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Bilderberg, Secret Societies and the New World Order

This article is the second part of the article “History shows- The Bilderberg Group” All credit is given to

 Bilderberg, secret societies and the New World Order.

Historically, we take a step back in time.

The Knights of Malta (a 900-year-old order) are still a world organization with its threads intertwined in business, banking, politics, the CIA and other intelligence agencies, religion, education, justice, army, think tanks, foundations, the United States Information Agency, the United Nations, and numerous other organizations. They are not the oldest but are one of the oldest branches in the Order of the Quest. The secular leader of the Knights of Malta has been elected for a lifetime term, with the approval of the Pope. The Knights of Malta have their constitution and have been sworn in to create a New World Order headed by the Pope. Members of the Knights of Malta are also influential members of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.

The Vatican has been infiltrated over the years by the Illuminati. This is proven by the fact that in 1738 Pope Clement XII issued a papal bull stating that any Catholic who became a Freemason would be exiled, a very severe punishment. In 1884, Pope Leo XIII issued a proclamation declaring that Freemasonry was one of the secret societies that attempted to revive “the mores and customs of the Gentiles” to “establish Satan’s kingdom on earth.”
In his book “The Broken Cross,” Piers Compton outlines the Illuminati’s infiltration of the Catholic Church.

He has discovered the all-seeing eye in the triangle used by prominent Catholics and by the Jesuits. It was used in the seal of the Philadelphia Eucharistic Congress in 1976. And it was on a special edition of the Vatican stamps in 1978, an announcement of the final Illuminati victory over the world.

pope Johannes Paul XXIII, Secret Societies and the New World Order

Mr. Compton claims that Pope John XXIII wore the “all-seeing eye in the triangle” on his cross. Compton believes that several hundred prominent Catholic priests, bishops, and cardinals are secret societies. He quoted an article in an Italian Magazine that cited more than 70 Vatican officials:
• Private secretary of the late Pope Paul VI
• The General Director of Radio Vatican
• The Archbishop of Florence
• The prelate of Milan
• The Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Vatican’s newspaper
• Several Italian bishops
• The Abbot of the Order of St. Benedict

These are only those who are known, and it is only those who are known in Italy. It is widely believed that the late Pope John Paul XXIII is also a member of the Illuminati. The best indication of infiltration is that on November 27, 1983, the Pope withdrew all Papal Bul issues against Freemasonry and again allowed Catholics, after several hundred years, to become members of secret societies again, without fear of ex-communication (banishment). The Illuminati’s goal of electing one of their clubs to the papacy seems to have paid off. If that is the case, the New World Order is now on the horizon, and their time has come.

Vatican and Illuminati

It is widely believed that the late Pope John Paul XXIII is also a member of the Illuminati.

he first U.S. ambassador to the Vatican was William Wilson, a Knight of Malta. His appointment was probably illegal, and in fact, it was highly unethical. Wilson could not possibly represent the US if he swore loyalty to the pope.
If you remember, Wilson undertook an unauthorized trip to Libya and met with private Libyan officials when traveling to Libya was banned by the president. President Ronald Reagan had called Colonel Gaddafi a “mad dog” and posed a number of strong threats.
The US was committed to bombing Libya, despite civilians being killed. After Wilson’s trip, Gaddafi issued a press release stating that “an American diplomat had been sent to ease tensions with Libya.” The Foreign Ministry denied that such a thing had taken place. Ambassador Wilson kept his mouth shut and declined any comment. To this day, he hasn’t said anything, even after his action turned a liar out of the United States and embarrassed us around the world.
One consequence of what was going on is that while we had cut off Libya and even bombed them while the travel of U.S. citizens to Libya was banned, five major oil companies filled their pockets while they dealt with Gaddafi. One of the companies was led by J. Peter Grace, president of WR Grace.
Eight members of the WR Grace company are members of the Knights of Malta. According to an article by Leslie Geld in the New York Times, officials had expressed concern about Mr. Wilson’s activities. These actions, they said, often seemed to revolve around contacts and interests in the oil industry.

Wilson should have been fired, but instead, nothing happened, except that he and his wife attended a papal Easter Mass and stood with his wife next to George Schultz (minus of the US under Reagan). In diplomatic language, this indicates a private endorsement of his actions. George Schultz, of course, is a member of the CFR, the Bohemian Club, and the Bechtel Corporation, all of which have close ties to the Order and the Knights of Malta.

