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Factsheets of Covid 19 Vaccines Pfizer and Moderna- What You Should Know!

Please, Read my Medical Disclaimer!

It is interesting. While governments worldwide are pressing their population to receive the vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna are actually warning people to get their Covid 19 vaccines, all side effects included in their factsheets.

I will provide you with the factsheets of Covid 19 vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna, but also underline the impacting statements these pharmaceutical companies make. It is essential to inform yourself, and the FDA archives these factsheets; everyone can look them up and read them.

Factsheets of Covid 19 Vaccination Pfizer and Moderna

Factsheets of the covid 19 vaccines Pfizer and Moderna

You can read that there is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved vaccine to prevent Covid-19. This is already very important because it says that these vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, Astra Zeneca, are NOT APPROVED, meaning they are unsure if they work. They will not suffer consequences if you die or get injured, a big red flag.

exerpt factsheet Pfizer

The factsheets of covid 19 vaccination Pfizer and Moderna are public for everyone to read.

unapproved vaccine

Here you read that the vaccine is UNAPPROVED of preventing Covid 19.  They state the second time that it is not approved!

emergency authorization of the vaccine

The FDA has authorized the EMERGENCY USE of the Pfizer vaccine. Why? It is an unapproved vaccine, not sure if it prevents Covid infections, but it is authorized for an emergency. This is a contradiction! Nobody authorizes something that is not even approved and might maybe not reduce infection in people.

Also, Pfizer states that it should only be used on humans older than 12 years old. Why are they injecting small children now?

conditions that might be a problem for the vaccination

Pfizer advises that you talk to your vaccination provider about your medical conditions, but in reality, the provider doesn’t ask or read your medical files.

In Germany, the military entered the nursing homes, not even taking a minute to read any medical files, but injecting the elderly wherever they have been, on the floor, in their room, or the kitchen, without even knowing what these people are suffering from. These old people have been very distressed.

In the Netherlands, we receive an invitation letter for getting our vaccination without even consulting our medical details. People are even getting pushed and pressed into receiving an unapproved vaccination regardless of their underlying medical conditions. It makes me thinking! I received three times my invitation!

ingredients of Pfizer

This is an excerpt of the ingredients in Pfizer; if you are allergic to any of these ingredients, you should not get the vaccination and be allowed to say “No” to the injection. This is your human right! Also, because they are not tested enough and are still in an experimental trial, they are not approved; you should be allowed to protect yourself by rejecting the vaccination.

still being studied in trials, Pfizer

Pfizer vaccines are still in an ongoing study trial. Where are these people who have engaged with the trial as guinea pigs, I wonder? Is it you and me? I am not being asked to engage in a medical trial. Are you? But there might be always people who engage in a trial!

telephone number to report side effects of the vaccines

If you have suffered any side effects, you can report it to the email address above or call the number.

your choice to get vaccinated


Essential information above!


Why are the governments then pressing people and violating human rights? 

Please, form your own opinion! 

Factsheets Pfizer

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers (


Factsheet Moderna

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers (


Pfizer’s Contract with Albania and Brasil

Accidentally media could see the contracts or an excerpt concluded between Pfizer and Albania,  and Brasil. Now many party members, especially in the Netherlands, have questions because these contracts are quite shocking. Pfizer doesn’t accept any responsibility for injuries or death resulting from the vaccination of its vaccine. The countries themselves, the government carry the whole responsibility.

But what actually happens is, we as the taxpayers pay for the vaccines. If someone claims compensation due to their injury or death of a family member, we as taxpayers pay this money. We help the government and pharmacy earning big money while we are in danger of being crippled or dead from vaccination, maybe not receiving a cent when handicapped because they have denied the injuries people received through the vaccines.

For example, it is the same story with our rental home. If we repair or renovate our house, for example setting up a new kitchen, we pay even more for the kitchen due to the yearly rent increase. We are idiots, for sure! Of course, I can’t compare the injuries with our rent, but I tried to explain the way of the money and how it works using my example.

Luckily there are still many members of the parliaments who are fighting for our rights and questioning the deeds of the leaders and their advisors. The leaders deny any long-term effects; even Pfizer has stated that they don’t know about the long-term effects yet. Lies, Lies, Lies! Why are the governments lying?

Here you can read the contracts!

Contract-Pfizer-Albanie.pdf (

Contract-Pfizer-Brazilie.pdf (

The Real Side Effects of the Vaccines

Pfizer has now begun to vaccinate young children age 12 to 15 years old. The number of injuries and death among these young people is devastating, alarming, especially because governments still follow up their propaganda of declaring vaccines as safe and claim that the majority hospitalized with Covid infection in hospitals are unvaccinated. It is a big lie because there is alarming news of vaccinated people who are hospitalized. This news comes from countries like Israel and Iceland, where the population is nearly fully vaccinated. But also from Great Britain and Gibraltar.

In the USA, there is an instance called VAERS, a passive vaccine safety surveillance system comanaged by CDC and FDA to monitor adverse events after vaccination.

