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How Safe Are Covid Vaccines?- New Facts!

Medical Disclaimer!

You might have noticed that there is a battle going on about vaccination. Mainstream media is only writing positive articles to convince us to get the vaccination. How safe are Covid vaccines? 

How safe are covid vaccines- New facts
Daniel Schludi

There are so many lies about the safety of the vaccination that people have lost trust in their governments, health authorities, and mainstream media. I know many people who only read uncensored information on alternative independently working news media, and I think they do it right. We need open, uncensored information to make up our minds about what is happening worldwide and indeed about what we let into our bodies. Observing how mainstream media are the propaganda machines of our so-called authorities and obedient to higher instances that are untouchable makes me angry. I don’t need to know more. Governmental authorities do not have our health on their minds, but money and power, and it feels like they are the slaves of the super-rich top in the world.

There has not one day passed without showing us more information about corrupt governments, health authorities, and indeed the wealthy elite who is only interested in their ill-making games and own profit. Let’s have a deeper look! At least, it seems like a power and money game according to many independent sources of information.

I have researched over months many different sources, and everything I am writing about is coming from alternative new’s resources. Please, form your own opinion!

The Battlefield

I don’t know if you have noticed that there is a battle going on. Many people say this is a battle between good and evil. According to much information shared on the internet, the government, false health authorities, Big Tech, Big Pharma, the super-rich Davos clique try to force the world into a controlled system. According to Prof. Klaus Schwab, head of the world economic forum, we will become transhumans connected to digital technology, called Artificial Intelligence ( AI). Following his plans,” the Great Reset” and “the 4th industrial revolution “, he proclaims that we will own nothing and be happy.

I read these terms many times throughout the internet, and politicians talked about a new world order relating to the Great Reset, which they try to enforce into our world. It is about absolute control and manipulation of human beings and the planet. Of course, they describe it as somewhat more attractive! Their vision is that a small elite will control the rest of the world, meaning there will be one power telling the world’s population what we have to do or not to do.

Many contrary thinking people want to stop this process, trying to free the world of this ” tyrannic “plan. They say it was never about the virus, which has only a tiny percent of mortality rate, but about the takeover of society and pushing a new world system on us where control and manipulation are the norms. We will lose our money, our health, our life, and our thoughts, and our minds, and be happy!

If you haven’t noticed it, the economy is already in the hands of some huge cooperations which have already bought up the smaller companies. While people have been in lockdown due to the “super-dangerous” virus, they have rolled out the fifth generation, called 5 G, in several countries. There are enough people who have noticed their actions and reported what is happening.

I have never thought we might experience something like Nazi-Germany had already tried to accomplish 80 years back. I even didn’t hear about “The Great Reset” before the “Pandemic,” and I believe there are still many people in the world who have no idea about these plans, actually, most of the population.

If this is the truth, there is only one word left to describe these people behind this plan, evil socio- paths! However, we don’t know and can only presume; otherwise, there are too many voices that can’t be ignored.

Here is an interesting video about “Artificial Intelligence.”

Pro Vaccination Voices of Authorities

Maybe you have noticed that the most pro-vaccination voices come from the governments and health authorities or boards of this world. Of course, underlined by Big Pharma and proclaimed by the mainstream media. They try to control this dangerous virus and make many mistakes that lead in completely other directions.

I have looked up information about the vaccines on the internet, and I have had to look up seven pages on Google before finding one contrary voice regarding the vaccines. I directly joined them! It came from a site, “ Children’s Health Defense,” a site grounded by Robert F. Kennedy jr, whose work is threatened by censorship.

All other pro-vaccine articles are coming from the government, WHO, Pharmacy, and many established authorities.

Because of censorship, people can’t find well-informative content about Covid 19 and the “vaccines” to educate themselves about the harmful side effects of vaccination propaganda. I have no idea why this is happening, but my common sense tells me that something is wrong.

Why are the governments and media telling false information, wrong numbers of Covid Deaths, inaccurate information about the unvaccinated and vaccinated people, and the downplay of severe injury and deaths of vaccinated people?

Meanwhile, more people are speaking up, telling the truth;  ex-employees of Pfizer and Astra Seneca, senators of the states in North America, members of parliaments, doctors, virologists, immunologists telling the unbelievable truth of the reason why all people worldwide have to get vaccinated, and the truth about the ingredients of the vaccines.

They all experience some degree of threats by Pharmacy, the top elite, and the governments to be silenced. Their reputation is damaged; they lose their job positions, are imprisoned for no reason, and are even killed in prison.

