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Review of a Grounding Sheet -Awesome Sleep

This page is an honest review of a grounding sheet offered by the company BioEnergy Products.

review of a grounding sheet- Awesome sleep

In my blog about Healing by Grounding, I have already mentioned how important it is to be grounded and that our bare skin needs to contact the Earth.

Well, it is not always possible to touch the ground barefoot, depending on the place where you live, needing grass, sand, water, mud, or rock to be grounded. Especially in our houses, we don’t have materials that let the Earth’s electrons come through, so we cannot contact the Earth, being isolated while staying in the house.

A study has shown that the modern human being is more inside than outside the house, even in summer being cut from the healthy neutralizing electrons of the earth. Driving around in our cars is another comfort we pay the price for not contacting the ground.

Most of the day, we spend indoors on materials like laminate, wood, tiles that don’t let the electrons come through, while at night, we sleep ungrounded in our beds. Metal beds are the worst, helping positive electrons from electrical devices entering your body.

Having a healthy refreshing sleep without any disturbances from the electrical devices( EMF) in our house and the wifi from the routers, smartphones, computers, laptops, transformers of solar energy, etc., recommends switching them off during the night. Receiving the benefits of sleeping grounded, there are many products for the bed.

Initially, a brand called “Earthing” made the original products, however, many different companies sell them now. I believe a grounding sheet or mat is the best option for your bed. That is the reason I will provide you with a detailed review of these sheets.

The grounding fitted sheets are coming from a very trustworthy company, BioEnergy Products, located in the States in Georgia.

You can choose a king or queen-size sheet from prices arranging from $ 149.99 – $ 159.99, which is a good price for a quality product made of 100 % soft, high-quality cotton.

The more your bare skin comes in contact with the sheet directly, the quicker the electron transfer occurs, and the more benefit you will receive.

Each of the sheets is interwoven with a high-quality silver thread woven into a grid pattern to ensure an even and strong connection across the entire sheet.  All of the fitted sheets will cover the entire bed and have a composite elasticated skirt around the edges to ensure a secure fit.

As a standard, the sheets come with an earthing cord.

Why use this Earthing Sheet?

Many people sleep poorly because of inner stress in their bodies and mind. They are not able to relax. Studies have found out that the reason could be the electrical charge of the electrical devices. They change the electrical state of the body and create inflammation in the body.

Grounding returns the body to its normal electrical state, reduces pain and inflammation, decreases stress and tension, accelerates recovery and healing. You will sleep better and wake up in the morning feeling more relaxed with no pain and more energy. You will notice the difference! I will never sleep again without my grounding sheets.

The sheets work by inducing a safe and gentle flow of free negative electrons from the earth into your body. These electrons neutralize any harmful positive electrical charges in the body. Maybe the issue of many inflammation-based health problems is why a detrimental effect on your health and well-being. Designed to work by itself or in conjunction with other grounding products do the sheets promote increased vitality, good health, and a general feeling of increased wellness.

What Do Other People say About These Grounding Sheets?

BioEnergy Products has outstanding reviews on the Trust Pilot, which makes them a trustworthy company. Reading the reviews, you will see that the company is eager to resolve problems. So, don’t hesitate, but contact them if you experience any problem or have questions.

Here is a screenshot of the rating to show you that this company is real.

Trustpilot rating for BioEnergy Products, 4.5 stars out of 5


80 % 5 stars, rating graphic

one 5 star review

 Why I Will Recommend These Grounding Sheets?

1. These sheets stay very well in your bed because of the elasticated skirts. That is a real plus point.

2. After one to 5 days of sleeping on these sheets, you will feel relaxed and calm, more rested, and energized. You will not want to miss it anymore. Wherever you travel, the sheet will travel with you.

3. Your body will detox very much. That is the reason you need to drink a lot of water. That is a huge healing factor!

4. One-year money-back guarantee shows that this company is very confident of their products.

5. Products are wrapped in 100 % recycled paper, No Plastics, showing that this company is solid in sustainability; for me, an essential point.

6. Free delivery on orders over $ 50.

7. Made 5% larger than standard to combat any shrinkage from washing.

There is not one point I could think of not buying this product. Not one! I think everyone should sleep grounded, even pets. They love the grounding mats and sheets. Especially babies will have a deep sleep showing how much grounding is needed.

It is crucial now, more than ever, to help boost and support your immune system being grounded in these times of Covid 19.  It is a small investment but a great accomplishment for a healthy lifestyle providing a quality night rest and energy.

You can purchase these sheets here. 

Please let me know if the grounding sheet review has helped you. I love to hear about your experience.

To your Health









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6 thoughts on “Review of a Grounding Sheet -Awesome Sleep

  1. KingDavid247 says:

    Thank you for the information you do provide. It is a significant one. You have helped me a lot with your knowledge about grounding. I will recommend this review. It is a perfect one. I didn’t know that topic before reading your post. Thank you very much! Maybe I will purchase the mat.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi there! I know a lot about how grounding is so important to our mental health but I did not know about these grounding mats that you recommend. They sound wonderful and certainly worth looking into for extra comfort! Thank you for sharing and recommending such a wonderful product that can help so many others.

    1. Thank you so much, Michael, for your comment! You are so right! It is essential to be grounded, and this mat can help you, especially if you live in a country where you have winter. 

  3. Hey wat leuk was hier net aan het kijken om er een aan te schaffen. Dank voor je informatie

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