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Bilderberg Group- People of Influence

This article is the third part of the Bilderberg series. I give all credit to

Bilderberg Group-People of Influence

What and who is ultimately making up the Bilderberg group these days.

The Bilderberg group, therefore, consists of influential people: politicians, bank owners, entrepreneurs, and scientists, founded in 1954 by Prince Bernard. Beatrix is also a member of this group of influential people who hold meetings with a strong secret character. Only politicians, who are members of the Bilderberg group, receive powerful positions and earn huge money. Statements by the Bilderberg group indicate that control and power over the world and world events is the goal of the Bilderberg Group.

 Bilderberg Group: Total World Control.

Total world power and subjugation of man is the goal of the Bilderberg group. This is not a suggestion or a claim at random. Members of the Bilderberg group have made statements that they endorse this and what has been recorded by journalists. The Bilderberg group is also called the New World Order or the Illuminati. There is plenty of information on the web about the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, and New World Order that are the same. According to this information, the total world event, including natural disasters, would be precisely directed by this influential and powerful group. For example, the Bilderberg group would like to keep the population stupid through vaccinations and the creation of diseases. The people should not know how the world’s events are directed to the perfection of the Illuminati.

Important media people are said to be members of the Bilderberg group. Anyone who reads information about the Bilderberg group on the Internet often sees that the link is made between the chemtrails and the Illuminati. Since the chemtrails (chemical discharges into the air) are observed, the health problems in the world have increased (confusion, Alzheimer’s, cancer, flu, allergies, respiratory problems). Critical information about this group of influential people would fit into their picture of leading ignorant citizens to subjugated citizens, a necessary ingredient in total world control.

Members of the Bilderberg Group Together Against God.

In addition to influential people from the introduction of this article in part one, a – small – selection of the members of the Bilderberg group:

Drug manufacturer Roche.
Manufacturer of Tamiflu. Some scientists have discovered that swine flu comes from Tamiflu. The scenario would be as follows: great scaremonger in the world by the media, call for vaccination resulting in swine flu, now Covid 19.

He stated that preventing wars is not the highest goal.

Barack Obama.
He has included in his health plan that the U.S. government determines how and when people come to their end to cut costs.

The Bilderberg Group- People of Influence

Obama has included in his health plan that the U.S. government determines how and when people come to their end to cut costs.

“God is dead; France is alive. The greater our world power, the better we prove our superiority. To further expand our world influence, we are opening army bases, naval ports, and guerilla training camps in the United Arab Emirates.”

The Pope.
“As long as God sleeps, I will take action in my sovereign omnipotence. I’m sidetracking God for a moment; little can be expected of him at the moment; I’ll do it myself.”

Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury.
“In Great Britain, no fundamental ecclesiastical decision is taken without the highly respected input of the working group of the Bilderberg Society. I know that many colleagues in the world use the same way of working.”

Michael Rothschild.
“On the world stage, things don’t happen by chance: someone is so annoyed that they take place. Let me help everyone out of the dream: The world events are put in scene and led by the people who have the money in their hands.
So here is a message to God: We grant you the pleasure of thinking that you created the universe, but as far as our planet is concerned, Bilderberg has a simple message to you: do not interfere with anything; we will take care of everything.”

Mercedes Boss Jürgen Schremp.
“The consensus reached by the Bilderbergers is the background to the politics that are being pursued and will be conducted all over the world.”

Rockefeller Jr.
“Some people say that we are globalists and conspire against God to work towards a power structure in the world. If that’s the charge, then we declare ourselves guilty, and we’re even proud of it.”

Bush Jr.
“Our founders declared a new order of the ages… they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled.”

Rockefeller Sr.
“We have founded a society that we named after the hotel where we drew up our covenant. This society will meet regularly; the intent behind every Bilderberg conference is the creation of a purposeful aristocracy of Americans and Europeans and agreeing on political, economic, and strategic issues in their joint rule over the world. We will develop into a global shadow government. Let no one attempt to oppose our Club; since our members hold more than 80% of all the money in the world, no one needs to have any doubt about the limitless world power of the Bilderbergers.”

David Rockefeller
bijbeloptieks, David Rockefeller, SR.

