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Go Green- Green Juice Powders- Healthy Life


Go Green- green juice powders- Healthy Life, diferent small bowls with green powders resoved in water, two wooden spoons with green powders and a big bowl with green powders

Go green is about green juice powders.

I told you in my last blog that juicing is my favorite. And that is the absolute truth. Today I will write about “Go Green.”

When I was very sick, I had a force to eat green, especially leafy vegetables, cabbage, kale, broccoli, spinach, and alfalfa.  I will tell you why.

In green leafy vegetables is chlorophyll. But of course, all kinds of vitamins and minerals, and enzymes, organic sulfur. People who don’t eat many vegetables, but all kinds of unhealthy stuff, get dull and finally sick. We need to eat about 80% of the vegetables to keep ourselves healthy.

The benefits of chlorophyll include improving health, boosting energy, and fighting diseases. Of course, you need to eat organically grown vegetables because of pesticides and herbicides. The vegetables in the supermarket are most likely picked unripe, so you will not benefit from it. They are also cultivated with higher sugar content and less bitterness, which means fewer micronutrients and phytonutrients than wild vegetables have.

Another problem is the depleted soil. Industrial farming has depleted the most nutritious topsoil from important minerals and bacteria that would grow its health. The reduction of minerals in our foods and fertilizers and pesticides may be a contributor to diseases.

Chlorophyll is a pigment that gives plants their green color. To include chlorophyll into your diet, eat green vegetables. Wheatgrass is particularly rich in chlorophyll. You can purchase wheatgrass online as a powder, juice, or capsule. But you can also grow it yourself and get a wheatgrass juicer. So you will have freshly made juice in a bottle with 2 straws, a bunch of kale beside the bottle

People who don’t eat many vegetables can take green powder as an addition. That is quite popular! I am not so fond of taking isolated supplements. I recommend including an organic green powder in your diet. That is really a very good whole food, most of the time a mix from several vegetables and superfoods.

They are very potent because of their amount of nutrients. I use them every day in my fresh blended juice. There are lots of different brands, and I know quite a lot of them. You really need to find out which is tastier for you.

Some have more algues in them, and not all people like their taste. If you combine them with your juice, you will not have a problem with the taste.

Why are Green Juice Powders so potent?

It has to do with the amount of Chlorophyll.

Different studies have shown that it may help skin conditions, body odors, and fighting certain kinds of cancer.

It is a potent detoxifier and strengthens the immune system, improving skin healing and boosting blood quality.

The liver is the primary detoxifier in the body. It removes the waste, together with the intestines, kidneys, skin, lungs. Chlorophyll protects the liver.

According to studies, does chlorophyll enhance overall well being,

oxygenates the body,

boost energy levels,

is a super potent antioxidant,

increases intracellular energy production.

It is an anti-inflammatory and fights oxidative stress.

It is anti-aging and beautifies the skin. Grey hair gets colored again.

Helps with weight loss.

But the best benefits are that it is natural cancer prevention.

It blocks carcinogenic effects within the body and protects DNA from damage caused by toxic molds like aflatoxin. Diets that are high in red meat and low in green vegetables are associated with increased colon cancer risk. There are toxins released from cooked meat, including haem, which increases colonic cytotoxicity and epithelial cell proliferation. Chlorophyllin inhibits cancer cell proliferation.

It also improves digestion and weight control by speeding up waste elimination, balancing fluid levels, and reducing constipation. That is certainly also because of the fiber in vegetables.

Where to find Chlorophyll and how it works

Chlorophyll can be found in all green plants. This includes all leafy greens and other vegetables, plus certain types of algae or bacteria. The supplements are believed to help neutralize oxidants, which means they effectively decrease oxidative damage caused by factors like a poor diet, chemical-carcinogens, UV light exposure, and cabbage

Plants and algae use chlorophyll to trap light from the sun that is needed for photosynthesis. It is fat-soluble. This means it won’t dissolve in water and is absorbed by the digestive system when you consume a small amount of fat( lipids) with it.

I always use some olive oil or coconut oil in my juice.

The primary reason chlorophyll is considered a superfood is its strong antioxidant and anticancer effects. Chlorophyll benefits the immune system because it can form tight molecular bonds with certain chemicals that contribute to oxidative damage and diseases like cancer or liver disease.

