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Following the Crowd- A Good Choice?

I know that I will get many critics writing this post, but we are still living in a country where we can have our own opinion, do we? Following the crowd- a good choice is something I ask myself every day, listening to the news and observing what is happening regarding the virus and the vaccines and other news. It is devastating what propaganda the media is creating. But this shouldn’t be a problem because we all have formed our own opinions, have we?

Not every person can investigate the sources for information and analyze, question, and study to form his/her own opinion. Certainly not! The majority form the opinion listening to other people and following the less threatening information for them.



Following the Crowd- A Good Choice

Also, social pressure is a powerful tool!

In the past, I have seen and read lots of different information and movements where people just have followed the others, instead of making up their mind.

We have noticed no moral left if people are under pressure, like in Germany in World War 2nd, where people decided to look away while millions of Jews were killed by the Nazies. Germany had a huge part in this killing, but the other countries didn’t want to know. This phenomenon rehappens from time to time.

We know about testing where people have to follow an order to electrocute someone without knowing it is only a study about social behavior. Most people followed the orders. This is something to worry about.

Today we have several people who have another opinion and need to have bodyguards because someone is threatening to kill them. That is not normal in my eyes. We have the freedom of speech and are entitled to our own opinion, which should not be touched.

Why do I write about this? Because I have seen how the discussion about vaccination divides families and friends in this so civilized society. But this is making people ill; every force and pressure is making people sick and shouldn’t be a part of a democracy! You know I am writing about natural health and how to stay healthy.

Why Do We Follow the Crowd?

a crowd of people

I think this is a good and interesting question. Why do we follow the crowd?

Following a group is not always bad, bad what I miss very often, that we don’t question inevitable consequences and actions. An adult needs to gauge a situation, form their own opinion, and question if the step is in harmony with our inner morals.

I expect people to react ethically and socially moralistically in a civilized country, not harming another person with intention.  I hope that people can form their own opinion and are allowed to ventilate publically what they feel and think. But there is the problem, the control in some families and society doesn’t leave much space to form your own opinion. In many families, it is not possible to have an own idea if you think differently than the rest of the family due to the members feeling threatened by your way of view. And that needs to be suppressed by the other members.

There are many different opinions regarding the virus, even among scientists and doctors, whereas some say it is a mild form of flu, and others think it is a threatening virus. I think this is very interesting because they all study the same facts. How could it be that immunologists and doctors have a different view about the virus’s dangerous nature? Something that amazes me!

The startling point is that voices against the vaccination are tried to silence, but for what reason? We all are entitled to have our own opinion, and we can’t deny ourselves what we have learned. So, I don’t discuss this topic anymore with friends who had the vaccination already and others who will get it because it is their opinion, and they trust the government making the right decisions for them. I think it is their meaning, and that is ok for me.

Otherwise, I want that others respect my opinions; this is only fair, I believe. So, people who are not following the crowd have constantly been attacked because they are a threat to the comfortable life of others who don’t want to know or who deliberately misinform others for their advantage. This has happened in every century!

Setting Boundaries- An Own Opinion

a woman in blue jeans jacket among a crowd lighted out

I already blogged about health and setting boundaries. It is essential that we, as free people, may set our boundaries, especially against a dangerous threat. Usually, setting boundaries is us saying ‘No’ to actions we don’t want to anticipate, like doing someone a favor while spending our time and energy. We are entitled to say ‘No’ if the favor is burdening us.

Having an own opinion is also something we are entitled to, without having someone attacking us. This is our right as a human, and this is established in our laws. None has the right to pressure us into something we don’t want to do, and if someone is doing so, we better questioned the goodness of such people, family and friends included.

These are no friends if they can’t listen to our opinion and respecting it. That is a fact!

Why do people have problems respecting our opinion if we think contrary to their opinion? Well, most times, it is fear and the uncomfortable feeling to stand alone with their view. Immature people have not learned to empathize and respect other people’s opinions without feeling imbalanced and alone.

We find these people everywhere! I would even say the majority of the world’s population is not respecting other people’s opinions, emotions, needs, and moral values. In certain cultures, we find social pressure everywhere, beginning in families.

People who have different ideas, making others feel uncomfortable, are getting attacked in a way that is not tolerable. Our human rights are essential and not to be touched! If we want to share our idea, we want to be respected, right? So, we respect others as well for their meaning and view of facts! This is mandatory! Let us stop controlling others for their opinion!

The Other Opinion- Blessing or Threat?

