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Chess game-Next Move

We all know by now that an agenda must be followed. From experience and history, we can learn how the so-called elite is functioning. They start a false flag operation if they need to distract the masses from a threat that means danger for them.

The chess game -next move is about the perfidious games the elite has been performing for centuries, causing world wars and division. Divide and conquer, divide et impera, is their motto, and they repeat this for them effective game every time; of course, it worked perfectly in the past. With the help of the mainstream media, which they bribe, they manipulate the mass population into fear and chaos. There are so many examples of their hidden, manipulative, evil behavior.

Chess Game- Next Move

Covid 19- No Success

Covid 19 is a patented project, already in 2015, from the Rothschild family. You need to see that there are different agenda points are coming together. We are only the chess figures for the superrich powerful families. It is about money and power, nothing more! They love to create fear and chaos among the population. It seems like we live in a world of terror.

Patent of Covid

Sars Cov2 was a welcomed possibility to push us into lockdowns and experimental gene therapy to change our DNA from human to transhuman. In this manner, with the help of the false news of the mainstream media, they could hypnotize the masses into taking their experimental injections. The door was open! The terrified global population was blindly following their advice trusting their governments. The governments, which are the trained puppets of the elite, could now violate our human rights and the Nuremberg Code in the name of safety.

Many hospitals were bribed in killing their patients to receive money. Nurses and doctors were threatened if they were telling the public that people are killed in the hospitals for money and that the Corona number were falsified by counting every person, flu, operation, or accident as a Corona infected patient to manipulate the statistics and help the governments to push the agenda, and declare the virus as a status A virus what means a dangerous virus like Ebola.

They tried to mute critics and honest experts who were not bribed, even with death threats against their families. Israel was sold by their prime minister to Pfizer as guinea pigs so that Pfizer could do their experiments with the blessing of the Israelian government.

What is the goal of the elite?

If I forget any point, please, let me know! I am very open to your opinion!

The goal is Agenda 21! ( Wikipedia)

The goal is the New World Order, the Fourth Revolution!

World Health Organization

Owned by Bill Gates, who has donated millions to this organization. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the WHO, is a puppet, doing everything Bill Gates is telling him. So he changed the explanation of vaccination and epidemic in favor of the elite to help them call the virus a pandemic. He supports the genocide. This was the start of the global approach.


We know that the Rockefeller Family, Rothschilds, Bill Gates, and other elite families are members of the eugenic theory. Their goal is to reduce the global population by 6 billion people. The “vaxxines” are used to sterilize and kill masses of people. In a conference, Bill Gates has even said it public in that vaxxines help reduce the global population by about 15%.

It is all Agenda!!!!! The energy crises, Covid 19, climate hoax, food shortages, the possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine, and the massive immigration to further cause chaos and death, starvation, civil war, massive unemployment, destruction of the small businesses to bring so much horror and death and to receive remarkable results for their depopulation plans. Of course, the artificial caused inflation will help the chaos, and finally to collect the possesses of the people, as they did before in other wars, and stock market crash will shift more riches to the elite, and more poverty to the population.

World Economic Forum-The Fourth Revolution

The survived people will be changed to transhumans( already in work by vaxxination) and held as enslaved people, controlled in smart cities, working for the elite. Humans as computers are their goal. Klaus Schwab, the chairman of the World Economic Forum, has already worked towards this goal creating the Young Global Leaders in 2004, who are trained for their role in politics, the banking system, military, police, judges, doctors, administrators, and many areas more. These Young Global Leaders infilter the present governments.

Digital Passports- Microchips

Transplanting microchips into the body aims to control and manipulate the population better. The digital passport is a tool to combine and save all details of a person, health, family status, banking, and social behavior to create a social credit system as China and two provinces in India already have. With this possibility, they can give you bonuses if you do what they ask or punishment if you are rebelling against them. We will be dependent on the elite, who can do with us whatever they wish. However, the system can fail, and you might not be able to do your shoppings or receive health care, as it happened in India, where people have died from starvation due to the failed control system.
The QR Code is already a step towards this system. If you study the communistic countries like East Germany, Russia, and Cuba, you know that the people were forced to spy on family, neighbors, colleagues, and others; otherwise, they would have been destroyed. Do you want this? No? Then stop using the QR code!

Chess Game- Next Move

It is about control and shifting of possession. Mr. Global ( I will call the elite Mr. Global) did this in all crises of the last centuries. He stole the money of the people. My question is, “Why do they profit from disasters, wars, and every crisis they cause while the ordinary people lose more money and dignity?” Because that is the way they have continuously operated.

You can observe this in the present time too. While Mr. Global is making huge profits from the supermarkets and online platforms where people are still allowed to do their shopping, many small shops and businesses are going bankrupt because they have to close regarding the restrictions. It is a goal to destroy small businesses, and farmers, because Bill Gates has already the solution, synthetical meat. He owns the patent!

Big Pharma makes insane profits from their gen therapy injections, and finally, again, Mr. Global owns the most shares. It is our money, not theirs! Our tax money is paid to kill and damage us, forcing us into a control system.

Most people are fed up with the vaxxination and restrictions; they don’t get the boosters, even though their QR Code is now inactive. More scandals come to light every day, and the mass is waking up. People don’t trust the government anymore.

Mr. Global has no other chance than to keep pressing through; otherwise, he will be lost forever ( is anyway). If Covid is not working anymore, they will set the next move. What do you think will it be?

