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Fountain of Life – Pure Water

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Fountain of Life-Pure Water


Pure water is the fountain of life! We can’t be without water. All bodily systems need to function properly. If you are without water, you will dehydrate, lose consciousness, and finally, the kidneys will stop working, and you die.

There are living people in African countries with very little water to drink and cook, but the temperatures are so hot.  We are heavily spoiled by getting water when we need it, but people in dry countries are not that fortunate.

The Netherlands is not used to having only a small amount of water; we are a blessed country with so much water that people would have never thought to be careful about wasting water. But in the last years, even here in the Netherlands, the summers became very hot due to climate change. And we are warned not to use so much water because the water level became very low.

A tap with flowing water, two hands washingThere are still many springs in Europe where you can get pure drinking water from. I’m not too fond of the habit of filling pure spring water into plastic bottles, where we get all the damaging plastic particles into our bodies. The body can’t cope with them and does save them in organs and tissues. If you have a leaky gut, what most chronically ill people have, you even get these particles into your brain, and they accumulate in your body. So if you drink mineral water from a spring, you better look for a glass bottle. But I know that in some countries you don’t get them anymore, only plastic bottles.

In America, you still have many fountains where you get pure water, and you can fill your bottles. I think that is so fantastic. If you ever have had pure water from a fountain, you will directly have felt the effects of detoxification in your body. Springwater has the right amount of all minerals depending on the earth and stones where the water flows. This is very different in each region.

What is Pure Water?

Did you ever have given it a thought? Pure water has a different chemical and biological structure than filtered water. Wherever it is coming from, the combination of sand, stones, ancient different levels of clay, and sand where the water goes through containing various mineral content. Sometimes you notice the water’s color or taste. If spring water contains more iron, you will taste it on your tongue.

tap water from a fountain in the forest

The molecules of a water drop are looking like little crystals, showing the vitality of water. If water is pure and vital, you will benefit very much from this water, healing your body by detoxifying all cells. So it is not a waste to go after pure water and not consuming the filtered tap water coming from a river or lake. The underground fountains are the best you could get if the farming habit of spreading pesticides and herbicides on the grounds wouldn’t spoil the water. Rain brings contamination into the ground.

Rainwater is not pure at all anymore. You heard about acid rain which damages our forests. But when I see my plants in my garden growing very beautiful every year, I think it is always better to store the rainwater in a vat and give it still to my plants in summer.

Water normally has a neutral ph of 7, but the filtered and purified water from the local water purification plants for our water supply has a slight acid ph of 6.5 these days. The ph of groundwater differs also due to the minerals solved.

We have been in the Czech Republic for holidays and walking in a beautiful park in Prague; we passed a spring water supply to fill our bottles with pure water. By having consumed this water, we felt so energized, and a detoxification process started. When we had to go to the toilet, we could smell our body is cleaning itself, as you get the same results eating asperges.

That is a great experience.

Where is Our Water Coming From?

50% Off Select Filtration Systems, AquasanaThis is very different in many countries. If you live close enough to a national park where they still have pure water, you might be lucky to receive this water.

If you live in a big city where the water supply comes from so-called brackish water, purified wastewater, you will certainly find many substances that don’t belong in pure water, and you might taste that. It certainly depends on where you live in the world, if you still get clean, pure water or purified filtered water.

I know many people who have bought a filter system for their house to get real pure water for drinking, cooking, and showering without salt and heavy metals, parasites, rests of medication.

Other particles being still in the water supply. Some buy mineral water in the supermarket. But if you have a perfect water filter system that also vitalizes your water, you get the same biodynamic spring water. And these filters are not that pricey anymore.

Fountain of Life- Pure Water From the Tap

We live close to a national park here in the Netherlands, the Veluwse Nationalpark. Our water supply is still excellent. So I am not worried about getting too much medication, heavy metals from industry, and parasites into my body. But the water comes, of course, through pipes and loses its vitality. You know the water crystals I have mentioned already.

If water has the right vitality, you will benefit greatly by keeping up the body’s function, detoxification, and hydrating cells. So I bought a vitalizer to connect to my tap, and I recommend you very much to do this; by drinking this water, you will feel the results directly. It also tastes fresher and cooler, like spring water from a fountain. But if you live in a big city, you might better buy a filter system.

water tap in kitchenMost people live in cities and areas where you are not blessed with clean, pure water. It is actually essential to connect your own filter and vitalizer to your house system. The only thing you have to renew is the filter depending on your purchased filter system, once or twice a year. Sometimes you need to change them more often. Water is life, and your whole family needs to consume healthy water.