Why is this happening? 

Unfortunately, many people are only listening to the false information of mainstream media and blindly following their governments’ instructions to receive “vaccination.” If I compare the information of witnesses with the mainstream media, I notice it has become customary to lie to the population. Mainstream media is hardly telling the truth nowadays. I have experienced it myself listening to the news on the radio where the new’s speaker has changed his information the third time he was telling the news.   I was puzzled, being a witness at that moment, how the Government’s “propaganda machine ” is working.

It is something people had experienced in  “Hitler’s Nazi-Reich,” declaring the Jewish people the enemy number one of the “Reich,” leading to the destruction of millions of Jews. The ordinary man and woman have been the ugly support of the SS and SA in Hitler’s Reich. They have denounced Jewish neighbors or even killed people, like in Lithuania, where the population hunted and killed Jews on the streets. But at the end of the war, they haven’t known anything, as well as the Germans.

“Mein Name ist Hase, ich weiss von nichts!

Propaganda works, and it is a shame that this is a repeating story.  It shows there is something seriously wrong! People are not allowed to receive balanced information to decide by themselves if they want to be vaccinated.

However, I read every information about the virus and the vaccines. Why can not other people inform themselves too? People are caught by fear; propaganda is working.

If you are interested in the truth, you will have access to other sources than the government and mainstream media. It is up to every person to be informed with accurate information instead of one-way information from governmental authorities. While listening to the many witnesses and alternative news programs, It seems that the government is following a brutal schedule that belongs to the top-rich of the world who want to control us. So many open questions!

Con Vaccination Voices of Ex-Employees and Other Experts

Most people don’t hear any of these voices because they are not reading alternative news but rather sit on their sofa, listening to the mainstream media owned by the wealthiest people of this world like Bill Gates. Some wealthy families like to pull strings without being in the front light. They are called the Davos clique, about 300 super-rich families who have stolen our money, according to the lawyer Reiner Fuellmich. It is a small group of the super-rich families of this world. I had no idea; listening to Reiner Fuellmich opened my eyes.

If these people follow their evil plan, you are certainly not receiving the right and accurate information.

Do you understand?

I even think that this article might be suppressed by the search engines, which are also the controlled tools of these few mega-rich people in the world. Google is interested in partnering with the vaccine maker Astra Seneca, so why should Google, which also owns other social media platforms, let dissenting voices damage its business?

Yes, you are right! It will not happen. Google has unique algorithms that find these articles, and Fact- Checker is marking these articles as false content. That is censorship!

There are independently working social platforms where you will have the possibility of getting informed about the truth, like the platform “Rumble.”

Experts say that unvaccinated people are more likely to get infected through the vaccinated people than the other way around. This situation is called shedding, where the mutated virus can infect unvaccinated people, a worrying situation!

Posts confirm that fully vaccinated countries like Iceland and Gibraltar have increased Covid infection among the vaccinated people by 2500 %. Wow, what a number!

According to experts like Professor Dorothy Cahill and Succharit Bhakdi are vaccinated people a mutating virus factory that never stops and unvaccinated people are in danger of getting infected with these mutations. They have created a zombie virus from different parts of other viruses and a synthetic spike protein in the lab. Through the work of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the laboratory in Wuhan, the virus is now infectious to humans. Dr. Fauci has been accused of murder and genocides. A committee of international working lawyers has filed a case against him.

Senator Rand Paul from Texas has questioned Fauci about his disgraceful deeds. Watch the video! Here, you can experience how Fauci is lying to the senate, trying to make Rand Paul look ridiculous.

Another expert, Dr. Robert Malone, has explained the effect of the virus in a video, and he educates us about the working of the “vaccines.” As the inventor of the mRNA vaccines, he knows how they work and damage human cells. He warned people of getting the jabs because the vaccines are inferior and not tested enough to know all side effects. The video shows Dr. Bret Weinstein, Dr. Robert Mallone, and Steve Kirsch discussing the “vaccines.”

There are so many other expert voices warning us not to receive the jabs. Professor Dorothy Cahill from Dublin, Ireland, and Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany, and Dr. Josef Mercola and many more experts have already tried to educate people from the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Now they are facing death threats or getting banned from the internet and losing their jobs and reputation.

However, they are not stopping to inform people about the dangers of these so-called vaccines and the misinformation of the governments and so-called health authorities.

For me, it is crystal clear;  if these authorities are trying to mute the real experts, there is certainly something seriously wrong. Every sound person will notice this and be careful to trust their governments, which seem to follow a particular plan; otherwise, they would stop the vaccination program directly due to the high numbers of vaccination deaths and injuries. But they keep pushing people to receive the jabs. Wake up!