Prince Bernard
“Global crises and economic depressions can only be prevented in one way: responsible influential leaders must govern the world, without anyone noticing. That is why I organized a conference of like-minded representatives from all parts of economic, political, industrial, and military life.”

Top executives of Esso and Shell.

Rompaert, Angela Merkel, Neelie Smit Kroes
Bill Gates
has devised a theory to reduce population.

From the above quotes, we can conclude that the members of the Bilderberg group not only aim at total world control but also man’s submission.

Bilderberg is an influential club, and given the secret nature of the meetings, one might conclude that they have an indeed hidden agenda. Something many conspiracy theorists think.
Book tip: 1984, George Orwell.

The Bilderberg group wants to enslave the people.

Researcher Daniel Estulin also Warned Against a Secret Elitist Society: the Bilderberg Group.

The Bilderberg group is an exclusive elite club where people from all world top backgrounds, from industrialists to politicians and nobles, can talk to each other unofficially, says Daniël Estulin

That’s the official version. ‘A lie,’ says Daniëlegt, researcher Daniel Estulin, who has been following the Bilderberg group for years. ‘The Bilderberg group is a secret society with only one goal:

world power and the total subjugation of man to the interests of the super-rich and superpowers. In other words, a return to serfdom and slavery.”
These are tough words, but Daniel Estulin has been studying the Bilderberg group for a long time. He is one of the few who has inside information. Through his father and grandfather, Estulin has contacts in the world of intelligence services. Moreover, not all participants in the Bilderberg conference are equally convinced of the legitimacy of the objectives and are sometimes willing to give information, sometimes at the risk of career or even life.

Daniel Estulin

The Bilderbergclub is a secret international organization of financiers, politicians, and multinational companies and was founded in 1954 under the impulse of the Dutch Prince Bernhard. He believed that many problems could be avoided if influential people governed the world from the wings( from above). A kind of shadow world government, then.

The first conference took place in hotel Bilderberg in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands, hence the name. Since then, society has met regularly, in strictly sealed-off luxury hotels and the most profound secrecy.

The list of members reads like a selection of the most influential and wealthy people, including Henry Kissinger, banker David Rockefeller, Romano Prodi – who became President of the European Commission in September 1999 after a Bilderberg conference -,former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and ex-President Bill Clinton, as well as the Belgian Etienne Davignon, who is president of the elitist circle.

All participants accept a complete duty of silence. Neither the agenda, internal discussion, or conclusions are communicated with the outside world with even a single word. This is undoubtedly contrary to any democratic principle for active politicians and senior civil servants. Daniel Estulin has been following the Bilderberg club very closely for years, has always been known where and when the meeting is planned. He wrote about the club, an equally shocking and fascinating book, already a bestseller in many countries. ‘After Bilderberg meetings, I have often made predictions, including the demise of Margaret Thatcher and the latest spectacular oil prices.

I am not a clairvoyant, but I rely on inside information. Behind the doors of the Bilderberg conference, decisions are being made that affect us all. And that will become even more tangible in the future.’ Don’t the Bilderberg Group already have all the money and power they want? Daniel Estulin: ‘Yes, but they want to keep it that way.’
This can only be done through world control, and that is what the Bilderberg Group wants to achieve by creating a global company: a world government of puppets with the Bilderberg Group as the puppeteers. It sounds contradictory, but what the super-capitalists of the Bilderberg Group are pursuing is a kind of socialist dictatorship.

That kind of central and authoritarian government would give them the ultimate monopolies. How did the nobility become rich at the time? By levying tolls and taxes and creating monopolies. How did America’s super billionaires get rich? By taking advantage of the state monopolies on the expansion of the American railroad network in the nineteenth century. How do those billionaires get even richer today?

By just as blatantly profiting from the ultimate state monopoly: the military. The Bilderberg Group is not only at the top politically and financially; they also lead the international military-industrial complex. Moreover, the Bilderberg Group controls the two leading world trade: drugs and oil. If the Bilderberg group were to lead a central world authority behind the scenes, they would be given safe conduct. This is already the case for drugs. The international drug trade is a multibillion-dollar business. Ever thought about how this unimaginable sea of money is being laundered? That is not possible per hundred euros, the flow of money is far too large for that.