These systems are not so expensive anymore, but there are quite many differences in systems, and it is important to study very well what kind of system you will buy. You find a countertop water filter, but you need to change the filters every 4 to 6 weeks, and you can only filter about 2 to 5 liters.

You often get carbon filters for a countertop, but also for under the sink systems and shower and bath water filters. You can buy a variety of cartridges that suits your personal needs.

Carbon filters already contaminated, like chlorine, dirt, rust, parasites, heavy metals, Arsenic, and organic particles.

There are also reverse osmosis water purification systems on the market, and it would be good if you study information before investing in a filter system.

How Do Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems Work?

This filter system is a superior purifying filter system providing the highest quality water you will get. It is convenient because you install it under your sink connecting it to your tap, but you could also install it to the main house water system.

What is reverse osmosis?

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It is a water purification process using a semi-permeable membrane to filter ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. Osmosis is when the solvent moves from a low solution, like water, through a membrane, to a high solute concentration( low water content). We find this happening in lots of biological, physiological processes in the body. Osmotic pressure is generated while the solvent moves into the more concentrated solution.

In reverse osmosis, there is another applied pressure that overcomes osmotic pressure. In this manner, it removes chemical and biological compounds from water allowing the pure solvent to pass to the other side. This process filters a broad spectrum of contaminations, so we get the pure water we can drink. Something to consider is that also minerals will be withdrawn. You could add with the use of a remineralization cartridge.

It doesn’t sound easy, but it is worth checking this system on the market and purchasing a high-quality water filter system. It might be better to save money for some months and buy the best you can get on the market. This ensures you of getting a high-quality product.

Final Thought

Pure water is vital for our bodies! Local water purification plants cannot supply us with this pure water due to the overload in medication, farming, and industrial contamination.

It is our own responsibility to provide our families and ourselves with clean, pure, vital water. One way to get this water is via a filter system at home. There are several filter systems, a countertop product, a filter system installed under the sink, or the house’s water main system. The difference is the price and what suits you the best.

Do you have a water filter system? What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion on this topic. Please feel free and comment below in the comment section.

To Your Health,


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4 thoughts on “Fountain of Life – Pure Water

  1. Until 3 years ago I lived in the Netherlands and now I live in Spain. The difference in attitude towards water is obvious. Also the costs. We had a low water utility bill in the Netherlands, but over here water is expensive.

    It is such a luxury to be able to drink water right from the tap, as you can. Although I am less sure about the quality nowadays. And over here I am pretty convinced the quality is not that high.

    Spain is notorious for the number of pesticides and herbicides the non-ecological farmers use. And the use of medicines is huge. Spain has the most pharmacies in the EU (1 per 840 people) and no matter what you visit a doctor for, they will always start by prescribing medicines before anything else.

    They also add chlorine to the water.

    So yes, we filter our water. 🙂

    And like you said, water is essential for our life. How many liters a day do you drink?

    1. Yes, you are very right! I believe it is a real problem to get pure water nowadays. I heard about Spain, and when I visited Bilbao years ago, I have seen how brown and dead the river looked. It was far from perfect!
      You are great, Hannie, to use a water filter, the best you can do. I recommend it to everybody! If I lived in Nature, in the mountains, where the beginning of a source is, I would get it there. Water is the new diamond. Is water using a water filter drinkable in Spain?
      I drink the whole day, between 2 and 3 liters. When I fast, I only drink pure water.
      Keep it up, Hannie! You are a healthy person!

  2. Sylvia,
    I doubt if we can find really pure water anywhere except you go to the souce in the mountains! This is because of the extensive pollution we have created. That is why the governments have created the water treatmenet plant where “other chemicals” including chlorine may be used in the “purification of the water.

    Here in Canada, we are not encouraged to drink water directly fro m the tap for this reason. We have filters for the kitchen tap and filters installed in our refridgerator /freezer.

    Furthermore, we’ve had a long drawn controversy among about chloride in water and the effect especially on children’s teeth. There are arguments for and against backed by data, but I think they have finally stopped this.

    We need to take better care of the planet, otherwise, I think there will ultimately be a shortage of pure water,

    1. Hi Ceci, Thank you very much for your comment! I know that there are several pure water fountains in the States where people who try to live healthy fill their water bottles. In Germany, we also have some fountains that are still pure, and in the Netherlands, a little fish is coming back that can only live in clean water. That is a good sign, but still, there is more pollution going on in this world. I am shocked that you don’t have pure water in Canada because there is so much untouched nature. It is a real problem in the cities, and people definitely need to get a water filter. It is a shame what we have done and still do to our beautiful planet.

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