Wilson was concerned with several other indecencies during his ambassadorship. And again, in all those cases, nothing happened. Finally, he resigned. Later, if you remember, President Reagan suffered a fall from a horse on William Wilson’s ranch in Mexico. It was inconceivable that President Reagan would have visited Wilson’s home in Mexico if he had not approved Wilson’s actions during his time as U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican?

Knight of Malta Myron Taylor was an envoy of President Roosevelt. Knight of Malta John McCone was President Kennedy’s envoy, and he was also the director of the CIA during the early ’60s.
A former Mayor of New York City, Robert Wagner, was an envoy to President Jimmy Carter. Franc William Shakespeare replaced Wilson. Frank Shakespeare is also a Knight of Malta, and so it goes on. President Reagan spoke at the annual “Knights of Malta” dinner. The Knights of Malta all have diplomatic immunity, and they can ship goods across borders without paying duties or undergoing customs control. Is there a BELL ringing? Either way, that’s power.

The Knights of Malta is kept afloat by a backbone consisting of nobility. Almost half of the 10,000 members are among the oldest and most powerful families in Europe. This connects the alliance between the Vatican and the “Black Nobility.” The Black Nobility are above all the rich and powerful Royals of Europe. At the head of the Black Nobility is the family that can claim to be directly descended from the last Roman Emperor. Maybe now we understand how things are starting to fall in the right place. Membership in the Order of Malta involves obedience to one leader within The Order and ultimately to the Pope.

The Black Nobility

Therefore, a U.S. ambassador who is also a member of the Knights of Malta is going through a conflict of interest. Why is this fact ignored? President Bush appointed Knight of Malta Thomas Melledy to that post as the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.

The Black Nobility (Italian: “Aristocrazía Nera”) or Black Nobility is a nickname of Italian noble families who are pro-papal. They are the ones who have had international trade rights since the twelfth century. The Black Nobility had its home base in Genoa and Venice. The Black Nobility is mentioned as a financier of the Catholic Church and crusades.

The Vatican established the “Pope John Paul II Center for Prayer and Study for Peace” at 1711 Ocean Avenue, Springlake, New Jersey, in a mansion overlooking the ocean. The mansion was given to the Archdiocese of New York, an estate of Elmer Bobst, who died in 1978. He was a multimillionaire and chairman of Warner-Lambert Company. Richard Nixon was a regular visitor. Directors of the Centre were:

Kurt Waldheim, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Ex-Nazi War Criminal
Cyrus Vance, the former Secretary of State under Carter and a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission
Clare Booth Luce, a lady of the Knights of Malta

J. Peter Grace or W.R. Grace Company, who is head of the Knights of Malta in the United States
The Vatican founded the center as part of the pope’s new peace plan, which was supposed to bring the world together.

The Centre has two roles:
(1) Teach Catholics and their children to accept the New World Order

(2) Provide a world peace solution by computer and engage in an ongoing study to find peaceful solutions to any future problems that could endanger world peace

The computer is connected to all the capitals in the world via satellite. All nations have agreed to give sovereignty to the Pope and submit future problems to the computer for resolution. Of course, this will not come into effect until the New World Order is publicly announced. The New World Order was probably born somewhere in secret in time to now.

The Vatican stated at various times that “the pope is for total disarmament, the pope is for the elimination of the sovereignty of the nation-states, the pope also declares that property rights are not considered real property rights. The Pope believes that only the Vatican knows what is good for man. ”

Ig-Farben and the Vatican

In the early 40s, the IG Farben Chemical Company adopted a Polish salesman who sold cyanide to the Nazis for use in Auschwitz. The same seller also worked as a chemist in the manufacture of poisoning gas. The same cyanide gas, along with Zyklon B and malathion, exterminated millions of Jews and other groups, and their bodies were then burned to ashes in the furnaces. After the war, the seller, fearing for his life, joined the Catholic Church and was ordained a priest in 1946.

the Nazi factory IG-Farben in Germany
bijbeloptiek, Ig Farben in Nazi Germany

One of his closest friends was Dr. Wolf Szmuness, the mastermind behind the (November ’78 to October ’79, and March ’80 to October ’81) experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials, conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in New York, San Francisco, and four other American cities, that unleashed the AIDS epidemic on the American people. The seller was the youngest ordained bishop of Poland in 1958. After a 30-day reign, his predecessor was assassinated, and our ex-cyanide gas salesman entered the papacy, presumably as Pope John Paul II.