It is certainly not normal! 

According to the human rights and the vaccination laws, it is illegal and breaking the rules!

On social media, every con vaccine article or video is marked by Fact-Checkers with a message that they contain false facts. I have experienced this happening on FaceBook while I shared an article that wasn’t mine.

This is censorship!

I have seen that most censored articles are coming from real experts; doctors,  immunologists, vaccinologists, ex-employees of the vaccine companies who own delicate papers proving the truth.

Many vaccine-injured people show their videos on social media and try to wake up as many people as they can reach. However, these people too experience censorship on Facebook by sharing their con vaccination articles about their suffering.

I think this is inhuman. First, people get injured or lose beloved ones to the vaccines, and then they are not allowed to share their grief on social media!  There is only one who has shown conscience and some emotions from the multi-rich elite,  Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, and Instagram owner. However, he is also guilty of censorship!

Suppose you are interested in accurate, truthful information. In that case, you might want to follow Dr. Mercola, Children’s Health Defense, Jerm Warfare, search for the name Dr. Robert Malone, Prof. Dorothy Cahill, Prof. Succharit Bhakdi, the lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, and, for Dutch people, “Ninefornews.”, an independent new’s site.

Suppose you can handle the horrific news about our governments and the top elite. In that case, you might want to take action towards your family, friends, social media, and yourself by educating and informing your environment.

Ex-employee of Pfizer Has Her Own Story

Karen Kingston and the vice-president of Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, are real heroes these days because they could lose their lives due to their information about Pfizer and the vaccines. Still, even then, under this huge threat, they made their data public.

Karen Kingston, an ex-employee of Pfizer, has confirmed what two Spanish researchers already have said under the protest of their university in Madrid. Of course, all instances work to suppress this kind of information, like fact-checker and the governments trying to prevent the leaking of this brisant information into the public.

Their discovery is true! And very worrying!

Karen Kingston has confirmed the fact that the vaccine is containing a very toxic substance, graphene oxide. This toxin is highly magnetic, and some people have reported that they are like a magnet after receiving the “vaccines,” further evidence that the vaccines contain graphene oxide. Metal like spoons and other things are glued to their bodies.

According to the Spanish researchers and Karen Kingston, this toxin is used as a conductor for electricity to connect people with 5 G, the fifth generation, control the world population, and even manipulate our thoughts through Artificial Intelligence. I am sorry to have to say this, but it is shocking! If this theory is correct, we have to do with such evil sociopaths as the Nazis have been.

Here is a video showing the blood after having received the vaccination! Don’t get distressed!


According to Karen Kingston, this vaccination program tests how many doses of graphene oxide they can inject until people die. They try to find out the correct amount they need to connect us to the internet via 5 G and the maintenance dose, to control us via artificial intelligence, an incredible thought.

Everything in me is trying to block this idea and possibility. It is just unbelievable!

Please watch the video, and let me know what you think!

Final Thought

It seems that the whole pandemic was a diversionary tactic for Big Tech, Big Finance, Big Pharma, and the governments and health authorities to get the world’s population under their control. They haven’t reached their agenda’s end yet, but they are in the middle of their plans. The way I see it is that they still need to find out the right dose, so they will try to advance their vaccination program by vaccinating the population every year, maybe together with the flu shots. The fact that authorities have not stopped the vaccination program regarding the many deaths and injuries following the vaccination shows that their goal is not the health of the world’s population. There is another plan, we only can guess. However, all the puzzle pieces are coming together and forming a picture that fits this theory.

Don’t let that happen!

If you have already received the jabs and are still alive, please do everything to strengthen your immunity. Maybe you can’t reverse the effects of vaccination. Still, you might increase your glutathione level by taking supplements like Vitamin D 10000 units and 100 mcg Vitamin K, selenium, zinc, Vitamin C, Omega 3 N-acetylcysteine, and the Vitamin B complex, especially B3. Do sports to increase your growth hormone and glutathione. But the main thing, have Ivermectine at home to stop viral infection, together with zinc. The research is only in the beginning, so none can tell you what to do. But I am sure that very clever scientists are already busy finding out what will help the vaccinated people, mainly because a patent earns enormous money.

However, maybe we will experience a surprise, that the vaccines companies like Moderna and Pfizer are having already the proper medication to reverse the effects of the vaccines. I wouldn’t be surprised! Follow the money!

