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Graphene Hydroxide- Nano Robots in Our Blood?

Does graphene hydroxide in the vaxxines mean a chemical process is building razor blades that cut our tissues and organs? I have no idea if this is the truth, but governments worldwide are performing mass murder if this is the truth. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I always want to know more, so I decided to research graphene hydroxide and its effects and found interesting information.

The German chemist Dr. Andreas Noack has published a video in which he explains the presence of graphene hydroxide in the vials and what they are doing to the body’s tissues.

Who is Dr. Andreas Noack?

I watched his video, and after I had watched the video of the Spanish scientist months ago, I was very curious. Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, a whistleblower told us that in the vials is graphene oxide. However, the Spanish scientist already explained it months ago, but I couldn’t find the video back. When I read about Dr. Andreas Noack and watched the video about the razor blades in our blood, I hardly couldn’t believe it.

Graphene Hydroxide-Nano Robots in Our blood?

However, it made real sense to me because it followed up with the other observations. We know by now that graphene oxide is in the vaxxines, among parasites and synthetical creatures. Medical experts also have explained to us about the deadly spike protein that causes blood clots.

There are so many voices out there, and I have sent Dr. Noack’s video to several politicians here in the Netherlands who build the opposition and to the alliance of doctors in the Netherlands, the lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Mercola, and  Bart Maes. He is a lawyer in the Netherlands. My disappointment was enormous because none of them has come back to talk to me about the video that makes me think. Of course, I believe that they get many messages. However, I think it is time to investigate such sources of information and find out if this is true. I contacted them because I believe they have a good reputation and know many people who might investigate the case.

I leave you with your thoughts about why they didn’t react.

However, I started to search about what graphene hydroxide is and its use. I investigated real scientific work to find an answer, heavy stuff for me. 😉

Who is Dr. Andreas Noack?

I had never heard about him before, but I learned that he had been molested by the German police and published a critical video. So I watched the video on rumble because YouTube had deleted it, and I was mildly said shocked. Everything he said was a follow-up on the results of the Spanish researcher, Professor Dr. Pablo Compra Madrid. But still, there is a difference because Dr. Compra has investigated the effect of the vaxxines due to the magnetism of vaxxed people. Coming to the conclusion that graphene oxide must be in the vials he explains in the video below the information transfer from vaxxed people to smartphones via Bluetooth, using wifi. Please, watch the video!



There are many videos about Andreas Noack, and I watched a video where his wife said that he was murdered just some days after the video’s release.

Andreas Noack seemed to have been an engineer in chemistry who worked with carbon. I believe he is the person who knows quite a lot about graphene; however, he didn’t know about the other ingredients in the vials. It would be great to invite doctors, physics, and chemists to discuss the vaccines. In his video, Dr. Andreas Noack has suggested talking to other experts to find out if he is right. I think this character shows that he was open to hearing from others. I only could find information in German. He worked in the carbon business, first for a company, then he grounded a business that he has later stopped again.

Dr. Andreas Noack studied Chemie in Darmstadt, Germany, and did a doctorate in 1995 in heterogeneous catalysis. writes:

“Andreas Noack (born May 3, 1964, allegedly died November 26, 2021) is or was a German doctor of chemistry, conspiracy ideologue, and entrepreneur of the German dietary supplement industry. He describes himself as a “chemist, engineer, inventor, activated carbon expert and nutrient explainer” with his last residence in Langenzenn near Fürth.
Noack has also been portrayed as an expert in alternative medicine, oxygen medicine, or so-called monoatomic gold. He was chairman of an association “Ursprunc e.V. ” based in Langenzenn.
On the German-language Internet, Noack has presented himself as an advocate and supplier of products from the field of orthomolecular medicine, so-called nutraceuticals and salts, and heavy metals. He assumed exclusively positive health-relevant effects for humans. In the past, he has appeared in projects of the truther scene and in projects that specialize in the dissemination of conspiracy theories such as ” Bewusst. TV of Jo Conrad”.
Videos distributed by Andreas Noack are “Geheimakte hochwertige Lebensmittel” and “Vitaminlüge” (obviously inspired by an article in the weekly magazine “Der Spiegel” on misleading advertising for vitamins).