1990 is the right time for the right leaders: ex-chief of the KGB Mikhail Gorbachev, ex-chief of the CIA George Bush, ex-Nazi cyanide gas seller Pope John Paul II, all bound by an unholy alliance to usher in the New World Order.

The Pope has challenged world leaders by claiming that the world’s people already recognize Rome’s absolute authority because they observe Sunday/rest day, which the pope pronounced in the Council of Laodicea (AD 364). In the original Ten Commandments, which were given to Moses, it says that every man should do:

“Remember the Sabbath day (Rest Day), keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the day of rest of the Lord your God, then ye shall do no work, neither you, nor your son, nor your daughter, your male servant, nor your maid, nor your cattle, nor the stranger who dwells within your gates: in six days the Lord created heaven and the earth, the sea and all that is in it, and He rested on the seventh day: that is why the Lord blessed the Sabbath day (day of rest) and sanctified it. “

The seventh day, the day of rest as passed on to Moses is Saturday. The celebration of Sunday as a day of rest is the “verification that people recognize the pope as superior to God.” The only people who have not recognized the authority of the Pope are the Jewish people, and that is why the Vatican does not yet have, and will not, recognize the State of Israel.

The Vatican even refuses to call Israel, and instead, the Vatican talks about Palestine when talking about Israel. Again, you and I are reminded that what you believe makes no difference. The most important thing that could give you nightmares is the following: “The pope has a lot of charisma, and in a one-world system, you need a religious head in power. Khomeini proved that as well. This pope has enough followers and charisma to make the step in this movement which we see as a great threat.”

Quote from the “Mantooth Report”: “Pope John Paul II is most concerned about the completion of his goal. His goal is to unite the Christian world under the leadership of the papacy. If at all possible, he hopes to achieve his goal by the end of this century. This is the main reason behind the pope’s many worldwide travels. [From an article by Gene H. Hogberg, Nov/Dec. 1989, Hard truth.]
Did you know that Hitler and his entire staff were Catholic?
Did you know that the Nazis loved the occult?

Did you know that the New York Times of April 14, 1990, quoted a statement by George Bush in which he confirms: “Let’s forgive the Nazi war criminals.” I wonder why he said that?
Did you know that on December 12, 1984, the Los Angeles Times quoted Pope John II as saying, “Do not go to God for the forgiveness of sins, but come to me?” The pope committed blasphemy, thus fulfilling the prophecy according to “The book of Revelation.” The Pope tells us that he is God!
Remember, never worship a leader. When you worship a leader, you no longer can recognize when you are being cheated!

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano talks about the pope’s actions according to push through the New World Order. This video is made in this time, 2021. We are very close to the New World Order if we don’t stand up, and dismiss them. The video is in English.

The Jesuits and the Vatican

On July 21, 1773, Pope Clement XIV declared the “Jesuit order null and void and extinguished forever.” France, Spain, and Portugal had independently realized that the Jesuits were intermingling in the affairs of the state and thus enemies of the government. The pope’s action was a response to the pressure exerted by the monarchies. King Joseph of Portugal signed an agreement “in which the Jesuits were dismissed as traitors, rebels, and enemies of the empire”… Pope Pius VII, in August 1814, had the Jesuits restored to all their old rights and privileges.

On July 21, 1773, Pope Clement XIV declared the “Jesuit order null and void and extinguished forever.” France, Spain, and Portugal had independently realized that the Jesuits were intermingling in the affairs of the state and thus enemies of the government. The pope’s action was a response to the pressure exerted by the monarchies.

Pope Clement XIV

Ex-President John Adams wrote to his successor, Thomas Jefferson:
“I don’t like the return of the Jesuits. If ever there has been an organ of men who deserve eternal damnation on earth … it is called this Society …. Jefferson replied, “Like you, I disapprove of the Jesuit restoration, for it means a step backward from the light into the darkness.”

The Jesuits are still in trouble today, just as they have been throughout their existence. On February 28, 1982, Pope Paul II told the Jesuits, “Heed politics, and honor the Roman Catholic tradition.” The U.S. and World Report reported that the Jesuits did indeed interfere in the affairs of nations. The article mentioned:
“Jesuits played a leading role in Nicaragua in the Sandinista revolution.

Some Jesuits have joined Communist parties. A priest in El Salvador has claimed that his Order works for the progress of Marxism and the revolution and not for God… Jesuits have joined left-wing rebel movements in Central America and the Philippines and have called for a fusion of Marxism and Roman Catholicism into “liberation theology.”

