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History Shows Evidence- The Bilderberg Group

I found a great article written in 2012 that explains the connection between the Order of Maltese and the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, and the Vatican. History shows how the Bilderberg Group consisting of the most influential and wealthy people, has worked towards World Domination since its founding in 1954. The explanation is excellent, and I give all credit to This article is the first part!

The Role of The Bilderberg Group And Its Influence.

More and more conscious people in the Netherlands are wondering why Queen Beatrix, Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Alexander Pechtold (D66), and Diederik Samson went to the Bilderberg conference in the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly (Virginia). The same applies to Belgium, where Prince Philippe and Karel de Gucht (Freemason and European Commissioner for Trade) attended the conference. Who do they represent?

There is no doubt that the significant problems of the EU and the euro, the (manipulated) wars in the Middle East, the impending war with Iran, the so-called terrorism, the refugee issue, and many other urgent matters were discussed. Still, for the umpteenth time, the citizen feels that he was and is sidelined. Some elected representatives serve the power elite instead of the citizens who elected them for a highly responsible post. It is logical that this violates the trust of the citizen and promotes alienation. The question is whether all those who attend the annual Bilderberg conference are aware of the backgrounds of the Bilderberg club. When the old party politics is collapsing, and everyone is talking about ‘transparency,’ the secrecy of this Conference is untenable.

More and more conscious people in the Netherlands wonder why Queen Beatrix, Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Alexander Pechtold (D66) went to the Bilderberg conference in the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly (Virginia).

History shows evidence-The Bilderberg group

This time primarily requires cooperation based on respect for each other and all that lives, rising above all ideologies, populist ideas, and self-interests. This time involves a vision of the whole, a view of life’s deeper reality and possible destiny. And that is something that the Bilderberg club demonstrably certainly does not strive for.

A Breath of Fresh Air: the G500.

Finally, a fresh wind is starting to blow among young people under the inspiring leadership of Sywert van Lienden, who launched the G500 in ‘Buitenhof'( belonging to the Dutch Parlament)  on Easter Sunday 2012. This group of 500 young people is well aware that the old way of doing politics is over, whereby the party program of one party that fights or excludes another party, and quarreling politicians try to outdo each other in sometimes shameful ways using the president of the House of Representatives as a screen.

This behavior no longer has any viability. Those who want to preserve this old model perpetuate unbridled suffering, inequality, discord between population groups, and countless frustrations and political tensions. A business cabinet is also not a solution because, as the word says, it is primarily about business and not about restoring democracy, not about trust between the citizens and the government, not about love for all that is. Citizens can arrange and organize all kinds of things in a village, city, province, region, or country once the forces that apply the policy of divide and rule have been exposed.

On the Way to a Dictatorship?

A Europe in which the species of love and attention for all citizens is lacking, a Europe that puts itself above the uniqueness of countries and primarily pursues monetary interests, is doomed to failure. The public’s protests will only increase in the future, and trying to break this protest by any drastic actions or restricting freedom of expression will not succeed.

Those in power must not forget that a dictatorship has never lasted. And those who believe that, in the name of democracy, they can violently bring ‘democracy’ to other countries and dethrone dictators there whom they have supported or even appointed for a long time should realize that they are as guilty of violating human rights as those dictators themselves.

Repression is on the increase everywhere. Because of Putin’s new policy in Russia, those who organize or participate in demonstrations receive very high fines, so that hardly anyone dares to give their opinion anymore. Despite this announced punitive regulation, demonstrations were still held. So far, without too great reprisals. Dissidents in many countries face imprisonment, torture, or they are murdered.

In China, Western countries are so keen to trade; there is a general ban on demonstrations. Moreover, the Chinese government is harrowingly enslaving the Tibetan people in Tibet. Soon the borders to Tibet will be closed to tourists. And we in the West are selectively outraged. When economic interests are at stake, we remain silent.

If one had power over the sun, one would also want to restrict it and ask for money for the sun’s rays. ( Something Bill Gates is busy with nowadays)

sunlight coming through a tree

Are we on our way to dictatorship? This is a dictatorship where only a few people have taken power and have everything to say using invisible networks. (Latin: dictare = dictation.) Power in a democracy lies within the people (which achieves common objectives through the delegates in the parliament), is eliminated by dictators with the help of a strong controlling police force, a professional army, secret services, and the media.
A dictatorship is not only the end of democracy but also the beginning of great unrest. For if members of the family of humanity are willing to fight against each other through long mind control, brainwashing, and politics of divide and rule, not only is democracy trampled on but above all man has lost his dignity and moral strength.

The Alarm Bells Are Ringing.