Also, via the Internet, Andreas Noack spread the conspiracy theory during the coronavirus pandemic that all manufacturers of corona vaccines secretly added the substance graphene oxide to their vaccines and that no other chemist or pharmacologist had known this so far. The substance behaves in the human body like a molecular razor and harms the organism.
Noack saw the lack of scientific support for his views on human nutrition and his pathology due to a conspiracy of experts who could not be trusted in principle. However, he also saw himself as an expert. Politicians are also not to be trusted, as they have no interest in the long life expectancy of humans, for example (meaning an imaginary population reduction program).
Noack supported the “Living Atom Theory” of the engineer Etienne Szekely, born in Romania in 1917, who later emigrated to Canada. With the help of his esoteric theory, Szekely believed he could refute Einstein’s theory of relativity and explain the phenomenon of tides or telepathy.
On November 18, 2020, Andreas Noack was arrested at home in an attic apartment by the support command USK of the special forces of the Bavarian police with another person during a video conference. During the arrest, the door was violently broken open.
According to research by t-online, the newspaper “Neue Presse” (Coburg), and the ” Donaukurier,” the mission was not directed against Andreas Noack. Still, the arrest of another person and the mission had nothing to do with Noack’s views on the coronavirus pandemic. The police operation confirmed by the police headquarters of Middle Franconia had originated from the Berlin General Prosecutor’s Office in Berlin and was directed against trade in narcotics.

An article on this police operation can also be found on the “In Franken” website.  Previously, a journalist who turned to the police of Middle Franconia was referred to the LKA Berlin. However, whether the operation was aiming to arrest Noack remained unclear at that time.  In numerous so-called “alternative media” at home and abroad, the non-Noack police operation was described as evidence of state violence and censorship against critics of the protective measures against the new CoV-2 coronavirus.

Note that the chemist Andreas Noack (born 1964) is not confused with the SPD politician of the same name (born 1965). “(

His wife has admitted that he died from a heart infarct, but she thinks it has been done due to a military weapon, a so-called beamer. I don’t know about such things and will leave it open. Still, as a nurse, I can believe that the enormous stress he must have felt of the coming mandatory vaccination that threatens also his family’s life, mainly because he knew what could be in the vaxxines might have pressurized his heart.

Please, watch his video! It is subtitled in English.

What is Graphene Hydroxide?

Now it will get chemical. I don’t know too much about chemistry, only what I have learned in school, but reading several articles has given me a better understanding.

Graphene oxide (GO) is a unique material that can be viewed as a single monomolecular layer of graphite with various oxygen-containing functionalities such as epoxide, carbonyl, carboxyl, and hydroxyl groups.

Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) are a class of naturally occurring inorganic minerals composed of divalent and trivalent metal cations. This study synthesized three different sized NiAl-LDH nanoplatelets by varying crystallization times during the micro emulsification process. Please, read the scientific work by yourself.

Divalent Cations: A Molecular Glue for Protein Materials among inorganic materials, divalent cations modulate thousands of physiological processes that support life. Their roles in protein assembly and aggregation are less known, although progressively being brought to light.
The atoms of different elements have their own nature; some are stable. Some attain stability by sharing their valence electron with other atoms while molecules are bonded with chemical bonds. Some examples of molecules are nitrogen gas, water, table salt, etc.

Trivalent Cations are the positively charged ions having their valency (3+). Divalent ions are formed by losing three valence electrons and attaining a positive charge.
Graphene is a novel material with extraordinary properties, which can be used not only to prepare other new compounds based on it, but the possibilities are endless in various fields. The importance of this discovery was so great that the scientists who discovered it received the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010. One of the essential uses of Graphene is found in the Medical field. It has emerged as an innovative material in this sector due to its ability to treat serious diseases such as Cancer. ( source

Graphene explanation
Graphene oxide

I found another interesting article that is somewhat abstract. I understand that it depends on the results of reactions with different elements if it is a blessing or a threat. It is undoubtedly a fascinating chemical compound.

What I understand by reading all the articles about graphene oxide, it prevents corrosion in alkaline fluents. Blood is also alkaline!
Growth of NiAl-Layered Double Hydroxide on Graphene toward Excellent Anticorrosive Microwave Absorption Application by, a very informative read.
5 G radiation is using microwave radiation. Maybe something to think about!

5 G and Radiation

5 G is rolled out on a large scale in Europe, while parallel the vaxxination is becoming mandatory. Why is that? If you have read Klaus Schwab’s books and listened carefully to the many videos he has published, you will know that this is his goal. A fourth revolution. Some countries, predominantly Asian countries, are already very far with artificial intelligence. Klaus Schwab will change our DNA; he prefers Androids, Transhumans. Connected to artificial intelligence, we are better controlled. The elite is just following their agenda, accomplished by their puppets, health organizations, military, governments.

5 G is extremely dangerous for the cells in our body, but all life. However, they want an artificial world they have created and can control.

The dangers are many, especially health problems. Graphene oxide is a good conductor for electricity while it doesn’t corrode that easily. It is what I have learned from the information on graphene. You can search many videos on YouTube showing and explaining the health problems caused by 5G.

Please watch how graphene reacts to a mobile phone.

Are We Unwillingly Participating in a Big Experiment?

My answer is YES! They haven’t asked us!  Human rights and the Nuremberg Code are not interesting for them. Klaus Schwab is an older man and might desire the fulfillment of his plan. His plan is the Fourth Revolution, transhumanism, and the elite desire complete world control!

