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How Does Stress Affect Our Immune System?

Stress has an enormous impact on our health. Did you know this? How does stress affects our immune system depends on how our body and mind conceive stress and cope with it.

Stress is actually not in general bad, but we need to distinguish between negative and positive stress. I have developed an autoimmune disorder with three autoimmune disorders due to being treated the wrong way. Conservative medicine has no clue how to treat chronic diseases and the stress leading to a damaged immune system.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t have so many victims due to a health system that only treats the symptoms. I know this very well; I am already a practicing nurse for more than 40 years, and believe me, I have seen a lot.

How does stress affect our immune system?

To heal your body, you need to find out the stressors in your life and change your lifestyle completely. If I tell you that there is a natural approach, would you believe me? I have healed myself, with the help of great people, like Dr. Mercola, Dr. Axe, Chris Cresser, Markus Rothkranz, and more. They have had such an impact on my health. I am not getting any commission mentioning them here on my site, but I want to give them all credit. Because of their sites and passion, I am healthy today.

I have lost a big part of my functioning thyroid due to giving pharmaceutical medications instead of healing the immune system, the gut. It still impacts my energy which has not quite recovered the way it used to be. But I am very content with the way I can live my life now.

Negative Stress- The Port to Autoimmune Disorders

We all know negative stress and its impact on the body. Many people suffer from burnouts and chronic diseases, people smoking and drinking alcohol due to the enormous pressure daily life has on them. Negative stress makes the body and minds sick! People running around trying to meet the demands of their families, friends, and especially their employers. That has an enormous impact on their brain and body.

If they don’t have any quality time to escape this pressure, they will skip the meals, eating the wrong food, doing no fitness or walking, but drinking coffee to receive energy, alcohol to come down, interrupting their sleep cycle, a devasting situation.

I have been there, working a demanding job, trying to meet my family’s expectations, but finally, I crashed twice in my life. It is a vicious cycle, and better to stop early enough before you crash.

Negative stress is exploiting your body, killing brain cells, leaving you exhausted with crashed adrenal glands, an imbalanced cortisol level. It is essential to find a way to balance your life, your daily tasks and find time for yourself. If you have something, you love to do and what brings your stress down, you will learn to cope better with work.

However, it is better to look for another job or talk to your partner and find a solution that helps you to live a healthy way. Negative stress is everything that brings you in a condition of feeling negative emotions accumulating over time, burning you out finally.

Most time, people eat wrong and live unhealthy in times of enormous stress. The need for sugar as an energy supplier lets us eat more unhealthy carbohydrates, like cake, biscuits, pizza, pasta, bread. We have no time to exercise or walking outdoors. Some people smoke more cigarettes or drink much alcohol and coffee, all toxic substances if consumed too much.

Cigarettes are really not recommended if you see the damage they cause to your respiratory tract. As a result of this ongoing stress and negative feelings like frustration, anger, fear, your adrenal glands are getting exhausted, and finally, you crash, which is called burnout syndrome.

Negative feelings are burdening your body very much, weakening your immune system; combined with unhealthy food and an unhealthy lifestyle, you are quickly victim to pathogens that have an easy time overcoming your immune system, causing an infection or inflammation in your body.

If this inflammation or infection is becoming chronic, you might get an autoimmune disorder. Very often, you need to have two or three components coming together, like food allergy, heavy metal intoxication, virus infection, or a genetic reason. But also, worms and fungal infections can cause autoimmune diseases.

Tips on How to Balance Stress

Negative feelings are creating acidity that the body needs to neutralize. If the body can’t cope with the permanent flood of acid-forming feelings and food you are consuming, the gut microbiome changes. The good bacterias die, whereby the unhealthy bacterias like fungal will multiply and cover the gut linen.vegetables

To help your gut, you need to eat healthy, especially in stressful times. Alkaloide forming vegetables and fruits are vital to neutralize the acidity. Consuming antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals help your immune system growing strong. Drinking green tea, especially sencha tea and herbal teas, is beneficial, and consuming fermented food helps the gut microbiome recover.

I consumed many freshly made organic vegetable juices, juiced or blended, added with healthy fats and seeds, full of nutrients that help the body detox. Also, a small portion of organic meat and wild-caught fish have helped me a lot.