When the fundamental values of being human are seriously threatened, it is the task of conscientious journalists, philosophers, and bearers of the values of a culture, such as respect, tolerance, and respect for life, to sound the alarm. Those who have sincere criticism in a nonviolent, peace-loving way and stand up for the dignity of man and nature should not simply be dismissed as  ‘nuisance posts,’ ‘rioters,’ ‘anarchists’ ‘state-threatening individuals’ or ‘querulants.’

They could well be the salt of a new civilization, a civilization that is not based on the false varnish of false values, but on values of sharing, equality, tolerance, sincerity, feelings of togetherness and connection with others, a different way of thinking and acting, cooperation with and not against nature. Because as things are going now, it can no longer be done. (And this was in 2012).

Politicians who do not even think it is worthwhile to talk to troubled citizens have lost all strength and influence and are the only ones to hold on to the broken seat of an already lost position. They do not realize that they are partly to blame for violating universal values and are thus, consciously or unconsciously, complicit in maintaining a corrupted system.

The number of people from the Occupy movement, the indignados (indignant), and many others are growing by the day. Infiltration via secret services to erode or eliminate these movements by provoking, for example, violent incidents, are increasingly being exposed.

a board written on occupy

The number of people from the Occupy movement, the indignados (indignant), and many others are growing by the day. Infiltration via secret services to erode or eliminate these movements by provoking, for example, violent incidents, are increasingly being exposed. Every day, scandals of the power elite come out into the open: bonuses, fraud, sexual offenses, deception, misconduct. Generalization is not possible because there are also honest and reliable administrators in our society. They have the ethical task of being well informed about the backgrounds of world events, which will enable them to bring about all the better transformations necessary for a dignified society before it is too late.

The power elite, corporatocracy, or ‘conspiracy’ apparently does not consider the effect of ‘the hundredth monkey’ (Keynes). For their freedom, conscious people are willing to go to extremes, and they will keep coming up with creative ways when the government is trying to silence them. The EU’s dream seems to be becoming a nightmare.
Who is responsible for this? The citizen?

For their freedom, conscious people are willing to go to extremes. They will keep coming up with creative ways when trying to silence them. The EU’s dream seems to be becoming a nightmare.

A Master Plan of Masters.

The German newspaper “Die Welt am Sonntag “already reported in June 2012 that a ‘Master plan’ for the eurozone’s rescue is in the works to get out of the crisis. Different rules should apply to part of the European Union. A cunning way to try to extinguish the smoldering fire of displeasure temporarily.

The then quartet Mario Draghi (President of the ECB), Herman van Rompuy (President of the EU), José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission), and Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the Eurogroup) launched the ‘first findings’ of this Master Plan at the EU Summit of 28 June 2012. A plan from masters. Schoolmasters? Certainly not. The masters of the EU do not have much in common with their pupils, the citizens. The Master plan promised to be yet another intervention from above. Critical voices are, of course, not welcome in this great time of crisis. “There is no going back,” Van Rompuy said, “only forward.” Familiar sounds which all too clearly reveal a hidden agenda.

It looks as if more power will soon be transferred to European Institutions in Brussels, that a European supervisory body will be set up for the banking sector, that the policies of the EU Member States in the areas of the budget, taxation, and foreign countries will be harmonized and that there will be reforms of the social programs.

The above is Orwellian novelty or Tavistock language.

In everyday language, it simply means that a new coup is imminent, carefully prepared through the strategy of divide and rule, the creation of chaos, and the stoking of uncertainty and fear.

At a press conference in Saint Petersburg (Russia), Herman van Rompuy confirmed the Master Plan in preparation. The power of Brussels will have to be strengthened, and the Member States will have to give up much of their independence for the next five to ten years [and of course also afterward!]. There is talk of a banking union and a political union, given the fear of the power elite that the current Union, which seems to be based on the decision-making power of the connected countries, is falling apart. The already reduced power of the governments of the member countries will then be definitively transferred to Brussels and a group of technocrats.

When the Master Plan leaked out in Germany, a storm of indignation poked that same day. And it really won’t just lie down because whoever sows a storm will reap a storm.
The storm was sparked when Angela Merkel rushed on June 7 to declare to the media that a political union could be the solution to the current problems, meaning Brussels would have more powers.

European sign

Angela Merkel proclaimed to the media in June 2013 that a political union could be the solution to the current problems, which means that Brussels will have more powers.

The real goal of creating the EU is not told by the power elite and fits into a much larger plan: dominance over and total control of all citizens. ‘Das Dritte Reich’, with thousands of loyal Kafkaesque slavish officials and vassals (who will soon have to control everyone as if Europe transformed into a kind of Gulag archipelago), comes eerily close. Kept sweet by a ‘certain’ position of power, a good income, and some privileges, these officials will carry out their task with precision.

