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How are Health and Sustainability Related to Each Other?

Health and sustainability are connected and certainly inseparable. My heart’s topic is ecological, environmental, economic, and social health and sustainability that belong together as a couple. Our health depends on our sustainable choices, improving the environment, the way we grow our food, live and treat our environment, animals, and neighbors.

Natural health goes hand in hand with the choices of growing our food, clothing, houses, furniture, the way we live. How are health and sustainability related to each other? Everything belongs together; we are inseparable from the planet and all creatures living on Earth, from the oceans, the air, the water, the forests. There is nothing separated, and even as we humans have reached a level where many would like to see themselves as an elite, we still depend on Earth, on the natural cycles.

How are heralth and sustainability related to each other?
Free Photos, Pixabay

If we keep polluting the earth, the water, the air, we create an unrepairable and unhealthy environment and life, destroyed by our greed for comfort and distraction, not being able to stay in the moment and meditate on silence and simple being, forgetting about owning and consumption.

Joy, love, and respect are inseparable from contentment and a deep feeling of being connected to Mother Earth, something that many people don’t feel anymore. They are running away from themselves, can’t stop a minute, need much distraction, and being filled with superficial things. It is certainly not a good development.

Sustainability, The New Modern Word

I believe that in former times, even just some decades ago, people haven’t even thought about sustainability because that was a normal situation. My parents have been already above their fifties when they made their first journey to another country, and they enjoyed it so much. I have been 23 years old when I have traveled to Brazil. What a difference! Young people these days are traveling a lot and very far. They work abroad, and it is normal for them to travel by plane to spend a two-week holiday in a distant country. It already has been something my parents couldn’t understand in my younger years, coming from a completely different time. They were thinking of buying a house, working a job, and saving money. Everything their generation bought for their house had to last for 10 or even 20 years. Quality and not quantity has been their motto.

vegetable garden
jag2020, Pixabay

We always had a vegetable garden and enjoyed eating fresh grown and harvested food. I still buy only organic and seasonal, because I can’t eat other food. It has no taste! Buying salad, cut and stored in a plastic bag, is something I would never ever purchase in the supermarket. Horrible thought! There are no vitamins, minerals, and nutrients left in this salad.

But in a plastic world, people eat plastic without even thinking about the effect on their body and mind. Most people don’t think about the condition of the soil where our food comes from or about the living condition of the animals which they consume. They don’t think that everything belongs together.

If they pollute the environment and their food, they will be polluted and, finally, get chronically ill. It amazes me that most people, even educated ones, always want the fun part of life, but they find the thinkers complicated and boring when it gets serious. With such people, we can’t save the planet!

cows on a field
Andreas Chantl, Unsplash

However, the truth is that if we keep mistreating the planet, we will receive our fruits. What we sow, we will reap! Most developments have been welcomed because of our greed for luxury and comfort, and if we are buying all the things, we will dominate the market resulting in no change.

All the waste coming from producing the products we consume has polluted water, air, soil, resulting in a destroyed environment, and life. Many humans and domestic animals on this planet suffer from inflammation, all kinds of chronic diseases. In contrast, the wild animals are in better shape, still instinctively consuming the right food. But our pets receiving industrially made food are suffering all kinds of diseases, especially cancer, as we do. Hello!!!!

A sustainable environment and natural health belong together! They are inseparable! Like everything on Earth is inseparable. Do you remember Tschernobyl in the ’90s, the catastrophe where the radioactivity leaked out through a crack in the powerplant and reached countries far away from the place in Russia? We are still advised not to eat any in the forest collected mushrooms due to their ability to store radioactivity, even thousands of kilometers away.

Health and Sustainability- The Connection

Without a healthy environment, we will not have a healthy body and mind. There are so many chronically ill people worldwide, which is a direct fruit of our lifestyles. We travel by plane and car, so our emissions stay in the air, covering the surrounding. The air we inhale as a result of the daily traffic jam of cars driving on the motorways and in the cities leaves the body in desperate emergency trying to get rid of the dirt. The pollution is covering our soil, our water, staying in the air preventing the sun from coming through these thick layers of toxic ingredients.

SDPicture, Pixabay

When Covid 19 hit the world’s countries, because of our compromised immune systems and the air pollution around and in the big cities, many people died. We still can remember the number of coffins in Italy, a horrible fact. But it is also that we do everything to taint our own environment, our own nest.

I am amazed that people are surprised that they are unhealthy but do everything to stay unhealthy. How is it possible that people don’t see the connection between pollution of the environment, behavior, and health? How is it possible that they can’t see that health and sustainability are inseparable?

If we are still using pesticides and herbicides on the crops and vegetables, and fruits, we will also be responsible for the pollution of our drinking water and the soil. We consume the toxins with our food, water, or air! If we mistreat our animals, feed them hormones and antibiotics, we will find these toxins in our water and bodies. If we produce much plastic and use plastic to store our food, we will find the particles in our bodies and brains and our environment. Our bodies can’t detox these toxic chemicals, so he stores them in the fatty tissues where they still can do much harm to us.


crematorium, nazi camp
Barakbro, Pixabay

How can we expect to stay healthy, accumulating all this poison in our bodies? It is impossible to be healthy, drinking toxic water, breathing toxic air, dressing us in toxic clothes, eating toxic food, and on top of that, consuming medications that is poisoning us so much, that in Europe, in some countries, where people who have died, can’t be buried, but need to get cremated due to the intoxicated body. If the body is dissolved naturally by micro-organism and worms, the toxins go into the earth and our water supply and pollute our water and ground. People who are receiving lots of synthetical medications are a real danger to the environment and, finally, the humans. Their excrements are full of toxins that are released into the water and ground.