Very often, I think there is no healthy discussion possible anymore. Still, I think everyone living the human rights of having the freedom to speech should learn and respect other people’s opinions on certain topics, practicing their right to refuse what we ask of them. However, many people try to reach their goals through manipulation and control. We don’t want this happening to us, so let us stop doing this to others.

Everything we give and say will come back to us. If we show love and respect, we will receive love and respect. The other opinion is no threat for us, as long everyone is allowed to have another kind of view and speak out what we think and feel, what is even established in our statutes of human rights by law. People are entitled to have their own opinion and ventilate this opinion.

asian women covering their eyes with a organge band, and a man a net before his mouth, all dressed in black

If you have to live beside yourself, forced to deny your boundaries, you will indeed become ill, mentally or physically. We are humans with our own needs and emotions, and this is good! Nobody should be harmed in any way. Your needs shouldn’t hurt others due to the fact of you expecting them to feed your needs. A child depends on its parents, but adults are responsible for their own needs and feelings. Trying to get satisfied by manipulating and controlling others is not ethical but happens in every family, friends, and work.

The family law is deeply engraved into every family member, giving joy or making depressed or aggressive. The same applies to the workplace and very often among friends. I believe if anything makes you depressed and ill, you better leave it! If your family’s laws make you sick, you better leave them behind, living your own life in joy and freedom. If you have a job that takes your energy and space, as well as your happiness, you better search for another position. If you have friends who manipulate and control your freedom of speech and your feelings, I tell you that they are not friends at all, and you better leave them.

Your health depends on your natural privilege of setting boundaries, speaking up for yourself, and expressing your emotions and ideas. Boundaries are necessary to protect who you are! Don’t ever give it up!

Social Pressure- The New Weapon?

It is not new, of course; I read many articles about children getting bullied by other students or even by friends through social media. Even to the extent of committing suicide or killing lots of people in their school. This is a horrible development, whereas children who are more introverted or falling apart from a dynamic group are often the victims of the others. Social media is used to apply enormous pressure on them.

an indian feast, crowd of people

However, if you have another opinion on a topic, you might experience verbal violence towards your message or article. It has become a kind of normality to censor particular reports and statements and practice pressure on the authors. This is in contradiction to our right to speak up in freedom and is not tolerable.

If people have an ethical, moral, and personal resistance against something, they are entitled to feel and react like that and setting their boundaries. Bringing people under social pressure makes them ill because they have to go against their deeply rooted moral concerns, and this is not good.

They can’t be forced to anything other people try to enforce on them because of human rights. They are protected by law! But you see that people are very often forced socially, captured in a stressful situation.

Many components come together to create inflammation in the body, leading to chronic disease; social stress is one component. Free yourself from people who make you sick, who try to force their opinion on your mind. This is violence, and you should always flee violence. I know many women in financial depending situations are depressed and feeling captured by their life. Still, even then, there are possibilities to get out of an abusive situation and starting to reinvite life, feeling energized instead of depressed, healing your condition, body, and mind.

Your birthright is to live your life free and self-determined and have joy and peace in your life. God wants us to live this way!

Final Thought

Following the crowd can be devastating to your health; being under social pressure, in your family, and work-life, and among friends, is not a healthy condition, and you shouldn’t tolerate this.

As a human, you are entitled to have your own opinion, emotions, and needs; so far, you don’t harm someone else. Well, and so far, the other is not hurting you. We should listen to different views of life, respect the different opinions, and discuss healthily with another person, without being pressurized and threatened.  Setting boundaries define who you are, what you feel, what your ethical and moral value is. Other people have to respect that, and we have to respect other people’s values.

What do you think? Did you experience that people have crossed your boundaries, not listening to your opinion, but tried to put you under pressure, trying to convince you that your idea is wrong? Did you feel ill and depressed due to social pressure? I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment below in the comment section.

To Your Health,



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8 thoughts on “Following the Crowd- A Good Choice?

  1. The test you talked about of people following orders to electrocute on order is highly under debate at the moment. Because the results of the test were very biased as well.

    There is also a test called the Stanford Prison test with similar results and similar biases.

    In this regard, the book by Rutger Bregman “Most people are good” is a recommendable read.

    I need books like that to keep being optimistic because you are right, the whole discussion about viruses and vaccination is driving people apart.

    It takes courage to have a different opinion, and even more courage to not fall into the same trap and forcing people to that own opinion.

    That’s what bothers me most with some friends at the moment, that they can’t accept I have a different opinion without judging them. I don’t care if they let themselves be vaccinated. Why should they care I choose not to?