No, it’s done through big banks and respectable international companies, through Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange. When I started my research, I spoke to a top banker, a member of the Bilderberg Group. “You will never understand anything about the group if you don’t know how money works and how money is made to work,” he said. He’s right. And should we be surprised?

The CIA has been controlling large parts of the drug trade since the sixties. They have used that money to fund campaigns and overthrow governments, and that’s documented. The invasion of Afghanistan gave them, in addition to control over essential oil pipelines, even more control over the heroin trade.

David Rockefeller
bijbeloptieksAnd with the destruction of Yugoslavia, they have secured the main supply lines of heroin to Europe. Experts have no doubt: if all drug money were to be taken out of the global economy at once, it would collapse. And no one has as much economic power as he does not belong to the Bilderberg club, which is not allowed.

​Hence the tough stance against the Colombian cocaine cartels. These are outsiders that people want to keep small. The Colombians, after threatening an American invasion, have understood this well. They are no longer trying to buy U.S. companies and are content with purchasing a limited number of stocks that yield a satisfactory profit. Thoroughly laundered, of course.Whiter than white even. Are there any other factors at play? A second reason the Bilderberg Group wants to secure world power is the knowledge that our oil reserves are no longer as large as officially claimed. At the current rate, there is hardly any oil left for twenty years. ( This was said in 2012.)

Afterward, the still-available oil becomes unaffordable for the current mass consumption. Will the oil only go to the top? In other words: to the Bilderberg Group? By that crisis, they want to create two kinds of people: a post-industrial elite of the super-rich and powerful – a new nobility, so to speak – and the anonymous masses that will work for them. And consume. There will be victims. A lot of victims.’
A 1974 document entitled ‘US Population Study,’ intended for Henry Kissinger, states that the population must be reduced by 500 million by 2000 and by 3 billion by 2050. As oil becomes increasingly scarce, food production and transportation will also become expensive, including heating and other utilities.

That will automatically thin out the population; it seems to me. It is also for oil that America has invaded Iraq. Indeed you do not believe that Bush believed in the myth of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction? The same goes for 9/11. I do not comment on whether other dark forces than Muslim extremism were behind the attacks of 9/11, but as far as I am concerned, it has been shown that the American government knew what was about to happen.
If they had wanted to, these attacks could have been prevented. Why didn’t they want to? Because it provided an excuse to take Iraq first and then Afghanistan. And because it resulted in an external enemy. The first because of oil interests, the second because of the desire to restrict individual freedom more and more.
​For those who want to get rid of this as an idiotic conspiracy theory: there are precedents. It has historically been shown that the U.S. government knew about the upcoming Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Even worse, more ships have been sent to Hawaii so that the havoc and indignation of American public opinion will create an optimal ground.
It was needed to bring the States into World War II.

And from under- between publicly disclosed documents, an Operation North Woods was thought of in 1962. That was an American plan to blow up its ships and invade Cuba in the name of the victims, a plan blocked by President Kennedy, but the intention is on paper. And we know what happened to Kennedy.
In other words, the Bilderberg Group needs a bogeyman, and this time they are Osama bin Laden and Allah. In the name of that threat, the Bilderberg Group does appropriate more and more fundamental civil rights around the world. Anyone who protests is dismissed as an antipatriot or even a terrorist.

Anyone who doubts this should ask why Bush declared the global war on terror without even thinking about tackling the true roots of evil: poverty, frustration, mutual ignorance, American foreign arrogance.​
The money that has been spent in Afghanistan and Iraq could have helped many people. You also fear a huge explosion coming from electronic Big Brother. One does not have to support conspiracy theories to realize that it is ongoing: you cannot make a payment, you cannot make a purchase, you cannot cross the main street, you cannot take a plane without being registered, filmed, monitored.

Now the Bilderberg group is also trying to get people to receive chips. Applying chips under the skin under the guise of ease of use and safety, possibly linked to vaccinations. Can we continue to refuse this if, for example, it is compulsory for air travel?

They want to make that the norm so that those who refuse themselves socially marginalize themselves. Cash is increasingly disappearing for virtual money. If the money disappears altogether, money will be no more than a few figures on a screen. With the push of a button, they can disappear without a trace, and dissidents and dissenters can also be isolated economically. Stalin, Hitler, or Mao could only dream of that.