The great culture of grabbing and grasping can only be stopped by nonviolent protest, rapid awareness, and peace-loving actions from the power of continuing to protest. The demonic developments can only be stopped by, on the one hand, providing insight into the demonic mechanism and by disclosing the real power games without creating enemies, and on the other hand, by the favorable prospect of a completely different approach. Yes!!!

The ‘Master plan’ doesn’t just come out of the blue; there is no ‘coincidence’ in politics. It was launched by the EU ‘administration’ just in time, as citizens are in danger of falling asleep, sedated by chemtrails, inferior and genetically engineered foods, vaccines, mind control programs, and the countless lies that are spread through quite a few media outlets.

To questions from countless concerned citizens on all these issues, politicians have so far failed to answer and have left countless people out in the cold. The European Championships, the Tour de France, and soon the Olympic Games could be used as a screen behind which the power elite makes decisions very quickly. In the unlikely event that ‘accidental’ dramatic events occur soon, will we be surprised? From Olympus, the Olympians look down on the people anyway.
It is no coincidence that Queen Beatrix, Mark Rutte, and Alexander Pechtold were invited to the Bilderberg conference.

Mark Rutte could have a hard time. Like the majority of parliament, he doesn’t see much in Angela Merkel’s plans. ( I see it differently)

The politicians will be closely followed like never before by countless critical citizens, who fully understand the quartets for power, the preying to ‘high’ positions, and cheating.


Part two: Bilderberg, Secret Societies and the New World Order” – to be continued!

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6 thoughts on “History Shows Evidence- The Bilderberg Group

  1. Wow, Sylvia, This is all a bit more true than people think. Social engineering I think of it as. The actual agenda I do wonder about is it purely globalization for the ultra-rich and greedy or something that is more otherworldly? I know this is something that most conspiracy theorists don’t like to talk about but if there was an advanced malevolent alien race out there would they really come out all guns blazing like the movie Independence day or secretly infiltrate positions of power and manipulate the people to do their bidding? I do wonder about this like the royal families of the world seem to have an ancient connection to the past. The word blue blood springs to mind – maybe they are the ones conducting these meetings and what we know as prime ministers and elected officials are just like their pawns.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Alex! Yes, it is easy to think of aliens coming out and manipulate people. But I don’t believe in aliens, but in spiritual warfare, we are involved since Satan had lost ground when Jesus died on the cross for our sins. And this war has been going on already for more than 2000 years. There are people on this planet who belong to Satan or Jesus. Because these elites are consciously belonging to Satan, performing rituals to be powerful. They have stolen the money from the population. The exchequer is empty, and they don’t want all the retired people now claiming their pension. These rich people know how to plan and manipulate situations where they even get richer and the main population poorer. That is a fact and no conspiracy theory.

  2. Thank you for being part of the ones who are educating and opening the peoples eyes. We want to shout this from the mountain tops to let everybody hear. Excellent article!
    It is fascinating to see how evil these people are, nothing good can be said about them … hahaha!
    If you ask me the governments and journalist are getting paid to help execute their plans. Everybody has a price to comply.
    What do you think gives THEM the right to do what they do? Power and greed?

    1. Thank you very much, Estelle! I think it is fear and greed. Fear to lose their world’s position and money. Greed to receive more money and power. One thing we don’t need to forget. These are Satanists who want the world to perish. It is about evil and control! They have no difficulties slaughtering children and other adults, so they will not have any problem doing all kinds of harm to us! It is a fact, and I have an idea of what they seek to accomplish. Suppose you observe their plans already written down in the Lockstep scenario that the Rockefeller Foundation had already written in 2010. In that case, you can see that they have already begun to go through their steps, Covid( pandemic), climate, energy, food, medical service, financial system. We need to rebuke them!

  3. The only way out of the current tyranny being forced upon us by our governments is to stop supporting them with our votes. If people didn’t vote for the continuation of the existing systems, then they would collapse.
    I worked out many many years ago that it didn’t matter if we voted for the left or the right, because they are two sides of the same coin…… and whoever wins will still do what they are instructed to do by their masters. So essentially the same policies will be enforced by either side, and this is why we are still marching towards a ‘great reset’ even though most people don’t want it!

    We, as individuals, need to reclaim sovereignty over ourselves, body, mind, and soul, instead of allowing others to dictate to us how we can live our lives. Once enough of us stand up and say enough of this bullshit, those that consider they have authority over us will begin to fade away into significance.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, you are so right! We need to stand up, making a fist! But unfortunately, most people are not aware of these things. I wasn’t for a long time aware of these evil powers. It is essential to educate them and share the posts.

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