When the United States wanted to introduce the dirtiest forms of the “Haig-Kissinger depopulation policy” in Central America, the Jesuits stimulated the people and organized a civil war. Wherever the Jesuits went, revolution soon followed.

The most powerful secret organization globally is the Bilderberg group, founded in 1952 and named after the hotel where the first meeting took place in 1954, in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands. The man who organized the Bilderberg Group, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, had the power to veto a Vatican choice of any pope, and he chose.

Prince Bernhard had this right of veto because his family, the Habsburgs in Germany, were descended from the Roman emperors. Prince Bernhard was the leader of the black families. He claimed to be descended from the House of David, saying that he is related to Jesus.

With the help of the CIA, Prince Bernhard brought the Illuminati’s hidden ruling body into public prominence as the Bilderberg Group. This is the official alliance that composes the world’s governing bodies.

The core of the organization consists of three committees of thirteen members each. So the heart of the Bilderberg Group consists of a total of 39 members of the Illuminati. The three committees are composed exclusively of all other secret groups that make up the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Vatican, and the Black Nobility. This committee works throughout the year in the offices in Switzerland.

It determines who is invited to the annual meeting, what policies and plans will be discussed. Any proposal or plan addressed in an annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group usually comes into practice automatically within one or two years of the meeting. The Bilderberg Group is “the governance” of the “silent war” waged against us.

How can they do that? These are the men who rule the world.

The numbers 3, 7, 9,11,13, 39, and a multitude of these numbers have a special meaning for the Illuminati. Note that the Bilderberg Group has a core of 39 members divided into three groups of 13 members each. Note that the core of 39 answers to the 13 that make up the Political Committee. Pay special attention to the 13 members of the Political Committee who respond to the Round Table of Nine. ( The Ninth Circle) You know that the original number of states in the United States of America was 13. The Constitution has seven articles and was signed by 39 members of the Constitutional Treaty.

The United States was born on July 4, 1776.

A globe, United States

 July is the 7th month of the year.

The United States was born on July 4, 1776. July is the 7th month of the year. Add 7 (for July) and four, and you have 11; 1 +7 +7 +6 = 21, which is a multiple of 3 and 7. Add 2+1, and you’ll get 3. Look at the numbers in 1776, and you will see two 7s and a 6, which is a multiple of 3.
Manly P. Hall, 33 degrees Mason, probably the most renowned expert on these topics, wrote in his book “The Secret Destiny of America”:

“For more than three thousand years, secret societies have been working to create a background of knowledge necessary for the establishment of an enlightened democracy among the nations of the world … it’s all continued… and they still exist, as the Order of the Quest. Men bound by a secret oath working to bring about a world democracy decided that the roots would be planted for a new way of life in the American colonies. The Order of the Quest … was founded in America before the middle of the 17th century…

Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke for the Order of the Quest, and most of the men who worked with him in those early days of the American Republic were also members… Not only were many of the founding fathers of the U.S. government Freemasons, but also received support from a secret body from Europe that helped them prepare this country for a particular purpose, which is known only to the initiates.”
We can get a little insight into the Order of the Quest through Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, the man directly responsible for printing the reverse of the United States’ grand seal on the one-dollar bill. Mr. Wallace, a member of the Order of the Quest, wrote to the Russian mystic and artist Nicholas Roerich.

“The search, whether it is for: the missing word of Freemasonry, the Holy Chalice, or the possibilities for eternity to come, is the Only Highest Goal. Everything else is Karmic Duty. And yet everyone is a potential Galahad? So we can strive for the chalice and the flame above it.”

The Holy Grail has a way of popping up consistently in the writings of secret societies.

In the great seal of the United States, we see the ancient symbol of the Brotherhood of the Serpent (or the Dragon), which, as you already know, is the all-seeing eye in the pyramid that represents the form of wisdom.
Just below the pyramid, you can see the note: “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” which translated means: “New World Order” There are:
• 9 tail feathers on the eagle
• 13 leaves in the olive branches
• 13 rod and stripes
• 13 arrows
• 13 letters in “E Pluribus Unum
• 13 stars at the top of the green crown
• 13 stones in the pyramid
• 13 letters in “Annuit Coeptis