But that kind of dictator is waiting for its chance, sitting in the lap of the Bilderberg group. The Bilderberg group does not even do the liquidation themselves.

‘There have already been three attacks on my life. Bilderberg Group is behind the murder of Aldo Moro, behind the Watergate affair that cost Nixon its head, and behind Thatcher’s political liquidation. ( Daniel Estulin)

Why isn’t that in the news? Because the Bilderberg Group controls the media. Documents from the Us Congress show that in 1915 the 27 most essential millionaires of the States distributed the 135 most essential newspapers among themselves.
There are about 12 to 15 major newspapers in the States that are all controlled by the Bilderberg Group. The same applies to television chains, large publishing houses, and film companies, and the Bilderberg Group also does not sing away with elegant solutions.

I was offered money to stop my research. (Daniel Estulin)

And politicians will never reach the international top if they do not confess to the Bilderberg club. Your Prince Philip is also a member of the  Bilderberg Group. Not because of his abilities, admittedly, but as the future king of the Belgians.
Incidentally, almost all royal families are represented in the Bilderberg group. If the fall of communism has proved anything, it is that a society that is too strictly controlled, in which it is not possible to sin, and human creativity is not given freedom, must one day explode. Every dictatorship will sooner or later go down.

In the long term, this will also happen with the Bilderberg Group. They are convinced otherwise, and if they succeed, they are chiseled for a long time. The masses will be busy enough with survival. And those ordinary people don’t count for them. For them, economics should not be in the service of man but vice versa.
That is why it is important to mobilize and raise awareness of this mass, including through trade unions, churches, and consumer organizations. In this way, the plans of the Bilderberg Group can be stopped.

On June 10, 2016, we read in the media that the Bilderberg Group is planning a new financial collapse to seize total power. The Western elite wants to end freedom of expression on the internet in the coming years. It also intends to introduce a global UN tax on air travel, financial transactions, and fuel: a person who has been writing on the internet in Germany recently received six months in prison for writing negatively about migrants and for possibly declaring a ‘wrong’ result on the Brexit referendum invalid.

In Dresden, the elite decides on a chillingly dark future for all ordinary Western citizens, only to become better and even more prosperous and more powerful themselves.

Bilderberg 2016

For the second time in 10 years, the powerful Bilderberg group, currently meeting in Dresden, is planning a global financial collapse. The first in 2008 was openly put in the risers during the Bilderberg meeting in 2006 in Ottawa, Canada, when an American participant secretly discussed information leaked out about preparations for the bursting of the subprime housing bubble and a global stock market crash. This scenario came true in the more than two years that followed. The Western elite also wants to quickly end freedom of expression on the Internet and introduce a number of world taxes.

Tens of Millions of Citizens are Impoverished, Super-Rich Even Richer.

There have long been fears that a Chinese stock market crash will spread worldwide and cause panic everywhere. Just like in 2006, the Bilderbergers discuss how they can benefit from this as well as possible. The ‘precariat,’ a new name for the now tens of millions of impoverished Western people who already have a partial month leftover at the end of their salary, will, as usual, suffer the most from this.

“There’s still something going on here. These figures control most of the money in the Western world… and we are facing a possible massive economic collapse,” said Tony Gosling, former BBC journalist and ‘veteran’ reporter of the Bilderberg’s meetings. Because there is not enough money left to save bankrupt banks, “this crash can be catastrophic.”

Several Bilderberger millionaires or billionaires hope to make huge money from a new global collapse through financial betting. At the same time getting rid of a lot of worthless ‘assets.’ After the crash of 2008, not only have the banks become even more powerful but also large companies in the food sector, in particular, have merged to gain a monopoly, making it much easier to control and manipulate the market.

‘Wrong’ Brexit referendum result may have been declared invalid.

The notorious ultra-left billionaire George Soros, behind the scenes one of the driving forces behind the Muslim migrant tsunami that is engulfing Europe, has also started to act personally again to prepare for the chaos that will arise from this migrant crisis and through a possible Brexit, a withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU – incidentally something that the Bilderberg Group wants to prevent if necessary by invalidating an undesirable result.

Under Hillary Clinton to war with Russia.

