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Alkaline Foods vs Acidic Foods-Choose wisely

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Alkaline foods vs acidic foods - choose wisely

Important to know are the facts of alkaline foods vs acidic foods. 

Many people don’t know the meaning of alkaline and acidic foods. They eat every day and have no idea why they become ill. As a nurse, I can say that about 80 % of my clients have no idea how the choice of food is affecting them. They have never thought about it, and they are not interested in nutrition knowledge.

I can become quite discouraged when I try to inform them about the reason they are chronically ill. People don’t want to give up their favorite foods; even they will heal finally. Most likely will they not heal because they can’t give up their food, especially comfort food. But this so-called food makes them chronically ill, obese and damages their immune system.

It is unfortunate, but the only way these people see, is to visit their GP, and their doctor most likely can’t help them. Ending up getting medication that overburdens the body at a higher level, a vicious circle easily to breaking through by getting the right information and learning to take responsibility.

Acidity and Alkalinity

Acidic foods are not generally bad because they give us energy, like meat and fish. Protein is essential for the body to build and repair our cells and tissues.

Our body regulates the ph level in the fluids and tissues, which measures the acidity and alkalinity, from 0 to 14, whereby 7 – is neutral, below 7 is acidic, and above 7.5 is alkaline. Our kidneys maintaining the electrolyte levels and control the ph level.

Eating many alkaline foods is a proven benefit for the health. If you eat too many acidic foods, your body has difficulties maintaining the right ph level, which should be slightly alkaline, a little under  7,5.

Alkalosis, caused by a high ph level, can lead to confusion, nausea, and muscle twitching, while acidosis can take the energy away and give us headaches and superficial breathing, among other symptoms.

List of High Acidic Foods

toast and fries on a plate with some salad and mayonaiseAcid-forming foods are: 

– Alcohol

– milk, dairy products generally

– Coffee and coca Cola, black tea

– processed cereals

– products made from grains, like bread, pasta, pizza, cake, biscuits, pancakes

– Rice,

– meat, fish

– fried foods

– refined sugars

– sugary drinks

– soda

This is a list of acidic foods, but not all should be avoided because they are a part of a healthy diet, providing nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which are essential.

Nuts and seeds are critical suppliers of healthy fats and antioxidants, whereby flaxseeds and chia seeds, and fatty fish supply omega-3 fatty acids. They are anti-inflammatory food. It is vital to include this food into our diet and compliment them with 80 % alkaline food. That is a healthy diet.

Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods

As I said, 80 % of our diet should consist of vegetables and fruits, whereby citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges belong to the acidic group of food but react alkaline in the body. vegetable salad on a plate

The acid-forming foods, like meat, eggs, fish, and dairy, and whole grains, and alcoholic beverages, should be consumed a small amount.

However, I would leave grains and dairy completely and consume very little alcohol.

If you eat more vegetables and fruits, you are on the safe side. The body can detox and rebuild cells, is functioning generally better.

Causes Acidic Body- Dangers

It is better to reduce acidic food altogether and consume more alkaline foods. Too many acids harm the body, leading to chronic diseases, also premature aging. One of the important reasons to avoid acidic foods is the change in gut health, damaging the gut’s microbiome, causing autoimmune diseases and all kinds of inflammatory illnesses.

I can remember that doctors have proclaimed for a long time to drink lots of milk to provide calcium to the bones to prevent osteoporosis. There are better ways of getting enough calcium, for example, plant-based, cabbage, kale, and all green leafy vegetables.two bowls of salad

The problem with milk is that it is acidic. The research concluded that a diet rich in acid-forming foods increases calcium loss through urine causing a decline in bone density. This can be prevented by consuming alkaline food in the form of vegetables and fruits.

An acidic diet can cause kidney stones, but this is due to the effects explained high acidic diet is causing extreme calcium loss through the urine, which increases the risk of building uric acid or cystine kidney stones.

Very often, they have to be removed surgically. To prevent kidney stones, it is better to reduce the consumption of acidic foods, like animal proteins and soft drinks including more alkaline food.

Acidic foods cause inflammation in the body, which leads to chronic pain. People who suffer from inflammation are eating the wrong food.

If they would consume more alkaline food, like vegetables and fruits, they would naturally fight their bodies’ acidity.

It is a proven fact that people who ingest alkaline minerals will reduce their chronic pain. A healthy diet consists out whole food, 80 % plant-based.

An acidosis decreases the growth hormone levels in the blood, a hormone responsible for cell regeneration and growth. The reduction leads to premature aging of the body with the development of all kinds of chronic diseases.

Acidity is the reason for all kinds of inflammation of the body, including parotitis and tooth decay. If we live healthily, we have to stop eating the standard diet of bread, sweets, dairy products, pasta, pizza, soft drinks and get back to a healthy diet including nuts, seeds, healthy oil like coconut oil, and olive oil.

It is vital to drink pure water, smoothies, eating organic produce, and grass-fed animals, wild-caught fish. Consuming unprocessed whole food instead of processed foods will bring healing to our bodies.

Start your morning with a big glass of water with lemon juice or Celtic salt to refresh and speed up your metabolism, helping the body detox toxins. Drink several freshly made juices per day, and you already have included a fair amount of alkaline food in your diet. Get a good quality green powder and you will feel the difference very soon. 🙂

Final Thought

Nowadays, people have an overly acidic body from the standard food they are consuming. To heal their body, they need to finish more alkaline foods. These are mostly raw organic vegetables and fruits that we need daily in our diet. Consumed every day, the body will recover and heal, renewing the cells and tissues, detoxing, and regaining energy. We will feel completely renewed and rejuvenated. Our pain will disappear, inflammation will stop. A healthy diet, healthy supplements, pure water, exercising will give us our life back!

If this blog has served you well, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear what your experiences are and how do you feel.

To Your Health,


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4 thoughts on “Alkaline Foods vs Acidic Foods-Choose wisely

  1. Hi Sylvia,
    another really great read; thank you!
    I think it’s very difficult to add more alkaline foods but certainly something to strive for in order to maintain or improve health. I was quite surprised to read that milk was so acidic! I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that.

    1. Hi Marketa, Thank you very much for your comment! Alkaline food is essential for the body to detox and repair cells. Milk is slightly acidic and, anyway, not healthy food. Fermented, like yogurt, is ok, and some researchers recommend eating yogurt. I know of the organization of IBS( Inflamed Bowel Symptoms) that they recommend eating lots of yogurts to help the gut renewing the microbiome. But there is more excellent fermented food than yogurt, like sauerkraut, vegetables, etc. And by eating fiber, you heal the gut finally.

  2. By reading your post, I was hoping to find that the acidic foods, which are my staples of life, are actually okay to eat! Ha!, of course not! Because I was allergic to milk as a baby, that’s the one acidic food I don’t worry about consuming.
    As I reach retirement, I will take your advice of adding more alkaline foods to fight the chronic pains of old age!
    Thanks for the tips!

    1. Haha, sorry, Yvette, that I haven’t signaled green for your favorite foods! 🙂 Alkaline foods are essential to keep the body functioning and to have a clear mind.
      Vegetables are a must in our diet and favorite raw in salads.
      You are very welcome! If you have more questions, let me know!

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