Here are the stats of VAERS!

COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in Adolescents Aged 12–17 Years — United States, December 14, 2020–July 16, 2021, | MMWR (

It seems that the government and the elite have hast ending their plan before the next level starts, shutting down all supply, money, food, petrol, medical supply, and the internet to break us and our defense. This is already proclaimed by Klaus Schwab! So you better don’t think it is all conspiracy theory, but be warned!

Please watch this video about the injured children! 

The Injured Silent Voices

In their factsheets, Pfizer and Moderna have stated that they can’t provide safe vaccines due to the short trials and the unknown long-term effects. They have admitted that there could be serious injuries, but they also say they have not experienced or heard of them. The governments are still pushing and manipulating people into getting the jabs, even they know about these injuries and the possibility of death. Many people are already injured, crippled for life, but they are not heard or recognized as vaccination injuries.

It seems there is a different agenda, an evil agenda active. Luckily, there are enough lawyers, doctors, and judges getting together to stop the madness. However, I can’t understand the efforts of trying to hide and control the real voices of experts telling us how dangerous these vaccines are, or of disabled people who are injured for their life, former healthy individuals, now handicapped.

I hope that these people will get the support they are entitled to and that these people will be heard! We are all in the same boat! We are also injured people, be silenced by censorship, be lied to through our governments, our human rights are taken away, we are injured in many ways, and we need to stop it before it is too late.

When this is over, we will never be able to trust any authority, not our governments, doctors, and judges, because many are corrupt, not supporting the population but the government with their lies.

Please, watch this video and give the injured a voice! Please share the article!

Final Thought

The factsheets of the vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna are publicly available, but I presume that most people will not be informed about the side effects. Governments are lying about the safety of the vaccines and the many injured people. They try to hide, to control the facts for their propaganda. It is certainly about money and power.

Please let me know what you think? I would love to hear your opinion on this topic!

To Your Health, Your most important treasure!


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6 thoughts on “Factsheets of Covid 19 Vaccines Pfizer and Moderna- What You Should Know!

  1. Taetske says:

    Good Morning Sylvia,

    Your health is your responsibility but most people put that responsibility on their doctor. Like that they do not have to think and only follow instructions. Most people do not know that their doctor is directed by Big Pharma and that he does not question the information he gets.

    Instead of popping pills to get rid of an ailment, a healthy lifestyle would be so helpful. Sadly a doctor during the many years of study only gets a few hours on nutrition.

    I see Covid-19 as a huge setup so pharmaceutical companies can earn billions. These new vaccines cannot be compared to those that were used when we were young. The side effects of these experimental new vaccines will be horrendous. Even the inventor of the mRNA has warned but nobody is listening.

    I also believe we are not told the truth and what is happening behind the scene is a mystery. Hopefully one day we will know but for too many, it will be too late.

    My partner and I have decided not to get the vaccine. We trust our strong immune system.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Taetske! Yes, you are so right! I see it the same way. We are responsible for our health, and it is our choice if we want to participate as a guinea pigs. Even on the factsheets is written that it is our choice, but the governments are pushing their agenda on us and try to manipulate us despite the many injuries and deaths that all people receive the jab! I will certainly not get the vaccination freely! It is not a vaccination.
      Our immune systems are strong enough to defend us.
      Blessings, Sylvia

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    Thank you for sharing your research on the vaccines. I don’t think many people realise the fundamental concern you have raised here. That “there is no US FDA approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19”
    It is important for people to realise this and consider the health risks of the vaccines, side effects and the statistics from both the VAERS and also European Statistics to make a fully informed decision.

    I too have concerns about the experimental nature of these vaccines and concerns with mRNA effects on the body.

    Thanks again for sharing and helping people to understand the full picture.
    Regards John

    1. Hi, John; then I presume that you have not been vaccinated. I hope that your whole family will be careful. My family is vaccinated; only my husband and I are not getting this experimental “vaccine”. We are careful and will first wait. I don’t trust the government! The way they push the vaccines on us is very suspicious. 🙂

  3. Hi Sylvia,

    I am sure that people won’t notice the FDA does not approve the vaccines, and it’s so bad that we are taking those doses without any protection from the government and the pharmaceutical companies.

    Without the whole phase three studies or the later phase four study to know better the vaccines, it’s surely a risk for people to take vaccines now. I am not vaccinated yet, so thanks a lot for this post. I might try to increase my immunity by taking enough vitamins and exercising to fight the virus.


    1. You are so right, Matt! People will not read the factsheets, but they should. Trusting the government is a bad thing to do! If they had something good in their mind with us, they would certainly not force their population to receive just experimental vaccines. The contracts with the Pharmacy are made in a way that the Pharmacy is not carrying any responsibility. We are playing Russian Roulette with our health because we don’t know what is in the jabs. It is good that you don’t get the vaccines. I am not anti-vaxx; I got nearly all vaccines available, because as a child, we are getting vaccinated, and later for my travels and my nursing job. But this one I will not receive!

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