Soros, who was responsible for the collapse of the British pound in 1992, is also betting against the US stock market. He is also one of the key figures behind Obama’s ‘drive’ for a new world war against Russia, almost certainly coming when Hillary Clinton becomes the new president. This war will leave Europe entirely in ruins, with which the Americans will have eliminated one of their biggest economic competitors. Hilary Clinton has luckily not been elected as a president.

Internet ID puts an end to freedom of speech.

Another topic of discussion in Dresden is the introduction of an Internet ID, which, as we have already reported, is being thoughtfully prepared by the European Commission. In doing so, the Bilderberg Group wants to silence conservative voices and forces that want to keep people and countries free and sovereign and only offer space for the left-green, globalist, pro-immigration, pro-Brussels, pro-super-governments, and pro-Islamization ideas. Of course, that is not admitted; the official reason, as usual, will be the ‘security of citizens and the ‘fight against terrorism.
You think: it will probably not get that far, that cannot be allowed in our democracy? It is indeed not going to come to that because it is already a fact. In Germany, a 31-year-old man has just been sentenced to six months in prison for writing on the internet that he “has nothing against foreigners, at least nothing that helps.”

Database for ‘social credits’ keeps critical citizens in check.

In China, a gigantic database for ‘social credits’ is already being worked on. Here, citizens are judged on their ‘reliability’ – in other words: obedience and docility – and what they write on social networks and what they buy online are closely monitored. Critics, or even ‘suspicious’ people, can soon be quickly banned from the net and arrested without a rooster crowing – a dream image for the equally anti-democratic Eurocrats in Brussels. It is already the fact!

Global UN tax on air travel, financial transactions, and fuel.

One of the many left-green tax increases planned is a global UN ‘climate’ tax on air travel, financial transactions, and fuel. This may also include the step-by-step elimination of cash and a levy on the use of debit cards for money. For example, you pin € 100,-, but € 101.50 will be written from your account. All these regulations and plans are ultimately intended to control the entire population and force them into a politically correct straitjacket.

Final Thought

​I thank bijbeloptiek for their well-researched article! Even it is from 2012; we can see all the developments toward the present time. The vaccines are used to control and manipulate us and make us depend on the “treat” by Big Pharma. The vaccines eliminate our immune system, support creating sickness, and even renew the underlying outbreak of diseases. We need to stop these people before they have destroyed humanity and the planet for their greediness for profit and power. I hope you enjoyed this three-part article? I have a video from a man who has been a top criminal banker in their system who has found faith and stopped his work, trying to wake up the people. It is a great video! Please, watch! He has been in Lion’s den!

Please, let me know what you think! I would love to hear your opinion on this topic!

To Your Health,



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6 thoughts on “Bilderberg Group- People of Influence

  1. Wow!
    I had heard about this before but I hadn’t read about this in so much detail! It’s a lot to take in and I am not sure what to think and how to digest it all. Were you offered money to stop your research or was Bijbeloptike offered money to stop their research? I wasn’t sure if I understood that correctly. Either way, offering money to stop your research speaks volumes about their guilt …
    And the ignorant masses can also turn out to be very dangerous for the critical individuals.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Lila! No, it was not me who they have offered money. It was Daniel Estelon who has researched for decades. Yes, they are so guilty of everything that they are operating in darkness, but they will now be forced into the light. You can witness this everywhere. More people from the masses will awake and fight back. They are done, for sure! 🙂

  2. The sheer scale of deceit and corruption against the common people make so many feel utterly powerless. They think it is easier to just go along with the madness and relinquish their personal sovereignty to the controllers.

    However, when we do this, we will lose one after another of our basic human freedoms, until our entire lives conform to the ideas of others. We will become their slaves and be prevented from even having our own original thoughts.

    We can only hope that people begin waking up in large numbers, so much so that there will be a worldwide rebellion against these unelected manipulators, and they will be taken down and expelled from our communities and societies, and hopefully the world forever.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Andrew, Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, the best would happen if they were expelled from our lives, but I think the problem is the many people who are again following the pressure and manipulation without thinking. History has shown that the worse people help without thinking about the consequences of these unelected leaders who try to control the population. I saw a movie yesterday and could see how the evil in organized crimes is threatening politicians, managers, and police forces to reach their goals. And this might happen now as well!

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