We are participants in an extensive inhuman trial! Our world is falling! And most people are still asleep! Andreas Noack is right! That might be why he has died; the pressure might have been too much! We participate in a giant experiment; this might be why the ingredients are so different in the vials. The governments want us to join in this Russian Roulette because if we had known it before, about 99% of the world’s population would have declined the request of the elite and Big Pharma to participate in the experiment.

Prof. Pablo Compra was right. He started the research on graphene oxide. Karen Kingston has confirmed his theory about using graphene oxide in the vaxxines.

Dr. O Robert Young has explained the graphene oxide under the microscope. It is excellent information!

It seems that they want to depopulate the entire western world. We are all countries! We are the population; it doesn’t matter which country! We need to join each other and stop this horror! If you are a spirit-filled Christian, please join others, and pray the spiritual warfare! If you are a freedom fighter, stand up, join other people and build up a massive sea of people to stop this madness!

Final Thought

We are in the middle of world war III! Don’t you believe me? It is not about the common weapons, but about spiritual and military weapons, bioweapons, combined with the possibility of making Cyborgs of us. It is a reason most people are not aware of it.

If you are a spirit-filled Christian you will certainly know, but people who have no faith will be like sheep going to the slaughter. They have no idea of the evil! They have lost their first love, God the father! These countries and people are the first to be imprisoned. Can you imagine that Satan is going after your soul? No? He has already lost, and he knows this! Now he will take with him as many people as he can.

But you can now still turn to Jesus and ask Him to become your Savior and ask for forgiveness of your sins! You will be forgiven, and knowing you are safe, directly! He loves you! Jesus died for you! Just believe! And ask for forgiveness! Jesus will forgive you and talk to you, telling you how He loves you! And the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will surround you! Praise the Lord Jesus!!! Amen!!!!

To Your Health,


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8 thoughts on “Graphene Hydroxide- Nano Robots in Our Blood?

  1. Hi Sylvia,
    I was so interested to see Graphene Oxide and the injections on your website. I hear about Graphene Oxide recently for the first time. I also read that there’s documented cases of progressive MICRO-CLOTTING and INTERNAL BLEEDING effects caused the spike protein and graphene oxide combination ACCELERATE among those pumping blood at faster rates, meaning the unfolding fate of athletes is a preview of what’s coming for the general population.

    Can I ask some more questions:
    1. Is the graphene oxide the substance/tecnhology involved in the mRNA vaccines (messenger RNA)?
    2. Also does this substance amend/affect human DNA?
    3. What other ingredients in these injections are harmful to human health? (Perhaps this is a whole separate article)

    1. Hi John, Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, the spike protein cause blood clotting, which is a real problem because you can’t stop this anymore if you have decided to get vaxxed. Sporters have a natural disadvantage what we can observe in the media. Many dropped down dead because of their fast-flowing blood.
      Your questions are excellent.
      I don’t believe that graphene oxide is involved in the mRNA but used for the electrical transfer of data.
      The nanosensor in the vials affects the DNA and all the parts of different viruses and synthetic creatures.
      The ingredients are mostly the same as in all vaccines, like aluminum, alcohol, and much more toxic for the body. We have many children with autism due to the ingredients. This is a real extermination agenda against the human beings of God!.
      Please, watch this video!

  2. OH MY GOD! If that thing is injected in people’s bodies …. just terrible. Most of my family (perhaps even all) have the vaccine … I watched the video to see how graphene reacts to a cell phone’s waves, it’s eerie … I tried to imagine that thing inside a human body and what it can cause …
    Ew! I’m disgusted by what is in the vaccines and by what people in power think they have “the right to to” …

    1. Yes, Christine, I am shocked too! All my family and friends have received the jabs and the booster jabs. I am worried about their lives. I understand! Horrible!

  3. Interesting reading. Now they are coming for children 5-11 yrs. It seems there will be a never ending need for booster shots.
    So far everything about these vaccines that has been derided as “conspiracy theory” has come to pass.
    I need a vaccine to travel, and have been hesitant in getting one. Now after watching this video flying has become more risky. Particularly long haul flights. Link to video below.

    1. Yes, Michael, so true! We need to stop them from going after our children! These jabs are not required for children! They have a healthy immune system. I think I wouldn’t fly now because the pilots are having a hard time suffering from blood clotting due to the pressure in a plane. Thank you for your video!
      Please, watch this as well!

  4. The Andreas Noack video and was chilling. Considering what Austria is doing along with other countries like Italy, Vatican City State (seat of Freemasonic power), Australia – name any country because entire world is in “lock step” some are simply further along than others in the agenda – it was even more chilling hearing from Dr. Noack. The video with his wife (and I don’t understand Austrian but emotions and expressions are beyond language, and with the subtitles) reminded me of the Virgin Mary Mother of God.