All these mystical numbers also have a special meaning for the Masons. You would have to be a devout skeptic to miss the enormous significance of all these supposed coincidences. How many of you can still say that there is no connection? The members of the Bilderberg Group are the most powerful financiers, industrialists, politicians, and intellectuals, who meet every year for a private conference on world politics. The meetings provide an informal, off-the-record (not on paper) opportunity for international leaders to exchange views with each other and are notorious for the cloak of secrecy under which it is held.
The head office in (The Hague) in Switzerland was the only European country never been invaded or bombed during World Wars I and II. Switzerland is the seat of world power, and the goal of the Bilderberg Group is a one-world totalitarian socialist government and economic system. The time to get there is going to be short.
You need to understand that secrecy is wrong. The fact that a secret meeting tells me that something is going on that I would disapprove of. These men come to one for essential reasons, and their appointments are secret because the community would not approve of the ones discussed during the meetings. The fact that something is secret means that there is something to hide. John Robison wrote “Proof of a conspiracy” in 1998, and he describes it best in the following passage from the book.
“Nothing is as dangerous as a mystical society. The object remains a secret in the hands of the managers; the rest places a ring in their noses, with which they can be let out to their satisfaction, and still after the secret that they are the better to satisfy the minority and look away from their way. A mystical object allows the leader to shift his ground as he wishes, to accommodate himself to any fashion or bias.

This again gives him virtually unlimited power because he can take advantage of these prejudices of men led by troops. He finds them already associated with their prejudices and waits for a leader to join forces to set it in motion. And once large bodies are set in motion, with a creation of their predilection as a guide, even the engineer himself cannot say, “You shall go that far, and no further. ”

World citizens note that an organization unknown to us and many with the name De Bilderberg organizes every year a meeting in which very high-ranking people from the global societies are present. This ranges from government officials to business and “royalty.” It’s secret what’s being discussed. Apart from possible motives, it is inevitable that it is not acceptable for such a power base to be created outside our democracy.

The Bilderberg Group

Many requests require complete insight into all existing and yet to come conversation reports and actions of the Bilderberg organization. In any other case, an immediate ban on contact by senior government officials and royalty with this organization and their resignation due to involvement. In addition, investigations will have to take place that will focus on possible abusive actions towards our sovereignty. As you know, relevant case law is present. Send a letter or e-mail to your Member of the European Parliament.


The third part, ” Bilderberg Group- People of Influence,” – to be continued.


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4 thoughts on “Bilderberg, Secret Societies and the New World Order

  1. This is all very scary … I can see that you did your research about this. I am a little confused about the numbers. July is the 7th month of the year and 7 is an important number for this society but the US achieved their independence in the 7th month after fighting a revolution, so couldn’t that be a coincidence? How can you organize a revolution to end in the 7th month?
    At the same time, this is a tiny insiginificant detail I am commenting on because in the larger scale, is is scary to contemplate what they are planning to do.
    While I am all for forgiveness, forgiving war criminals who would likely commit the same crimes again is another matter …
    It doesn’t seem as if there’s anything we can do to stop this … or is there?

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, I am not good at numerology, but this article is written by bijbeloptiek, and I know that these criminals are very much in satanic numbers. They used them as a kind of blessed energy to make an impact on their plans and projects. You can see that happening in all of their contracts, patents, and scenarios they list. Bill Gates is using the devil number very often. When Rockefellers bought land in America, they used the satanic number on the contract. And yes, they plan every global event in detail, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they have picked specific dates.
      We can stop them if we all stand up in unity, but most people are far away from this. So it might be better to develop a system besides them, with own money, local shops, 2G instead of 5G, local food, own energy, and based on natural healing an own medical system without any patents. But I believe their destructive power is so huge they will try to destroy what we have built up. It depends on the population if we exclude them from our lives.

  2. Very interesting again. I’ve heard about certain aspects of this before but lots of good information. I never heard this story about Pope John the II. You really can not make this stuff up. As for the number 13 I’ve thought about this a lot. So it’s basically 12+1

    12 disciples, 12 hours of day, 12 hours of night, 12 planets inclu. the sun, the moon and one hidden, 12 greek gods, 12 norse gods and the list goes on. I would guess 13 is symbolic of 1 above all.

    All very strange stuff. The rabbit hole is a lot deeper than people will ever know I think.

    1. Yes, you are very right, Alex! This is strange stuff! I am not that good in numerology, but the Satanists have their numbers, and you can witness every event and project. So Bill Gates is calling his project of digital identification passports 060606. Why is this happening? It gives them power!

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