally. The governments are not doing anything for our well-being but helping the globalists to gain world control.

The bioweapons are made to depopulate the population and control us by connecting us to Big Tech, using Artificial Intelligence, which seems to be a reason that governments used the lockdowns to establish the 5G in many countries because without 5G they can not accomplish their plans. I don’t know, and only follow the information of the whistleblowers.

Professor Klaus Schwab has several times announced that his goal is the fourth revolution, already over the length of years. He has been always very open about the plans.  Watch the video again!

The globalists are pushing the injection on purpose, with the help of our corrupted governments. The only way out is not to comply with the bioweapons and the boosters. The infection rate increased after injecting these “vaccines” into the people. Protect your children! You can now see the numbers of infections rising in all high percentual vaccinated countries which makes me thinking.

How is the Bioweapon Sold as a Vaccine?

By now, you have learned who is behind Pfizer and are very interested in the huge profits resulting from the bioweapons. It is Bill Gates who is also very much behind the idea of depopulating the world. This is why the injections are pushed because they follow their plans, being determined to push their agenda onto us.

The Pfizer director has called the resistance of the unvaccinated a criminal act and the unvaccinated criminals. This makes me laugh! It is how gaslighting works, deceiving people, and blaming others who are not interested in being killed being criminals.

The plan of depopulation is already discussed by David Rockefeller and Bill Gates. By developing vaccines, Bill Gates is responsible for many deaths in India and Africa, following the out roll of his vaccine trials. Many people are living handicapped without any financial support today.

Bill Gates said that vaccines are a possibility to decrease the world’s population. Combined with the chemtrails, spraying, and processing of our food, toxic chemical use in our care and household products, the medications people receive, the radiation in our houses and surroundings, the pollution of our water, air, food, soil, environment, the exploitation by Big Industry of the planet, we are already killed slowly since the economic boom following the world war II. Vaccines have been developed and used regularly for every child in the western world with the success of have caused many disabled children and the development of diseases and the disturbance of social behavior.

If you watch the videos of the Cabal series, you will learn about the motivation behind the idea of depopulation.

In the lockstep scenarios of the Rockefeller Foundation, it is already proclaimed that they need a pandemic to start pushing into a New World Order while depopulating the world’s population. Covid 19 was never a virus but a project that is now followed, and they will not stop till they have finished their mission.

The following disasters are already set in motion, like destroying our food supply, spraying with toxic chemicals and nanoparticles on our plants, destroying jobs, creating an energy crisis, supply crisis, financial crisis to steal our possessions, etc. It is crazy!

The Deaths Following Injections

In January 2020, when they started to inject people with these “vaccines,” they didn’t tell the truth about the content of the vials. Pfizer has admitted that about 50 % of the vaccinated people have received placebo because some people died, or are handicapped, severely damaged. Others are still living their life, feeling nothing, and judging other people who don’t want to get vaccinated. I have experienced this in my social network. Now, I can see things changing. While receiving the flu shot and the booster shots, people suddenly become very ill and die. I am confident that these injections are not containing a saline solution but the real toxic cocktail.

Many babies born now from vaccinated mothers have inflamed hearts, and there are American hospitals full of such babies. Topsporters are dropping dead while playing on the field or performing their daily training, all having problems with their hearts.

Several American schools have closed their doors because the vaccinated teachers are so sick that they can’t work. In the many American States, it is mandatory to receive injections for keeping the jobs. Karen Kingston says that the globalists will kill many health workers, police and military staff, and teachers and replace them with robots. It is awful shocking and explains why they force the jabs on certain professions throughout the western world.

There is so much going on, so much information, that the truth might be in between. The best we can do is to observe and keep calm! I would encourage all of you to do your research and not only to rely on my information. However, it is true what is posted on WHO, WEF, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, and others. They all have already published the agendas years or decades ago. And many videos are placed!

Who is The Enemy of Mankind?

If you read my articles and watch the videos about the Elite, Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Globalists, the Nazis, the Royals, you will get the picture of what is going on. Or not? According to the alternative sources, it is undoubtedly spiritual warfare whereby these people will place the Antichrist on the global throne, coming from their circles. They hate Jesus Christ and Christianity and have the deep wish to destroy them. Nothing is for nothing, and even the opposition in a government or whistleblowers can be bought for their purposes. They have control over nearly all instances, the mainstream media, the governments, the organizations, the education, the financial system, the health system, the food supply, the energy, and transportation, over everything worldwide because they have bought people with money. So, everything they want to reach is set up using their puppets. According to the sources, if you think that the elections are honest, think twice! The globalists set their politicians in position, not us. It doesn’t sound great, I know! And I have problems believing this, a reason that I want you to do your own research if you are interested.

However, if this is the truth, we better don’t turn our faces and face reality. These people brainwash the children in school by using special education. They use music, movies, especially Hollywood, to reach out to our children, using satanic symbols and sexual stuff already on small children. If you as parents don’t be aware, you have lost your influence. I didn’t know for a long time because I am not watching so many movies, but the reality according to many oppositions is that these movies prepare the children for things that will come. I always have thought that this is a development, a modern movement because children always try to escape their parent’s opinions and view of life. I did!

The satanic symbolism is nearly in every project they start, such as the digital identification cards with 060606. If you leave the zeros, which have no meaning for Satanists, you have the beast’s number left, 666.
If you see them on videos or pictures, you can see them performing the symbolism. According to the alternative news sources, we have to do with a satanic force in all levels of our daily life, not only at the very top.

I am a devoted Christian, and we know, of course, about this battle as Christians. Many Christians are weak; I heard it from witches and warlocks. Many Christians go to church here in the Netherlands twice a Sunday, but they are not used to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, meaning they are not able to use their spiritual tools to war against the demons. This is a real dilemma in the Christian world. There are, Thank God, enough spirit-filled Christians who know to fight spiritually. Thank God for the Christians in Africa, Asia, South America who are bold in the Spirit and learn to break curses, bind demons, and fight the war. In Australia, there are many Spirit-filled Christians, same in the USA, and Europe who know how to slay these demons and apply the blood of Christ. However, we also know that we live in the end times and that Satan is already defeated, trying to take as many people with him as possible.

Our Lord Jesus will not forsake nor forget us! By His Grace, we are saved! And I pray that many people will be saved in these times! Praise the Lord Jesus!!!

However, if you are not a Christian, please be warned that the things we are experiencing like war, famines, disasters, drugs come from real evil people who have sold their souls to Satan! And this is real!

Final Thought

There is a real war going on for our souls. The globalists are desiring more profits, more power and control, and the depopulation of the world. If you watch the whistleblowers and witnesses, you will see that there will come more towards us.

Please, do your research, and form your own opinion because there is so much information that we even don’t know if the whistleblowers are honest. 

How the bioweapon is sold as a vaccine shows that most people are not searching for the truth, and they are fearful of a virus that may be a threat. They are to believe the mainstream media is manipulating the main world’s population into mass hysteria. People are like chickens, running around confused and scared, believing everything the media and government tell them! That scares me!

Please, tell me what you think! Let me know what your experiences are!

To Your Health,


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