If you can go vegan, that is a healthy variant, but try to avoid carbohydrates and sugar. Stay away from alcohol, and only consume some coffee if you have to do it. You will have more energy, and you will sleep better during the night what help you renew your body and brain for the next day. Drink lots of pure filtered water to detox and hydrate your cells.

Do breathing techniques or yoga to balance your body and mind and walk every day for thirty minutes. Or maybe cycle to your work, which helps you relax; Sauna is a perfect tool to detox and strengthen the body and immune system. The hot and cold temperatures are fantastic to die off pathogens. If you have been in the sauna for half a day, you feel refreshed and renewed, but also relaxed, a phenomenon for your health.


Walking in the forest or along the beach will quieten you down, an excellent tactic to eliminate your stress and negative feelings. Sitting somewhere having a coffee or a glass of water is so relaxing.

Most important is developing a plan to escape the stress, maybe by finding a job working from home, like an online business, to better take care of the children and your partner. If you have a stressful job, you better quit; of course, you could try talking to your boss, telling him that you need to cut down. If he is not interested, leave the company! Your health is more important; avoid ruining your life. No money is worth it to develop an illness that might damage you in such a way that you will never recover completely.

There is always a way! Sit down and do brainstorm what is best for you.

Food That Strengthens Your Immune System

I am sure you know already what I am going to say. If you are stressed out, and already for quite a time, you might live on unhealthy food, like pasta, pizza, and cakes. I understand you very much because I did it as well.

Sugary food is comfort food! Sugar is the fuel for your brain, giving energy to your body, but it is the wrong food, damaging your body, weakening your immune system. Do you know how many so-called foods contain a lot of sugar? Actually, all industrial-made foods contain sugar and salt.

Fungal, worms, and bacterias thrive on sugar, making you very ill. Sugar is converted to alcohol in our bodies. Drinking alcohol and eating sugary carbohydrates will damage your health; you might develop diabetes, a chronic disease you don’t want to have.

Actually to switch to healthy food is not difficult. Our bodies need nutrients from high-quality food. By consuming green powder and vegetable juices, you supply nutrients to the body and help yourself passing the signal of wanting to consume more comfort food.

a bowl with fruit and seeds, and nuts, pineapple, strawberries, blue berries

While the body is receiving its nutrients, leptin resistance is disappearing. Leptin is the hunger hormone that signals that you have eaten enough, a function that isn’t working well when you suffer from leptin resistance, giving you the craving for sugary food.

Healing your body by consuming high-quality nutrients will finally stop your cravings for sugar and alcohol. Maybe you could consume a high-quality Vitamin B complex for a time, so your body gets enough Vitamin B1, 2, and 6. However, the whole complex is essential. Consuming lots of chlorophyll in the form of juices or salads will neutralize the acid-forming in your body.

Exotic fruits like pineapple and mango provide enzymes necessary for many functions of your body. I will write an article about enzymes to explain the functions. Enzymes are helping against infections and inflammation.

Some berries are packed with Vitamin C, another essential nutrient for the immune system, helping to fight off infections.

If you start consuming high-quality food consisting of antioxidants and vitamins, you will balance your cravings, helping your body detoxing and functioning properly. You will feel more energy, more relaxed, and renewed.

I am sure you will get there! I made it, so you surely will make it! 🙂

Final Thought

Stress is damaging our immune system and needs to be avoided. Finding a way to handle negative stress is essential, and finally, lifesaving. The best way is to find a way to have quality time in your daily planning while consuming healthy food. Suppose you are not able to cut the work stress in your life. In that case, it might be better to leave your job, finding another possibility to earn money, maybe working from home which is really not difficult. Still, in the beginning, it is also hard work, finally rewarding you with a first-class income and having more time for family and hobbies. However, if you can find another possibility to cut hours at work, spending more time on yourself, eating healthy food, and exercising, you will gain more energy and control over your life, and that is vital. Keep yourself healthy; you have only one body and life.

Please let me know how you cope with negative stress and what you do to meet your needs. I would love to hear what you think and have experienced.

To Your Health,


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