Chlorella, a type of blue-green algae native to parts of Asia, has lots of chlorophyll and many phytonutrients, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is my favorite, along with Spirulina, another alga, and superfood.

Cooking the vegetables decreases the nutrient content and lowers; of course, the chlorophyll benefits you get. Better is to eat them raw to preserve the nutrients. I would always go for natural food and combine it with a good quality- green powder.

Green Quality Powders – superfood

There are many green powders on the market. I really believe in our modern nutrition – stripped world where we can buy all kinds of food, which I don’t want to call food; we have a difficult time staying healthy. All essential minerals and vitamins are very deficient in most of the food.


Even so-called fresh vegetables and fruits are stripped of nutrients due to harvesting them too early and storing them for a long time. That is a dilemma. So we are actually forced to include green powders into our daily life.

But of course, there are certainly more, but I haven’t tried them yet.

It would help if you searched for a powder with a good mix of vegetables and superfoods in it, so you get a broad spectrum of all nutrition.

Enzymes are essential too for many processes in the body. But there are very often destroyed because of cooking. Heat destroys them very quickly.

Probiotics are essential for the intestines. A good quality powder contains them too. They are important to build up certain good bacterias in your bowels. Most time, people these days have more bad, damaging bacteria in their colon. That is the reason why they have diseases.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, says, “bad digestion is at the root of all evil” and “death sits in the bowels.” There are many good books about gut health and why it plays a vital role in preventing chronic diseases.

Good gut health is the key to a healthy body. To maintain this, you need a good green powder with enzymes, probiotics, and fiber, among vitamins and minerals.

What qualifies as a green juice powder?

First of all, the ingredients should be organic. That means without any contamination. If it is coming from contaminated ground, it will do more harm to your body.

An organic green juice powder will contain different vegetables and superfoods, enzymes, probiotics, immune-supporting herbs, and juices in two glasses with two straws a mobile phone in the front

Our modern lifestyle, with all the chronic stressors and pollutions, increases our need for micronutrients. We need more Vitamin B and magnesium to deal with stress and selenium and antioxidants to remove chemicals that we are exposed to.

There are more doctors recommending supplementation with minerals and a multivitamin to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

But it is always better to get micronutrients from whole foods. Green juices provide vitamins from whole food sources; it is the better choice. Green powders are whole food. But you need to watch out for quality products, as I have mentioned above.

It is also important that you get the powders from reputable companies. They need to understand how to preserve the nutrients while processing the vegetables and superfoods into powders.


These days it is very vital to include a good quality green powder into your diet. Our food is deficient in nutrients, which keep our body functioning and all body processes working. The detoxification process will be supported by deleting harmful substances from our bodies. Chlorophyll is a strong antioxidant, among others.

To support a healthy diet, it is vital to include organic green juice powders into our diet. But these powders need to be of excellent quality. If you do so, you will provide your body with all micronutrients, and your body can heal itself.

I would love again to know if you take green powders and benefit from using them?

To your health!


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2 thoughts on “Go Green- Green Juice Powders- Healthy Life

  1. Hoi Sylvia, goed om meer uitleg te lezen over waarom groen voedsel nu precies zo gezond is. Als kind had ik een enorme hekel aan spinazie, boerenkool, eigenlijk alles wat groen was! Terwijl het zo goed voor me was geweest als ik het ook toen meer had gegeten. 🙂

    Het verstand komt met de jaren, zeggen ze. Gelukkig maar! Dus tegenwoordig eet ik hartstikke veel groen. We hebben een kleine moestuin waar momenteel o.a. spinazie in staat. En ik heb diverse superfoods in poedervorm. Heerlijk in mijn groene ontbijtsmoothies.

    Dank voor je uitgebreide informatie en voor de inspiratie!

    1. Hi Hannie, je bent heel goed bezig. Wat jij al doet voor jouw gezondheid is erg goed. Ik zou ook graag een moestuin hebben willen, maar dat komt later. Is mijn droom. Eigen groente. Je doet het heel goed.
      Dank je wel voor jouw commentaar!
      Groetjes, Sylvia

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