    1. Thank you very much, Hannie! You talk out of my heart! A good friend of mine from Germany, who I know for nearly 40 years, has broken our friendship because I will not get vaccinated. I told her that I healed myself following a healthy lifestyle, but she has never been interested in me as a person; I see it now. I have no problems that she is vaccinated; even I tried to warn her because they think vaccinated people will get very ill the next years. They will suffer an autoimmune storm that can lead to multiple failures of the organs. This is no vaccine, and people should inform themselves before following blind an order of the government. I am more worried about the children who can’t defend themselves. People believe without doubting, and even there is different news in the world, they don’t investigate. Unbelievable! You are so right, we need to stay optimistic, and that is not that easy. I thank you for the book; I will read it! Did you hear about the book from Klaus Schwab, “The great reset!”? Governments are following this book to create a new world order. It might be worth reading it. I haven’t read it yet! Stay safe, Hannie!

  2. If we continue to follow the crowd, we will continue to be limited by what the crowd does and knows!
    This will just ensure that life goes on pretty much the same as it is now…… slowly descending into more sickness, more stress, more fear, and fewer freedoms for all of us!
    I think if we asked the average person what sort of life they want to be living, these are not the answers they would give us. Most of us desire to be free, healthy, and happy….. and yet we still continue to be influenced by the masses/crowds and go with the flow to create lives that are at best mediocre.

    As you say, we need to grow up and take responsibility for our own lives. We need to ask more questions and do more research to truly understand what is happening in the world and how it is affecting us.
    I consider this current situation with the pandemic to be so ridiculous that it is almost beyond belief!
    If people want to be vaccinated against a virus that has a 99.97% recovery rate, good luck to them. I wish them all the best! However, I for one, do not consider injecting myself with unproven and untested mixes of unknown chemicals to be a very good idea. And the sad part about all of it is that those who opt for ‘protection’ from the vaccine still do not feel safe because others choose not to get vaccinated!
    I think common sense has almost been eradicated from humanity, due to mass indoctrination from main-stream-media, and has been replaced by fear and mass hysteria!

    1. Hi Andrew, I love your comment again. Thank you very much! It is ridiculous how people follow the vaccination regime, not using common sense and finding out if this vaccination is safe. I have so many friends who already got vaccinated and didn’t understand my decision of not getting vaccinated at all. Do you know Rainer Fuellmich? Maybe you would be very interested in watching him. There is a mass hysteria going on. Mainstream media in Germany are bankrupt, only kept up by the government. It is not normal what is happening, and that people are not taking responsibility for their own lives worldwide.

      1. Thank God there are people like Rainer Fuellmich, people with a global conscience and willingness to help those that don’t understand the immediate and long-term consequences of what is currently happening worldwide.

        This article, is fact-based and tells a very different story than the propaganda outlets that are Main Stream News outlets.

        Unfortunately, there is little point in sharing it with our families and friends if they are already ‘buying into’ the supported narrative that Covid-19 is a ‘dangerous new disease.’ Cognitive dissonance makes it impossible for them to comprehend anything other than the official narrative!

        So, what can we do? Stay healthy, happy, and wise, and show by our example what it is like to live in a world without fear 🙂

        1. Wow, Andrew, That are horrible facts. I read your link, and I see that the Netherlands is among the first countries regarding Pfizer but is the first country regarding the other deaths and injuries. And even then, the government tries to force the population into getting the “vaccine Unbelievable! When will people get up and show resistance against the politicians. I can’t share it with friends; only one is not vaccinated, from Ireland. One friend, whom I know already a long time, has blocked me because she thinks I am egoistic, not getting the “vaccine
          Thank you very much for sharing! And stay safe!:).”.”

  3. Hi Sylvia,
    Thanks for a thought provoking article.

    Following the crowd means you are not objectively looking at facts aand the totality of a situation or thing. It means that you have to actually use your grey matter cells to think.

    The problem with many people is that they are lazy and do not want to spend time thinking thing through but woul rather rely on the so called “digested information from family and friends. We are all entitled to an opinionand it does’t necessarily have to align with everyone else. There are alwasy 2 sides to a coin – Look at them, weigh the options and take a decision. We do this in both our personal and business lives.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Ceci! Yes, you are very right! This is also in my family! I am always the one who is difficult in their eyes because I point to other sides as well, and they don’t like it. Sometimes, I think, how can I be their family member? Haha! The difference is so enormous. It is always better to do what we feel and think and to calculate the facts. 🙂

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