In China, but also other countries in former times, people who have eaten have gone to the fields to empty their bowels to fertilize the ground, but nowadays, human beings are so polluted that we would intoxicate the soil.

That is a real fact! We are walking garbage dumping places and polluting our environment.

The Inseparability of Sustainability and Health

You see, nothing is on its own! If we want to be healthy, our environment needs to be healthy. Growing your vegetables, changing your behavior towards consumption, eating healthy, not depending on medications, only if there is no other way, moving a lot, combined with relaxation, and socially healthy contacts will heal our environment and climate.

I’m not particularly eager to use my bicycle, but maybe this is the only chance our planet has to recover. Nobody wants to have it cold in winter, but I am sure there are other ways to warm up our houses. There are certainly enough possibilities for keeping a kind of luxury while living sustainably.

However, I don’t think that electricity is the savior of the climate and the environment. Knowing how many problems we will create using more electrical devices that change and mutate our cells and let them die is not a beautiful thought. It would certainly help to live in a country that is not overcrowded with humans. But we need to find ways, altogether, to reduce pollution.

EMF and electrical devices are now already harming many people, developing symptoms, and cancer, telling us we need to be aware of the danger of radiation.

The sun is not dangerous, but our life-giver. We need the hormone Vitamin D3 for many functions, but blocking it, will increase autoimmune diseases. Our whole world has become so artificial, distancing us more from our real being, being a creature of this planet, and being included in the cycles of life.

If we don’t stop, return and recover, we will never be able to heal, not our planet, and not ourselves. Why do we let some people destroying our environment for their own business with the desire to earning huge money? Why do these people think they need more money? Greed? Power? Feeling superior?

We are the people, and we can change this behavior by changing ourselves. And our consumption! Don’t be fooled! Let us go back to sustainable communities, living a socially rich life without needing so much! We don’t need packed houses where we have so much stuff that we don’t know what we own.

Our Future

If we don’t stop, our future, and especially the future of our children and grandchildren, will look dark and short.

Do you say you love your children and grandchildren?

Rebecca Zaal, Pexel

I tell you that the modern human only loves himself!!!  Jesus said this in the bible, in HIS word.

If you love your children, you will not let their future be destroyed. I have no children, but I am sad because the future of your children is destroyed. If we do not stop exploiting the planet, we will not save our( your) children’s future.

You better think about it now! 

You sacrifice the future of your children for your luxury and comfort. What are they going to do with the money you leave them if the world is destroyed?

The natives of North America and Australia, New Zealand, and the Amazon, are intelligent people because they always have tried to conserve their environment for future generations. They are in danger as well! Because of the so-called intelligent human who have studied, are educated, and, even then, so mega stupid that I have no words for them.

 They are greedy! 

What is intelligence for you? Being in school and university, learning how to destroy the world and the planet?  Or have fun at the costs of God’s creation? Or do you stop and rethink and return, knowing your behavior will change the industry.

If you want your children to have a future, you stop consuming the wrong things and start being content with what you have, living a sustainable life of no waste, not synthetical, not medical, not chemical, not energical, no, no waste at all, only organic, that Earth recognizes and can diminish.

That is the only way to survive, nothing else!

The future belongs to your children and grandchildren, to all humans who live and think sustainable and want to make the Earth a better place!

Final Thought

I know this article is very hard on you, but it is a wake-up call. I am in an age group where I know I don’t need to care, but if you have children, fight for them, that they will live in a world that is healthy and full of nature, so your children can live a healthy life. We need to get back and combine the old and new modern world without destroying the planet any further. Our children should not grow up in a socially distant and dark technical world, but still enjoy the beautiful nature, eating healthy food, and knowing the seasons and their products, living a healthy and full life, without exploitation of the environment, the planet!

As always, I would love to know your thoughts! Please tell us what you think and do to save the planet and us in the comment section!

To Your Health,


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2 thoughts on “How are Health and Sustainability Related to Each Other?

  1. Flying far away for 2 weeks of holiday is bad as it is but to some extent understandable (although I choose to drive or train to see the landscape changing). Flying away for a city trip of 2 days is plain awful. In my opinion. 🙂

    I agree with your article, Sylvia (LOL, you wouldn’t expect otherwise, would you?) 😉 But I disagree in one aspect. You say you are at an age you don’t need to care anymore (I know you just meant you don’t need to but you do in reality) but I resent every ‘old’ person who says it is not necessary anymore to take care of anything because of their age.

    Our generation is responsible just like every other human being on this planet. And we can do just as much to prevent total destruction. 🙂

    Take care and stay healthy.

    1. Hi Hannie, Thank you very much for your comment! I am surprised because I don’t find this saying of mine in my article. I can’t find that I have said that I am in an age where I don’t care anymore because this would be a lie. I am caring very much, the reason for my websites and my articles. Please, let me know where did you find these words?

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