    I’ve come to believe that the graphene hydroxide is present in all forms of the “COVID-19 vaccines” be they mRNA or adenvirus vector, except the ones used by the Commies in China. Now since graphene oxide or graphene hydroxide is inorganic nanoparticle it is undetectable from standard tests used by the health industrial complex and thus won’t be picked up by the run of the mill MDs and nurses and more importantly, won’t be disclosed to the public in any test results or autopsies (if performed at all). Hence there is a need for some indication of who has been “vaxxed” since this is not a vaccine at all but the WHO and CDC changed definition right before ushering in their “jabs.” The way is the manufactured spike protein, distinct from naturally occuring viral particles because it was made in a lab from animal and human viruses gain of function research. We have numbers now that even with flubbing and faking all causes of death that 99.7% of people, or more easily, 99% of people survive what is called COVID-19 or what is inferred to be SARS-Cov-2 while some 90% of deaths are in the age cohort which is above life expectancy. *crickets chirping* Therefore the spike protein is harmless to virtually everyone since it is so foreign to the human body the immune system destroys it easily. I believe this is the mark of the beast, the crown or corona of the devil, the unmistakable sign that once taken can never be removed from the blood stream, bundled with the graphene nano particle razor blades in the “vaccines.” Since this is a depopulation agenda, and graphene hydroxide is indetectable by standard medical diagnostics since it is a sterile, inorganic nanosized particle, the powers that be need some marker to identify who has been infected. This is the spike protein distinct from the common flu and can be detected by many tests, PCR, antigen, lateral flow etc. Since Sars-Cov-2 has been circulating since mid-2019 the population level incidence of spike protein is zero /without/ the effects of the mass “Vaccination” campagin, which spikes the level of the antibody production while permanently contaminating the victim’s bloodstream with graphene hydroxide. This would explain the common script anger of the politicians who will lose incentives when they have a sizeable unvaxxed, undead population which requires conventional means to eradicate (non-biowarfare) which will cost the Commies money, money the puppet presidents won’t get in payoffs.

    Since each individual has different level of immune system, the time of death since infection with graphene hydroxide is varied (variants?). However we can be certain of a massive casualty event in the near future as there is an end limit to human lifespan. With birth rate falling in western nations, the additional lipid particles clotting in the uterus will sterilize millions in the short term. This technology has already been perfected in horses and other animals for sterilizing wild horses. The recent Biden health czar specializes in animal biologic sterilization (very suspicious). What we do observe is immediate a huge rise in deaths after “vaccination” that cannot be blamed on some contrived “moronic omicron” mocking of the peasants wild goose chase. Since all “COVID-19 vaccines” contain graphene hydroxide, some countries further ahead in the program provide more data. Hence Iceland and other countries observe the heart failure myocaridits in young men and others. This is of course due to the graphene nanoparticples literally cutting the blood vessels and heart muscles. The athletes dropping dead midgame from the same thing as they are in heightened state of blood flow. To hasten the exposure to the graphene, most face ear mask are coated in a layer of graphene and made in China to fill the lungs directly with the nano razor blades. There is no way to ever remove this graphene hydroxide from the lungs, blood, tissue, since it is not broken down by organic processes. You will observe clotting or cancerous growth to surround the graphene, which is more fatal to the old, sick, or weak persons. The timescale is decades at most. Certainly by the end of this century if the Good Lord doesn’t return by then, there will be very few people alive in the world. Perhaps there will be a period of peace then. We will have a genetic bottleneck similar to what happened 70,000 years ago or so.

    The point is that as a child, adults are evil. I have watched the videos of toddlers being force masked and screaming and crying trying to remove the suffocating fabric. I think babies know not to lean too deeply into their mother’s breasts or they will suffocate (chimps and apes lack pronounced breasts and the nursing young do not have this problem). We have a situation where adults are willingly torturing and murdering children in cooperation with the devil, and his agents of the world governance and Communist party and Freemasonic Catholic hierarchy. What I have outlined is within the current technology and practical implementation on a world wide scale. The rulers of this world have been very clear in their intent to inject everyone with the mark of the beast and to punish, imprison, fine, or ultimately to force inject those who refuse.

    1. Thank you, Victor, for your comment! I love your name!:) Yes, you are so right! The elite’s agenda is to depopulate about 6 Billion of the global population and make Cyborgs of the rest, connecting them to artificial intelligence. I am a strong born-again believer, and I believe we are in the end times. Jesus is coming back soon.
      If you listen to the ranger Mike Adams, they plan more wicked situations for the unvaxxed people. I am so thankful that you are with me in this war( spiritual war) and that you understand! Your comment is amazing! 🙂 Please, be careful with yourself! Our God is the winner!

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