Please, let me know what you think! I collected the articles and the videos, and I can hardly believe what the people say, but I would be very thankful to hear your opinion on this topic.

To Your Health,


As Professor Succharit Bhakdi says: “We are at war! Get up and stand for your rights as humans, for our beautiful world, for your children! Get Up! “

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8 thoughts on “How Safe Are Covid Vaccines?- New Facts!

  1. I am so grateful for my allergies because they are the reason I didn’t get the vaccine. I am extremely allergic to vaccines, ever since I was a baby. As a baby the doctor ordered to stop the vaccinations because of how I reacted; my body was all red and bloated and I was screaming in pain. In my 20s half of my body was paralyzed for 24 hours after I got the hepatitis A vaccine (which I had to take for a trip to Colombia) – I didn’t know about my allergies, I found out the hard way. People have already died of the covid vaccine and others have reported pain and other effects. I know that the vaccine could be mortal for me, and I will NOT take it, simply because of my allergies. I just can’t. But now with this news coming out and seeing how the covid vaccine affects the blood, it explains why people get sick after getting the vaccine.
    This is shocking! I hope that your article stays up, this news needs to be shared!

    1. Hi Christine, Thank you very much for your comment! You are so right! And lucky that you will not get bothered! In the factsheets of the vaccine makers, it is written that it is our choice if we will take the vaccines. I will certainly, with all that I know now, not take the vaccination. We are responsible for our health! It is our right that we don’t need to take them, but the governments are manipulating and pushing their agenda on us.

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    Thank you for sharing your research on the vaccines and potential underlying drivers for this pandemic. I think that very few people actually take the time to do the research that you have done and just follow along blindly with wha the media and authorities are promoting.

    The Great Reset does sound like it’s on the fringes to some but is actually a legitimate term.
    Klaus, the Leader of the world economic forum discusses it & also at Davos. It is on their website.

    So thanks again for presenting all the information so people can make a fully informed decision of what is going on.

    1. Thank you very much, John! I fear that many people do not research and ask questions. Maybe the reason that many people get vaccinated. Actually, the numbers are false. There are more people unvaccinated than vaccinated! Thank you very much for your comment!:)

  3. Hi Sylvia,

    It’s quite sad to read that the government and the richest companies tried to control everyone with AI & 5G network. I don’t hear this kind of news in my country, so I guess our government wanted to cover something.

    Despite those side effects from vaccination, it seems absurd to take the vaccination to avoid being infected without considering its damage to human cells.

    I am not vaccinated, but I’ll try to increase my immunity as instructed by you in this article.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. The new world order that the globalists will also create is to have better control over the population. In China, they already control their people using artificial intelligence, rewarding or punishing them for being obedient or disobedient. They fear actually that they are being hacked and losing their trillions of Dollars, or that the cryptocurrency could create new rich people, and they would stay outside the system, losing their power and money. I am sure it is always about these two. When they can control us, they don’t need to fear anymore.
      Please, try to avoid vaccination! I am sure the court cases will win. 🙂

  4. I gave up voting and watching the Main Stream Media bullshit more than twenty-five years ago. Even then, they were lying, pushing agendas upon us, to slowly condition society to conform to the version of reality desired by the so-called ‘elite.’
    These evil socio- paths can’t really be human, can they? They are devoid of all compassion and show no respect for life whatsoever.

    I, for one, have never consented for them to have any authority over me in any way, shape, or form. They are delusional with their own sense of entitlement and drunk on power…. however, all we have to do to derail their Great Reset plan is to say NO! We are many, and they are few, and they don’t stand a chance when just a few more people wake up to their inhumane agenda.

    Each of us needs to stand up for the truth, for what is right, and those in the police and armed forces need to turn their weapons back on to the perpetrators of the biggest crimes against humanity… the corrupt governments, the unelected bureaucrats in the WHO, the UN, the Davos group, and the many others that are complicit in the mass murder of their fellow human beings.

    Thank you for being brave enough to speak the truth.

    Another couple of links you may like to share with your readers are:

    1. Thank you so much, Andrew, for encouraging me! Yes, you are very right! When I think that our politician Helmut Kohl already was connected to Klaus Schwab and followed their evil schedule, everything was already set in the plan. Angela Merkel has been sitting in Davos with Helmut Kohl, a young unknown girl shaped by Klaus Schwab’s classes. Unbelievable! They can’t have any empathy with their fellow human beings; otherwise, they wouldn’t start to kill so many, including children. This is a Nazi agenda, nothing more. Thank you for the links! Very interesting!
      We need to speak the truth!
      Be safe! 🙂

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