President Putin said that the western world is trying to manipulate Russia into war. There are so many situations that seem to have nothing to do with the other, but this is not true. All topics, energy crisis, inflation, Russia/Ukraine crisis, climate crisis, immigration, are wanted developments. Mr. Global and his puppets, governments, have plundered the population’s money for decades, and there is nearly no money left, not for retirement, not for the many people who are living from social benefits, so they are going to let this system crash because they have plundered it.

They need Russia to start the war because Russia has the gas and oil depots; Ukraine is important for the food supply, they export grains for bread. They need a scapegoat and a reason to tell us that we can’t get energy for heating, cooking, electricity, and driving because Russia is at war. Our governments will prevent our supermarkets from being filled because the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is causing a shortage of food, gas, and oil. And do you know Why? To bring us down to our knees, begging for their support! And to reduce the western population.

They create the problem, receive a reaction from us, and come up with a solution, already prepared for decades. It is the way they work!

When the government in the Netherlands said that we would not have enough gas and our green sustainable sources of electricity like windmills and solar will not be enough, it was already a step taken towards their goals by lying and betraying. Putin said to our government that they could have gas from Russia, but they didn’t take it to fill our country’s supplies.

Can you imagine?

It is all planned and already set in working. Meanwhile, our gas from the province Groningen in the Netherlands is sold to Germany.

A complete breakdown of the economy, food supply, the whole system, and the financial system is desired. They have already worked out their agenda, and by 2030 it must be established.

So, what might be the next move? 

Bill Gates’s new virus plandemic? The Russian/Ukraine war leading into world war III? Or a civil war? Or a Christian/ Muslim war by finding a scapegoat, maybe a “Christian group” attacking Muslims to manipulate the Islamic world into conflict with the Christian world? The CIA is making many terrorist attacks in the name of Mr. Global, only to get stupid masses to think that a specific group is guilty. All kinds of attacks are false flags, especially between Muslims and Christians. On the internet, we can read that George Soros has already tried to manipulate a war between Christians and Muslims, but we need always be careful about who is writing this. Nobody likes their name to be blackmailed.

George Soros

However, with this massive immigration of Islamic people into our culture, creating massive problems, we might face this kind of war very soon. Keep in the eye that about 6 billion of the global population need to die!

False Flags-Game of the Governments

The game of Mr. Global!

False Flag operations are situations created by the CIA with the help of mainstream media and crisis actors. Suppose Mr. Global and the governments, most time the American and European governments, want to invade a specific country or destroy a country that is too “stubborn” to listen to their orders. In that case, they create a false flag event, like 9/11, to invade Afghanistan and Syria. The bioweapons in Iraq were also a false flag to invade Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein.

One man has done lots of research and investigation on this topic, Ole Dammegard. He is an author, international speaker, former journalist, musician (2 solo albums), composer (TV and a short film), artist, inventor, and investigator. He has dedicated the last 40 years to researching many global conspiracies.

“His primary focus has been to find out the truth about prominent top political assassinations such as JFK, the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and other high profile targets, plus the hundreds of alleged mass shootings and terror attacks around the world, such the Las Vegas mass shooting, the Bataclan massacre, the Boston Marathon Bombing, 911, Sandy Hook, Charlie Hebdo, the Stockholm-, Berlin- and Nice truck attacks, the Norway Mass shooting, the Oklahoma City Bombing, all the London and Manchester attacks and many, many more. He was also crucial in exposing two of modern time’s worst serial-killer in cooperation with Professor Jim Fetzer.” (

In 2016 he was awarded the Prague Peace Prize and adopted by the Apache Nation (given the Native Indian name Wiyakpayela Wanzi, meaning Bright One).
Ole is now considered somewhat of a world-leading expert on false flag operations. He had accurately predicted (on International radio) some 60 alleged terror attacks, up to 2 months before they occurred, and in addition, stopped several planned massacres. With so many years of deep research, he has become so good at it that his last name has become a verb. To ‘dammegard” or ‘dammegarding’ is nowadays a term for searching for hidden clues and stopping inside jobs ordered by the Deep State. (

He says that the real agenda is “The New World Order,” using agenda 21. Please, watch the video, and you will find him confirming all my articles. He is talking with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer from Corona Committee. It is mind-blowing what he says about false flags operations and what is going on. The two hours are incredible! You will lose your fear, for sure, and see reality!

It is Our Turn- Stay in The Light

I tell you, if you watch this interview, you will learn so much about the evil people who try to enslave us, but you also will see so much hope. I love the higher frequencies of tones; love and respect are such high frequencies, whereas hate and fear are low. There is no darkness where the light is; it can’t prevail.

It is time to stand up against the wicked wiles! Watch out for their messages and be careful, but live your life to the fullest. They love symbolism. We, the people, are the Victors! Evil can’t prevail! The false flag operations are the games of the top!

If you know that and don’t watch mainstream media as your source of information, but only for receiving their warning messages, as Ole Dammegard has said, it will serve you.

It is good to know your enemy and their agenda. It is the way they operate. Divide and conquer! Divide et impera! Creating a problem, receiving a reaction, and coming up with a solution! Of course, the solution is already prepared.

Now, many people are fighting back, but peacefully. The evil tries to implement fear with weapons, court cases, fines, and even death, but don’t be fearful! Creating fear is their weapon!

Final Thought

What do you think will be their next chess move? Whatever it is, see it as a chance to free yourself from this corrupt politicians and systems. We are born as free people, and we are free people! The world belongs to all of us, not only some superrich people who think they own the world.

Learn about false flag operations, and be alert, but live your life!

Please, let me know what you think! What is your opinion on this topic? Did you watch the video, and what do you think?

I would love to hear from you!

To Your Health,


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